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Autumn rain on your sun-kissed skin.

And sometimes, life is everything at once. And that is what life is for me right now, this crazy, messy amazing adventure that fills me up and burns me out at the same time. I am almost where I want to be but when I reach my dreams will appear. Life is bracing yourself in the storm after a gorgeous day of sunshine. Life is feeling the autumn rain on your sun-kissed skin.

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Lifestyle “rules” and why you shouldn't follow them.

What you eat, how you live and what you think should make you happy and healthy. So start breaking those rules, don't let anyone tell you you have to live a certain way. Do what feels good to YOU and be flexible because it will change. We are growing, learning and changing every day. Listen to your body and your heart and let it be your guide!

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Nature Is My Muse

The last two hours on Friday afternoon at my elementary school were known as creative hours. The whole school would put away their books, chalkboards were wiped clean, and every classroom would spend the last two hours of the week on creating things. These were my favorite hours at school.

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Connect With Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition can be a very good relaxation technique. In order to really listen to what your soul - the seat of your intuition - has to say, you have to be in the moment and let go of everything rational. By doing this your body and mind will relax and let the soul take over for a while.

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MindIris Nabalo
Are you dream deficient?

We keep our minds and our thoughts — which are infinite — on such a short leash. We seek only for the known. Screw the known. Screw the norm. Let us dive into the deepness of the unknown. Let us be in awe of our possibilities. Let us dream dreams of infinite measure.

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Energy a La Minute

Goddess energy, Prana, Chi. Different names for our universal energy.  Our own energy is part of the universal energy.  When we connect with that energy we will be able to recharge our own. We can do this in deep meditation, controlling our breath and mind. We can do this by qigong, acupuncture, yoga or by going to a retreat. You can access this energy through a variety of ways.

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