Cosmic Messages : August, New Realms of Creativity, Leadership & Excitement

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of August By CosmoMuse

Leo Season (ends August 22nd): The sign of the sun, creativity, royalty, leadership, and presence is upon us as August rolls in. Summer fun and romantic stirrings are vibing in this sign of mid-summer, but we will soon see that this is no average Leo Season. Eclipse season is just moments away. Twice a year we get a month that holds a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse, both typically falling along a specific axis. This time around, the creative/co-creative Leo-Aquarius axis is in for a shake-up. It’s best to stay flexible and prepared for the unexpected during eclipse seasons. Our first eclipse will fall on August 7th: A Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. On lunar eclipses, the earth blocks the Sun’s rays from bouncing off of the face of the Moon. The Moon, ruling feminine mystique, fades when it’s normally supposed to be at its most illuminated. It’s very common that something yin, emotional, or difficult to see can leave our lives on lunar eclipses. Emotions can feel dark and heavy without the Sun’s light. With this lunar eclipse happening in Aquarius, subjective dealings around friendships, groups, collaboration, humanitarian efforts, future hopes, or scientific dealings could dim in our lives. This will be especially true for all of the fixed or stubborn signs – Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. It’s best to allow some space to make sense of things during this wildcard time. Initiating anything important – signing documents, making large purchases, starting a new business - between the 7th and the end of the month is not advised. Respond, be open to change, and observe. A lot of planets will be moving in and out of retrogrades as well this month, causing some extra confusion and perspective shifts. At the very end of Leo Season, on the 21st, we will have our much anticipated Great American Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. For those of us in the U.S., we can view this in totality along a specific path of the Continental United States. A solar eclipse happens when the sun is blocked in totality by the moon during the daylight hours. It’s often been found that things masculine in nature are due for updates at solar eclipses. Things more linear and assertive tend to fall away, making room for new paths to open. Because the sun in ruled by Leo, the themes of creativity, leadership, and presence are amplified. In review, this eclipse season will subjectively end a phase of group dynamics, making room for new mysteries of co-creation to emerge, and will more overtly end a phase of creative presence, making room for fresh leadership and mature ego development in our lives. Our printed 2017 Seasonal Guide has more on these lunar events, as does our Leo Season Ezine ( Ash Bonelli covers the lunar eclipse & Allie Couch covers the solar eclipse in more detail).

Virgo Season (starts August 22nd): We will be a bit wobbly as we ground into earthy Virgo Season, but Virgo Season is up to the challenge. This time of year is masterful at helping us analyze and get our acts together. Its ruler, Mercury, will be in retrograde for all of Virgo’s days in August, so a lot of introspection is in store: re-thinking, re-processing, and re-vising. Coming off of the eclipses, it seems the universe wants us to take a good inward look to notice how we’ve woven our sense of purpose and use in life.  Ask yourself a few of these questions: Is the work I’m doing useful? Do I have purpose in my daily life? Are my routines well and healthy? Are my processes effective? Am I a helpful and thoughtful person? Virgo is all about integrating us to be whole unto ourselves. It’s the last sign and season in the yang half of the year, before the autumn equinox (and the yin half of the year) when we start focusing on others and the outer world, rather than our own selves. 

August Astrological Ritual
I’m not talking about a yoga flow–I’m talking about actually saluting the sun. Wake up early and watch the sun rise–acknowledge the light and life it brings for you, your friends and family, and the earth we live on. Get outside before the heat really turns on by midday–when you can take shelter from the heat indoors to get some easy work done or take some down time. When the sun sets, think about the light you felt and saw. Receive all of its energy and life force.

Aries Illustration.png

Aries || Aries Rising

Solar Seasons

Creativity, Youthfulness & Heart, Revamped. A lot of potential change is around the corner in your creative assertions and how you hold the limelight. August starts us out with the Sun in solar-centered Leo and your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership. On the 7th, the Aquarius lunar eclipse could rock the foundations of some group or co-creative foundations in your life. Subtleties and nurturing that you thought were present in your group dynamics may suddenly crumble underneath you. If this does happen, it may be that you are due for some regeneration in this part of your life. Try to stay above the fray and be observant of a broad variety of perspectives. All is not always as it seems when the moon gets distorted the way it does at an eclipse. Though, it may take a couple of years to realize this. On the 21st, our Leo Sun is in line for a solar eclipse—a very impactful one if you live in the United States. The happenings at this eclipse will likely be much more obvious as your creative energy, how you lead, and how you hold the spotlight are undergoing a rewiring process. You could have something in your life blotted out connected to how you experience love and command. A new cycle is unfolding but it can be hard to see this when life chapters are changing on you. 

Once Virgo Season presents its grounding and practical ways, starting on the 22nd, you may feel ready to clean house and re-orient how you organize your days. This is the perfect time, until the end of the month, to reflect on your health, routines, and work duties. You may decide to scrap a few methods and tweak things in order to become a more well-oiled individual. What fitness routines do you have in place? What mealtime rituals do you employ? Is your day structured so that you aren’t overly worked and stressed? Are you completing tasks in the most efficient, effective way?

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. In your 1st house, you may have some sudden changes to face in how you assert yourself. This reflective period of Uranus can help to give you the time you need to deal with the out-of-the-blue disruptions that will likely surface near the start of the month. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. How’s your lifestyle? Your work duties? Your health? With Mercury in retrograde until September 5th, use this time to get your lifestyle refined and molded into something that you envision making you a more whole person. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Since April 6th, this planet of structure has been retrograde in your 9th house of faith and opportunity. You may have needed these months to weed out anything distracting you from growing your professional perspectives, from taking on more responsibility in business opportunities, or from dedicating yourself to opening new doors in your life. Now that Saturn is back to forward motion, these things can get back on track and you may feel a greater ability to push the structures of your life into new terrain. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. Our planet of affection in the sign of love could turn the sweetness up in your life with Venus making you feel valued and worthy of praise and adoration. 

Taurus illustration.png

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Solar Seasons

Re-founding Creative Security, Roots & Nurturing. Mid-summer and Leo Season hold court as we enter August. Ruling over your 4th house of home and family, this attractive and loving season brings fun and presence to your family life. This year, there are some added layers to navigate around your domestic foundations as well as around your public standing during this season of the Sun. We have an eclipse season reigning supreme during Leo’s leisurely days. On the 7th we arrive at the first eclipse: A Full Moon or lunar eclipse in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius. In your 10th house, this Moon-y event will reset and possibly “eclipse” something around your career and aspirations, likely something of a more subjective, cyclical, or deep nature. If endings do come up, this means fresh paths have their sights set on you or that something was ready to move on. With Aquarius ruling your career sector, you should think on things group oriented, collaborative, and systemic. Are there updates that are needed? Have you always dreamed of being a scientist or humanitarian? Now could be your chance for a fresh slate to go after new dreams. As we move on to the 21st, the Leo solar eclipse will bring similar endings and beginnings to your private life and foundations. The roots you’ve grown around things lively and joyful are ready for a reset button. Males, leaders, or loves in your home could disappear. Something may have needed to move on in order for you, and/or that thing, to update and live more joyful and authentic domestic lives. If heartache arrives, ask yourself if it’s possible that this step is necessary in order to find a greater heart connection. Or whether this thing or person leaving, pushes you to better own your leadership and respect at home. 

Virgo Season, our last phase of summer, arrives on the 22nd. Until the end of August, is a time when you will be looking inward to analyze how you can better organize and integrate yourself as a person to shine and be a helpful leader. Virgo ruling over your 5th house is an interesting placement. The 5th house shows how you want to command and hold the spotlight. Virgo would rather deflect the spotlight (when it’s just for the sake of being in the spotlight), preferring to earn respect and admiration for being humble, purposeful, useful, and efficient. Praise from others for how helpful and of use you are, is what will feed your need for admiration during this season. Look for ways to be of service and shine for your ability to lead with exactitude.

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. Since March 2011, this rebellious planet has been creating unpredictable occurrences in your 12th house of shadows, secrets, and the collective conscious. Some shocking and unpredictable occurrences may have peppered your mystical, artistic, or spiritual life and friends may be a big presence in your need for escapist patterns. During this retrograde, until January 2nd, it’ll be time to do a bit of inner work around how you want to feel unique and individual in the backdrop of the collective. Some reflection is needed in order to finish out this transit of Uranus in Aries, scheduled to move on in May 2018. If you’ve lost your way through groups and collaboration, deviating to addictive patterns, this can be a time of recognition and work to learn the root of some of your unpredictable, addictive behaviors. Groups and friendships could have felt shadowy and filled with secrets and sabotaging for a while now. This retrograde could help you find clarity and better understanding. Outrageous and futuristic art may find its way out of you as you explore uncharted territory. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. What kind of leader are you? Would you like more recognition for your ability to organize the troops? Are you getting enough respect for your courageous ability to analyze and critique? With Mercury in retrograde until September 5th, use this time to reflect on how you can give and receive more love and admiration for your refining creativity.  

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been in retrograde since April 6th. In Sagittarius and your 8th house of intimacy, you’ve likely been doing some inner work and shedding distractions around how to take on more responsibility in your psychological structures and shared resources. Now as Saturn returns to direct motion, you will feel more focused and able to limit your ambitions around shared resources. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. A lot of worth could be felt around your home and family foundations. This is a time that you can really deepen your loving and playful private life.

Gemini Illustration.png


Gemini || Gemini Rising

Solar Seasons

A Love of Community, Words & Connecting, Revised. Joy and presence surround your love of words and connecting with others. As we jump into August, Leo Season has you really feeling and warming to a new and evolved sense of community. Doors may be opening that are starting to bring better information, surprising contacts, and a new ways of viewing the communities you associate with. 

August lands us in an eclipse season. For you, the first eclipse on August 7th, the partial Aquarius lunar eclipse, will dim out a way that you’ve been functioning as an influencer (or how you push boundaries) in order for you to step into some updates that are needed. Any ending may feel subjective or feminine in nature as the grandmother moon gets blotted out. New, intuitive things will rise in the stead of what leaves over the next couple of years. Ruling your 9th house of all things foreign, expansive, influencing, visionary, perspective enhancing (foreign travel, business expansion, opportunities over your head, publishing, higher education), Aquarius (networks, friends, groups, collaboration) will bring new groups of women to work with in one of the 9th house realms. New friendships that push your boundaries could arise as could new ways of networking that open up unimagined worlds to you. Take the time you need to grieve any loses but be aware that new seeds are being planted and need tending to as well.

The total Leo solar eclipse on the 21st is a biggie. As the masculine sun gets blotted out by the moon (from our perspective), things more linear, masculine, and obvious may be in store for a reboot in your 3rd house of community and communication. You may notice changes around siblings, your local community or neighborhood, how you connect with others, and learning opportunities. Your position as a leader may be getting some reorienting. With Mars and Uranus connected to this lunar event, expect big new starts and some unexpected scenarios. This is a very fire-y and electric concoction so stay flexible and open to new things.  

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd, and for you, this will ignite your 4th house of roots and security. Often it’s our families and homes that provide this private and protective place, but there are certainly other things that can fill this spot. With Virgo tinting how you experience your 4th house, you may like your personal spaces to be exceptionally clean, organized, and purposeful. Maybe you have a little apothecary at home as Virgo loves all things wellness. Working from home may be something you prefer as Virgo also shows our work ethic and processes. Either way, it’s likely that a well-oiled shelter is what you create or dream of creating. This is the season for you to give some extra effort and attention on this. Your DNA is likely tied to ancestors who are very analytical, critical, and productive. On the healthy side, you might grow roots and security in your life through being well and thoughtful, paying attention to your instincts and being considerate of others. On the negative, you may have roots that are a bit closed-off, finding any home or family support too messy, or being overly critical in your home and family environment. There’s a balance that can be hard to figure out with this sign. Its purpose is to make us useful and productive but we can easily get out of control with criticism and being overly perfectionistic where it’s found in our charts. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. Touring your 11th house, this planet of erratic happenings has likely been bringing you highly charged connections to networks and friendships since March 2011. Now in retrograde, you have until January 2nd to reevaluate the groups that you are a part of. Are they progressive enough for you? Are they too erratic? There’s a balance to be sure with Uranus. You may feel a little unsure of your footing here for several months as you sort out the balance that’s right for you. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Mercury is your planetary ruler so you often feel the effects of this common event more than most of the zodiac signs (save Virgo). This time retrograde in the other Mercury ruled sign of Virgo, some things around home and foundations may need some re-evaluation. Things with moving parts in your home may have some issues. Don’t sign any documents or buy anything with moving parts until mid-September. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. We’ve had many months with our taskmaster planet Saturn in a retrograde cycle. In the sign of Sagittarius, your relationships and partnerships could have had a lot of introspection and questioning placed around them. Especially in regards to whether your life visions and aims were aligned and structured enough. As Saturn returns to direct, you will slowly come out of this fog and have a better knowing of how to focus and move forward with determination in crystalizing your partnership/s. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. In your beloved 3rd house (the house you most closely align with), you will start to feel a lot of value, harmony, and beauty in your community, communications, and how you connect with people in your day-to-day. 

cancer illustration.png


Cancer || Cancer Rising

Solar Seasons

Self-Worth, Nature & Finances, Revamped. August brings a season of re’s – revising, reigniting, reimagining, rethinking. With eclipse season full on this month as well as Mercury stationing retrograde on the 12th, it’s a month to slow things down, be flexible, be prepared for the unexpected, and respond rather than initiate things. 

We’re in the midst of Leo Season as we head into August. This places a lot of emphasis on your 2nd house of self-worth, values, and personal finances. With Leo ruling this part of your chart, you may feel the need to command when it comes to what you are worth. Taking the lead in something will feed your sense of value and boost the nature of who you are. One thing to watch is that you not get egotistical or entitled when it comes to what you think you are worth, but do feed into owning a healthy sense of star-power and ability to give form to exciting and creative things. Our first of two eclipses arrives on Monday the 7th. A partial Aquarius lunar eclipse will fall in your 8th house of intimacy, sharing, and psychology. With the full moon getting blocked by the earth from the sun’s rays, something feminine or more intuitive may fade away. A reboot is in process and you could also see new paths appearing and very new ways of merging with others, financially or otherwise, over the next two years. With Aquarius ruling your 8th house, endings and beginnings may have something to do with groups of females and something financial, your intuitive understanding of group psychology, or networks that can provide resources for softer, more subjective things in your life. On the 21st our biggie eclipse comes along in the form of a total Leo solar eclipse. This will directly affect your sense of value and worth. Maybe a source of income fades from your life or a creative outlet that gave you value is due for a major transition. A new phase is getting ready to present itself and anything ‘eclipsed’ will make room for this update. With Mars and Uranus involved, it seems electric energy is at hand so be prepared for out of the ordinary occurrences.  

On the 22nd Virgo Season arrives and with it, a focus on your 3rd house of communication and community. You may be very perfectionist and analytical in your thoughts, liking a very orderly and productive way of connecting with others. The USE of language and information should be purposeful in your mind. Efficiency and being helpful in your community could feel important and bring you a sense of purpose. You may be very interested in wellness information, loving to learn and share around how to live a healthy lifestyle. Use until the end of August to dive into your community and lifestyle education. Use your intellectual instincts to analyze and refine your understanding of process and purpose. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. This electric planet has been touring your 10th house of aspirations and career since 2011. It’s likely that collaborations and friendships have done a lot to shape your achievements over these years, giving you many new hopes for your future. With less than a year left in this transit, Uranus has decided you need to reflect on all of its meddling in the grand things you’ve been reaching for. Until January 2nd, push into some inner work to make sure that all of your group involvements have led you toward your true aspirations—determine if some revision needs to be made.  

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. In your 3rd house, our messenger planet will be in retrograde. Delays, misunderstanding in communications, and internal conflicts could feel frustrating. Take this retrograde time to do some internal work around how you integrate your own dual nature and ask yourself a lot of questions about how you connect to your local community and make the alignments that you do. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Our taskmaster planet has been in retrograde since early April, making you question your lifestyle and processes. You likely enjoy exploration in your daily life and Saturn has been asking you to create some structure and better habits around your need to wander. As it returns to direct motion, some fog will lift and you should have better focus in your day-to-day routineser. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. Moving into your 2nd house of value and self-worth, Venus will bring a stronger ability to own your value and feel appreciated for your ability to lead and create. 

Leo illustration.png


Leo || Leo Rising

Solar Seasons

Starting from Square One: Agenda, Initiative & Assertion. It’s your season, Leo! You’re ready to burn bright and get your agenda on the table with green lights popping up everywhere. It’s during the sun’s tour through your own sign of Leo that you get to be as selfish as you’d like. Schedule a bit of you time each morning so you can get clear about what it is you want – meditation, breathwork, or a solo jog would likely do the trick nicely. Being the star of something, leading, and expressing your creative skills is likely at the front of your wish-list. 

This year we start an eclipse cycle that puts you in a position for a reboot. Every 8-9 years, each sign gets a series of eclipses in their sign (and their opposing sign), over 2 or so years, that rock their lives. For you it comes this month. Starting with our lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Aquarius, August 7th and the day surrounding it could feel rocky as something subjective and emotional may need to leave your life around partnership issues. It’s possible that a relationship could end but it’s just as possible that an issue is about to be eliminated that’s caused some unpleasant feelings for many years. Eclipses are here to update our lives wherever they fall. If something’s not serving you, they will oust it - whether you’re ready for that or not. The wildcard is associated with eclipses so stay calm and flexible, especially if you were born around the 7th or have Leo rising (or a planet) near 15 degrees Leo. Partnerships don’t have to be spouses, this extends to business partners, as well as relates to open enemies and advocates. If you’ve been involved in some legal dealings, things could wrap up now. On the 21st, the eclipse that the whole world seems to be talking about will come along. Of course we’re all watching, it’s in your own limelight loving sign. Those of you born near August 21st or with Leo rising (or planets near 28 degree Leo), this eclipse could really force you to shed a layer of yourself in order to start anew. This is a great time to re-evaluate what you truly want to shine for and what changes in passion are arising. A rhythm is getting disturbed that’s been pushing the dance of your life along for many years, and in this disturbance, something may get shaken out or you’ll get a pause to realize how to restart in a different direction with your life. This sounds dramatic, and it can be. BUT, so often people read their horoscopes, and with things like this, start waiting for some epic event to take place. Sometimes that does happen, but often it’s a subtle process. Anytime you start or end something, there’s an awkwardness and a learning curve to figure out. Reflect on if something like this is present in your life. This may be the thing that is newly unveiling in your life, and over the next two years, will build steam and be the thing that you look back on and realize in hindsight that it was an epic introduction for a reboot in your life. With Mars and Uranus involved in this eclipse, partnerships at home and abroad could be very helpful and electric. 

Virgo Season starts on the 22nd, and with it, a new focus on your 2nd house of self-worth and personal finances will start to surface. With Virgo flavoring how you handle this part of your chart, you likely need to feel of use and helpful. Not a bad thing but you also run the risk of offering your services without receiving a fair exchange in return. This can make your personal flow of value a bit of an elusive thing. Virgo has a very hard time receiving so take the rest of August to reflect on what your services and the nature of what you value, are worth to others and don’t be afraid to ask for that in exchange for your ability to refine, analyze, and give form to productivity and wellness. With Virgo’s ruler in retrograde for all of August’s Virgo days, it’s a great time to rethink how you find fair exchange in your life. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. In your 9th house, Uranus has been pushing you to see with dramatically new perspective in your life since 2011, perspective that’s been progressive and collaborative. Boundaries may have been pushed that have opened up new worlds to you through groups and friendships. Now, as Uranus turns retrograde in its last year in your 9th house, you will have until January 2nd to do some inner work and ask yourself if the perspectives that have shaken your world into progressive places are right for you—or how they can work better for you. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. This round of Mercury retrograde will fall in your 12th house of shadows. Things from your subconscious and dreams may crop up from past baggage but this will allow you to reprocess and possibly find greater healing from some issues that you’ve stuffed away. It’s not a good time to initiate or sign any major new objectives as subjectivity is prominent through mid-September. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Taskmaster Saturn has been retrograde in your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership since April, giving you a bit of time to reflect on your creative responsibilities and leadership roles. Now stationing direct, this time of reflection will help you better align with what you want around structuring and building greater focus and expertise in your expansive and culturally rich interests. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. This is your time of the year to revamp your looks, your beauty regimes, update your wardrobe and beauty products, and feel adored and lovely, overall. 

Virgo Illustration.png


Virgo || Virgo Rising

Solar Seasons

Heartfelt Inspiration, Mysticism, and Healing. Are you currently healing your inner child, your ability to feel joy, and moved to ecstasis by music and art? Leo Season lights up the last house in your chart. The 12th house holds the key to composing, compassion, and healing in our lives, and with Leo ruling court here, in your chart, you command and shine for your ability to bring meaning and art to the world. This is a hard house to pin down and even harder for you to see as it sits in your shadow, but with the sun shining on it, you get a glimpse at the core of your creative powers—and it’s awe inspiring. I want you to realize that others have a much better view and ability to see this part of you than you do. The 12th house is also where we stuff all of our baggage, hording addictive and self-sabotaging influences that we struggle to grasp or even see. Issues around your inner child (or childhood and children in general), issues around addiction to recreation or romance, and issues around sabotaging your ability to be a leader could all be coming up right now. The good news is we are jumping into eclipse season, a time of shedding things no longer suiting our ability to grow as humans. You may be recognizing a host of things in this area of your life that you’ve been holding onto for far too long and that need to be re-patterned and rethought. The lunar eclipse on the 7th will fall in the sign of Aquarius and your 6th house of wellness, process, and integrating all aspects of self to become a whole, functional person. This eclipse will bring a big step in reclaiming some emotional territory in your day-to-day processes. Things may need to be eliminated in order to rework this part of your life. With Aquarius here, you may like to have an erratic schedule, with intellectual think-tank types of duties, looking for unique solutions and projecting to find future trends. But, maybe your day-to-day has become too erratic and your health is suffering. Use this eclipse to change anything needed to reclaim your wholeness and wellness as a productive and useful human. On the 21st the Great American Solar Eclipse arrives. This is the one that will take us back to your 12th house that I fist talked about. Again, this eclipse may eliminate things from your life if they are no longer serving you. A new chapter is opening for you to write some first words. It can be an awkward and scary thing to jump into new cycles but your heart and its connection to art and the mystical realms is ready for bigger things. Visualization is big for 12th house improvement so picture or make a manifestation board to help you see what you want your star and leadership qualities to look like in the fields of art, spirit, and healing. With Uranus and Mars involved in this eclipse, some electric activity could take place around joint resources and your work or lifestyle. 

As we reach the 22nd, your personal season, Virgo Season, will take over as the sun glides into your sign. This year (a quick rewind to mid-month), your ruler, Mercury, will have stationed retrograde on August 12th, making the Virgo days in August ones that will be filled with lots of re’s – rethinking, revising, and reasserting. This is fitting coming off of eclipses when we’ll be faced with new starts. Even with this mode of internally navigating Virgo Season, reflecting on your processes, purpose, and wellness, you still have the ear of the cosmos with your 1st house lit up and warming your impulse and passions. It’s during these last days of August that you can get more clarity about where your passions lay for the coming year. Give yourself some good you time each morning and evening with meditation, jogging, or hiking to get in touch with new electric pulses trying to come to life. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. In your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and psychology, this retrograde period will have you revising, digging beneath the surface, and rethinking how you share with groups and how joining forces with others, financially, has or could create more power in your life. A lot of psychological clarity could arise around your agenda within groups and the power dynamics they create in your life. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. This common event always affects you as Mercury is your planetary ruler, but this time in your own sign, you are really under the sway of all things refining, revising, and rethinking, until mid-September. Take things slowly and read all fine print. You are being given a very unique look into the hidden elements of how you initiate in life. Your mysterious ability with the sixth sense, your spide-y sense, may feel more visible now but you need to slow down to really get a good look at this intriguing quality that you own. Forward progression is not favored so efforts to push your agenda forward may backfire or feel like walking through quicksand. Give into the cosmic tides and focus on reflection and introspection. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. In your 4th house of roots, safety, and home foundations, Saturn has been very tough on you over the past few years, pushing you to focus and become more responsible in how you nurture, nourish, and create security in your life. With Sagittarius ruling over how you do this, things expansive, foreign, and visionary lay at your roots – possibly stemming from ancestors who were visionary and great seekers or philosophers. In retrograde, you’ve had several months to reflect on this and see into the unseen of why your foundations have been greatly or poorly secured; how your nurturing style has given you solid structures or a lot of cracks to contend with; and how you’ve structured the grand views of your home and family life. As Saturn returns to direct, you’ll have the needed insight to start moving forward again with a more integrated understanding of how to accomplish and build what you want around your security in life. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. In your 12th house, you will find texture, value, and possibly financial paths in areas of art and mysticism. You know how to lead and attract in the cosmic field and you may find rewards around that at the end of August. 

Libra Illustration.png


Libra || Libra Rising

Solar Seasons

Warming of Friendships, Networks, and Future Dreams. As we step into the month of August, Leo Season is lording over us and for you, that means a warming of your 11th house of hopes, wishes, friendships, and co-creating. You are likely attracted to groups that are dramatic, creative, and fun-loving. Being in the spotlight with others, as a group, could be appealing. This isn’t any ordinary Leo Season as a series of eclipses is also lined up and ready to shake things up. The first of two will fall on Monday the 7th, a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius and your 5th house. The way you lead and enjoy the limelight is likely tied to progressive creativity and originality that is a bit rebellious or against the grain. You may shine for your out of the box and slightly aloof expression. With a lunar eclipse in this part of your chart, things a bit mysterious, feminine, or cyclical could be due for an update. Things no longer meant to be could fall out of your life, leaving room for you to engage in new creative pursuits or take the lead in updated ways. Moving on to the second eclipse on the 21st, The Great American Solar Eclipse, things back in your Leo ruled 11th house may come to an end as the moon blocks the sun in the afternoon skies. A new phase is starting in this part of your life but that usually means something may need to go. You could see some shifting in the groups you keep company with, old dreams for your future could change, collaborations or progressive works may need to end in order for new ones to open up to you. With Mars and Uranus involved with this eclipse, a partner could be involved in some out of the blue events that arise. 

Virgo Season whirls in with a bit of confusion on the 22nd as its planetary ruler, Mercury, will have turned retrograde on the 12th. This means some reanalyzing, re-envisioning, and resetting may need to take place as your 12th house of healing and shadows get a light shone on it. Trust you gut and your instincts for the last days of August as Virgo will help you to absorb and understand through symbolic moments and refining, how you need to regroup to create more inspiration and whole-ness in your life. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. Relationships have likely been erratic in your life since 2011 with the unexpected and possibly unique detours in progressive or out of the blue things. As Uranus nears the end of its tour in your 7th house, a retrograde is called on by the cosmos to reflect on these oddities and the pushing of a progressive agendas in your relational life. Take until January 2nd to rethink and reflect on why things are possibly aloof, unpredictable, or unique in your current relationships. As you do this, be open to sudden insights around why some of it is working for you and why some of it may be a touch irritating. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. As our messenger planet takes one of its several backwards tours of the year, you could face some delays and misanalysed issues in your 12th house of shadow. This is a time to reflect on your practically centered spiritual nature and to explore through introversion, what it is that brings you inspiration. If you try to move forward with new ideas in the artistic and mystical realms, you will be faced with strange obstacles so dive into reflection and explore your Virgoan ability to bring practicality and purpose into your inspired outlook. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Since April, our taskmaster planet has been a bit inward focused. For you, this could have resulted in some introspection around how you communicate and your ideas or community. With Sagittarius ruling the roost in your 3rd house, you likely think expansively and optimistically, but Saturn has been cracking the whip for you to become more responsible and structured in your communications and connections over the past couple of years. As he returns to direct motion at the end of the month, more understanding of his agenda will have sunk in and you may find yourself very focused and ready to give your all to his structuring and crystalizing capabilities in your ability to connect with opportunity and vision. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. In Leo, groups and friendships could feel very valuable and enjoyable to you. Indulge in collaborations and let your people know how much you love them. It’ll come back to you 100 fold in the last days of August. 

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Scorpio || Scorpio Rising


Solar Seasons

A Renewal of aspirations, focus, and foundation. Sunshine and summer are all around as we step into August and the throws of Leo Season. For you, this season and sign warm up your 10th house of aspirations, ambitions, and career. New stirrings and vitality may be arising as we move further into August around what you want to focus on and build toward in your life. With Leo ruling the 10th house of your chart, the highest point that’s most visible for others to see, you likely have dreams of creative or recreational glory and strive toward being in a leadership position. You have an ability to give structure to the creative and expressive parts of your life. This Leo Season is special though as we have a series of eclipses arriving in this season and month. 

Our first eclipse will arrive on the 7th in the sign of Aquarius. A lunar eclipse happens when the earth blocks the sun’s rays from illuminating the face of what should be a full moon, for many minutes. This blocking of light (vitality) from the full moon (intuition), disrupts a flow and cycle that we’ve had much inertia in. This momentary darkness allows the forces of nature to alter the patterns in our lives. Things that are no longer suiting your emotional framework will likely fall away, allowing new patterns to develop. This is happening in your 4th house of home, family, and roots and Aquarius is the sign of groups, friendship, and aloof observation. You may see very new and progressive channels opening to you in your home situation. One way of creating roots could be coming to a close as another channel opens up to you. Big, sudden changes could be in store in your home or family life. On a subtle level, it’s likely that this change could give you a bit more freedom, emotionally.

On the 21st, the second and bigger eclipse arrives as a total solar eclipse: The Great American Solar Eclipse. In Leo and your 10th house, a new pattern could emerge as old patterns fade around what you want to excel and become an expert in. A title showing you as a leader, literally being in the spotlight like an actor/tress, or creative achievements may newly hold your attention. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. This erratic and original planet could cause you to ask a lot of ‘what if’s’ around your work processes, your wellness routines, and how you organize your day. This planet has been pushing you to be more open-minded and progressive in these things since 2011, an now in its last year touring your 6th house, you have a chance to do some introspection until January 2nd, around how this has changed your lifestyle, for good or bad. 

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. The always pesky Mercury retrograde is up this month. In Virgo, this time your 11th house of groups and friendships is most affected by misinformation or miscommunications, leaving you feeling overly critical of people you surround yourself with. The best approach with this event is to slow down and do a bit of introspection around how you function in groups and how you help groups with your ability to analyze and refine. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Our taskmaster planet has been in retrograde mode since early April giving you several months to do some inner reflection around your ability to give structure to expansive things and philosophical musings that can enhance the nature of your self-worth and value systems. Now back to direct motion, you will have a deeper understanding of why and how you need to do this. Saturn leaves Sagittarius and your 2nd house in December so use the coming autumn months wisely in pushing and building through your senses and grounding in life.  

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. Much worth and beauty will arise during the last days of August in your career as you start to feel an extra dose of value, harmony, and adoration in your achievements and aspirations. 

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Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Shifting direction, perspective, and influence. August is our month of attraction as the royal sign of Leo rules the solar calendar. For you, this is a very comfortable time as this sign and season ignite your 9th house (the house naturally ruled by your sign). Sagittarius and the 9th house are very similar, both enjoying pushing our boundaries, seeking truths, wandering foreign places, and diving into philosophical musings. With Leo interjected here, filtering your 9th house, you likely enjoy fun and play in things philosophical and foreign, preferring to attract experiences that push your boundaries rather than working hard to push them on your own. On the other hand, you have more courage and capability than the other signs in leading the charge and being really creative about expanding your opportunities and taking on challenges that you know little about. The doors to new worlds that you hold the keys to could be filled with luxury, recreation, admiration, and leadership. Being in foreign lands and in the world of higher education could bring you more attention and respect than in your birth place. It’s also possible that you have children who are very philosophical in nature.

This Leo Season is no regular Leo Season as we are experiencing a series of eclipses this month that will push a reset button in your 3rd and 9th houses—the axis of learning. On Monday the 7th, a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius could disrupt a flow in how you connect with your local community, with how you communicate, and what intrigues your alignment needs and learning opportunities. With your 3rd house ruled by Aquarius, you have an aloof and highly genius style in all of the above but an update is needed. You could see subjective and mysterious qualities that have eluded you around how you connect with others or the way you relate to your community, suddenly fade as fresh insights start shining through. You may become more involved in groups and friendships in your community, possibly engaging in unique and progressive opportunities around where you live, especially with females or in more mysterious and nurturing connections. The 3rd house also rules transportation, so a new car or bike could be a possibility. At the end of Leo Season, on the 21st, a solar eclipse falls in its own limelight loving sign of Leo. In your 9th house, another flow is getting disrupted, this time on the more masculine and linear spectrum. You may see things fade in your life around foreign connections, higher education, visionary aims, or life philosophies. Males in connection to these things could also fade in focus. It’s time for an update and, at the same time, you could see new rhythms arising that stir up fresh joy and warmth in your greater life opportunities. Epic visions may lay abroad in business expansion, publishing, or higher education that put you in the limelight, bring greater love and attraction to your life, that are connected to recreation, or that are luxury oriented. Whatever it is, it’s time for you to pull out your polish and start shining for who you are becoming rather than who you were. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. In your 5th house, things romantic, recreational, around kids, or in your creative and leadership efforts have likely been erratic and progressive since 2011 with this rebellious planet having settled in. With less than a year left in its transit here, you are being given until the New Year to do some reflection around how Uranus has affected this creative part of your chart. New insights could arise in this time, helping you to understand how and why things have developed so uniquely in this area of your life, but also why that’s pushed your sense of originality and ability to creatively synthesize. In Aries, you’ve likely had a lot of need for initiating and assertion in collaborations or possibly in finding friendship with your kids through assertion and action.  

August 12th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo. This retrograde cycle will have you revising and reanalyzing your aspirational interest. You may uncover missed information that helps you to see how to be more effective and whole in your career ambitions through September 5th. Don’t initiate anything during this time around your career. Just soak in the reflective notes and wait until mid-September to push into anything new, career-wise. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been in retrograde since early April, having you reflecting on how hard you’ve worked to structure your agendas and assertions over the past couple of years. With this taskmaster planet having been in your sign since the end of 2014, it’s been cracking the whip and micromanaging every little thing you do to make sure you become a more responsible and authoritative human. It’s likely done a number on your sense of self-worth with this planet ruling your 2nd house of value. But, it is trying to help you to better your confidence through its tough lessons. Now that it turns back to direct, you will have a little less than 5 months to nail the lessons it’s been trying to teach you. If you work hard and stay really focused and dedicated to your expansive Sagittarian aims, the rewards will come in 2018 as solid structuring will solidify around your ability to garner respect for your assertions and actions. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. All things valuably expansive and pleasurably adventurous will find you as this planet of affection moves into your 9th house. You can find better harmony and balance in your attractive visionary aims in the last days of August. Love could blossom abroad or through a foreigner. You could see more value in your playful ways of expanding into life and pushing your boundaries.  

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Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Solar Seasons

Unearthing of psychological, intimate, and financial blocks. A deep month is in store for you this August with the Sun lighting up your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes during the current Leo solar season. With Leo ruling this part of your chart, the secrets and mysteries that you keep are likely glamourous, playful, or creative. Your style of shining is definitely more mysterious and secretive than most. You may hold a lot of courage and leadership ability in facing powerful others, intimacy issues, and issues around children. You could be good at attracting the resources of others just by emitting warmth and positivity around financial matters, as well as hold a lot of creativity in how to join resources with others. These are you Leo powers of presence. 

This Leo Season is different than most in that it’s also an eclipse season, bringing a lot of cosmic shake-up and change to our lives. The first eclipse is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius on Monday the 7th. This sign rules your 2nd house of value and self-worth. When the sun’s rays get blotted out but the earth during a full moon, a rhythm gets disturbed and something feminine, mysterious, or subjective can fade from our lives. Meanwhile, a new pattern has an opening to start. Aquarius is future-minded, scientific, and group oriented. Blend all of this together and is seems a cycle is ending and beginning in terms of how you possibly make money, feel about yourself, and find simple pleasure in life – all connected to a feeling of something progressive and original. Our second eclipse falls in the sign of Leo, this time a total solar eclipse on the 21st. The moon will block the sun, disturbing the flow in our life in a more masculine or linear/obvious way. In your 8th house, endings and beginnings are underway around how you lead and create in your shared resources, in your psychological digging, and in your intimate entanglements. Love and money could certainly be tied together in dramatic ways around this time that will call for definitive courses of action. Difficult issues with kids could also arise or power struggles in how you lead or create. If it’s no longer serving your growth, it will likely fade at this time. Regarding new cycles starting, ask yourself a few questions: How can I take the lead in financial deals? How can I be more creative with joint resources? Can I be more courageous about digging into my psychological blocks? Can I open my heart to be warmer in my intimate dealings?

As Virgo Season rolls in on the 22nd (through to the end of August), a bit of a slowdown is called for. A lot gets altered and pieces are still moving from the eclipses, and I actually think it’s a good thing that Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, will be in retrograde as we move into this last summer season. It’s a time of mental reflection, reanalyzing things, and rethinking our processes and purposes. In your 9th house, your life philosophies and aims for expansion into life could be under review. Your 10,000 ft view of life is very intricate, detailed and whole (or at least that’s what you strive for). You likely require a very systemic and detailed picture when it comes to belief systems before you’ll give them any clout as well as around anything that might grow your life – business expansions, foreign travel, higher education, publishing... Being thoughtful and helpful are ways you can expand into new territory and push your boundaries in life. You may be adventurous and a seeker when it comes to wellness and lifestyle. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. Currently touring your 4th house of home and family, things have likely been erratic and unpredictable in the growth of your roots and security since 2011. With less than a year left in this transit, you now have a nice long retrograde where you’ll get more space to reflect on the things that have made your security feel unpredictable. Reflection is a valuable process and you may come out of it at the New Year with a better understanding of why certain things have happened and possibly how they’ve made you more original in your ability to think outside of the box and get progressive with creating safety, nurturing, and security in your life. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. This is your ruler and it’s been retrograde since April, slowing down the forward movement of your life. Currently in your 12th house (for about 5 more months) you can finally come up for air and start making plans after some inward focus was needed. By mid-December, your life could be in for a dramatic shift as your ruler has been in your last house, your 12th shadow house for nearly three years. It’s been pushing you to decompress, find meaning, symbolism, and connect with the cosmic and the arts more. It’s also the house of institutions (prison, hospitals, government) so these may have been prevalent for some of you in the past few years. Complexity and tricky things can come up in the 12th so it’s likely been a very shadow rich time where it’s been hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. Once Saturn moves to your 1st house, you’ll be more comfortable and ready to start a big new chapter in your life. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. As the planet of value and beauty moves into your 8th house for the last days of August, love and money could mix for feelings of stronger self-worth and pleasure. 

Aquarius illustration.png


Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Revamping trust, relationships, and impulse. Many of you are in for a very interesting month with this Leo Season's eclipse season very directly affecting your sign. It always feels a bit freeing when I get to writing for your sign, knowing that I can let lose a bit more in my progressive ideas and musings to a crowd who’s open-minded and futuristic. Leo Season generates warmth and/or drama in your 7th house of partnerships, relationships, and open enemies. This sign is all about leadership and creativity and the counterbalance sign to your co-creative and group-centric spirit. 

On Monday the 7th, a lunar eclipse will fall in your sign, pushing the reset button in the emotional realm of how you assert and form agendas in your life. As the sun gets blocked by earth, our full moon has a few minutes when the sun’s rays will fail to illuminate its face. In this moment, the rule of three’s gets a bit of a disruption and in this pause in the rhythm that propels long term cycles forward in our lives, a rare thing is possible. In this disruption, a moment is all that is needed for our souls to recognize that there are things no longer serving who we are becoming. With the moon being the one darkened, things more emotional, feminine, and mysterious may fade out of your life around how you start things, how you view yourself, and how you find clarity. As this happens, a new rhythm ignites and new doors and paths will start to unfold over the next two years. A big shift sometimes isn’t realized until years down the road but you may look back at this time as one that catalyzed a new life direction. 

On the 21st, we have the total solar eclipse in Leo and your 7th house of partners, relationships, and all things “other” or polarized in your life. During a solar eclipse, we have a similar disruption to a rhythm in our life, but this time, the moon blocks out the sun’s bright and vital shine. Something more obvious, masculine, or linear could fade at this solar event. In your 7th house, somethings around a partner could shift dramatically, end, or take a major leap to evolve. With this house also ruling open enemies and advocates, a legal issue or long dispute may come to an end. Leo is all about love, expression, creative presence, standing in the spotlight, and generosity. Meditate on these words in relations to relationships and see if flashes of insights help push your understanding of this event in your life. A new tango is starting with the “other/s” in your life and you have a moment to have a conversation with the other dancer to get on the same page as a new chapter ignites. 

On the 22nd we move into a slower than usual Virgo Season. This is alright as we’re all going to be a bit dizzy from the changes evoked during the eclipses. With Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, having turned retrograde on the 12th, the last days of August will be purposed for reanalyzing and refining your intimate affairs, any psychological blocks, and how any current debt/wealth management is going. Don’t initiate new things from mid-August through to mid-September. Observe, respond, and reflect. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. With this being your ruling planet, you are being asked until the New Year to give yourself a little extra room. The cosmos typically creates the space you need to do some inner work when your ruler turns to reverse motion (not really – retrogrades only appear to be going in reverse from our perspective). In Aries and your 3rd house of communication, community, transportation, connection, and paradox, you may have a lot to reflect on in terms of how you assert your knowledge, how you actively push to learn, how you have freedom to be independent in your thinking, and how you function as an initiator in community connections. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. It’s been since April that our taskmaster planet has been in retrograde and in a reflective mode, working to make us more responsible in our subjective and emotional expansions and workings in understanding things foreign to us. In your 11th house, this has had a lot of sway in your group life and hopes for your future. Now in direct motion, you may notice a push forward in how you connect with groups and friends. Saturn has been working you hard, micromanaging your ability to generate expansion and push boundaries in the groups you involve yourself with. You have until mid-December to give structure and formation to the efforts you’ve been involved in around group life. Once Saturn leaves, you start seeing the rewards, but you have to put the work in first.

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. In your 7th house, the last days of August could have you better feeling your value and worth in the relational world. A sweetness and affection could be added into the new dance that’s arising from the Leo eclipse.

Pisces Illustration.png


Pisces || Pisces Rising

Pisces || Pisces Rising

Solar Seasons

New Paths to wellness, healing, and purpose. As we find ourselves in August, Leo Season is warming and pumping new blood into your 6th house of wellness, daily processes, and lifestyle. It’s the little things we do every day, our routines and rituals, that add up to create our overall wellness and this is what Leo Season is asking you to give your heart to right now. With Leo in your 6th house, you likely take a lot of pride in your wellness and know how to command and take charge in the work place. You may shine as an organizer, in systemizing, working with kids, or in the health or recreation fields of work. Your understanding of the heart is likely strong but you may have a practical approach to it, not liking to get caught up in the messy expression of warmth with other humans, preferring to direct your heart to your work and health. This is fine. We all have our own unique heart expressions but do make sure you find an outlet for it that allows it to show its warmth and joy. 

This Leo Season is very different than the norm. We have two eclipses lined up and ready to rock their wildcard ways as we jump (or sometimes get pushed) into a new spiral cycle of growth. Our first one comes on Monday the 7th as a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your 12 house of shadows and inspiration. As the earth blocks the sun from illuminating our full moon, a rhythm gets disturbed. We’ve been in one rhythm with the Leo/Aquarius axis of creation/co-creation since 2008 but a new tango is waiting for this pause and will step in to ignite a new song and dance. Your ability to compose and integrate chaos in groups is magic. At this eclipse, something feminine, mysterious, or emotional may fade in this illusionary part of your chart. Progressive or futuristic art, mystical communities, and bringing hope to the underprivileged may be things that come up and see reorientation in your life. 

On the 21st we have our Leo eclipse, this time a total solar eclipse. As the moon blocks the sun from shining down on us for a few minutes, a darkness surfaces to swallow up more masculine, obvious and linear things from our lives. A new cycle will ask us to step into who we are becoming rather than who we were. In your Leo ruled 6th house, a more mature you is taking shape and your heart is asking you to love and give more fiercely in order to make yourself a more whole and integrated person. Craftsmanship and designing your life could take on a greater joy or you could see some things crumble here as a new path may need new foundations to function differently. 

A shy Virgo Season comes in on the 22nd with its ruler, Mercury, in a retrograde cycle until September 5th (having shifted to retrograde on the 12th). I’m actually please by this event as after an eclipse season many of us are tired and confused by the many shifts that are taking place and trickling down within, on, and near us. This Virgo Season will ask us to find space to reanalyze and refine our processes. In your 7th house, partnerships and relationships could benefit from reflection. Don’t initiate new things here. Observing and responding are the best tools to carry with you during this phase. You likely attract others who are holistic, analytical, reserved, polite, humble, critical, and purposeful. It’s also worth reflecting on the fact that your relational style is this way which is why you attract this type to you. This is very hard to see, but a retrograde may help you to better do this as its function is to push us into some inner work. 

Planetary Transitions

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde. In Aries and your 2nd house, your self-worth and personal finances have possibly been erratic or tied to progressive things since 2011. We have less than a year left with Uranus in this part of our chart so a retrograde is a good thing. Some space is being created for you to process how this has affected you and to understand some of the more mysterious undertones to why there’s been erratic yet creative energy in this part of your life. By the New Year you’ll be ready to come out of this internal look at your values and finish out the Uranus tour for a few months with a more whole understanding of how to use Uranus’ genius ability for networking and collaboration. 

 August 25thSaturn direct in Sagittarius. Our taskmaster planet has been in retrograde since April and in your 10th house of career since the end of 2014. He’s been beating you up, on your back, and cracking the whip to make sure you are creating solid structures and sturdy steps in order to climb the ladders of success in your life. In Sagittarius, your aspirations are likely grand and visionary so some solid steps built will really help you. Sag can be a great compass, knowing how to take a pulse and chose the right direction but he’s not so good at navigation. Saturn will make the Sag part of our chart a bit more thorough and accountable to not only pointing to where we need to go but doing the work to get us there as well. With Saturn now out of retrograde, some inner reflection has done wonders in helping you to see how building authority can help your emotional solidity as well. You have until the end of December to finish out Saturn’s lessons in the career area of you chart.  Once he leaves in December, you will start to see the rewards of your hard work, but not before. Greater recognition of your authority and expertise await. 

August 26th: Venus enters Leo. In your 3rd house, the last days of August could be filled with communication that’s affectionate, makes you feel valued for your ideas, and could bring valuable connections to your doorstep. 

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