An Ode to Autumn

I see fireflies mock the warm
Glow of windows in the night
As though both saying
"I'm here, come to me"

I hear crickets and
Whispers like rainwater
Washing down the bowsprit of
Old oaks like memory
moving through the mind,

I smell it in the air, 
A crisp and soothing
Autumn is making her journey into
The waking world once again. 

And on my tongue I catch
The tastes of what this season
Has to offer: 

A plentiful bounty of colored gourds and squash
Green, savory kabocha, happy butternuts,
pumpkins wishing to be carved and cooked,
braised in cinnamon and nutmeg
and shared over a kitchen table
with mead, mulled wines
and time.

Fall is my favorite part of the natural cycle. The autumnal equinox, or Mabon, is a time of bounty and gratitude, serving as a reminder that Mother Earth provides for those who venture to convene in nature. Although mostly considered a time to harvest your fall gardens, it can also be a time to plant your own seeds, not just in silent reflection but to actively strengthen your journey through life by challenging yourself to face change and to cultivate new ideals, talents, or desires to be nourished and born into winter’s end. 

We live in a fast world. For many of us Time is just a notion, a ghost, a vanishing thing that we can never seem to grab hold of. I, too, have fallen victim to the clock, clutching however many hours, minutes, seconds that I can. Because of this, I have lost a large part of myself to “busyness”.  But as summer settles gently into Earth and evaporates into autumn, so too can our worries and doubts. Give yourself the gift of time and the strength to overcome whichever obstacles are holding your “best self” captive. 

The crispness of the Autumn air reaffirms that there can be no growth or development without change. We all have the ability, the strength, and the power to shake off the staleness of busy-living and manifest the time for us to truly thrive. What does positive change mean for you? As you watch the green leaves burst into gold and rich reds, ask yourself what steps you have taken toward making positive, golden changes in your life (and in the lives of others) a reality. Is there something standing in the way of your own particular harvest? 

If so, look to this changing season to overcome those impediments. Give yourself permission for personal healing, allow yourself to become inspired and to inspire others; be it through morning meditations, walks through the woods (or wooded areas of your city), or simply enjoying the magic of cooking a meal and breaking break with an old friend or loved one. Each action you take can be made into small, but potent method for healing and change. Everything you do can be done with an air of enchantment for everyday rituals and recognition into your “self”. Breath and believe that only you know exactly where you need to be, and take solace in the knowledge and absolute truth that you can take yourself there.  

Autumnal equinox represents the growth and abundance of Earth as it nurtures and develops into the cycle of plenty. It is a reminder to embrace age, change, and development. To be thankful for what you have and to help make appropriate sacrifices so that your true self, the person you want or need to become may prosper. Comfort yourself in the rich colors of this season, take walks in the crackling leaves, watch the old nestlings come into their plumage for the cold days to come, and know that, you too, hold that power. 

Words by my friend Lindsay Vermillion

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