Autumn rain on your sun-kissed skin.


Life can be incredible.
Life can be an adventure.
Life can be peaceful.
Life can be what you expected.
Life can be the opposite.
Life can be messy.
Life can be love.

And sometimes, life is everything at once. And that is what life is for me right now, this crazy, messy but beautiful adventure that fills me up and burns me out at the same time. I am almost where I want to be, but I know that when I reach my dreams will appear. I am enjoying the ride and at the same time I am longing for that moment when everything slows down, so I can gather my thoughts and start all over again. 

I guess that is what Autumn is about, one season flowing into the next, trusting the process and knowing that when we emerge on the other side of winter, the cycle starts all over again. So let us be present and enjoy every moment.

Life is bracing yourself in the storm after a gorgeous day of sunshine.
Life is feeling the autumn rain on your sun-kissed skin.