A Love Letter To The Earth


Dear Lover,

You, with your falling leaves.

You, with your water so pure.

You, caressing my skin with your rays of warm sunshine.

You have my heart. My soul.

My mornings are filled with gratitude and appreciation for the beauty that is you.
My evenings are spent high on your love.

You are happiness.
You are my happiness.

Nothing compares to the hundred shades of green I see when looking into your eyes.

When you softly whisper sweet words into my ears, everything else disappears.

Little lullabies, carried by your wind.

The love I feel for you is eternal and infinite.
It consumes me.

I admire every part that is you and I seek to deepen our connection every minute of every day.

I breathe you.
I feel you.
I am you.

My saviour.
My teacher.
My lover.
My home.