Cosmic Messages : April, the Month of Clarifying Self-Worth

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of April By CosmoMuse


The Solar Seasons of April

Fresh energy is all around us with the erratic showers and changing weather that April thrusts our way. We start this spring month off in the solar season of Aries–the first astrological sign; the new astrological year; the initiation of the yang half of the year as the sun slowly teases us out of our winter shells while growing in strength; and our season of new beginnings. 

Until April 19th, Aries Season will have us charging head first toward our heart’s rhythmic desires. Our blood pressure may elevate, along with our energy level, as we focus and get clear about new targets and wishes. With this, we start to notice mounds of accumulated clutter that are serving no purpose other than to hinder our ability to move forward. Now more than any other time of year, we feel a need to cleanse our lives, our homes and closets, our minds, and our souls. The more we can hone in and remove all that no longer brings us joy or serves an important purpose, the more clearly we’ll see what evolved desires are trying to break free and lead us to updated life paths. This year, with the planetary ruler of Aries Season (Mars), touring the sign of Taurus, new spring passions may meet with a need to find more financial stability and personal value in our lives. 

The solar season of Taurus takes over on April 19th as mid-spring pushes us to give form to what was started over the previous four weeks beginning at the spring equinox. Our senses come alive and we start to recognize, through touching, tasting, and smelling, what it is about our new paths and passions that makes us feel special and valuable. Sensations may arise to give tangible texture to our lives–a need to possess and own something that we can put our hands on. 

A stubbornness in attitude sets in and we meet life by digging our heels in, craving a slower pace to hear and be heard, touch and be touched while we determine what is of worth on our new turn around the sun. During the season of Taurus, Venus takes over as the planetary ruler over us all. As she’ll have newly turned direct having done a few weeks of reflecting and finding perspective around how we want to be valued, enjoy our lives, and engage with beauty, she has us more insightful than usual for the season of Taurus. Once she moves to the sign of Aries on the 28th, we could be especially aggressive about cultivating value and pleasure in our lives with definitive certainty.


The Lunar Cycles of April

Libra Full Moon - This year’s Libra full moon could be very interesting. Not only is it conjunct our planet of expansion, Jupiter, but it’s also opposed to our planet of surprise and rebellion, Uranus, as well as warrior goddess planet Eris, causing a bit of discord. All of these square off to our planet of unearthing and transformation, Pluto. Grandiose issues of equality and fairness are likely to surface and we may see big moments play out politically. Major lawsuits could become a reality and justice sought as we battle to find trust and balance in very interesting times. 

With Venus ruling this illumination, we see a nice link to Mars so assertive action can help bring swift and positive outcomes, but Saturn is in a stern mood with Venus and will have us feeling cautious and in need of expert advice. With Venus retrograde during this time and in conjunction to our wounded healer, Chiron, old wounds around worth and beauty could come up in major ways. Reflection and perspective will help clean these old wounds that we may be seeing in softer more illuminated light.  

Taurus New Moon - This year’s Taurus new moon is fairly calm. On April 26th the energies are fertile to make new wishes and intentions around your personal finances, your values, and how you enjoy life and your senses. There is a loose trine from Saturn to this new moon, adding an ability to find more authority around these things in your life. Our ruling planet, Venus, is in the ending degree of Pisces at this lunar cycle. This last degree of our zodiac may suggest that intentions made now have the ability to transcend issues in our lives through love, cosmic guidance, and art. 

April Astrological Ritual

During both of April’s solar seasons (Aries & Taurus), feeling valued is a big theme. In order for others to see our value, we need to see it in ourselves (and own it) first. Make a point of offering yourself little gifts and gestures all month as an acknowledgement that you are worth your own time and money; that you see and appreciate what you have to offer the world. Buy yourself flowers, write yourself a note about how full of value you are, make time for yourself to take long baths and read good books. Whatever it is that you see in yourself and that you know deserves you valuing it, let this guide you to shower yourself with love and pleasure. YOU ARE WORTH IT. 


Aries || Aries Rising

Aries Symbol.png

Fresh Paths. Happy April and birthday season, Aries. Your bold and positive outlook on life is on fire this coming month and the cosmos are listening to your every desire. As your 1st house of agenda is lit up through the 19th while the sun traverses your sign and this early spring season, a new cycle starts in your life, igniting fresh passions and dreams. With Mars, your assertive planetary ruler, in Taurus and your 2nd house until the 21st, many of your new desires will likely be connected to creating more value and pleasure in your life. This will be enhanced with Venus, planet of personal finances in your own sign as well as making a nice angle to your ruler for most of the month. 

April 6th: Over the past couple of years, you may have been seeking expansion and building with concrete materials to broaden your career reach and aspirations. This is due to Saturn (ruler of your career house) traveling through your 9th house and the sign of Sagittarius. On the 6th, this planet will take a breather to reflect and look back to make sure foundations have been laid properly. Until the end of August, it may be time to slow things down in your enterprising efforts think more about refining what’s already in place. Make things solid before moving forward with your achievement needs—the right time for that will come this autumn.  

April 9th: Get ready for another Mercury retrograde this month. On the 9th, our planet of communication follows Saturn’s example to do some reflecting and revising. All of the re’s are in effect. In the sign of Taurus, possessions and valuables that contain moving parts may need maintenance or create small and frustrating delays in your life. This will continue through to the start of May. Don’t look at this as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to slow things down and enjoy your mind’s ability to discover more depth to ideas already in motion. 

April 10th/11th: A wild full moon arrives on the 10th/11th (depending on your time zone) and with it, you may realize that there are some trust issues with important others in your life that you need to address. With your ruler and the ruler of this Libra full moon in nice angle, you should be able to push through any issues and bring a better ability to relate with others into consciousness. 

April 15th: Mark this date on your calendar as Venus stations direct in Pisces, newly rising as our morning star after a nearly six week retrograde. This planet experiences less retrograde time of any so she certainly shakes things up for us when she does go down for a rest. For most of her retrograde, she was in your sign of Aries so her reflections of worth and value may have really hit you hard. Now direct, she will again enter your sign on the 28th blessing you with more depth and intuitive understanding around what it is you value about yourself, thus more easily attracting tangible value back to you. 

April 19th: This day will bring to light a stubborn and slow pace. Then, mid-spring, the solar season of Taurus begins on the 19th–bringing our senses to a heightened state. During the last third of April, you will start feeling into more of what you find pleasure in, in life. Take things at a steady pace and use your senses to find attunement with how valuable you are. 

April 21st: Your ruler, Mars, will move into a new sign on this date. With Gemini newly providing room and board to your traveling planet, you may feel a strong urge to move around more, see what’s new in your community and neighborhood, and learn what your friends and siblings are up to. New connections and fun ideas will bring a lively feel to the last days of April. 

April 26th: A mellow new moon in your 2nd house of Taurus arrives on the 26th. This is the ideal time for you to make new intentions and pay attention to seeds that seem to be forming around how you’d like to make more money and start feeling more valued. New paths are opening up to you that could lead to a deeper sense of gratitude and respect for your ability to feel self-worth over the next twelve months. 

Best Date: April 8th

An earth trine involving your ruler, the moon, and Pluto, sweeps in, creating a lovely day to find grounding, get a lot of productive work done, and make progress in your career and aspirations. A boost in confidence could be found by digging into the practicalities of life on this day. 

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Taurus Symbol.png

Valuable Perspective. If you are starting the month of April very unsure of your direction in this new astrological year, not to worry, by mid-month and when your solar season of Taurus begins on the 19th, all systems will be go again. Now, back to your unsure-ness. Aries Season is our first solar sign and initiates us into the new cosmic year. It’s the season when most people are busy asserting themselves in new directions and with clarity, but this season tours your 12th house of shadow. Although new beginnings are there for you, they are harder for you to see and you may be feeling sleepy, lost in artistic feelings, spiritually inspired, and having great collective insight. Spring assertions can lead you to great new artistic paths, spiritual paths, and possibly to healing paths. Allow an open heart and fire-y will-power to blend and help you see with more clarity around symbolic life meaning. The other unsure factor is that your ruler, Venus, is in a rare retrograde. Until the 15th, use this time for reflection and to gain perspective about who you are at your core. On the other hand, Mars (ruler of Aries Season and our warrior planet) is in your sign until the 21st, making you want to assert yourself. Allow this planet to clear some cobwebs for you even though you may not realize what fresh opportunity his house cleaning unveiled until we reach Taurus season on the 19th. 

April 6th: Over the past couple of years you have likely been learning some difficult but valuable lessons in responsibility to things having to do with shared resources or intimacy. These areas of life often bring up psychological baggage as hidden power and control issues become unearthed. This is due to Saturn, our cosmic life coach, traversing your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes. If there are some difficult psychological things arising, a professional might be best suited to help you work through them as Saturn also represents experts. On the 6th, he will station retrograde marking a time to slow things down in this regard and reflect on what foundations have been laid to make sure your entangled issues of sharing are sturdy, making you feel empowered, before finishing up his lessons as he returns to direct at the end of August (leaving this part of your chart in mid-December). 

April 9th: Months with Mercury retrogrades always hold little frustrations and April is one such month. On the 9th our communicator planet reverses having newly moved into your sign at the tail end of March. Because of this, you may feel the effects of this retrograde more strongly than most of the other signs. Be sure to read fine print, make no purchases around travel, things with moving parts (cars, bikes, phones, computers...), and don’t sign any legal documents. Make sure you are being very clear in your communications and keep your cool this month. It’s likely that issues around maintenance will come up around any or all of the above. On the upside, this is a lovely time to do some mental reflection and often circumstances arrange in such a way that allow you to slow down for this.

April 10th/11th: A tumultuous and interesting full moon in Libra arrives late on the 10th or early on the 11th—depending on your time zone. For you, this moon will push things into the outer world around work projects, wellness, and lifestyle that you’ve been busy taking steps toward in your more personal and private affairs. It’s also possible that an ending may arise for things no longer meant for your life path. Thank those things for the beauty and elegance they brought your life. If there is an ending, whatever is leaving knows better than you that with its departure, new and evolved openings will arise at the Libra new moon in October. With Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris involved with this lunar event, you might find yourself dealing with a need to find perspective in grand issues of trust and fairness with others and erratic vitality in yourself, possibly connected to deeper life meaning. Secrets and symbolic actions could be illuminated now as well. With the ruler of this full moon in retrograde, something from your past may pop up. Pressure from powerful forces may also push things to the brink of upheaval, leading to difficult transformations. My advice for you Taurus, is not to hide things right now. Be as conscious and upfront as possible in your actions as any hidden agendas and secrets are likely to be revealed in your chart.  

April 15th: Your ruler, Venus, finally returns to forward motion on the 15th. Give it a few days, but your life will pick up in pace and you’ll finally start to feel like you have a pulse on where you are headed in this astrological new year. As she moves into the sign of Aries on the 28th, you’ll have a surge of energy to move forward with passions around the collective’s wellbeing and artistic visions. 

April 19th: This date marks your birthday season, Taurus! As the sun moves into your sign, signifying mid-spring, this is your personal new year and a time when you may feel more energetic and vital. Clearing out the old can be a cathartic exercise now, as well as bring more room for fresh goals and clear agendas to arise in you. You get the cosmic green light at this time of year to wish for things that make your senses come to life and help you claim the personal value that you so treasure. 

April 21st: As Mars moves out of your sign and into your 2nd house of Gemini, clarity and passion may arise around your possessions and how movement and feeling connected to your community enhances your sense of worth. This insight will charge you up, helping you to feel bold as you assert yourself and forge new and valuable connections in your local area of commerce and with solid ways of staying informed. 

April 26th: Your personal new moon of the year is one of your big moments of 2017. Once the solar season of Taurus starts, your vitality picks up, and this lunar phase makes it the ideal time to form your personal wishes and agendas of the year. Write these out, tend to them like you would a cherished plant and watch as new intentions blossom throughout the year. Especially watch around November 3rd or 4th at the Taurus full moon as this is when these seedling goals have the opportunity to be pushed out into the world at large. 

Best Day: April 30th 

The moon makes a lovely link to the sun in your sign on this day, making for an imaginative and playful Sunday. Your ruler has also just crossed into Aries, and is on the Aries point, which may bring something unique and bold up in your life. 

Gemini || Gemini Rising

Gemini symbol.png

Artistic Friendships. April starts us out in the first solar season of the astrological year, Aries Season. This is a time of new beginnings when you find much clarity and more energy with the growing strength of the sun. For you, this season lights up your 11th house of groups, friendships, hopes for your future and creativity in synthesizing information. With Aries lending his powers here, you are likely feeling very clear and assertive about what you want for your future and how collaborative energy can help get you there. Being assertive with groups and initiating events could open new doors for you. With your ruler, Mercury, in the sign of Taurus, artistic stirrings and compassionate thoughts might be filling your agenda. Take advantage of the first week of April as your ruler will turn retrograde on the 9th, making the rest of the month one of reflecting on your connection to the symbolic meaning of life.  

April 6th: Before your ruler turns retrograde on the 9th, we also have our stern taskmaster planet turning retrograde on the 6th. In your 7th house, relationships may have brought some heavy life lessons over the past two years as Saturn is trying to help you to become more responsible and dutiful in your balance of give and take. Those of you in unbalanced situations (whether it’s been you being more selfish, or another) might be undergoing some reexaminations in relationships at this time. Those of you who have been working hard to be fair and disciplined in your ability put yourself in others shoes and compromise with a growing understanding of holding perspectives outside of yourself, will take this time to look back and feel proud of the authority and experience gained in the past two years. This retrograde time will show you, through the harmonizing at play in your life, just how well you’ve learned to be unselfish. Until the end of August, Saturn is giving you some leeway to go back and fill in gaps, reconcile your behavior and make sure your relational foundations are solid. 

April 10th/11th: This month’s Libra full moon is one to watch carefully. There are some wild card aspects connected to it and for you, this may play out in how you trust others and find balance in your creative expression. It will be a telling time around just how cooperative you are in your leadership style. Watch for drama to play out around creativity and collaboration. My advice to you, Gemini, is to be fair and inclusive, giving credit to others where due and valuing others in the way you express yourself, understanding that the presence of an important other is what allows you to be the elegant leader that you are. The less you are cooperative and respectful of others, the more drama you will see at this full moon. Those working their 5th house Libra well, could see very interesting and unique leadership opportunities feeling dynamic and brilliantly challenging.

April 15th: With all of these new retrogrades, a bit of relief comes on the 15th as Venus, who’s been retrograde since March 4th, will return to direct motion. Much revising has been taking place helping you to find clarity in your value and sense of value. With new perspective and a bit of reflecting, you are ready to declare what it is that you are truly worth.   

April 19th: We move on from our first solar season of Aries, into our mid-spring season of Taurus on the 19th. This is a time of artistic pursuits and finding inspiration around the meaning of life. With Taurus ruling this 12th house part of your chart, you bring form and physical texture to your artistic sensibility. Allow yourself to sleep when your body tells you to and to be compassionate with anyone and everyone. These actions will bring to life rich inspiration. 

April 21st: As our warrior planet Mars moves into your own sign of Gemini, the last week of April will have you filled to the brim with clarity and assertive energy. Clear the path at this time for new connections, information, and communication to enter your life. 

April 26th: Our yearly Taurus new moon will fall in your 12th house, making this the ideal time of year to invite fresh energy into your life around the arts, curating meaningful possessions, and creating value in your life through your earthy inspiration. 

Best Day: April  2nd 

The moon and your ruler make a lovely connection, allowing your emotions to connect you with a deep sense of value and self-worth. 

Cancer || Cancer Rising

Cancer Symbol.png

Internal & External Security. April starts out with the warrior sign of Aries hosting our life-giving sun. With this being the first sign of the zodiac, it’s a time to clear the old to make room for new beginnings. In your chart this is taking place in your 10th house of career, reputation, and aspirations. Aries is an independent and a bit of a lone wolf, so now is a good time, as you plant new yearly seeds around the things you aspire to achieve, to take a look at whether you have enough independence in your career or enough entrepreneurial energy. Aries loves to be the initiator so many a start-up aficionado is cut from the Cancer and Cancer rising cloth. Your sign craves security but this 10th house area reigning over your public security, is ruled by a bold and risk-taking sign. Because of this, career dreams could be the root of some stress in your life. 

April 6th: Our planet of structure and discipline will move into retrograde motion on the 6th. For you, this may bring a slowdown around work and wellness efforts. The past two years have given you some tough love lessons around productivity and responsibility with a job or in your day-to-day duties. The silver lining is that with this difficult training, you are becoming an expert with more authority in the processes that you adhere to. Maybe a new position at work has been challenging or you’ve had some health challenges that have caused you to become more serious about daily wellness. From the 6th until the end of August, you will have a chance to reflect on what discipline has worked for you, and where some hole may have been missed. A partner or partnership may be at the root of what you’ve been focusing on here and in the sign of Sagittarius, freedom needs may have felt stifled for some time in your daily needs. Once you are done with Saturn in this part of your chart (in December), you will be grateful for the authority you’ve gained in this area of your life.

April 9th: Mercury joins Saturn in retrograde motion a few days later, on the 9th. This event gets a bad rap as we really need retrogrades to cultivate a reflective practice in our lives. Falling in your 11th house (for most of the month), you are being allowed time to go back and rethink some of your previous thoughts and ideas around the groups and future hopes you hold dear. Mercury will return to direct motion on May 3rd. 

April 10th/11th: A dramatic full moon unfolds in the sign of Libra late on the 10th or in the wee-morning hours on the 11th, depending on your time zone. In your 4th house, this full moon may bring things into consciousness around your roots and foundational security of your home and family. If it feels like world-war three is breaking out, it might be a good time to evaluate how the balance of give and take is playing out and how a harmonious flow could be restored through more fair practices. If all feels well and exciting, you are probably already doing a good job of creating a cooperative environment in this most private area of your life. There are some wild card aspects going on at this lunar event, so depending on your chart there could be some career stresses and/or relationship power struggles that throw off a normally well-balanced home. This signals a time to really dig in be honest with yourself around your priorities and the balance you need between home, career, relationships, and self. 

April 15th: As our goddess planet of self-worth and value, Venus, turns direct, we will have had 6-ish weeks of reflection time to get clear about what value, beauty, and graciousness mean to us. With new perspective, we’ll be ready to move full force ahead and demand that we receive back a direct reflection of what we believe we are worth. For your sign, this may come as recognition and feeling valued for what you can passionately achieve.  

April 19th: As we plod into Taurus Season, you will start to feel more vitality and life around the groups you are a part of and the visions you foresee your future holding. Your associations may be filled with earthy value, and you tend to attract groups and progressive thinking that bring much personal esteem and ownership to your life. As part of a collaboration, you are the piece of the puzzle that brings form and texture to co-creating. 

April 21st: Our warrior planet, Mars, charges into your 12th house of shadow on the 21st, and with it, he will be busy, moving, striking down, and removing all that stands in your way around your connection to collective and cosmic energies. Assertive and inquisitive actions in healing, art, and compassion will help you get clear about healing the wounds in your life. 

April 26th: A calm and lovely Taurus new moon falls at the end of the month. With this fertile lunar phase, in this sign of form and possession, your sign has a lovely opportunity to dream up new intentions to give life to over the next year around the groups and friendships and how you, and they, value one another. 

April 28th: At the tail-end of the month, Venus moves into your career sector, or the sign of Aries. This goddess planet will help you tease out the worth and beauty in your new career assertions.  

Best Day: April 22nd 

I love this date when your ruler, the moon, meets up with Neptune in your adventurous 9th house. Much ethereal vision and perspective can be found on this day around all of the drama from the retrogrades and full moon, earlier in the month. 

Leo || Leo Rising

Leo Symbol.png

Bold & Valuable Expansion. April rolls in with you in an adventurous mood, as the longer days have you questioning beliefs and wanting to seek more life experience and perspective outside of the bubble of your normal day-to-day life. This need for expansion into life and the world stems from our sun giving vitality to your 9th house of foreign affairs, enterprising aims, and higher learning. Much life wisdom comes from the experiences we gain through this area of our chart as it pushes us out of our comfort zones and into the unfamiliar. With Aries ruling this part of your chart, you are like an unafraid pioneer, eager to be the first one to explore anything and everything. Our planetary ruler over the solar season of Aries, Mars, is currently in Taurus, in your career house. Your exploratory mood may be tied to a need to find more value and worth through your career and reputation. 

April 6th: Over the past two years, you’ve been taking on a lot of responsibility, demands, and stress around your creative-expression and leadership potential. This is due to a long visit from our planet of responsibility and authority, Saturn. Starting on the 6th, this taskmaster will move into a retrograde (or reflective) mode until the end of August, giving you some time to re-visit what foundations have been put in place. This is a time to do a bit of tweaking and refining before you keep moving forward, closer to the adventurous, globe-trotting creative that you have been working so hard at becoming. It seems some steps were missed or new information needs to be plugged in so don’t worry about stalls and delays in your creative pursuits, focus on re-working what is no longer serving you in your visionary aims as a creative explorer.

April 9th: People always cringe at the announcement of an upcoming Mercury retrograde but I assure you, these serve a very good purpose, even amidst some of the chaos they produce. On April 9th our communicator planet stations retrograde, and in the sign of Taurus, he will have you rethinking and regathering missed information around your career. Avoid purchases of things with moving parts and don’t sign legal documents until after May 3rd, but do use this retrograde time to do a lot of valuable mental reflection, finding connections or information you may have overlooked in your need be passionately follow your aspirations. 

April 10th/11th: This month’s full moon falls in the relationship loving sign of Libra, but there are some volatile aspects going on. Peace and harmonizing will take some work at this lunar high tide as several powerful planets face off. For you, this will bring something into the outer world around your ideas, your local community or neighborhood, a sibling, your connections, or learning experiences. You likely love relating with anyone and everyone, but some broad needs for independence could have you feeling a need to break free from what’s arising in your local bubble. Try to instill a balance of time, allowing for you to, at times, be free to roam and explore as you like, and at other times dedicating attention to your significant relationships in your communities. Just acknowledging that you need a bit of both is half the battle here. 

April 15th: As we hit mid-month, Venus, goddess planet of love, value, and beauty, will station direct after a six-week retrograde. With new found perspective and clarity about your true inner worth, you will now be ready to strike out in the world and feel certain about what you want to possess and create beauty around. 

April 19th: A new solar season arrives on the 19th as the stubborn sign of Taurus takes the reigns to our vitality. Taurus wants us to move through life at an easy pace in order to tease our senses to life. By doing this, we start to understand more about the world of form and what it means to possess and own things. For you, this solar season and sign ignites your 9th house of adventure, blind faith, and expansive aims. You may crave being able to touch and feel foreign soils at this time which could also lead you to trying to expand operations into territory foreign to you, or pushing yourself to learn about entirely new subject matter. The result of this season will have you initiating things that will broaden your horizons over the course of the year and unlock doors to new worlds, especially at the fertile Taurus new moon on the 26th. 

Best Day: April 16th 

A nice fiery trine will take place on this date between your ruler, the sun, and a conjunction between the moon and Saturn. A lot of support, both of the nurturing variety and authoritative acknowledgement will help you to close out Aries Season on a high note with a nod to your creative talents and your need to roam and explore. 

Virgo || Virgo Rising

Virgo Symbol.png

A Wealth of Psychological Reflections. As we enter April, Aries Season is heating up, and with it new paths are opening to you that will take much courage to navigate. Entanglements around shared resources and intimacy will likely take on more definition for the first twenty days of April. Whether opportunities are arising around investments, loans, the wealth of others—or things more physically intimate, you have an allure around you that is positively sexy and irresistible. Ask for what you need and watch as the resources of others blaze into your life with the exactitude of a warrior. You are being recognized right now a someone worth investing in. Anytime we join forces, either for purposes of wealth or sharing intimately, issues of power and control arise, and at this time, with these things surfacing, you can tap into Aries’ bravery to face your hidden baggage around power and control, head on. 

With Aries’ independence ruling your house of sharing and transformation, you may struggle to ask for help or to place any reliance on others to help in exponentially growing your resources and empowerment. This may be the nature of any psychological issues becoming unearthed as doors open to you, offering powerful opportunities. A little faith in the process of letting joint powers work for you, and letting go of wanting to control things in a solo way, will go a long way. Let others in, have faith, find the grace in powers greater than you, and watch what happens. What do you have to lose? This year, with Aries’ ruler Mars, in Taurus, things initiating in the above vein hold the potential to help you see a wealth of personal value and pleasure blossom over the course of the next year, possibly in connection something foreign. 

April 6th: Taskmaster planet, Saturn, stations retrograde on the 6th, ushering you into a long period of reflecting on your home and family life. You’ve likely gone through a couple of years of tough love on the roots and security level. Wherever Saturn is traveling through your chart is where you are meant to focus, take on more responsibility, and learn how to hold more authority. It’s hard work, but limiting it helps you to take on more expert experience in the end. You likely love a feeling of freedom and expansion when it comes to your home and family, and Saturn has put a bit of a damper on this as he’s pushing you to be more structured and accountable. From April 9th through to the end of August, his retrograde period will loosen his reigns on you. Although you still won’t be free to roam the world, calling any place you land home, you will feel a bit less pressure. What you are meant to do with this time is to reflect on what structures and responsibilities you’ve been working hard on around home and family, and inspect these for missed holes. If new information has come to light, it’s a good time to revise what you’ve been working on around your security needs and figure out the best way to blend new circumstances that might be throwing you for a loop.  

April 9th: Your ruler, Mercury, gets a little wobbly come the 9th. As he stations retrograde, reflective musings come, filling your life full of questions about your past and ideas that you’ve been busy trying to communicate. Until May 3rd, use this reverse motion to refine your thoughts and processes, especially around philosophical idea, plans around business expansion, or your beliefs. It’s not an ideal time to make big purchases, sign legal documents, or initiate new agendas. Things will not turn out as expected as not all the information you need is available or clear.

April 10th/11th: Libra, our sign of balance and harmony is about to get her scales tipped at her yearly full moon. With several powerful planets plugging into this lunar event, it’s hard to say what may come up. For starters, your sign may contend with some erratic but genius energy around joint resources or psychological issues around power and control that conflict with personal financial goals that you’ve been tinkering with, and hoping to bring into the outer world. It’s possible that things related to your income and your connection to design, relationships, marriage, or justice lay at the heart of this full moon. 

April 15th: Since March 4th, Venus has been in retrograde, gaining insight and revised perspective around what it is you truly need to feel loved and valued. As this goddess planet turns direct in your 7th house of partnerships and equality on the 15th, you may feel more ready than ever to cultivate a very loving relationship in your life. As Venus moves into Aries and your 8th house on the 28th, this energy will be directed more toward feeling deserving of the resource of others to help you find more empowerment and intimacy in your life. 

April 19th: The last third of April brings us to one of your favorite seasons as fellow earth sign, Taurus, hosts the sun for four-weeks. In Taurus, our vitality grows around how we own and possess things, our senses heighten and we slow down to enjoy the value and pleasure in our life. For you, this gets expressed through your 9th house of adventure and broadening horizons. You may envision beautiful and foreign countryside or use your sight, touch, and smell to understand the wisdom of beliefs foreign to you as well as see the value that could result in expanding business or ownership of things in foreign places. As Mars moves into this same sign and area on the 21st, you will feel charged up to clear away old energy, gain clarity, and see new paths to valuable and horizon broadening aims. 

April 26th: A nice Taurus new moon arrives at the end of the month, bringing with it fertile timing to make intentions around broadening your horizons and finding personal value, pleasure, and ownership in things unfamiliar. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone to look at business expansion opportunities, higher education, travel, foreign valuables, and life beliefs that could enhance your income and fill your senses with pleasure. 

Best Day: April 2nd

The early days before your ruler goes into retrograde should be taken advantage of and the 2nd has a lovely, nurturing Cancer moon link to your ruler in Taurus. Tapping into your emotions can help you see the value you possess. 

Libra || Libra Rising

Libra Symbol.png

Reflections on Balance. All things relationships are becoming prominent at the start of April as Aries Season warms our blood. This is an important time to realize and pay attention to the independence you need in your relationships as well as the fighting spirit you possess around equality and fairness. Although you are the sign of relationships, harmony, and balance, you do have a polarized need to maintain a strong sense of self in your relationships, possibly needing a lot of alone time away from your partners. This is an interesting thing for you to balance as you find such vitality and joy through cultivating relationships. The trick here is to be upfront and let your partners know that as much as you need and love them, that you also need a certain amount of space to nurture your autonomy. Make a plan so your partners know when and why you’ll be absent from them. 

April 6th: Saturn joins a host of planets in retrograde early this month and will be in this reflective state until the end of August. For two years now, he has been traveling through your 3rd house of communication, local community, and thought process. With this part of your chart ruled by expansive Sagittarius, this has likely felt stifling as you want to think big and feel that the world at large is your local community. Saturn wants to restrict your focus in order to learn discipline and responsibility, so these feelings of grandiose are being forced to focus and put some building blocks down, laying structures, and taking responsibility for all of the big ideas you have. It’s required more restraint than you are used to but the lessons will make you more of an authority in your communications when learned. During this retrograde, you get a chance to look back at those foundations that you’ve been laying and refine the materials used, making things more secure and reliable before you push forward with more ideas and movement of these ideas come September. 

April 9th: Mercury joins the retrograde party a few days later. In the sign of Taurus, your mind will be reviewing how it thinks of your personal worth and value and helping you to find perspective around your internal dialogue on the matter. In your 8th house, there is some tie to other people’s money and resources, and the handling of it or access to it, that feeds your personal income and sense of worth. Use this reflective time to rewire your thoughts to be more positive in relation to power and control issues in your life. This trend will continue until the 21st when Mercury crosses back into Aries. At that point, a review of your self-talk in regards to relationships and life balance will come into play. Again, use this time of reflective thinking to rewire how you think—this time about your relationships and independence. This retrograde will last until May 3rd. 

April 10th/11th: A very big day of the year comes for you late on the 10th or early on the 11th, depending on your time zone. The Libra full moon is your most important full moon; the one that brings your heart’s desires into the outer world as manifested dreams to now put into production. There can also be endings around very personal things that are ready to graduate out of your life. If loss occurs, give gratitude for the elegance and personally touching energy it brought you, and know that the next Libra new moon, in the autumn, will have new openings that this loss wanted to help clear room for. This year, your personal full moon is a very wild one with some powerful planets opposing, and squaring off to it. 

With Jupiter conjunct this moon, there is an expansive and grand feel to your needs around harmony or issues of justice. Uranus and Eris in opposition from Aries may ignite fights for freedom and progressive movement with partners. Pluto squaring all of this could bring up power and control issues at your roots or in your home and family. It seems trust is the heart of all here, and finding something that helps you channel your calmest sense of trust could be an amazing guiding force as you respond to things that come up. Maybe it’s the cosmos or your body, but whatever it is, tap into this calm place of trust as the high tide of this moon strikes a dramatic note.  

April 15th: With your planetary ruler, Venus, in retrograde until the 15th, much revision is going on in your life.  A lot of looking back on your past and gaining perspective is encouraged as this will help you to fill in some holes or realize where something went wrong. Your sign loves balance, an equal play of light and dark, so an awareness that is just a dark phase that is needed to balance the more dominant light phases may help you embrace this reflective time. Many mystical and magical things come from these retrogrades and that doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s the yin to forward motion’s yang. Come the 15th Venus will return to direct motion and with it, will newly rise as a brilliant morning star, having disappeared from our view for many weeks into the underworld. On the 28th, your goddess planet will cross back into the sign of Aries and you will have much greater clarity around your needs as relates to partnerships. 

April 19th: The last third of April holds the solar season of Taurus when the sun gains vitality through giving more form and definition to our Aries Season assertions. If Aries was our time to create seeds of intention, Taurus is our time to plant the seed and feel some ownership over it. We need our senses now to help us know where and how to plant our seeds. For you, Taurus rules your 8th house of other people’s money, psychology, and intimacy. It’s an interesting place to have Taurus as this sign is about personal finances and personal values. You somehow mix in a strong dose of the personal when it comes to the value of others and you can use this to your advantage as you seem well qualified to handle ventures related to joining forces, but you also run the risk of becoming inappropriately possessive over resources that are not yours. A gracious attitude is the way through any stickiness here. 

April 26th: A calm Taurus new moon arrives to counteract the chaos of the full moon at mid-month. At this new moon, it’s time for you to meditate on what you want to see come to life over the next year around cultivating more empowerment, wealth (or paying off debt), pleasure in sexuality, and psychological health. Taurus’ energy wants you to feel sensuality and pleasure in all of these things as well as a finely developed sense of worth. 

Best Day: April 28th 

This date holds a lot of power for finding clarity around your partnership needs and general life balance or needs for justice. 

Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Symbol.png


New Processes & Valuable Partnerships. As the spring starts to warm your blood with the sun growing in strength, Aries Season immerses itself in the most productive area of your chart—the 6th house of daily duties, work, wellness, and lifestyle. You are an initiator when it comes to cultivating processes and efficiency. Use the first twenty days of April to make sure that your life is running like a will-oiled machine. Aries’s bravery and pioneering ways can help you put new processes in place, start workout routines, healthier eating habits, and fight for work projects that you want. 

April 6th: As our planet of discipline and structure turns retrograde until August 25th, Saturn will have you retaking exams and reviewing your progress over the past two years around how you’ve cultivated value, pleasure, and worth in your life. With this happening in the sign of Sagittarius, you likely find great value in pushing your boundaries and feeling a broad sense of ownership, possibly of foreign or philosophical things. This expansive nature that you possess in relation to your worth is hard for Saturn to tame but he’s been working hard and probably giving you a few knocks around how you’ve felt of value, possibly through some personal income avenues. Not to stress, his job is to make you more accountable and responsible so by December, when he leaves this area of your chart, you will have a new expert title around your personal value that authorities will recognize, possibly igniting a bidding war over possessing you on their team. Just a side note: foreign currency or foreign means of income are definitely an avenue to be explored. During this long retrograde cycle, be sure to look back on all that’s been going on in relation to your personal finances and use this reflective time to gain better insight, fill in any gaps, and fix any cracks that this time of perspective shows you. 

April 9th: Mercury follows Saturn into retrograde a few days later. Until May 3rd, this means it’s best to refrain from signing any big legal documents, starting a new job, or purchasing any big items (especially those with moving parts: cars, computers, phones, etc.). This is meant to be a mentally reflective time. In the sign of Taurus until the 21st, the first half of the retrograde will have you thinking back on the flow of give and take in your life and how this has or hasn’t brought you a sense of self-worth. From the 21st – May 3rd, as Mercury moves back into the sign of Aries, you’ll be given the opportunity to review your mentality around your lifestyle and work duties. 

April 10th/11th: A dramatic full moon arrives just before mid-month in the sign of Libra. With this illuminating your 12th house, secrets may come to light, as well, great and beautiful artistic work may become a reality as you feel life’s meaning in poignant ways. There are some dramatic things playing out with this full moon with Jupiter conjunct it, Uranus and Eris in opposition to it, and Pluto squaring off to everything. There is something grand in nature with this lunar swell and some practicalities and work duties may conflict. The goal will be to blend energies here to realize that these practicalities are the things that give you a sense of use and the grand and beautiful things coming up with this moon are ones that add meaning. They are both in place to give you a sense of purpose so figure out how best to blend any conflict here, with that in mind. Pluto on the other hand is one of your co-rulers so has a stronger impact on your over the other signs. In your 3rd house of communication and thought process, some tensions may require flexibility and compromise, but in Capricorn that’s a tough order. Great and powerful words that you say could feel destructive to you and others, so watch what you say. 

April 15th: Until the 15th, Venus, goddess planet of beauty is in a retrograde in your 5th house of creative-expression. Since March 4th, you might have been reevaluating your inner most needs around value and love. Through March she likely brought up questions in your 6th house of work and lifestyle and now in your leadership and creativity area, you are figuring out and revising how beauty and value play into your composed and artistic creativity. Once She stations direct on the 15th, you’ll be much more clear after gaining much perspective and will be able to move forward with a stronger sense of value as it relates to creative work or children, and then as she moves back to your 6th house on the 28th, you’ll have a passionate clarity around how to find value and beauty in your work and lifestyle. 

April 19th: The grounded Taurus Season arrives on the 19th as we move to see the sun in a mid-spring light. This time of year warms the grounds of your relationships and you start to feel vital stirrings that communicate through your relationships, how well you handle the harmonious give and take in life. With Taurus being a sign of personal possessions, you may be a bit possessive of your loved ones, but you also generate much pleasure and value in your life through this avenue. Rather than trying to possess another human who should have their own sense of autonomy, try to see partnerships, instead, as something that can generate income in your life as well as much sensuality and pleasure, bringing your senses to life. 

April 21st: Your co-ruler, Mars, moves into a new sign, Gemini, on the 21st. A clarity and assertive focus may surface helping you to identify where communication or shared resources in your community could enhance your wealth and empowerment. 

April 26th: It’s all about relationships at the Taurus new moon. With this sign ruling over your 7th house of partnerships, it’s a wonderful time to form new and beautiful seeds of intent with the relationships in your life. 

Best Day: April 5th

With both of your rulers, Mars and Pluto, in a lovely trine, life should feel more smooth and easy than usual. Communication with a partner or loved one could be especially constructive.  

Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Sagittariius Symbol.png

Creative Reflections. Clarity, bravery, and fresh paths come along with the solar season of Aries, and in your adventurous chart, this sign rules your 5th house of creative expression and leadership. Aries season may ignite new creative projects in your life as well as a bold but youthful vitality. It’s your season to shine, really. A lot of people equate their solar birthday as their star day of the year, and yes that’s when your sun gets lit up, but I think the sun traveling through its natural 5th house is when most actually shine and hold the spotlight the best. So, with this in mind, be very aware of the things that are exciting you now and how they are shaping your creative urges. Use those urges to curate fun and pioneering creative projects, as well as leadership opportunities that let let you shine throughout the year. Normally I’d note that Aries holds a lone-wolf style so to leave room for independence and rapid action in your musings, but Jupiter, your chart ruler, the ruler who gets the last say in anything you do, is in the cooperative and relational sign of Libra in your 11th house of collaboration. A little of both may be needed in this equation. Co-creative projects with some leeway to push forward in your own way – maybe heading up a creative director position in new things initiating right now. 

April 6th: Saturn, our planet of discipline and structure, stations retrograde on the 6th. Since he’s been traveling through your own sign for the past two years, this strict authoritarian planet has really been focused on you – trying to make you more responsible, more dutiful, more focused, and more authoritative. It’s been a tough road—I’m sure of it because I am a Sagittarius (rising). As this coach planet turns to reverse motion, he may ease up a bit, but the lessons don’t stop and will now require a lot of training in your reflective processes. Until August, you are meant to look back with new perspective on your past two years of effort in becoming more accountable. Try to notice where gaps were left or where you possibly didn’t do your homework. Second chances are being given to revise and refine the more structured version of yourself that’s been in the works. With this planet ruling your 2nd house of self-worth and income, there may be ties to value, in you, as a commodity. Retrogrades are a very magical and mystical time when you can learn a lot from your subconscious and hidden processing of life. Notice the subtleties around the responsibilities in your life for clues to what you really want out of this planet’s lessons. He’ll turn back to direct motion at the end of August giving you three or so more months to graduate his lessons around becoming more of an authority over your own life. It’s very possible to flunk these lessons when you don’t know what all the pressure is about, but now you do, so no excuses. Buckle down and get to refining and mastering how you want to hold authority, Sag. A strengthened presence of structure and accountability could win you a better income and sense of self-worth come December. 

April 9th: One of a few Mercury retrogrades that we get in a year hits from April 9th – May 4th. Honestly this event is not all doom and gloom. Yes, it’s not a good time to make major purchases, sign legal documents, or start new jobs and projects, BUT it’s a fantastic time for mental reflections and the magic that this brings. Reflecting is a very powerful tool and when the cosmos designs a time for us to indulge in this, things naturally slow down and the moment is ripe to work on our mental attitudes and internal speak. For you, this retrograde will fall in the sign of Taurus and your 6th house of productivity, processes, and wellness until the 21st. Be aware of how your mind reacts to heightened senses and a slower pace that allows them to come to life. Allow your thoughts to scan your already in place methods for going through your day-to-day life and how these practices have shaped your health. What can you revise? What’s missing? Don’t worry about initiating new things until after the retrograde, just bring awareness to your reflections. After the 21st, Mercury moves back into Aries and you may revisit creative projects that you initiated in early April. Refinement and more scanning for holes or missing information will help you then move forward with confidence and gusto in all of the above, come early May.  

April 10th/11th: We have a rather stormy Libra full moon near mid-month. With your ruler wrapped up in the whole thing, I have no doubt your will feel this moon in grand ways. In your 11th house, groups, friends, progressive works, collaborations, and future hopes and dreams are all up for big swells of action and manifesting. Full moons push things into the outer world that you have been tinkering with since the new moon of the same sign. Since October, there may have been some intentions forming that are now taking shape under stormy times. For your sign, trust in others and in creativity for the sake of creation is a good place to come from if any tumultuous drama arises. A powerful Pluto from your house of self-worth is squaring off to everything so something financial may pose an issue in your life, and if so, know that any destructive forces it unleashes are actually transformative. In its battleground wake lies new and evolved life, repurposing debris that was potentially clogging your life force. 

April 15th: Our goddess planet Venus, patroness of love and beauty, has been retrograde since March 4th, and for you, this has cause some inner work to be done around what you really value about yourself. She turns back to direct in the sign of Pisces on the 15th, and will bless you with newly understood needs for security and love in your home life and at your roots. On the 28th, she crosses back into the sign of Aries where she also spent much of her time in retrograde, and you will find that you know exactly how you want to create value and pleasure in your creative works, newly refreshed to tease beauty out of all that you touch.  

April 19th: A busy season arrives for you on the 19th with the solar season of Taurus. This sign likes to take things slow, but in your 6th house of productivity, you are challenged to find a balance between getting your to-do list whittled down in a reasonable amount of time while still allowing yourself to smell the roses and indulge your senses as you go through your day and processes. Wellness and lifestyle are categories you likely have a strong and valuable connection to as your sight, smell, and touch are intimately involved with bringing form and pleasure to the mundane and routine. This is an area that may be able to bring you some financial vlaue. 

April 26th: A solid new moon in Taurus arrives on the 26th making the end of the month the perfect time to form new intention or seeds around your habits and wellness. Do you like your work duties? Are you eating well? Are you getting enough exercise? These are all things you can find fresh stirrings around at this new moon to cultivate a lifestyle that better suits you. Taurus is a slow sign so don’t overdo it but do push this energy to get up and moving if you feel overly lethargic or heavy. It’s also a stubborn sign so if you enjoy what you initiate, your follow through and dedication are likely to be reliable and steady. 

Best Day: April 7th 

The sun in Aries opposes your ruler in Libra, both in creative areas of your chart, making this a wonderful day for the spotlight and expressing yourself with powerful and assertive elegance. 

Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Symbol.png

Nurturing Creativity. One of your four cardinal houses is lit up with the solar season of Aries as we enter April. Home, roots, and family become a focus with this assertive season as your 4th house gets lit up. You may be the initiator of much activity within your family and a positive force, but you also need your independence to be your own person outside of the roots you came from. With the ruler of your 4th house, Mars, in your 5th house of creative-expression, you may feel inspired to refresh your home styling or do lots of creative projects around your house and with your family. 

April 6th: Early in the month our planet of discipline and structure, Saturn, will station retrograde. Until the end of August, Saturn will ease up on his notoriously strict ways while he has you instead reviewing the foundations and efforts toward more responsibility that he’s been cracking the whip hard on for two years. He’s been touring the sign of Sagittarius in your 12th house of shadow, spirituality, art, and healing. This is a very hard house to see so it takes an intuitive approach to tap into. Try closing your eyes and imagine a foreign or exotic guru who’s been poking and pushing at you to take on more responsibility in your adventurous and risk-taking approach to inspiration, in your broad compassionate attitude, to be more serious about spirituality and mysticism, and to cultivate better boundaries in your life around things that seem grand and opportunistic, but often result in victim scenarios and being taken advantage of. Symbolism and life meaning are serious business with Saturn in this part of your chart, and until August, you will slow down on this front to review any poor workmanship in the structures you’ve been striving to build as well as to plug in new information that you uncover as you reflect through new perspectives. 

April 9th: With Mercury turning retrograde this month, it’s not the ideal time to make big purchases or sign legal documents. In your 5th house of creativity, you may be faced with some past creative works circling back around for a revisit. Retrogrades can be a beautiful time to do reflective work that is very healing and powerful so allow your mind to turn inward at this time and really hone in on things like journaling and revising how you think about creativity and leadership. On the 21st, Mercury moves back to the sign of Aries and your 4th house making it an ideal time to dig into family history or ask parents and grandparents to tell you stories from their past. What you learn may give you a stronger sense of identity. 

April 10th/11th: This month’s full moon falls in the sign of Libra and is filled with dramatic lines of connectivity to other heavy hitting planets. With this falling in your 10th house of career, something or things are being pushed into the outer world as realities to put into production around your aspirations and aspirations. With Uranus and Eris opposing this lunar event, the unexpected and erratic could create some friction through the home and security related turf but Jupiter in close proximity will add a grand and optimistic flair to something large in scale. Pluto is our main problem child as he’ll be squaring all parties from your own sign. Some personal need for power or control may feel challenged by the events around this full moon. If you feel your life force being blocked this powerful planet can be used to destruct this block in order to transform, but if unwarranted power and control needs surface you may be sabotaging yourself in clearing things in conflict. Be careful that you think about the difference here before making any big moves. 

April 15th: Venus has been retrograde since early March and with this goddess planet digging into some inner work, you’ve likely been thinking a lot about your personal worth as it relates to your mind and communication. Once she turns direct this inner refection will give you newly formed confidence around enhancing your beauty and value through your ideas. On the 28th she moves back into Aries where she started her retrograde. A clarity may arise around your security and home life due to her new perspective from looking at the value and beauty of your roots in reflection. 

April 19th: One of your great seasons of the year puts you front and center as a star when Taurus rises as our solar season, come April 19th. Your creative-expression and leadership style is ruled by this earth and sensual sign. Textures, smells, sounds, and tastes could be the channel you use for expressing yourself and an aspect of your self-worth and income may be tied to your creative skills as you give for and value to creative pursuits.   

April 26th: A lovely Taurus new moon settles in with determination and assertive energy at the end of the month. Much less dramatic than our full moon earlier in April, this seedling lunation holds sturdy energy for new intentions to form around fresh wants and hopes in your creative pursuits and leadership opportunities. Allow your sense to take over and lead you to the fresh openings that finding their way to you.  

Best Day: April 17th

The sun and your ruler, Saturn, link up in a lovely trine allowing an ease of supportive flow between personal desires and the security of your home and family.

Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Aquarius symbol.png

Brave Intellect & Nourishment. Your mind is on fire as we enter April with the solar season of Aries igniting your 3rd house of communication, thought process, and community. You likely have a very clear and direct style of communication and now is a great time to spring clean any mental clutter that’s accumulated over the past year to uncover fresh stirrings connected to your positive and energetic mind. New mental paths arising are personal and bold in nature and are the place where your most independent assertions lie. With the ruler of this house, Mars, in your 4th house of home and security, in the sign of Taurus, you may have a lot of family and financial passions flooding your mind. 

April 6th: Your traditional ruler is the planet Saturn and on the 9th, he will station retrograde. For two years he has been slowly and restrictively moving through your 11th house of friendships, groups, and progressive hopes and dreams. It’s the area of your chart that rules collaboration and the causes and industries that you are attracted to. Sagittarius is the sign ruling this house so philosophical and big vision groups hold your attention. With Saturn, the personal trainer planet and one of your rulers traveling this part of your chart, you’ve likely had many impactful circumstances pushing you to become more responsible and authoritative in group scenarios and progressive thinking. While he’s in retrograde through to the end of August, you’ll have the opportunity to look back over the structures and work that you’ve put in place around becoming an authoritative key to expansive reach in the groups you plug into. These next months are a time to revisit, revise, and refine what you’ve already been doing in this area of your life instead of moving forward with new responsibilities. 

April 9th: Mercury follows Saturn into retrograde on the 9th signifying that it’s time for you to slow down with forward movement in your ideas and communications. This retrograde will have you re-evaluating your mentality around ideas of home and family and their value in your life. On the 28th as he moves back into the sign of Aries, your mental self-speak will be important to watch, continuing until the retrograde ends on May 4th. 

April 10th/11th: A dramatic Libra full moon rolls in during the second week of April bringing something into a manifested state around your 9th house issues. Maybe higher learning opportunities, foreign travel, or philosophical beliefs push you into bold new territory, outside of your comfort zone. Design, partnerships, and harmony or justice flavor the sign of Libra so an element of balance is at play during this moon. A few heavy hitting planets make this a bold full moon. Watch for drama around communication that behind the scene powers could create now. A balance of intuiting when to assert and yielding to knowledge may be the key for you in navigating any theatrics that bubble up.  

April 15th: Our goddess planet of love and beauty has been in retrograde since March 4th and she will finally station direct come April 15th. Her rare turn to a reflective state has had you revisiting issues of worth in your life and as she returns to normal motion, you will find more heart-full compassion for yourself. As she returns to Aries on the 28th, where she spent much of her retrograde, you’ll find acute clarity of mind and valuable connections. 

April 19th: Taurus Season arrives in the last third of the month, and with it, your roots, security, and home life become a vital focus. You likely enjoy having a sense of ownership with the things in your home life and it’s a place where your senses feel safest to come alive and show you the value of form and material comfort. Let the mid-spring light of this season bring pleasure and beauty into your home and work on caring for the nice possessions you hold dear at home. 

April 26th: The Taurus new moon is one that will bring bright and fresh new energy to your home life. New intentions will rise and become clear to you on, or a few days after, this date. Tap into your sight, touch, taste, and smell to help you know what new intentions are forming in your life, ready to blossom into value in your home life as the year goes on. 

Best Day: April 14th

Your ruler, Uranus, and the vital sun, link up for their once a year meeting, giving you an ego boost and a stronger sense of purpose and youthfulness. 

Pisces || Pisces Rising

pisces symbol.png

A Flood of Value. Aries Season brings out a surprisingly assertive energy in you, Pisces. This may surprise people as you come off as being utterly compassionate and loving, but as Aries finds a home in your 2nd house of values, you are quite aggressive in your financial life and what you think you are worth—unafraid to ask or fight for what you think you deserve. I love the positive and clear energy that Aries contains, but it also isn’t known for taking the time to think about others, or through its rash actions. Just be sure that as Aries connects you to your bold and pioneering worth this season, that you attempt to take a beat to make sure you have considered the perspective of others in your financial dealings. Steeping on coworkers to get ahead, being selfish in how you bill people, all of these things can win you as many enemies and competitors as it can the value you believe you are worth. Tap into your compassionate Pisces ways when you find yourself feeling pushy or bullying around money and unleash your warrior Aries energy when you know you are worth more than you are receiving. With Mars, ruler of Aries Season, traveling through your 3rd house of communication, you may have a lot of business connected to your finances until Taurus Season starts on the 19th. 

April 6th: For the past two years, our taskmaster planet, Saturn, has been hovering over you in the form of a powerful and strict authority figure in your career or in connection to your aspirations. This planet is attempting to train you to be an authority in your own right, but it takes a lot of dedication, responsibility, and limiting of your focus. With this 10th house area of your chart being ruled by Sagittarius, you like to think big when it comes to the things you achieve but Saturn sees this as unrealistic, so has really been reigning you in and stifling your expansive and enterprising aspirations. In the end, this is not a bad thing. Sagittarius energy can get us in trouble as it’s not a great sign with the details, so Saturn’s lessons in responsibility are a blessing in teaching you the tools needed to create lasting achievements as you aim for great and unfamiliar things. On the 6th, he will turn retrograde until the end of August, loosening up on his micromanaging, but in this time, he does not want you to move forward with new aspirations, but rather to review what you’ve learned and retake any exams that you didn’t do so well on. Refinement and the perspective that reflection bring will help you to solidify the great achievements that you’ve been working toward and that could win you new-found status as he finishes his tour of Sagittarius, in December. 

April 9th: We have one of those dreaded Mercury retrogrades this month from the 9th through to May 4th. Take precautions not to make any major purchases, sign legal documents, or start new jobs as these are the things that will end up creating confusing circumstances in your life. That aside, retrogrades are very needed time for reflective and mysterious works. Take time to review your thoughts and mentality around your finances, your ability to enjoy your senses, and your values. This process of revisiting things and looking back, brings amazing perspective, allowing for holes to be filled in, misconceptions to be addressed, and new information to be plugged into already plotted ideas. 

April 10th/11th: An intense full moon in Libra illuminates our night skies late on the 10th or early on the 11th, depending on your time zone. This will fall in your 8th house of shared resources, intimacy, and psychology. With this sign being our zodiac’s peace-keeper, it’ll be interesting to see how harmonious things will be kept with the power planets creating drama. An opposition from Uranus and Eris in your 2nd house of Aries will challenge you to blend your personal financial assertions, that might be a bit erratic and possibly containing a bit of discord, with the finances of others that are blossoming in some exaggerated and justified way, due to Jupiter next to the full moon. Pluto is creating some issues as he squares off to all of the above. In the sign of Capricorn and your 11th house, some power and control issues with groups or friends may interfere, deconstructing some things in the process that could end up bringing needed transformations in the end. 

April 15th: Our goddess planet of love has been in a retrograde motion since March 4th. With Venus reflecting on how you value yourself, in your own sign, you are doing some important work and getting new perspective on what your need at your core to feel loved and appreciated. As she returns to direct motion on the 15th, your heart will be more softened than it already is and a new found love for yourself will beautify your energy, inside and out. As Venus returns to Aries on the 28th where she spent much of her retrograde, you’ll have new and passionate clarity what paths your need to forge in your life to lead to the value and values you want in your life. 

April 19th: Taurus Season heightens our senses as she plows in on the 19th. This sign holds a similar connotation to the 2nd house, but rules over the 3rd house of your chart. Your communication style, thought process, and style of connecting to your local community are ruled by this stubborn and pleasure oriented sign. Your mind probably holds much value as it uses all of your senses in its ability to learn, understand, and then inform. There is much value in how you communicate and think, and you spread sturdy knowledge in a pleasurable and sensual way. Let this season help your senses germinate and flutter about to collect all the information that they crave to touch, hear, see, and smell. Generate buzz in your community through your solid ideas that form through the pleasure of your senses. 

April 26th: A nice, solid new moon arrives at the end of the month in the sign of Taurus. This is your ideal time to make fresh intention in your life around what you’d like to learn and communicate this year. Clarity of intent comes through stronger with clearing out any old and out of date thoughts. It’s also a great time to plug into new initiative in your community, neighborhood, or with siblings. 

Best Day: April 16th

With Venus newly direct in your own sign, you could feel a very soft and loving heart on this day, attracting back to you much beauty and the healing of some wounds around self-worth.

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