Issue One • Soul Care

Every action can be an act of self care, and every moment can be turned into a ritual.
— Nabalo

The very first issue of the Nabalo Lifestyle Magazine is available!Through our magazine we hope to inspire you to live a natural and more conscious lifestyle. In this first issue we will be talking about self care, or as I like to call it, Soul Care.

When we care for our hearts, our bodies and our souls we deepen the connection with ourselves and with the source, which will in turn activate our intuition. By being able to understand the language of our souls better we can take action and create a daily flow that gives us energy, a job that we are happy in and a lifestyle in which we thrive.

Our magazine is a collection of articles on topics like self-care, nutrition, herbalism, sacred rituals, poetry, green brands, wellness practices, magical creations, recipes and lifestyle inspiration all weaved together by
Nabalo into one big epic magazine.

For 2017 the magazine will be digital and you can download it here for free.

We hope that our Magazine will inspire you on multiple levels. Please feel free to share this page with friends and loved ones, because we can all use a little more soul care in our lives! 


Nabalo Lifestyle Magzine

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The deadline for articles that will be published in the second edition has closed.

We will start taking in submissions for the third edition of our Magazine on August 1st. If you want to be part of it by writing for us or have your products & brand showcased, please check back in on August 1st!