A Meditation Of Surrender

I want to share with you a short story, that goes like this...

Splayed out under the blue sky she dreamed of what her time here might mean, what her purpose here was for. Cirrus clouds, wispy in the sky touching heights that stretch into the infinite, sail beyond the view of her bright green eyes. She stretches and eases her awareness from beyond to within. Her mind comes to the forefront and asks, why me? this me? here now? She pauses to listen.

It wasn’t a voice that responded, no, more of a feeling rising from deep within her spirit. A feeling that if she surrendered to the pouring rain, the lightning would strike in just the right place and just the right time, and that she could always trust that. This comforted her, the unknown and all knowing in complete surrender to what is...

At times fear plays a role in driving the direction of the path we walk as we stare into the face of the unknown. It’s how we learn, how we grow, by sometimes finding these small detours to expand our perception, to increase our awareness. Fear can be motivating as well as debilitating. When we see our fears as something to integrate and to move along side of, we allow ourselves the space to detach from our negative relationship with those fears. When we hold onto these fears with the belief that we are limited by them it becomes a debilitating relationship. 

Surrender of self, surrender to nature, surrender to love. Surrendering and opening up to be authentic and vulnerable can be some of the most frightening things of all, and yet when we move through, we find ourselves a little more clearly on the other side. 

At one point in our life or another we will allow fear to hold us back, but know that you can always come back to this innocent trust in that nature will strike your fears with lightning and clear the way for you to thrive. 

A meditation of Surrender

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as the young child naming cloud shapes before they transform into others under a bright summer sun. Feel the warm glow cascading along your face and smell the soft grass beneath you. You are here in this moment of innocence to surrender the fear and step back into self. Imagine your spirit filled with golden courage stepping into your body and surrendering to the peace glowing from within your heart. 

Take a walk outside barefoot and surrender to the Earth Mother so that she may bring you courage to walk along side fear and learn it’s wisdom and lessons.

Katie Adelia is a Botanical Alchemist and Conscious Living Mentor sharing intentional wellness practices and products through Conscious Apothecary. An intuitive flower child from the very start, she began communicating with plants on a conscious level to bring their wisdom and knowledge to be shared in an honoring way. Katie along with her plant allies craft energetic blends for the body, mind, and spirit, so that other’s may experience thedivine generous gifts botanicals have to offer us.  Through energetic teas, ritual, and workshops, Katie shares and teaches the divine magic of plants and the beauty of developing intimate relationships with the Earth beneath our feet and our mind + body +spirit.

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