Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
— Rumi, The Essential Rumi

Lets take a look at our schedule for week three.

  • You're going to share your story.
  • We're going to get to the core of 'Why and for Who'
  • And you will be writing a website manifest.
  • ...but we are going to start with finding the ten keywords to your soul language.

Let's find out what set's your soul on fire!

Is writing second nature to you? Or is it a challenge to get those beautiful words out of your head on onto your (digital) paper? Either way, working with keywords can be a very helpful tool!

You can use your keywords to create a consistency in your brand, you can use them as a framework for your writing or you can use them as part of your brand, like I did with Nature, Balance and Love.

We are going to find your soul language.

Let's explore what words resonate with you on a soul level, words that give you an instant spark when you use them.

I'm going to give you a bunch of words to choose from - but please don't let this hold you back from finding your own words - read them, out loud or in your head. Feel into these words and see which words resonate and give you the feeling that you are looking for.

abundance, acceptance, accessible, accomplishment, acknowledged, adorable, adoration, adventure, adventurous, anticipation, affectionate, affection, alive, aliveness, alluring, amazing, amour, appreciation, appreciated, at ease, attractive, authentic, in awe, balanced, blessed, bountiful, brave, bright, brilliant, calm, capable, celebration, certain, cheerful, cherishing, clear, close, comfortable, comforting, connected, content, courageous, cozy, creative, curious, current, daring, decisive, delighted, desired, determined, devoted, dynamic, eager, encouraged, energized, enlightened, enthusiasm, enthusiastic, fabulous, fantastic, feminine, festive, focus, fortune, free, fresh, full, generous, gentle, genuine, glamorous, grace, gratitude, grounded, guidance, happy, harmony, healthy, home, hopeful, holy, illuminated, innovative, inspired, intent, joyful, jubilant, keen, kind, liberation, light, lightened, limitless, luminescence, magic, mindful, masculine, momentum, new, nourished, open, open-hearted, open-minded, overjoyed, passion, peace, pleasure, pleasant, positive, power, prosperity, purpose, ready, receptive, received, refreshed, relaxation, reliable, renewed, rested, revitalized, righteous, romantic, sacred, safe, satisfaction, seen, sensitive, sensuous, serene, settled, sexy, sincereness, spontaneous, solid, spirit, strengthened, supportive, sweet, tenacity, tender, thankful, treasuring, unity, union, unique, useful, value, vibrant, vibration, vivacious, vital, vulnerable, warm, whole.

(Before you submit your ten sacred keywords, write them down. You might need them again when you are writing your website manifest later in this module!)

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Sharing Your Story

I believe that when you create and share from an authentic place, you can do, be and create everything you dream of. 

With all the social media channels that are available to us today, it has become very easy to share snapshots and stories from our day to day life. Most of us share our thoughts and feelings multiple times a day.

We have our family, communities, online and offline friends, and we have something new, a person who is interested in what you write or create, called a follower.

It's pretty amazing that we have so many possibilities to share and connect to people all over the world. 

But keep it real

Write from the heart.

Create from the soul.

Share your journey. Share your challenges as well as your accomplishments.
Share the good and the bad, as long as it is real. 

People are getting more and more intuitive when it comes to online connections, and they choose these connections and who there work with (or buy from) based on how much the brand and the person behind it resonates with them.
They want to get to know you.....

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Why and for Who?

Don't think, just write.

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Writing Your Website Manifest

Writing your website manifest is a very important part of creating a website as this will be the first thing your visitors will read.

Ideally this manifest contains the answers to the why's , the who's, the feelings, the thoughts, the dreams, the goals, the future, the past, the purpose, the heart and the soul.

I invite you to spend some time on this and really tune into your inner self.


"Write from the heart.

Create from the soul."

If you need a little boost to start up the creativity, use your 10 sacred keywords from the Soul Language practice and create a manifest around those words.

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Finishing up Week 3!

Congratulations on writing the first content for your website!

That feels good right?!

We will meet again next Monday, in this fourth week of our journey we are going to officially register your domain.

If you have questions, remarks, thoughts or just want to say hi, you can use the form below.

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