Step 2

Please describe the individual pages you want me to add as detailed as possible. After I have received both of the forms and the content you want me to add to your website, I will start with the design work and will keep you updated along the way!

Name *
Describe to me how you want your website set up, what details have you already decided on. Is there a certain style you like, what do you want your welcome page to look like. This is the place to tell me exactly what you have in mind. (If you have no visual yet that is fine as well, I'll use my intuition and we can work from there.)
If you have a preferred template that you want me to work from please let me know the name of the template here. You can find examples of the templates here

*Note: If you want more than six pages you can just submit the form a second time for the remaining pages.

Step 3

Now after you have send in your two forms, it's time to send over the content.
Ideally you would send me high resolution photos (+ photo credit where necessary) and document files with the wording for each page.

I would recommend using either WeTransfer or Dropbox to send your files to us.
You can use email address for both.

Now let's build a website that is 100% aligned with your soul!
Thank you for sending in your content, I will be in contact with you shortly!