Cosmic Messages : March, the month of Renewal.

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of March By CosmoMuse


March’s Solar Seasons

As we enter this lively month of March, we view the sun through our earth’s end of winter tilt, which, in astrology, we call Pisces Season. From our perspective, the sun is living in the last sign of the zodiac; a place where we find closure, retreat, and a connection to things more spiritual and ethereal in nature. Turning inward to decompress from the past 11-month tour around the zodiac (and solar seasons) will help us find symbolic meaning as we compose works of art or connect with emotions that give us insight into the larger meanings in our lives. This is a place that melts boundaries, allowing us to give to those in need with compassion and forgive those we’ve long held dis-ease with, bringing great healing and inspiration. Glamour fills the air as we live in the season of the dual fishes, bridging the cosmic with the real world, while pre-spring stirrings have us anticipating warmer days. On March 20th, we finally find relief as we move into equal day and equal night with the Spring Equinox (or Aries Season), initiating a new turn around the sun. This is a time that will bring more clarity and simplicity to our agenda and desires. Assertive and fire-y energy swell in conjunction with the earth, and bold new beginnings enter our lives. It’s possible that tempers may rise in order to repel others form us as we need some lone wolf time to get to the seeds of clarity we crave. Physical exertion and clearing the old to make room for the new will help in this effort.  

March’s Lunar Cycles

March brings us a full moon in Virgo on the 12th (our Native American Magpie Moon of planting seeds), as well as a new moon in Aries on the 27th.

Virgo Full Moon – This lunar event will bring fullness and a sense of actualizing something into life around how we purify and refine our lives, feel productive and useful, and handle our daily processes. If you can remember back to early September, and what was going on for you at that time, you may see that seeds planted at that time are starting to blossom as our Pisces sun brings the watery depth and meaning that was needed to give life to these initiations. There’s now a six-month road ahead to nurture, prune, and refine what is blossoming, but celebration or an honoring is called for to acknowledge what is coming to a place of fullness. Pluto reaches out from fellow earth sign, Capricorn, enhancing structure and power to these new realizations. Mercury brings perspective from the opposite sign of Pisces, and Saturn will challenge you to make sure you are being realistic and properly planning for the adventures that lie in wait. 

Aries New Moon – This is the ultimate new moon of new starts as it falls nearest our Spring Equinox as well as falls in the sign of initiations. Our drives to act and assert our agendas will add to the growing heat of Spring. This is a time to initiate things that are very personal in nature. What do you most desire? What is it that you are most passionate about? Take note and take action. Venus connects to this new moon, adding a dose of softness and pleasure to these new seeds in your life. 


March Astrological Ritual

In March’s astrological seasons of releasing and restarting, as we move from Pisces into Aries, light your inner flame in the morning with a heated workout to ignite your wants and desires. As you prepare for sleep, write out some things that you need to release from your day and life, on a little notecard, and burn it to clear room in your mind, allowing space for your dreams and subconscious to connect to new openings and new paths. Once you’ve burned what you’d like to release, plant the ashes in the earth’s soil so they can be repurposed and reorganized for new and evolved life.  

Aries || Aries Rising

Aries Symbol.png

Releasing & Restarting. As we start out the month, a very glamorous couple of days may have you feeling extremely dreamy and inspired as the sun in your 12th house of Pisces meets up with its seasonal ruler, ethereal Neptune. Great healing is possible on this day as compassionate vibes become ever available to you—if you chose to tap in. Psychic flashes are possible with this strong collective energy pulsing through your life. 

Meanwhile, your ruler, Mars, is happily at home in your own sign, giving you a dose of initiative and fire during this dreamy Pisces solar phase. You also have Venus, planet of pleasure and beauty, touring your sign, making it a great time to spruce up your personal style. Try to pack this into the first few days of the month as this planet of value turns retrograde on the 4th, which will direct her energy to your internal sphere for the rest of the month. After the 4th, take time each day to dig into the mysteries and depths, deep inside of you, helping reveal what it is that you can do for yourself to feel valued and beautiful. 

On March 9th, as your ruler, Mars, steps into earthy and stubborn Taurus, you may feel an urge to slow down and find more pleasure, ease, and financial value in your life. This is a great time to think about ways to boost your personal income. Getting in touch with your senses will help you recognize what it is you truly value, which then attracts these values back to you. With this thrifty and practical sign ruling the value area of your chart, try creating more flow here by cultivating a giving nature around the resources that you are abundant in, generating a better flow of value in your life. 

This month’s Virgo full moon on the 12th could see you realizing work projects that you’ve been hoping would take shape, or connecting into wellness practices that make you feel healthier. Things may feel very productive in your life in the days surrounding this lunar high-tide, flooding you with feelings of purpose and usefulness. Higher aspirations may also affect what comes up at this full moon with Pluto linking to it from your career sector. An empowering authority may become a great ally in connection to the work that you are doing. Mercury in Pisces opposes this Virgo moon, bringing perspective that can help you see universal meaning and healing in the developments taking place. 

As Mercury enters your sign on the next day, the 13th, you will see a swift pickup in movement, intellectual passion, and an ability to see with more clarity, into the things that you personally need and want to take initiative on. It’s a great time to purify your mind through intense exercise. Your words and thoughts may come off as selfish, as you feel the need to fly solo. Extra alone time may be needed in order to find the clarity of mind that you crave. 

Closing the month, on the 20th, we come to a coveted marker in the year: Spring Equinox, or in astrological speak, Aries Season. This, your birthday season, marks the date of the astrological new year as spring signifies new growth and the birth of new life, just as Aries signifies initiation and clarity of agenda. Shortly after the equinox, your personal new moon of the year arrives on the 27th, in your sign of Aries. New beginnings and new doors will start to open up to you in this last week of March. Fresh spring vibes follow our Spring Equinox, bringing you in touch with your personal agenda for the year—your burning passions and desires. It’s your turn to get a meeting with the cosmos to put your agenda forward and get all sorts of greenlights. With Venus in retrograde, tagging along for this ride, a deep inner sense of value may have you wishing for more comfort and pleasure in your life. 

Best Date: March 27th, I love this new moon day for you. Not only do you get your personal restart for the year with honed clarity and passion, but your ruler gets a golden beam from Neptune, bringing you all sorts of artistically inspired energy and healing compassionate vibes as you start out of the gate in astrological new year. 

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Taurus Symbol.png

New Dreams. As we close out the astrological year in the first part of March, a couple of very special days, kick things off. On the 1st and 2nd, our vital sun has his ‘once a year’ meetup with Neptune in our ending solar sign of Pisces, bringing focus to groups, friends, and events that give you hope for your future. As you connect with like-minded communities and networks who see the future in inspired, artistic, and compassionate ways, more doors open for you to act as an alchemist and dreamer in group movements. Pisces’ end of winter vibe brings a sense of renewal before we actually get fresh starts at spring equinox. Extra sleep and activities such as card reading, art, music, and poetry, can help you see the symbolic meaning in things, bringing you understanding around why you fit into and attract the groups and friendships that you do. 

As our solar season of Pisces brings flashes of insight around collective healing, your ruler, Venus, in Aries, will have you simultaneously needing to retreat from the world to decompress and find overall meaning and inspiration in your life. Take the initiative to get plenty of sleep and allow meditation, music, and film to flood you with inspiration. Releasing old baggage will help you find clarity so generating heat in the body through exercise or creating visualizations can help you in this release process. On the 4th, your ruler will reverse into retrograde for the rest of the month, turning part of your focus inward. This month will bring you time to sense many internal aspects at play in your hidden and mystically channeled wants and needs. Signing up for a meditation class could be a useful aid in this as you connect to your essential breath and find centering in your inner workings. As Mars moves into your sign on the 9th, a subtle kick of energy could have you finding strong clarity of action and desire. Again, releasing anything outdated from your life is a great practice for you this month as is some good alone time to process much of the internal work at play. 

On the 12th, we have our yearly Virgo full moon, which will fall in your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership style. You may find yourself in the spotlight for your ability to organize, purify, and be productive in your creative processes. Something is becoming actualized in your life around this event that will allow you to feel a sense of pride and respect, giving you a potential ego boost. You may also see something enter a cycle of closure in your life. If this is the case, the ending will bring new energy and purposeful openings in your life at the Virgo new moon, in six months. With a bold link from Pluto in your 9th house, seeking different perspectives could bring empowered focus and dedication to whatever arises at this time. 

As we move on to the 13th, Mercury will shift into the initiator sign of Aries, signifying a time for you to place even more focus on your connection to the collective and finding meaningful inspiration in your life. Anything you can do to clear your headspace will help you tap into higher cosmic powers, uniting your mind and ideas with much healing energy. 

As spring arrives on March 20th at the equinox, she ushers you into Aries Season with a sense of new beginnings, arriving in the form of new dreams and inspiration. You have the potential to gain much clarity in this last third of March around what it is you are meant to compose and bring inspiration and compassion to in your life. The heat of the sun in this area of your chart can have you feeling vital about asserting your cosmic insights. As our Aries new moon arrives on the 27th, new doors may open to you, allowing you to access bold actions and initiative in your spiritual pursuits. 

Best Day: March 25th, Your ruler, Venus, and the vitally warm sun link up in Aries in your 12th house of dreams, art, and inspiration. Creating and composing on this day could feed your soul to the brim with life affirming meaning, cosmic inspiration and active healing. 

Gemini || Gemini Rising

Gemini symbol.png

Inspired Progress. March has you jetting along with new doors opening, left and right, while you build toward more authority in your inspired and cosmic aspirations. As the sun tours its final solar stop in Pisces Season, this end of winter cycle is your time to build toward and climb for great heights. The 1st and 2nd could bring glamorous and magical days in this regard as the sun meets up with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune. This provides an atmosphere of warming seas, which gives you a rising boost as fortunate events land on your shores. Neptune can also be full of illusions so do be sure to tackle the appropriate due diligence of new opportunities. Nobody likes to look back and see that they were being deceived or mislead. You are likely in demand so the cards are in your hand to renegotiate anything coming your, assuring you are safe from deceit down the road. With your ruler, Mercury, also in this 10th house, Pisces ruled area of your chart, your agenda and desires clearly align with the growth that is happening in your career and achievements. 

Venus, planet of value and pleasure, turns retrograde on the 4th, adding a hint of introspection to the month. In Aries and your 11th house, this inward focus will help you dig around in your hidden desires to figure out what it is you can do, or initiate, to feel a sense of self-appreciation and value in group dynamics. As we move on to the 9th, Mars moves into the sign of Taurus, in your 12th house, blurring your drive and assertive qualities. A bit more sleep than normal and actively pursuing artistic activities will bring some restoration to your energy. 

With our Virgo full moon falling on the 12th, your home and family roots may come to life with a realized hope. You likely enjoy a healthy, organized, and productive energy on the home front, and this high tide event could help you connect into this in a more powerful way. Nurturing and blossoming are enhanced through purifying your wants and needs around security and comfort. A simple spring cleaning of your home may create the environment needed for things to blossom, in the way that you’ve wanted them to, over the past six months. 

On the 13th, your ruler, Mercury, will change signs into Aries. With this shift, a portion of your focus will hone in on the groups, networks, and friendships that you are plugged into. Aries gives you a streak of independence when it comes to group life, but you can be a great initiator of events and movements, and this may give you a fun outlet in the second half of March. You may also find yourself caught up in thoughts about your future hopes, dreams and the progress of humanity. You are a strong and assertive activist and your initiative is very valuable to help spark new causes to life in our world, although you may taper off once a spark has been ignited. 

Our astrological new year falls at the spring equinox as the solar season of Aries arrives. The new beginnings that come up at this time will be deeply personal and channel your most assertive and passionate self. With this season ruling over your 11th house of groups, more vitality will arrive to compliment your ruler, already in this part of your chart. Growth, warmth, and passions come alive, heling you generate movement and action that feed your friendships and the groups or networks that you are a part of. As the new moon of this season arrive in Aries on the 27th, you will be greeted with fresh opportunities to strengthen your position in all of the above. 

Best Day: March 6th, Your ruler, Mercury, and the vital sun, meet up in the sign of Pisces. This day will align your souls purpose regarding aspirations with the sun’s warmth and vitality, making you a star for the things you have achieved, or are working on achieving. 

Cancer || Cancer Rising

Cancer Symbol.png

Visions & Independence. March starts off with a gorgeous union between the sun and Neptune, the ruler of our current solar season of Pisces. With this glamorous event on the 1st and 2nd, your 9th house of seeking and broadening horizons gets lit up with a soft, glowing winter light. As you pursue life changing openings that may have arisen in the last days of February, your questioning spirit taps into something truly inspiring in these opening days of the month. Whatever is being pursued now could end up having very expansive and visionary influences in your life over the next year. While you are busy jumping into these potentially big life experiences, Venus decides to turn her gaze inward, starting on the 4th. With this retrograde shift, our planet of value, pleasure, and beauty will ask you to move a portion of your focus inward for the rest of the month. As you get more cozy and intimate with this inner gaze, in your 10th house of career, listen to the things your deep inner self brings up. Aries is the filter in this part of your life and your deep inner values may be calling out to tell you that you need your independence when it comes to your career and aspirations, or that you need to initiate something that stirs your hidden feminine side or that brings more worth and ease into your life. 

Our warrior planet, Mars, will move from his own sign of Aries on the 9th into our sign of form and financial value, Taurus. Until the 9th you’ll have a lot of drive and assertive energy in your aspirations or you may be using that energy to find more clarity and passion in your career. After the 9th, this self-serving planet will give you a boost of initiative to connect with groups and friends. By being assertive and taking initiative, you may meet or generate interest from groups that are well-off or that seem to value themselves and the simple pleasures of life. You, as well, may find more self-worth and value by being connected to groups and networks.  

A lovely full moon in Virgo arrives on the 12th in your 3rd house of communication, ideas, and connections. Somethings that you’ve been wanting to have blossom in your life, in relation to your community, a class, or a platform to share your ideas, may become realized, catching the needed break to gain traction. Your mind is very analytical, and you might be given the opportunity now to show just how refined and sophisticated your thoughts are. 

Following the full moon, Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Aries. As this happens, career becomes a further focus and new ideas and connections may start to bubble up, helping you generate movement for the remainder of March. 

A big moment swings in on the 20th as we start to notice new growth. The season of planting seeds arrives with the spring equinox, marking the return of equal day and equal night. With this event, the solar season of Aries Season takes the reigns, giving birth to a new astrological year. This season asks us to tune into our personal passions and wants. Its self-serving quality assure that we start the year off with our deepest passions in the driver’s seat. With this fire-y season, your 10th house of career warms up and most of your focus is aimed at working hard to climb large mountains to your highest aspirations. This area of your life gets a boost of fresh energy with the new moon in Aries on the 27th. Entrepreneurial ventures and working solo may be something that speaks to you, and if so, look for your openings—or create your own. By clearing old baggage and getting really clear about what you want, new seeds can be planted that will sprout giant bean stocks; a ladder to your aspired heights, come October. 

Best Day: March 17th, With your ruler, the moon, in your 5th house of creative-expression and fun, linking to the sun in your 9th house of adventure, a very fun loving and/or romantic day could unfold. 

Leo || Leo Rising

Leo Symbol.png

Transformation & New Horizons. As we jump into the electric stirrings of March, the solar season of Pisces has your 8th and most private house lit up. With the sun (your ruler) shedding light on your hidden depths, psychological baggage accumulated from your past may arise. Things that come out of your mouth, and emotions that surface, may surprise you. This process is helping you unearth lots of issues around boundaries and symbolic or spiritual meaning, which once unearthed, can bring great transformation. As we start the month, the 1st and 2nd hold a heavily inspired day as Neptune, our seasonal ruler, meets up with the sun, your ruler. You may get cosmic insight today around how you want to compose your boundaries and entanglements with others, healing many issue around power and control in your life. 

On the 4th, our planet of love and beauty turns her pleasure oriented glow inward as she stations retrograde. In the sign of Aries and your 9th house of adventure and expansive seeking, this internal reflection has you sensing, in mysterious and feminine ways, what it is that will bring more value and pleasure to your expansive longings. Are the things that you are reaching for and seeking, feeding your values? This may get reorganized over the month of March to better match some inner worth needs. A few days later, warrior planet, Mars, stomps into the sign of Taurus, and your 10th house of career and aspirations. You may place a bit of focus at this time into planting new seeds and clearing new paths for career desires. Once the sun catches up at the end of next month, these seeds sprout with life. For now, all things value and pleasure oriented will bring passion and assertive energy to your surface. 

As we reach mid-month, a lovely full moon in Virgo arrives on the 12th. This will have you feeling full of self-worth and personal value. Your analytical connection to the material realm and simple pleasures brings realized dreams around this date. Your senses may feel alive and be feeding you with refined feelings around how to creating more income, bringing a high-tide of emotions. With Pluto sending support from your 6th house, empowerment and control from your daily processes, wellness efforts, and possibly a work project, could bring extra backing. 

Our planet of communication, Mercury, moves into Aries on the 13th, and with it, your mind and ideas center on new horizons and a seeking spirit that wants to understand ideas foreign to you. You may start to think about higher education, travel abroad, or just pick up a book that pushes your beliefs and life philosophies.

Spring equinox breezes in on the 20th, and with it a new start to the astrological year. This time of fresh beginnings and new growth generates much action and clarity of agenda when it comes to your visionary qualities. As the new moon of this sign and season arrives on the 27th, new doors may open for you that push your boundaries and ask you to assert yourself into unfamiliar environments that opens you up to new ways of experiencing life. Feelings of excitement and adventure flood your vital energies, all the while nerves of the unknown also keep you on your toes. With Venus engaged with this new moon, your inner values will have you seeking the mysteries of the unknown. 

Best Day: March 27th, The new moon day is a lovely one for you with the moon and Venus cozied in with your ruler, the sun, in friendly-to-you, Aries. This give you a feeling of exciting growing adventures and opportunity coming your way. 

Virgo || Virgo Rising

Virgo Symbol.png

Harmonious Empowerment. March starts us out in the solar season of Pisces, your opposing sign and season, bringing your 7th house into focus. Partnerships, relationships, open enemies, and the underdog hold your focus as we enter the month. This engages you in a dance to find balance and elegance in your life. As you really connect with others, you more clearly understand your style of relating—which is mysteriously composed, like a work of art. Although many may not understand your relational style, you tend to attract the artists and spirituals of the world into your more intimate life, as these are the ones who will understand your ability to weave magic into your style of give and take. Because of your ability to deeply feel compassion as well as sacrifice for your partners, you do run the risk of attracting addicts, or those willing to prey on your healer complex. The 1st and 2nd of the month holds an especially ethereal configuration in the cosmos with the sun and our seasonal ruler, Neptune, teaming up. These two meet once a year, and with this taking place in Pisces, there is so much magic in the air as harmonizing with others creates new notes of beautiful complexity harmonizing in your life. Design projects or arts and healing work with others is primed for beautiful outcomes.  

There’s another layer of complexity in your relationships this month as Venus, the planetary ruler of relating, will turn inward on the 4th as she stations retrograde until mid-April. This will have you turning a portion of your partnering gaze to your mysterious inner depths as you navigate this integrally complex area of your life. This shift actually takes place in your 8th house of intimacy and will allow you some time to understand what makes you feel valued and loved in your more entangled area of sharing with others.  Meanwhile, Mars, the planet of personal desire, starts the month off in your 8th house of psychology and entanglement with others, having already brought energy and assertion to your hidden depths. Actions may surface from unseen places, giving you insights around power and control issues in your life.  As Mars moves into Taurus on the 9th, you feel compelled to move your action orientation toward broadening your horizons or pioneering into foreign territory. These clear initiatives will plant little seeds for new growth and expansive reach, come the end of April. 

Your big day of the month (and one of your biggest of the year) will arrive on the 12th with the Virgo full moon. This moon will bring something to fruition that you set intentions around, early in September. You are a purist and a sophisticate, so likely what comes up will bring greater refinement and wellbeing into your life. There is still much to tend to until your next birthday season with the thing or things that start to blossom or take seed now, but your hearts desires could be feeling realized in amazing ways. It’s also possible that something is starting to cycle out of your life, and if this is the case, its purpose is to clear room for new energy to enter your life and most personal passions, next September. 

The next day, on the 13th, your ruler, Mercury, moves into the sign of Aries and your 8th house of psychological insight. As your mental focus reorients from your relationships, a part of you leans into the intensity of sharing your life and resources with others. It’s these entanglements that bring power and control issues to the surface, and your mind is well aligned now to analyze and transform buried baggage so you can attract empowerment into your life. 

Spring equinox arrives on the 20th, beckoning a new astrological year in conjunction with the new growth that this season generates. Aries Season always starts at this seasonal marker, and new energy is powerfully felt as we get in touch with our most personal passions and desires. This new astrological year starts you out in your 8th house as the sun joins Mercury, your personal ruler, and Venus, in this very private area of your chart. You are very independent when it comes to sharing your resources or body with others. You may rush head first into initiating things here, but you also feel a strong need to maintain your autonomy when it comes to entanglements. Use this time to dive into your hidden depths and unearth past baggage that will help you transform some of your barriers so you can attract the outside help you need with finances or growing your wealth in exponential ways. Your assertive powers will support you in finding the openings, especially as our Aries new moon glides in on the 27th, you just need to allow yourself to receive help here. Empowerment is the reward for doing this tough psychological work.

Best Day: March 5th, Your ruler, Mercury, teams up with the sun as well as has nearby support from the seasonal ruler, Neptune. All of this in the sign of Pisces brings vital and magical experiences to your relationships and sense of design and balance. It’s a beautiful day to initiate design or artistic projects. 

Libra || Libra Rising

Libra Symbol.png

Composed Days & Internal Balance. Pisces Season is in the air as we start the month and this is giving you creative vitality to better weave meaning and magic into your daily life. A daily meditation or other spiritual practice could really help you hone in and find the centering and symbolism you need in your processes and routines. You are capable of inspired work right now and feel very UP about the projects you are involved in, especially as the month starts with the sun and our seasonal ruler, Neptune, conjunct in this part of your chart. Moving on to the 4th, a big event has you channeling your energy inward as your ruler, Venus, stations retrograde until mid-April. As this happens, let your hidden and mystical urges feed insight into what makes you feel loved and valued in your relationships, as well as give you better insight into the balance of give and take that you need in your life.

Mars starts the month out in his home sign of Aries, giving you assertive energy to take the initiative and generate freshness in your relationships. As the 9th rolls around, this warrior planet swiftly trudges into the sign of Taurus, and your 8th house, bringing new seeds of clarity around the value you desire in your intimate affairs. With this energy, identify the baggage you need to burn out of your life in regards to shared resources, and issues around wealth, debt, or intimacy so you can more clearly see how Taurus influences your need to feel valued in these powerful places of sharing. 

Our monthly full moon arrives on the 12th in the analytical sign of Virgo and your 12th house of healing, cosmic connection, and symbolic meaning. You may see an enhanced ability to feel compassion for the collective or in areas of your life where you have wanted to melt icy feelings with others. Giving and sacrificing open up this blossoming area and flood you with artistic and spiritual inspiration. With Pluto sending empowering notes your way, your structured foundations and home or family will be of great support to you, while Mercury opposes and give some great balancing perspective around issues of poetic practicality in cosmic and healing seas that you find yourself navigating. 

The very next day, on the 13th, Mercury, ruler of communication, will jet into the sign of Aries. This brings a barrage of ideas and communication into your relationships and the balancing act that the give and take of partnering requires. With Aries filtering this area of your chart, your ideas and knowledge can help create swift action and connection with important others in your life. 

Spring equinox arrives on the 20th, and with it the solar season of Aries comes into play, representing the new start of the astrological year. With Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, it matches perfectly with the themes that spring represents: new growth and a time of seeding. Personal passions and desires become more clear in this season, and the spring cleaning bug may hit as any baggage you can get rid of, will help you make room for new energy and purified intentions. The new moon of this season arrives on the 27th and with Aries ruling your 7th house of relationships, all of this clearing and new seeding will get the fresh openings that this sign loves. Partnerships, and relationships will feel revitalized and primed for a new cycle of growth. You may also decide it’s time to throw the towel in with some balancing act in your life.  

Best Day: March 25th, As the sun sheds its warming rays on your ruler, Venus, the mystical inner work you are doing to understand your balance needs, is given more light and vitality, generating growth for the love you emit in your relational style.  

Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Symbol.png

Cosmic Leadership. The first two thirds of March place you in the spotlight as the solar season of Pisces rules your creative expression and how you shine as a leader. Pisces isn’t a sign that I’d single out as a leader as its energy is a bit covert, but it’s a genius sign in its ability to create magic. Your understanding of the complexity of composition makes you an inspired creative and leader. Especially on the 1st and 2nd of the month, as the sun and Pisces ruler, Neptune, snuggle up, vitality is given to this fluid area of your chart and you generate a glamorous glow, making it hard to shift the limelight away from you. 

Over in your 6th house of wellness and daily processes, or work projects, Venus, planetary ruler of love and value, will station retrograde in independent Aries. As this happens, Venus turns her gaze inward, connecting you with an internal look at what might make you feel more valued and at ease in your lifestyle and work environment. Do your daily duties feed your need for independence and generating fresh opportunity? If not, what can you do to better attract the things that bring you pleasure in your day-to-day dealings?

On the 9th, one of your two rulers, Mars, will shift into a new sign. As he charges into the stubborn sign of Taurus, you find a portion of your focus fixed on the partnerships and harmonious commitments in your life. This is an area where you want to feel strong commitment as well as pleasure, ease, and value. Mars loves to spring clean, so after the 9th, you may find yourself wanting to purge baggage in your relationships so that new energy can enter that’s more sensual and earthy. 

At mid-month, the 12th brings our monthly full moon in the productive sign of Virgo. With this falling in your 11th house of groups, networks and hopes for the future, actualizations may arise, showing just how integral you are to the groups and industries you find yourself in. You may feel an urge to celebrate what’s coming into fullness now, or there may something that is closing out of your life, which will create new energy at the Virgo new moon, in September. With your co-ruler, Pluto, sending support to this lunar event, structured and authoritative communications or connections may bring empowering help to things taking form at this time. 

Immediately following the full moon, our planet of communication will buzz into a new sign and area of your chart. On the 13th, Mercury transitions over to Aries, adding busy schedules and lots of communication in your daily processes. You may find that burning outmoded ideas and information out of your mind will bring mental clarity to how and who you want to connect with for your wellness and work duties. Weight lifting or sprints may help your body generate the heat needed to clear any cobwebs from your mind. 

Spring equinox on the 20th ushers in the solar season of Aries, and the exciting start to our new astrological year. This sign brings with it a clear directive of what our deepest passions and desires are. With this sign and season falling in your work and health sector, this is where you have the easiest time initiating things in your life. A burning passion to feel useful and helpful may ring true to you. As the new moon of this sign boldly steps in, new doors are opening to you around work projects and duties, as well as wellness initiatives in your life. 

Best Day: March 8thth, On this day, your co-ruler, Pluto, and the sun, form a lovely link in the heavens bringing you communications and connections that help your inspiriting star powers. 

Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Sagittariius Symbol.png

Nourishing Independence. Pisces Season is sweetly humming as we enter the month of March. Its poetic and spiritual energies have infiltrated your 4th house of home, roots, and nurturing by now. A fluidity is needed in your sacredly private home in order for you to retreat and meditate your heart out. This is what fills you with inspiration and compassion for yourself and the collective. Be sure you snuggle in and slowly rise in the mornings as the sun swims through the enchanted seas of Pisces. As we greet the month, the 1st and 2nd hold some magical moments as the sun and Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, warmly support each other, channeling magical insight into your roots and heritage. Your lineage may be filled with healers and sorcerers and a look back into your family’s history on these days could uncover mystical things, deeply ingrained in your DNA. 

As we glide into the 4th of the month, Venus, our planetary goddess of love and beauty, will channel her powers inward. This gives you a deep look into the hidden mysteries of your soul around how to find self-worth and pleasure in the way you create, command and lead. Are you assertive enough about initiating creative activities in your life? Do you have enough independence in your approach to leading? Moving on to the 9th, Mars, our warrior planet, will find form and new sparks of value in your life as he scooches into Taurus. This planet needs to purge and fly solo in order to gain clarity around your desires and the things that you need to breathe life into. As he finds himself in your work and wellness sector, you may suddenly feel the urge to clear the clutter in your daily processes. What’s slowing you down from being healthy, efficient and productive? A little effort here will give you sparks of intent and clarity around arranging your day to connect to your senses, a slow pace, and feeling like the things you produce have value and form. 

As the 12th works its way into our lives, a lovely full moon in the sign of Virgo floods you with aspirations that seem to becoming a realization. Metaphorically, it’s as if you’ve been training really hard to climb a grand mountain and you have now arrived at basecamp with a green light to move forward. This metaphor is in relation to your career and achievements. You could find the means to lead you toward more acclaim and authority in your life. It’s also possible that some aspirations that you’ve been holding near, no longer serve your evolution and will start to cycle out of your life. 

On the 13th, Mercury will join Venus in the star powered area of your chart, where you’ll find ripe conditions to think and communicate with presence and command. Creative fires will fill your brain as you release old ideas and understandings about style, making room for new information to arise and spark bold and creative learning opportunities. 

Spring equinox on the 20th is an exciting moment in the month. The fresh energy and new growth that time of equal day and equal night brings, reflects exactly what the solar season of Aries signifies—and is always the day that the sun moves into this first zodiac sign. Our astrological year starts fresh on this date, and with it, a clearing of the old to make room for new passions and clearly identified desires stirs in our vital energies. For your, this sign and season rule your 5th house of creative expression and leadership, so the sun joins up with Mercury and Venus, expanding more energy and focus to your ability to shine. As this house gets warmed up with the sun’s rays, your bold initiative, when it comes to starting creative projects and generating fresh style, finds the spotlight and you find that others are paying attention to your every move. As the new moon of this sign arrives on the 27th, new doors will fly open, giving you opportunity to burn with as much passion as you wish in your creative initiatives. 

Best Day: March 28th, With the moon in opposition to your ruler, Jupiter, as well as in loose connection to Mercury and Uranus, lots of back and forth between groups, networks, and friends, could see you leading an important charge, in a big way. 

Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

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Cosmic Privacy. The solar season of Pisces is ruling the cosmos as we enter March. This gives warmth and vitality to your communications and curiosity to learn and gather inspiring information. Your mind is quite fluid with Pisces ruling the helm of your thought processes so artistically composed language may feel natural to you, although you may confuse others with your tendencies to communicate through more visual or psychic means that surpass words. It’s certainly a time to make sure that others are understanding you if you need them to have clear information. The 1st and 2nd may fill you with very artistic and spiritual ideas as the sun meets up with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces—a triple whammy of inspiration.  

On the 4th, Venus, our lovely goddess of beauty and pleasure will turn retrograde in the sign of Aries until mid-April. This will fall in your 4th house of family and home, giving you much of the month to do some inner work around what makes you feel valued and loved in your nurturing needs. With Aries ruling this area of your chart, it’s likely that you will uncover deep stirrings around a need for independence and generating fresh initiatives in your nurturing style. 

A Virgo full moon glides into our lives on the 12th and this one will bring fullness to opportunities around expansion and pushing your boundaries to experience new ways of living. You are very analytical in the way you approach your seeking and questing spirit, so be sure to get all the facts and figures you need, but allow yourself see the refinement and usefulness in the new adventures that might be arriving with the expansive opportunities opening up to you right now. With Pluto in nice angle to this lunar event, in your own sign, there could be some major empowerment and extra doses of self-control that come from things being realized right now. 

The day after our full moon, on the 13th, our planet of communication will change signs as he scurries into Aries. Here you may find your mind ready and eager to dust off some cobwebs when it comes to its understanding of family and nurturing. Out with old idea and information so you can generate new learning and communication that brings fresh insight to your private life. 

The 20th is ablaze with fresh energy as spring equinox lands on our doorsteps, and with it, Aries Season takes the reigns as the sun beams brightly in this fire-y sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so in essence, this marks the start of a new astrological year. Ruling your home sector, the sun joins Mercury and Venus, already busy at work here, adding major does of vitality and will power to literally spring clean your home, making way for fresh and clear space to be bold and active in the privacy that your abode offers. You generate lots of new initiative at home and it a place that really connects you to your assertive self. This may become more apparent on the 27th as the Aries new moon arrives, ushering in newly opened doors and opportunities to initiate activity in this private area of your life. 

Best Day: March 5th, Your ruler, Saturn, and assertive Mars, form a golden link that inspires you to find compassion, healing, and vison around home and family matters. 

Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

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Value in Bold Ideas. As we enter the exciting month of March, we find ourselves navigating Pisces Season, our last solar stop on our tour around the zodiac. Being the final sign, this is a season that has us feeling more spiritual, artistic, and compassionate. This sign gives an ethereal filter over your second house of personal resources, financial value, and self-worth. To break this down, this is a time when great inspiration and an ability to give form to artistic composition or spiritual matter can bring you a greater sense of value and pleasure. In turn this often attracts more income or worth into your life. On the 1st and 2nd, the sun will meet up with Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, enhancing the fluidity and vitality that is coursing through this part of your chart. Indulging in life’s simple pleasures is a great way to tap into the symphonic collision that this union creates. 

On the 4th, our goddess of love and beauty, Venus, will channel her energy to your inner life. As she does this, you are afforded the rest of March to do some internal sensing around how your ideas and the local communities that you connect with might be able to make you feel more valued and loved. Do you have a platform to give your thoughts the initiations they crave? Do you have enough alone time to clear your head so you can hone in on the clarity of thought that you so love? These simple questions are a great start to connecting to this inner work being required of you. Moving on to the 9th, Mars, our warrior planet, will move into the sign of Taurus. This planet loves to clear away the old in order to find your clear and true passions. In Taurus, your home and family sectors are under the gun. He may push you to do some literal spring cleaning so that fresh energy and material or tactile initiatives can find traction in your abode, creating more comfort in your private life. 

As we arrive at the 12th, our monthly full moon arrives, this time in the sign of Virgo. This will fall in your 8th house of shared resources, psychological insight, and empowerment. Back in September, you may have planted some seeds and been motivated to generate new energy and work in this part of your chart. With Virgo’s thorough and analytical ways, you’ve likely been refining and purifying the purpose and usefulness of any initiations from that time. At this full moon, things may start to become actualized and deep esoteric work will take hold, helping you see into your darkest corners, unearthing issues around sharing, power, and control. This unearthing can and will bring gorgeous transformations in your life, allowing you to find tangible purpose and empowerment in your refining abilities.  

On to the 13th, our planet of communication moves into the sign of Aries, joining Venus. With this move, your mind will want to clear out some cobwebs in order to generate new and bold ideas. You will feel a need to take the initiative in gathering new information and learning new things so that you can find your true mental passions and clearly communicate about them. 

Spring equinox arrives on the 20th, and in astrology, this marks a very exciting day: the start of the astrological new year, or the solar season of Aries. With spring’s fresh growth, Aries reflects this in its need to initiate things and create the sparks or seeds of clear passions and intentions. In your 3rd house, the sun in this sign will join a host of others, adding vitality and growth opportunities around connecting and communicating in your community to help move your passionate ideas forward with heat and excitement. You are a bold and independent thinker and your ideas often carry the spark of new life with them. On the 27th, as our Aries new moon arrives, fresh opportunity may present itself to learn and connect with others who know how to move your ideas with assertive power. 

Best Day: March 2nd, Your ruler, Uranus, and the expansive planet of Jupiter form an exact opposition while Mars lies very near to you. This brings an opportunity to find great balance and fullness in the knowledge, context, wisdom you hold. 

Pisces || Pisces Rising

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Assertive Pleasure. We’re in the thick of your season Pisces, with your birthday return in play. This is your time of year to get your agenda heard and applauded, dear Pisces. You are a sacrificing sign so be sure that at least a little bit of your agenda has you asking for more self-compassion and love. The things you feel passionate about are probably immaterial, such as composition and healing. On the 1st and 2nd of this month, the sun in your sign meets up with your ruler, Neptune. This has you swimming so very comfortably in the cosmic seas of inspiration, art, healing, and compassion that you love. Name your heart’s desires on this day and watch what magic happens. You hold, deep inside of you, the ability to conjure and manifest with otherworldly assistance. 

As we arrive to March 4th, Venus, planetary goddess of love and beauty will station retrograde until mid-April, in your second house of value and pleasure. This internal switch will have you looking into your hidden depths to understand what truly makes you feel valued and loved. Share the insights that arise so you can generate a harmonious flow of material comfort and pleasure in your life. Next up, warrior planet, Mars, moves into the sign of Taurus on the 9th. This planet makes it his business to clear out the old to make room for new and clear passions. In your 3rd house, Mars will push you to release out of date ideas and understandings around value and material pleasures. As old thoughts are cleared, Mars will push you to find new information about your senses and how they inform your mind. 

Our monthly full moon arrives on the 12th in your opposite sign of Virgo. With this bringing fullness to things involving your relationships and partnerships, big realizations could have you and a spouse (or business partner) moving forward with commitments and plans made together. With Virgo ruling your relational style, be sure to engage and harmonize with others out of your thoughtfulness rather than an overly nitpicky tendency. Full moons can also bring things to a close if they are no longer suitable for your path. If this is the case, the things you are letting go of are creating space for new doors and new energy to arise in at the Virgo new moon in September. Pay respect to the purity and refinement that anything leaving provided to your life. 

On the 13th, Mercury, our planet of communication, moves into Aries, joining Venus. With this motor planet propelling into your 2nd house of value and income, new ideas are forming around what you care for and what communications could enhance the pleasure and worth your feel when being assertive and bold. 

Spring equinox arrives on the 20th, and with this new growth season, our astrological year begins anew as Aries Season coincides with this date. As the sun moves into this initiator sign, joining several other planets already at work here, vitality and warmth greet your second house. You may eagerly find ways to burn away anything that no longer engages your senses in a valuable way, making room for new passion and fresh seeds of intent to grow in the way you give form and value to your life. The new moon in this area of your chart, on the 27th, will be a great date when you are able to knock down door that will lead you to more income and pleasure. Your initiative is attractive and others will know you are worth your asking price due to your bold sense of worth. 

Best Day: March 1st, As the sun and your ruler cozy up to each other in your own sign, this is a star date for you in the whole year. The sun provides warmth and vitality to your deepest soul stirrings. 


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