Blazing Reds And Golden Hues - Mabon


 "The once lush leaves of the summer trees begin to dry and die. As the life force slowly departs,  the palette of the sunset colors the forest in blazing reds,  glowing oranges, and bright yellows.  Soon, the foliage will reach its peak colours  and then fall to the ground to decay and fertilize the soil."

The crispy morning are calling my name, early rising gives me a glimpse of the sun kissing the earth while they hide in the mist. My body is preparing to light up the inner fire, I can tell by my cravings for pumpkin and apple cider. My mind is slowly pulling back it's energy and getting ready to turn inward. 

We have arrived in Autumn, my favourite season. May there be an abundance of forest walks and mushroom picking. Hand-written letters must be send during this time of year of course. And let there be lots of Chaga tea, and snuggles in from of the fireplace.

The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s Equator – from north to south. Earth's axis is tilted at an angle of about 23.4° in relation to the ecliptic, the imaginary plane created by Earth's path around the Sun. Seasons are opposite on either side of the Equator, so the equinox in September is also known as the Autumnal (fall) equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, it's known as the Vernal (spring) equinox.

Mabon, Harvest Home, Alban Elfed, and the First Point of Libra are some of the names by which the autumnal equinox is known. At this time of year, the land changes as the leaves, grasses, and other plants turn the most incredible colors. Even the light seems to change, casting gold, orange, and rose light at dawn and sunset. This deepening light illuminates and intensifies the color changes in the plants themselves. Orange pumpkins, red chiles, and purple grapes are all around.

For me, color is what autumn is all about.

This is an ideal time of year to work with specific colour energies! 

What are your favourite colors among the changing leaves? Do you find joy in the bright and sunny yellows, or are you drawn more to gaze at the scarlet reds? Perhaps you find the transition of deep gold and orange to rose and indigo in the sunset to be magnificent. Or maybe you prefer the dark reds, browns, and purples of we see in many grasses at this time of year.

Each of the colours associated with this season can bring us new insights and create a special type of magic in our lives, but it is often best to go with what calls to you first.

Many people tend to dress in the colors of the season. The colors we choose to wear bring those energies into our auras. They affect how we feel and how we interact with other people. These colors are warming and comfortable. Each individual color has specific energies associated with it. 

If you are working with a particular challenge or goal at this time, check the list below to find an appropriate color to work with. Even without a specific goal in mind, consider what energies you would like to bring into your life at this time. What would benefit you most, or what have you not yet integrated?

Then find creative ways to work with the associated color. Altar and home decorations are a wonderful way to bring this color into your spiritual space. You can work with this in very subtle ways, by dressing in shades of your chosen color more frequently or wearing appropriate jewellery.



Brown - grounding, healing animals, the home

Red - passion, strength, physical vitality, sexuality, anger, aggression

Maroon - visioning, kundalini activation and balancing, grounding

Orange - legal matters, success, will

Yellow - divination, mental powers, manifestation

Gold - the God, prosperity

Indigo - intuition, inspiration, visioning

Violet - clairvoyance, connection to spirit, opening to Otherworlds


What do you want most out of life? When you close your eyes what do you dream of? Let me know in the comments below!

He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.
— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring