Giving Back To Nature

We only have one gorgeous planet that we can call home. And she needs our help. If there is anything you can do to help heal the earth and all of her children, then take action. Together we can make a difference. 

Healing the world is a big part of our mission and we are grateful to do our part by planting around 38 trees in collaboration with the TreeSisters for every website we make.

The world is shifting and changing around us. Our one and only home, Mother Earth, is in a state of emergency. But while there is air in our lungs, there is hope. In fact, there is hope all around when we open our hearts and listen to Nature. When we realize that it's time for the forests and the feminine to come together and awaken.


Embracing Life through the Forest and the Feminine

TreeSisters is a growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care. We exist to call forth the brilliance and generosity of women everywhere and channel it towards the trees. Our goal is to make it as normal for everyone to give back to nature as it currently is to take nature for granted.

Each of us has an individual and collective responsibility to reforest our planet: to protect our one and only home and all that we know to be sacred. Strategic tree planting takes carbon out of the atmosphere and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change, and we are calling all women to stand with us. Together we can find our true power, strength, and unique expressions of feminine nature based leadership. We are the ones who can leave a better world for future generations.

We know in our hearts that there is hope if we stand together. Will you join us?