Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse

Lets take a look at our schedule for week one.

  • We will go over the basics of our six week journey.
  • We will uncover your mission statement.
  • We will create your brand and business description.
  • ...and we will find your business name (if you haven't already.)

The Basics 

We have six weeks of creative work ahead of us, so let’s go over the basics first. 

I’m here to help you.

There are no stupid questions.

Glad we got that out of the way! 

But really, never hesitate to ask me anything. My goal is to create a website for you that resonates with you on a soul level. In order to do that we have to uncover the language of your soul. I know it can be challenging sometimes to write down what you are envisioning, to put into words what you see in your mind or what you feel in your heart. That’s why we are going to work with visuals, feelings and lot’s of questions. We’re going to uncover your soul language

You will receive six emails from me, today’s email included. Curious about what we will cover? Take a peek at our schedule for the upcoming six weeks here!

These emails will always be send to you on a Monday, that way you have the whole week to go over the material and submit your content. (If you have signed up for our "Divine Timing" option, I will be sending out the new modules to you on the Monday after you finish your current module.)

The practices in our weekly modules are designed to motivate you to write content, with that content I will create a website that mirrors who you are. I strongly advise you to take part in every practice and get the most out of this journey. However, the practices are optional and it is up to you to decide if you want to use them. 

If you have chosen the 6 week course then please make sure to work through each weeks material and send in your content before Sunday

At the end of each module you will find a “Question Box”  that you can use to ask me any questions that you might have. I  recommend that you write down your questions during the week, combine them and send them to me when you submit all your content. However if you have any questions that can’t wait or that you need answered before you can continue with the material, don’t hesitate to email me at!

One last thing before we dive in! High resolution pictures can make a huge difference for your website, so I would advise you to plan in a fun shoot with a photographer. Having your beautiful smile welcoming people to your website can be a great way for your customers or audience to feel connected to you.

My Mission Statement

When I first explored the idea of starting up my own business I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to share my dream with everyone. But every time I mentioned it to friends or family, I left the conversation with a feeling of insecurity.

I had a vision of what Nabalo was supposed to become, and when I closed my eyes I could see it so clearly, but I couldn’t find the words to explain my vision to other people. So I started to write down what Nabalo is standing for - Nature, Balance, Love - I wrote down my dreams, my goals, and what I wanted to bring to this world.

In the process of putting my dreams in words I uncovered my Mission Statement.

Writing this statement helped me to focus on the core of my business, it helped me to gain confidence regarding my dreams and it definitely helped me to share with others why I do what I do!

Uncover Your Mission Statement

I invite you to write your own mission statement.

If you need some questions to get you started:
Where does your joy comes from?
What do you believe in?
What were you born to do?

Name *

Your Business and Brand Description

Now that you have uncovered your mission, writing your business and brand description will be a whole lot easier! I want you to write down in a couple sentences - straight from the heart without thinking to much about it - what your business is about. Imagine you only have 30 seconds to explain what you do, how would you use your words?

We will dive deeper into the soul of your website when you're going to write your website manifest in week three.

Name *

Your Business Name

I'm assuming you already found your business name. If you haven't yet, please spend some time on this and really feel into a name that resonate with you on a deep level. Your intuition is your true guide here, trust it!

If you need some help, begin writing down every word associated with your business.
Or answer the below questions to kick start your brainstorming session:
What do you want your name to communicate?
Is the purpose of your business connected to the name?

Name *

Finishing up Week 1!

By answering the above questions you have created the framework for your website.

Now sit back and relax!

We will meet again next Monday, in this second week of our journey we are going to create a Visual Style Guide!

If you have questions, remarks, thoughts or just want to say hi, you can use the form below.

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