August : Lizzie

Within the heart of every woman is a healer.
Her first task: heal herself. 

I’ve witnessed a lot of women heal painful aspects of their lives. Moving beyond pain, trauma, and old stories. Moving towards joy, prosperity, and wholeness.

In order to fix many problems of modern society, we need to awaken as intuitive, feminine healers. We need to embrace the knowledge we’ve known for centuries but have forgotten in our collective slumber. 

You are needed. 

This revolution has already started. And as more women begin to embody the archetypes of healer, priestess, wild woman, medicine woman, and goddess, we begin to awaken the healing nectar of feminine consciousness. 


You are needed.

This feminine consciousness embraces a few qualities:
trusting nature
doing no harm
requesting divine assistance
healing within community

And all people, men and women, benefit from these qualities. 

How to begin

If you wish to activate your gifts, you simply have to ask. 

Ask to be shown your path. 

Feel within your body the medicine of your soul. 

And begin to really investigate where you can awaken these qualities. 

Through listening to a girlfriend’s pain. 
Through researching herbal remedies. 
Through lying down on the earth. 
Through working with a mentor. 
Through prayer. 

All you need to do is let it happen. And I promise, it will. 

Because you are asking to awaken a quality of your soul that already exists. 

You are needed.

Finding Community

The journey of a feminine healer becomes easier within community. 

And I’m convinced the divine feminine does not want us healing alone. 

Through community, we can heal together. We can share knowledge. And we can feel supported, even in the darkest depths of transformation. 

Because when we heal through the mysteries of the feminine, transformation always takes place. 

Community takes many forms: through girlfriends, through schools, through spiritual communities, through social media. What matters most is the feeling of give and take; of contributing and receiving. 

You are needed. 

You are needed. 

There are as many ways to heal as there are people in this world. And chances are there is a woman out there looking for your special laughter, your kind heart. Your ability to weave stories, or your ability to transform pain. Your skills in the healing arts, or your talents as a musician or artist. 

Your talents are a special gift to the universe. 

And the Goddess whispers to you…

You are needed. 

Lizzie Swartz is a flower essence therapist, light worker, and mentor for creative women. She believes every woman has the power to heal herself. 

Lizzie is a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, a modality for getting the "issues out of the tissues," and a reiki Master-Teacher.

She is also a graduate of the Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Program. She is currently studying acupuncture and herbalism at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Her formal degree is from Yale in Italian Language and Literature. Before starting her own business, she worked for Google’s engineering department. 

Lizzie currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and a garden of magical flowers. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. For more about her work, visit her beautiful website