Allow me to help you manifest your dreams & share your gift with the world.

You show up every day, fully authentic and standing in your own beautiful truth.
You want to release your power, get rid of fear & limiting believes, and rise.
You worship your intuition, you praise your desires and you are ready to fall in love with your destiny. But sweet soul, do you dare to dive into your dream and create the possibilities that you have been waiting for? Are you ready to manifest the life of your deepest desires?

My name is Iris, I'm your soul-journey meets manifestation & design guide.
I’m passionate about helping people tune into their intuition and birth their dreams into being. 

Let me be your muse.

Find Your Soul Language Course

Lets uncover those hidden gems that are waiting right beneath the surface. Align your soul desires with your soul business through this course. 

Manifest Your Deepest Desires Course

Are you ready to harness the power of the Universe to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams? Then lets dive into your dream and create possibilities.

Healing the world is a big part of our mission and we are grateful to do our part by planting 15 trees in collaboration with the TreeSisters for every course sold through our website. Read more about our Giving Back Movement.

Love notes about our courses

The whole experience working with your course was amazing. I felt your gentle, compassionate and assuring guiding throughout the course. It’s been unveiling and unique experience. Thank you for creating an opportunity and making it available for us in need. It has helped me a lot with putting my ideas into words, naming my business, get the courage to speak out in my own words and find the language to express myself. Thank you, Iris, xo
— Egle Uzusienyte
This beautiful course has brought me so much joy and so much success in a short time span. Within the first 2 weeks, I manifested the perfect career shift and it evolved within a week into something even more magical than I had originally anticipated! I’m beyond grateful and so blessed to feel trusting and connected to the Universe in this way. Thank you, Iris and Rolf for your work that you do.
I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the precious resources you have shared with all of us, for the kindness of your hearts and for holding space.
I am happy and grateful to learn about the art of manifestation. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge, love and time!
The last module was bitter-sweet. I’m so excited about this course. I am not excited for it to be over though. I feel that I have transformed in a way that is unseen... Or so I thought. I have been working hard on loving myself as well as positive self talk! I have had some crazy fun and intense dreams, self realizations and so on. So I feel the changes, and I have been seeing my body change because I am releasing weight. Well the past week thats what everybody has been saying and asking if I’m releasing weight. I’m not even concerned about my weight I have surrender my thinking, my worries, my stresses over to God so that he can reform me back into his divine image. And it’s working, thank you for this course! I have and still am receiving all that I’ve manifested for and then some.