Brand Promotion

Although brand promotion will not be the main focus of our magazine, there will be space available to promote your brand and share your creations with our readers.

Product Review


At Nabalo, we are big supporters of companies that work in connection with and have respect for nature. We are passionate about bringing authentic, natural and sacred products to the attention of our readers. And we're really looking forward to promote your beautiful creations in our magazine.

In order to authentically promote your products, please know that we need to review and sample your creations before we can write about it in an honest way. We specialize in Product Photography so you do not have to send in your own photos. 

Product Photography

You can send the products that you want reviewed and photographed for our magazine to:

Iris Suurland
Harvägen 8, 64597, Stallarholmen

Regarding custom regulations here in Sweden : Please mark the products as a “gift” on the declaration form and please mark the value below $50 including shipping.  


 Pre-Submission Form

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Product Receiving Deadline:
June 30th

Brand Article


There is also the option to write a brand article to promote your products. These articles are slightly different from our lifestyle articles because these are primarily focused on your products, the philosophy you have towards your business and way of working of your company.

We want to bring your products to the attention of our readers by have you writing about:
- why you are so passionate about doing what you do.
- what your philosophy is towards your work.
- how the creating process of your products goes.
- describing a lovely ritual where you make use of your creations.
- how your products bring more health to body, mind and soul.

How does it work? 

Below you can find an article pre-submission form. We kindly ask you to fill this in and submit this to us. With this information we know what we can expect from your article and it lets us schedule the space and layout for your article before hand.

After you have send in your form, it's time for you to send off your products and write the article. When we have received your products we will do a Lifestyle Photoshoot to go with your article.

Here are the article guidelines:
- Your article must be between 500 and 1500 words
- You can send in your article in a word, pages, or email format. (no pdf please)
- Please also provide a short bio in third person and your social media/website links.
- Feel free to provide a discount code on your products for our readers.
- Please make sure that your article has not been published on other publications.
- Nabalo respects all chosen lifestyles, we kindly ask you to steer away from strong opinions about lifestyles/religions in your article. 

When your article is done, please send it to us together with the requirements mentioned above as soon as possible via


We kindly ask you to send in your article as soon as it is finished. There are limited amount of article spaces available in each edition, and it will be first come, first printed.

Magazine Publishing day!

On the day that the magazine will be published, you will be send an email with a link to the magazine and a social media kit. The magazine will be available on our website, and will be promoted in our newsletter and social media channels.


 Pre-Submission Form

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Next Submission Deadline:
June 30th

Nabalo has the right to make edits or decline articles or photos that are not in line with our vision for this Lifestyle Magazine. If your submission get's declined, it doesn’t mean we don’t love it or that it’s not good, it just means that it's not the right fit.

If you have any questions, contact us via