Cosmic Messages : July, Life is Nurturing and Warm

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of July By CosmoMuse

The Solar Seasons of July

Cancer Season: We start July off in the nurturing solar season of Cancer. With this representing the sun at its highest and warmest position, we can feel a bit vulnerable. This is where Cancer’s archetype ‘The Crab’ comes in. Seeking refuge from the heat and the sun’s powerful spotlight, many of us will look for safety and security in our homes, hiding out from the sweltering afternoons. As we do this, a focus gets placed on how safe and secure we really are in our lives. Do we have the support and root systems to truly provide safety for ourselves and our loved ones? Depending on priorities and level of personal security, some of us may have the soulfulness and well-nourished roots to think about this for others that just can’t and need a leg up. The moon rules this season and wants us to tap into her cooling and soothing ways, nurturing ourselves so that we can be that way toward others with our tanks filled and cared for. 

Leo Season: On the 23rd, we’ll move into mid-summer and the astrological season of Leo. With temperatures having plateaued and days getting slightly shorter, feelings of wanting to take advantage of the summer come on strong. With the sun ruling this season, youthful vitality, recreation, summer love, leisure time, and standing up to the big sunny spotlight have us feeling full of life, courage, and warmth. Be the star of your own life by being present and heartfelt. Show the world your personal style as you grab a bit of the limelight going around, for yourself.

*Side Note: With Mars, our warrior planet, one step ahead of the sun nearly all month, we may have a heightened need to be assertive and charge into new things. This can bring out a testier side in all of us, especially in the feeling and moody season of Cancer. Plan more alone time than usual to get Mars’ ‘Me First’ mentality in check and tended to. Exercise, clean, meditate, and scream into pillows to help this fire-y planet along. Mars wants to clear out anything in his way as he strives for new starts, new discoveries, first place, and simplistic clarity. This is great for really seeing with bright eyes this month, but this planet will fire at anyone and anything in his path. If you are feeling extra touchy or testy before any social engagements, you may want to think about barricading yourself in, instead. Try to avoid picking fights that you’ll later regret.

July Astrological Ritual

During July try to do something nurturing for yourself, every day: Take an afternoon cat nap, get a facial, a mani-pedi, take a long walk, treat yourself to a special restaurant. Try to notice after this daily act, how it’s made you feel and if you experience more security and foundation to do something bolder and more courageous than usual: Say no to something draining your energy, tell a fun story with more presence than you normally would, dare to love with more abandon, open your heart to being more generous. This ritual mirrors the progressive rite of passage as we step from the season of Cancer to the season of Leo. 

Aries Illustration.png

Aries || Aries Rising

Solar Seasons

Growing Stable Roots for the Spotlight. The first few weeks of July will feed you with home baked cookies, allow you to root in at home, and really feel a growing sense of stability and soulful caring for your family life. Ask yourself what it is that truly makes you feel cared for and supported in life? The nuances of this are different for all Aries, depending largely on where the moon (Cancer’s ruler) falls in your particular chart. Often our mothers or a dominant nurturing figure in our childhood, shaped how we feel we need to find this in our lives. In general, a safe place to rest our heads, food for the coming days, comfortable digs, and some sort of support system that we can count on are what give us a foundation to even start growing roots and stability in life. Really think on these basic things as we jump into the month and pay attention to any triggers that make you feel insecure. With the sun feeding vital energy to this area of your chart, much light and growth can be found around these issues. 

A new solar season unfolds on the 23rd with Leo lighting up your 5th house of creativity, style, presence, leadership, and romance. You likely adore the spotlight with Leo residing in your 5th house and hold the attention of others with ease. Find the courage during this season to really show who you are, flaws and all. Own it, flaunt it, and attract all the love you want into your life at this time. Out of any other time of year, this is when you can really develop and hone your ego, for good or bad. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: Our monthly full moon will oppose the sun during Cancer Season from the opposite sign of Capricorn. Full moons bring double meanings: Some things may be coming to fruition around your career and aspirations while other hopes may need to be released. Authority, achievements, and worldly position have energy being reflected onto them right now, trying to move these things into an actualized place in your life.  Now more than ever, you will come to some realizations around how feeling safe, stable, and nurtured at home can help you stand with strength and authority in your public life.  

July 23rd: We get two Leo new moons this Leo Season. The first one will pump new energy into an ending phase of a creative endeavor that’s been playing out in your life for the past nine or so years. New moons open new doors but we often build on the fresh energy of new moons from year to year, until our next solar eclipse of that sign. With the second Leo new moon (next month) being a Leo solar eclipse, these two Leo moons will require a lot of us. The first one will have us finishing out a creative cycle over the course of the next year and the second one will have us starting a brand new cycle of creativity over the next year. There could be a lot to juggle that’s born out of this Leo Season. Every time the moon passes through Leo or a planet pings the degree of either new moon, until next Leo Season, you will be faced with the task if pushing quite a few things forward in your life. This is exciting but also a lot to handle. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. Beauty and ease find their way into your words and your ability to connect to the communities that you admire. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. Your mind will ramp up with creative flair and fun ideas that will put your words and movements in the spotlight. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. With Mars being your planetary ruler, his move to your 5th house will have you assertively and passionately pursuing creative projects that allow your style to shine. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. This bustling planet in Virgo catapults your mind into production mode. You will become more interested and curious about matters of efficiency, work, and wellness. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. Home, family, and nurturing will become more graceful and pleasant as the planet of harmony swoops in to make you feel more value and love where your roots are.

Best Date: July 26th, the sun will be on the tail of your ruler, Mars, for a good chunk of July, making you feel special and warm, but this will be the day that they finally lock into the same step. In Leo and your 5th house, you are primed for the spotlight. 

Taurus illustration.png

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing words lead to warmth in your home. Community and finding a sense of belonging could be on your mind as we move into July. With Cancer Season in play, your 3rd house of communication is in activated. Until the 23rd, much growth and fresh life is possible for connecting with others and letting them know what you are up to. Females, cycles, nurturing, family, and roots (homes, land, ancestry), especially, may hold a lot of mental interest and curiosity for you. Your communicative style is likely protective of your privacy, revealing only what’s on a need to know basis, but also very imaginative. Exploring your brain must be like walking inside a book such as Alice in Wonderland—wonderfully soulful and a bit mad. Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon so your ability to make connections and communicate with just about anyone comes from the moon’s understanding of people. She’s a fast moving cosmic body who cycles through each zodiac sign, every month. Ruling your 3rd house, she gives you a heightened intuition around understanding the public and people of all signs. Your ability to understand things through an intuitive place can bring illumination to many. This is your time of the year to really dive in a grow your community and connections. Look to women and family to be especially nurturing in this.  

The 23rd brings our first full day of Leo Season, placing a light on your 4th house of home and family. Nurturing and feeling safe and secure in life will become an important focus with the sun in this position. Leo, ruling your roots and foundations, will have you wanting to take the lead in family and home related things. Your home is something that may bring you star status and you are likely very warm and generous with (and in) your home. It’s likely that your genes weigh heavily through relatives and ancestors that were leaders or stars in their own right. This is your time to grow roots in your life that bring you stability in shining, recreating, and loving life. Living in a sunny spot, near recreational areas, or in homes fit for royalty will make your Leo 4th house very happy. Play and leisure in the last days of July will inspire fresh security in your life. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: A Capricorn full moon early in July will bring illumination to your 9th house, allowing you to find expansion in achievements and build greater authority in your life beliefs. You will see with more clarity that by nurturing connections in your local environment, these can serve as stability and foundations for you to reach outside of your comfort zone and find enhanced perspective. It’s time to manifest things that will broaden your authority in life, or to let go of them. With Mars conjunct the sun and Pluto conjunct the moon, a lot will be revealed around what’s preventing you from seeing things clearly and what’s blocking you psychologically. This may allow you to dig out crumbling parts of your mental foundations and prune away things blocking your philosophical aspirations. By doing this, you can rebuild with greater strength. A square to all of this from Jupiter will place some stress on you from your work and health and an emphasis will have you seeing that what’s beautiful and what’s fair are often at odds. Neptune will send some soft and compassionate vibes through friends to help soothe some of the realizations arising. 

July 23rd: The first of two Leo new moons will arrive on the 23rd, barely into the Leo time of year. Fresh stirrings and intentions will start to bubble up around this date involving home and family. Creative projects, entertainment, and playfulness in your home will shine and feel revived. With Mars nestled right next to this lunar event, much clarity could arise and possibly a strong urge to spring (or summer) clean your home in order for it to be your ideal abode. The second Leo new moon will be an eclipse (next month) and will ignite a new 9-year cycle of home and family initiatives, into your life. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. Beauty and pleasure will grace your sense of belonging and curiosity around the world of the senses, finances, and possessions. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. Your mentality will start to find brightness and fun through the security of your home and family. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. Time to clean house and pay attention to what’s in your way of finding new passion and potential around the security you feel in your life. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. Your mind will lighten up in Virgo, finding creativity and excitement in a busy schedule and organizing your life. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. Ease and grace will be found in the communities that you circulate and you may meet a valuable connection in early August. 

Best Date: July 18th, A lovely link from Jupiter to your ruler, Venus, will have you feeling very valued in the workplace (or around wellness issues) for your ideas and diplomacy. 

Gemini Illustration.png


Gemini || Gemini Rising

Solar Seasons

Growing financial independence brings freedom to love. July finds us snuggled into the cozy sign of Cancer, a time when we seek more protection and nurturing in our lives. For you, Gemini, this season lights up your 2nd house of personal value and pleasure. With Cancer here, women, family, and your mother (or a nurturing figure) play an important role in how you develop self-esteem. You are likely very conscious of saving and creating a financial safety net—although, finances may have a mystical quality of ebbing & flowing in your life. This is an area that you feel a lot of vulnerability, especially when the sun is brightly shining on this area of your life. On the other hand, if you can embrace a spotlight on your financial foundations, you can see with great clarity and vitality how to pump this area of your life full with new energy and intention. 

The 23rd moves us into Leo Season and likely one of your favorite times of year. Leo lights up our lives with playfulness, courage, and creativity. We get more dramatic and accepting of the limelight during this season. For you, this lights up your natural 3rd house of expressiveness, communication, community, and connecting. You likely have a very warm and exciting way of connecting with others and generating curiosity in your life. Leo in the 3rd feels like a contagious concoction and makes you the consummate social butterfly, capturing all in your path with your oratory ways. You shine for the words and ideas that you generate. Use these last days of July to spread your joy, find new life in your dramatic flair for language, and meet new connections that can help you move your ideas forward (or teach you things that you’ve been curious about). 

Lunar Events

July 8th: Our yearly Capricorn full moon arrives during Cancer Season and will inform us about the structure and authority we hold in our lives. For you, this lights up your 8th house of intimacy, empowerment, shared resources (financial and otherwise), and psychology. As the sun’s light bounces off of the moon, we gain a beautiful ability to see a clearer path toward integrating polarities in our lives. For you, this will help you see how more consideration of nurturing and support in your personal values and finances can provide the foundation for successful intimacy and investing. Mars will be conjunct the sun, and Pluto conjunct the moon, adding a strong ability to see where you need to clear and refresh your foundations for more passionate nurturing and where you need bring blockages into the light in order to transform your psyche for more authority. Jupiter is squaring off to all of these cosmic bodies, pushing a need to be more fair and balanced in your financial life. Jupiter wants to expand anything and everything so issues surfacing at this full moon could get blown out of proportion. Neptune will send a bit of softness to this complex lunar event. Something around your career or an authority figure could have you back. 

July 23rd: The first of two Leo new moons falls at the end of July. Around this date, pay attention to new creative passions stirring, as well as to new connections with leaders or creatives who can help you advance your ideas and interests. Community and expression are ready for a refresh. With Mars connected to this new moon, a lot of initiative and strengthened passion could see you with an ‘out with the old’ mentality and ‘in with the new’ in attitude. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. With Venus entering your sign and 1st house, you’ll feel a lot of love, pleasure, and beauty surround you until the 31st. This would be a great month to update you look, beauty habits, and attitudes. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. This is your planetary ruler so will be felt strongly. Until the 25th, a lot of curiosity will arise in the creative realm. Inform yourself, gather information, and express your ideas with flair. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. With initiator Mars in your 3rd house, you will feel a stronger assertive drive to learn, communicate, and move your interests forward. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. As your ruler moves into Virgo, your mind and willpower move toward wanting more safety and security in your life. Wellness, good routines, and work that makes you feel of use are areas that will help you feel security in your life. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. Ease and pleasure arise in your financial world. See if you can boost your income in August. 

Best Date: July 15th, The moon and Venus (in your own sign) will both support your planetary ruler, Mercury, in creative and star powered Leo. Friends, groups, and your personal agenda will blend together to make you a stand out in the crowd. People will hang on your every word. 

cancer illustration.png


Cancer || Cancer Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing new passions ignites courageous self-worth. It’s your yearly solar return time, Cancer. With the sun blazing through your sign and 1st house, your agenda is primed for green lights. Sometimes we need to do a bit of clutter clearing after a full turn around the sun. By doing this you’ll gain a better idea of what it is you want in your life over the next year. So, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ is a mantra you should adopt until the 22nd. Schedule plenty of you time in the coming weeks for meditation and physical exertion to really get in touch with yourself. We can actually be a bit irritable with a spotlight in this part of our chart and that’s because we are getting fed clues about what needs to go in order to start down fresh paths for our next solar year. As you identify new passions arising and new opportunities opening up to you, use your nurturing ways to start growing roots for these fresh stirrings. Take time to self-care and feel safe before trying to take care of everyone else in your vicinity. 

On the 23rd, the sun will move into Leo and a very playful, creative time of year. This season marks the middle section of summer when we want to take advantage of all things that bring out our youthful and attractive selves. For you, this lights up your 2nd house of self-worth, personal finances, and giving form to and owning the life you create. Being in the spotlight and doing playful, creative things are where you need to feel appreciated. You may like to shine for your ability to support yourself and make money as well as for knowing how to enjoy and be creative with the senses. Good food and drink likely inspire you to be warm and enjoyable to be around. This is your time of year (until the 23rd of August) to refresh this part of your life and reintroduce yourself to the material side of life. Your self-esteem is likely courageously healthy—possibly even a bit diva-ish. With the second house also ruling our possessions, what possessions do you care most about and how can you cultivate more possessions that are truly essential or that make you happy? With the sun ruling this part of your chart, you may need to watch your spending habits and eagerness to own all things luxury.

Lunar Events

July 8th: This month’s Capricorn full moon will bring illumination to your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. Balance, harmony, fairness, and justice are due to blossom or fall away from your life. The light that the Cancer sun is shining here will show you what’s ready to thrive and what’s not meant to be. In relationships, you are likely attracted to those who are either older than yourself or else those who are filled with authority, responsibility, and respect. Watch these things around the 8th for manifestations. You will see more clearly now, that by nurturing and caring for your personal needs and desires, this will actually give you the security and strength to handle responsibility and dedication in your relationships. Pluto and Mars heavily entangled in this lunar event will show you where you’ve been clouded in your assertions and where there have been unhealthy blockages in our relational world. Some clearing away of clutter and die-off may be needed but you will be able to rebuild with better updates. 

July 23rd: This year we have two Leo new moons. It’s worth noting that the second one, in August, will be an eclipse, ushering in a major new 9-year cycle into your life. For now, we’ll focus on July’s Leo new moon. This will bring new energy into your life around creativity and leadership. Watch for new intentions and passions forming around making more money or giving form and sensual pleasure to your life through your creative efforts. Taking the lead in a project that could be personally lucrative is another possibility. New moons help us initiate things but it’s good to remember that imitations can be clumsy and awkward. Much work has to be done throughout the year to help any seeds you plant, thrive. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. In your 12th house of retreat and shadow, Venus will make nice, helping you connect to an artistic and loving mentality. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. With Mercury in Leo, you will become increasingly interested in and curious about matters of creativity and finance. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. With initiator Mars in your Leo ruled 2nd house, you’ll have the assertive power to clean house with things no longer making you feel esteemed and of value while identifying new ways of boosting your ability to earn and shine. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. All things mental, communication, learning, sharing, and connecting will start to bustle once Mercury moves to your 3rd house and the sign of Virgo. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. On the last day of the month, beautiful Venus will move into your personal home making August a lovely time to refresh your appearance and beauty routines. 

Best Date: July 19th, July and your personal season of Cancer are a bit tough this year with Mars and the sun teamed up in your sign. Some may enjoy this pairing, but I imagine for your it may feel like a drill sergeant is on your back, pushing all of your feelings into the light in order to eradicate you of pent-up emotions. Some relief comes on the 19th as your ruler, the moon, will meet up with sweet Venus in your 12th house of recuperation. Jupiter will also send some loving vibes your way through a partner or harmony in your home. 

Leo illustration.png


Leo || Leo Rising

Solar Seasons

The meaning of cycles & soulfulness inspires great new passions. It’s the height of summer in July, but for you, much of this season will require healing and compassion. Cancer Season will light up your 12th house of shadow and retreat until the 22nd. In this time, the cosmos will conspire to allow you more down time to sleep, dream, and decompress from a full year tour around the sun. We all amass plenty of baggage in this processes and the 12th house in activation means it’s time to sort through all of that baggage and compose some symbolic meaning to what your past year has been about. With Cancer ruling this part of your chart, getting in tune with cycles, feminine mystique, and self/family protection are what will help you to interpret this mystical time of inspiration and art. Music, museums, and movies are great aids in helping you to think in a more symbolic way. You are likely very protective and private about any mystical and artistic experiences that arise in your life, feeling that they are a vulnerable area to expose. Your artistic style may be highly feminine and conjure an illuminated vibe. 

As we reach the 23rd, your personal season kicks in with your solar return and possible birthday time of year (depending on if you are reading for your sun or rising sign). You are in the spotlight, just what you adore, and the cosmos are listening in full to your agenda and passions. Just a quick word of caution. I know you are a sign who loves to be admired against the backdrop of a crowd, but with the sun in your 1st house, you really need to schedule some alone time. This is your time of the year to get really clear about what you want for you and what your passions in life should be over the next year. This is hard to do if you are always surrounded by others, having to be a presence of glamour and courage. This year starts your eclipse season for the next two years so it’s doubly important that you make plenty of you time in the next four-weeks. Clear away old debris and make room for epic new growth in your life. This new phase you are starting can be awkward and eclipses will push you into a new 9-year phase of life. Any starts always come with learning curves and the next two years will be exciting and frustrating in this way. You are the most warm-hearted and generous sign in our galaxy with the sun as your personal ruler. Channel that vital quality that you hold at your core and know that a bigger life is waiting for you. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: A full moon in Capricorn this month will bring illumination and manifesting power to your 6th house of work and wellness habits. Capricorn is all about creating structure and authority in our lives, and for you, this comes the form of well-oiled, productive, and healthy daily habits. Your processes in work and life are likely very structured and on-task with no fluff allowed. Any workplace would benefit from your ability to give structure and expertise to its operations. Around this full moon, you will get some special help from the sun in Cancer, pushing you to realize that you are able to do this best if you’ve first paid attention to self-care, compassionately mothering the collective, and nurturing your mystical and artistic side—even if that’s in private. Healing your connection to and understanding of the feminine feeds your ability to be an authority and respected for your on-point practical life. With Pluto and Mars deeply involved in this polarity, some clearing of debris and blockages will be felt. Allow decay both in your roots and in your more public and tangible life to be pruned and dug out. The safety and infrastructure in your life purpose and use is ready for fresh rebuilding. 

July 23rd: This will be your first of two new moons in your personal season. Because the next one (end of August) will start your eclipse phase, this new moon is likely building on creative and bold personal goals that have been in play for the past 9 or so years, since our last Leo solar eclipse. The trick this year is, because you have a new moon that’s building on the last of a nine-year cycle, as well as a new moon that will be about a new cycle, you will be juggling a lot in the next year around your personal desires: Ending one phase of life while giving intent and passion to a whole new phase shining on your life. With Mars sitting right next to this first new moon, strong initiative and clarity can be found. You may know very well what needs to be done for the intentions you make at this lunar phase to come to fruition. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. With Venus in your 11th house of friendships and groups until the 31st, you will find much ease, beauty, and pleasure through connecting and communicating with all sorts of networks. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. With Mercury in your sign, you will get a boost in your mentality. Curiosity will arise and push you to learn and share around themes of fun, passion, and creative pursuits. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. As Mars enters your sign, you will feel a strong urge to purge anything from your life that’s in the way of you feeling alive and assertive. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. As our mercurial planet moves into your 2nd house and the sign of Virgo, you will start to think more about your value, your possessions, and how your ability to sort and analyze can help you better understand your worth. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. On the last day of July, as Venus moves into your 12th house of cosmic connection, you may find much pleasure, ease, and beauty through the arts, women, and your family. You should have the means you desire, in the coming weeks, to feel safe in the nebulous world of inspiration. Music may especially feel harmonic in your life during August and inspire much beauty from you. 

Best Date: July 27th, Your ruler, the sun, in your own sign, has just recently caught up with warrior Mars. This ignites much passion and assertive courage in your life, especially after a recent new moon. You also have the moon on this day sending support through community partners, partners who feel like friends, and other harmonizing connections. A bold world may feel like it’s opening up to you on, and around, this day. 

Virgo Illustration.png


Virgo || Virgo Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing hope and collaboration with females leads to shining in the arts. As we enter the month of June, your 11th house of friendships and groups is lit up with the sun in Cancer. You may find a strong sense of the progressive and synergy with females, as well as within your family and home. Having events in your home may be something you enjoy and you could feel very protective of and nurturing toward your friends. Friends as family may be something you feel strongly in your life. There’s a lot of vulnerability in your life around the groups and collaborations that you plug into but you bring much depth, soul, and illumination to the dynamic. Collaborations benefit from your ability to care, grow, and nurture them. It’s not obvious to some as what you do isn’t as seen as what others may do, but you are the root system that keeps thing feed and stabilized for the rest of the group. You work in mysterious ways, and likely in private ways through groups. Until the 22nd, this is your time to identify and generate new growth and opportunity in networks and friendships. Again, pay special attention to females and family connection in this regard. Much hope for our future arises in our 11th house as collaborations push us to think outside of the box and for the collective good. 

On the 23rd, as the sun moves into Leo Season, your 12th house of retreat and shadow gets a spotlight placed upon it, giving you a glimpse into your shadow dealings that are very hard for you to normally see. This is where we sweep away all of the debris in our life and form addictive or tricky behaviors. Being the last house, it’s also the area in our chart where we decompress and find new inspiration for the coming year (at our birthday season). Because of this it also informs us of our artistic style, our mystical ways, and how we connect with the cosmic or spiritual realms. With Leo ruling here, you may have a hard time seeing your ego and creative ability, but, make no mistake, they are alive and healthy—others can see these sitting right behind and often next to you. You may even unknowingly be a leader in uncharted territories or in the arts. Your artistic and mystical style shines brightly and you have a uniquely exciting and glamourous energy in all things otherworldly, able to bring different realms into the light for others in a bold and exciting way. For your Virgo breed, addictions may form around risk-taking, recreation, a life of luxury, or an ego that you are unaware of (but that’s dancing around you). Use the sun on this area of you chart to better see and get a grip on any of these untamed areas that pop out at you. Feed and allow your mystical and spiritual side to shine brightly during Leo Season. Really engage in the arts and alchemy and see how you hold command in these things. Your connection to the otherworldly is attractive, colorful, and bold. This is a time give a refresh and new growth to the creative composition of your life. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: A Capricorn full moon at the front end of July glides in with intensity. Full moons shed soft illumination on our lives around how to better integrate opposing forces. This shows us how one side is nothing without the other, and really, how they can feed each other. With this full moon, your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership comes into fullness with the sun’s reflective light on the moon. Capricorn demands, in the way a personal trainer does, that you be diligent and utterly focused on becoming an expert and authority. With this sign ruling your 5th house, you take responsibility in your life in the way you use creativity and in the way you lead, likely being a very demanding leader. You want the troops in order and functioning with impressive structure and success. At this full moon, you will get a glimpse into how an opposing force needs to be considered in order to be more successful and respected as a creative and leader. Our Cancer sun across the cosmos, in your opposing 11th house of groups and collaborations, is helping you to see that by growing roots through and nurturing groups, friendships, and humanity, your ability to authoritatively lead and show your personal structured creativity, is more successful and stable. With Pluto and Mars conjunct the moon and sun, these two powerful planets will add a layer of complexity. You will be able to see where clouding has affected passion in your group life and where blockages in your creative and leadership efforts need to be pruned and rooted out. New power and rebuilding is possible in these areas of your life but not without some difficult decisions.  

July 23rd: We get a rare two-fold new moon this Leo Season—one of the two being an eclipse. This first one will happen right as we enter the Leo time of year and will be the last in a 9-year series since our last Leo eclipse season in 2008. New energy around creative and/or leadership projects will arise but in the form of an ending cycle. Over the next year, you’ll be wrapping up some creative pursuit around the arts or mystical realms while the new moon eclipse at the end of August will bring in a whole new cycle to initiate. The next year will be a bit chaotic each time the Leo moon pops up as we multitask endings and beginnings. With Mars sitting right on this first Leo new moon, a lot of initiative and drive will be felt around intentions formed close to this date. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. As Venus enters you 10th house of career and aspirations early in July, you’ll find a bit more ease and grace through your own authority and from authorities in your life. You may be able to find value and a financial boost for achievements that you have your eyes set upon. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. As your personal ruler enters Leo, your mind will find great curiosity, interest, and connections around artistic style and spiritual leadership. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. This warrior planet will add a boost of initiative and clarity to a very chaotic and cosmic area of you chart. Use his ability to clear clutter to see with greater brightness, where your artistic and courageous passions lay. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. As your ruler enters your own sign, you will begin to feel a new mentality enter the picture. One that will have you more eager and interested in your personal aims and deep rooted passions. You may be very self-interested at this time.

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. On this last day of the month Venus’ move to Cancer will bring much beauty, pleasure, and value to your friendships and networks in the month of August. Financial means may be found through collaborations, groups of women, or family projects. 

Best Date: July 30th, A serious power day conspires for females and you get the biggest slice of this energy as many goddess asteroids team up for some magic. Your ruler, Mercury, nestles up to Vesta, in your own sign. Home and hearth could feel epically in synch for you, giving you energy to focus and give undivided attention to yourself. I always like to have a moon connection on these ‘Best Dates’ as the moon is what moves things along, eliciting response and reaction. On this date, the moon will send loving support from Scorpio through community empowerment or a powerful connection/communication. This is another female assigned cosmic body so amps up the powerful feminine mystique from the powerful female sign of Scorpio. Pallas from Taurus, and Juno from Capricorn will help to create an earth trine with your ruler, adding holistic, strategic wisdom and an understanding of how you want to be significant to another. Another lovely link to Ceres brings great mothering, nurturing creativity, and potentially a realization of a passage to mothering as an adult who’s gone through hell and back. Feel all the power of the female archetypes rising in your consciousness and learn from these divine ladies, how to own your own goddess potential. If you are a male, use this time to learn how to see females and feminine archetypes in a more dynamic light. 

Libra Illustration.png


Libra || Libra Rising

Solar Seasons

Aspirations with nurturing and soul bring excitement in leadership. As we begin the month of July, the solar season of Cancer has already been established. It’s our warmest month, and one where you may feel a need to take some initiative in your life. This sign rules one of your cardinal houses: your 10th house of Career and aspirations. New stirring may be felt as we start the month having recently had our Cancer new moon, clearing room for new intentions to form. With the sun here, these intentions are primed to grow and get a few first roots in place to get you on your way. Things initiated during a season will develop throughout the year so although much growth can revitalize passion in this career part of your chart, it can take six months to the full year to really make these new intentions blossom. What’s newly being felt around the things you want more authority in? With Cancer ruling this part of your chart, females, family, nurturing, and unseen cycles can play a strong role with what you are drawn to and aiming high in. Cancer also shows where we may feel vulnerable in our charts, so career or the security of a ‘title’ could be an area you feel hugely protective of and private about. You play your cards close to your chest when it comes to securing your place in the outer world but you make up for it with how soulful and protective you are of anyone under your personal authority, as well as by the nurturing and safety you build structure in, in our world. 

The 23rd brings us to our middle summer season of Leo. Wherever Leo is in our chart shows where we may shine. For you, this is in group dynamics and progressive collaborating. Your 11th house is jazzed up by the courageous yet playful Leo. The 11th house shows where we find hope for the future through co-creating and letting go of our own ego for the purpose of the greater good. It can also show industries or the kinds of groups and friends we are attracted to. For you, this could be recreational, risk-taking, and creative pods. The tribes you feel most comfortable in are likely dramatic and youthful, loving to be in the spotlight. As the sun, Leo’s ruler, blazes through this part of your chart, you can find yourself craving to take the lead in the groups you love, and planning lots of creative or recreational outings. One word of caution here would be that the 11th house wants us to collaborate and this is not natural for Leo (who likes to dictate). Do try to be mindful of the opinions and needs of the individuals in the group rather than placing your agenda on the group as a whole. You’ll find more willing followers if you take a little consideration in this regard. On the other hand, Leo is our warmest, most generous sign, so those who go along with your antics will likely find themselves spoiled with luxury and adoration. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: Our yearly Capricorn full moon will illuminate your 4th house of home and family, bringing a greater realization to your consciousness that the structure and authority you like to have in matters of home and family will be healthier and more integrated if you first nurture your aspirations and outer world goals. The soft security you find through women and the public in your worldly position tend to feed your ability to build a respectable home. One with roots that allow you to play host to others and be the esteemed place you dream of resting your head. 

July 23rd: We run into a rare two new moon situation in Leo Season. The first one will fall right as we jump into Leo and will be one that gives fresh vitality and juice to a phase that’s been in play for nearly nine years. Creativity, recreation, and leadership, all around group dynamics, will be primed for new juju to kick things back into gear. What you initiate now will have the potential to blossom and then come to a full end of a cycle, next August. Our second new moon in Leo, at the end of next month, will be an eclipse—which means a very fresh new nine-year cycle of a creative stirring is starting to arise. Once both of these new moons have taken place (more on the eclipse in next month’s horoscopes), you’ll be juggling two sets of initiatives every time the Leo moon pops up or another planet passes the degree of these seedling points, over the next year. This is exciting but it will create a lot to juggle in your group life and friendships. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. With Venus, your ruler, in your 9th house until the last day of July, much value and beauty will be found through broadening your horizons and pushing into things that expand your boundaries and comfort zones. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. With Mercury in your 11th house, curiosity and interest in groups will feel exciting and bring a lot of connecting and communicating with friends. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. Mars moves just before the sun into your 11th house. The first 20 days of July will be focused on finding clarity and beginnings in your career. The last 11 days could see you clearing the old to make room for the new within industries, collaborations, and groups. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. This move of Mercury to your 12th house will have you feeling a bit more retired and escapist. Being near water, surrounding yourself with music and art, and getting away from it all will help you to decompress and find more compassionate understanding of your life’s practical purpose. Your ability to critique and distill complex art and symbolism is impressive and useful. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. On this last day of the month, a move will be made by your chart ruler, priming August for much ease and beauty in your professional life or through aspirations. You may find greater value and appreciation from women and through your standing in the world. 

Best Date: July 15th, This is a very dynamic day as the moon creates a lot of response and movement, connecting supportively to a web of planets—one of which is your chart ruler, Venus. With the moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in an energetic exchange, you could find expansive progress in your life through friends, partners, and possibly foreign connections. Good news should arrive around this date that will give you a boost into broadened horizons. 

Scoprio illustration.png


Scorpio || Scorpio Rising


Solar Seasons

Expanding your roots and comfort zones lands you in the spotlight for achievements. Cancer Season is well underway as we start the month of July. For you, themes of your 9th house have likely already been surfacing, especially as we’ve recently had our Cancer new moon. Foreign adventure, exploration, pushing your boundaries, your philosophical beliefs, and morals all fall under 9th house domain. With Cancer ruling here, you likely feel strongly about family and maternal points of view. Women, cyclical thinking, home, and family are all things that may push your comfort zone. It’s likely that you have strong ancestral ties to foreign lands as well as could find welcoming and safe homes abroad. Cancer also shows where we feel most vulnerable in our chart and play thing privately and close to the chest, protective of our security and safety. You may have irrational fears about foreign places as from your position, things change too quickly to feel solid and secure. On the flip side, you do have potential to create beautiful roots abroad. Higher education, publishing, and religion could all push you to tap into very soulful places as well as learn a lot about either women’s issues or issues of security, land, or homes. This is a season for you to push yourself a bit more than usual in all of the above. Allow yourself to daydream about living more adventurously and opening yourself to new worlds through education or expansive business opportunities. Look into the adventures that ancestors have had and find inspiration from the stories you learn. 

On the 23rd, we move into the glamourous season of Leo when we want to take full advantage of this solid place in summer. Recreation, kids, creative projects, and allowing yourself to shine as a leader are all things to be open to in this season. For you, sun ruled Leo oversees one of your cardinal houses (there are 4 of these, which are the houses that create more initiative in our lives). Your 10th house of career or aspirations is in the spotlight during this time of year. Refreshed vitality and growth are opening to this area of your life. You likely aim high when it comes to creative endeavors, standing in a leadership position, and making yourself an authority in recreational or risk-taking fields. Farming or construction may even call to you as your career could literally have you standing under the sun. Acting is another great place for Scorpios, with a literal spotlight on your career. Whatever you do, you want to shine (and often do shine) for your ability to achieve and for your position in the world. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: An intense Capricorn full moon arrives early in July. This is a time that will bring great illumination to you around how you can find more balance between seeking new horizons and connecting and belonging in your close knit communities. The focus is on your Capricorn 3rd house of community with this full moon. It’s likely that when fresh energy was stirring for you in this part of your chart, in January, you were solely focused on how to connect with those in positions of authority and become an authority yourself in your communities. Now, as the sun shines on the moon from its opposite sign and house, you get a glimpse of how, by first looking at your life from a 10,000-foot view and a place of nurtured seeking, this can give you much better direction and perspective in your daily communications and connecting. You work to create deep and soulful roots in your life views and these can help to steer your aspirational interests and connecting with authority toward advantageous places and opportunity, rather than blindly trying to connect to your community with authority. With Mars and Pluto intimately involved with this opposition and illumination, it’s likely that you will also be able to see where clutter is clouding your broad view and roots, and where die-off is blocking your ability to connect with clout. Some things may need to leave your life in order to update your growing path.  

July 23rd: We get two Leo new moons this Leo Season, one of which will fall at the end of July. This will pump your aspirations into high gear this coming year. This first new moon will be revitalizing and pushing you forward in a phase of life that’s in an ending cycle, while the August Leo new moon (more on that next month) will be an eclipse and creating a fully new 9-year cycle of creativity and leadership in your career. It will be an eventful year as you juggle both of these Leo seeds. Every time the moon passes Leo this year or a planet moves over one of the new moon points, you will have a lot on your plate. It’ll be both exciting and overwhelming. This July new moon will have Mars right on top of it so a lot of initiative could be felt around intentions that are formed around the 23rd. Mars can also be brutal with his ability to clear away anything no longer useful. This means, since this is an ending cycle anyway, that Mars could push you to burn some bridges or be brusque as you strive to finish out a big phase of your career aims in 2017 and 2018. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. In your 8th house almost all month, Venus will bring valuable entanglements through financial dealings and potentially much beauty through intimacy with a significant other. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. This placement of our mental planet will have you gathering information and feeling curious about ways to boost your career goals. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. In with the new, out with the old. Mars comes along to clean house just as we approach Leo Season, two new moons, and a package of eclipses. Your career is due for Major fresh energy. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. With our messenger planet switching into an analytical sign, heightened mental energy will surface and you will become very curious, yet discriminating, as you do a lot of connecting with friendships, groups, and through collaborations. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. The last day of July sets you up for an August filled with fertile adventure, nurturing females (or family time), and beauty through expanding your roots. 

Best Date: July 8th, The full moon could be quite epic for you, especially as both of your co-rulers (Mars and Pluto) are aligned with the sun and moon opposition. What gets illuminated around this time could have a very personal impact on you and your career or aspirations. 

sagittarius illustration.png


Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing family and roots empowers you, leading to exciting adventures. Jumping into July, we’re in the midst of Cancer Season, a time of nurturing, soulful vulnerability, and growing roots. For your sign, Cancer reigns over your 8th house of sharing—whether that be in finances, for psychological health, or intimacy. This is the house that can bring us empowerment and more control over our lives but it’s also a place where we are secretive for means of asserting control or not admitting being controlled by others. Cancer is the sign of family, females, cycles, roots, and all things home and safety. This is a powerful combination to deal with. We feel especially vulnerable where this sign falls in our char and so may play things coy, preferring privacy in this area of our charts. In conjunction, this combination makes you incredibly careful about letting anyone into your deeper recess, but once the floodgates are open, a fertile bank of soulful and nurturing energy lie in wait. Merging with females, family, or in areas of land and housing are places where you may find more investment and resource opportunity. Women tend to want to be merged with you financially and your ability to protect and provide safety and security in scary situations is heroic. You possess a luminous glow that is entirely mysterious and intoxicating. During this season, find refreshed vitality and growth around roots that you share with others for greater power over your life. Let family and females help you and be open to receiving support. 

As we move into Leo Season on the 23rd, your 9th house of adventure, broadened horizons, and life beliefs will get a burst of fresh energy. With Leo ruling this area of your chart, you are likely fearless and possess an ability to lead the charge into expansive opportunities. Leo shows where we really shine creatively and as a risk-taking leader: where we possess presence and command. For you, building an empire, forging into foreign territories, publishing, higher education, and possessing an optimistic, visionary outlook are where you hold the potential for greatness. Use these ending days of July to push your boundaries and broaden your horizons. See how well you courageously step up in the face of absolute unknowing and foreign situations. You possess the golden keys to opening doors into new worlds and territories. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: A Capricorn full moon illuminates our skies late on the 8th, or early on the 9th (depending on your time zone). This moon will shine a soft glow into your 2nd house of personal resources, finances, and self-worth in order to show you secrets to create more balance in this important part of your life. With Pluto in the midst of a long transit though your 2nd house, you are likely going through some tough transformations in your financial earnings. Whether you’ve already gone through some destruction and rebuilding, or are just starting this phase (all Sag’s will be at different phases of this), the point has been to eradicate things blocking your true power and essence around self-worth. This moon should help clarify but also push the issue of Pluto’s job. Capricorn ruling this house gives you a very steep climb in overcoming self-doubt and low self-esteem. You may feel the need to constantly improve your authority and responsibility in life, trying to feel worthy of respect and value. A father figure or other authorities in your life may feel impossible to live up to. Focus and dedication are the traditional way forward here, but this moon is also gliding in to clue you into more nurturing sources of energy that can be used to help you find the position of security you seek in your self-worth. From your opposite house, the sun will illuminate the full face of the moon, reflecting to you an opposing energy to your second house, from the sign of Cancer. Opposite, Capricorn, the energy of Cancer and your 8th house, when integrated, can feed and give you protective stability to feel more confident of your position in life. Seek to understand that by merging with others, for financial and intimate purposes, you can grow very deep and nurtured roots, soulful and mysterious in nature. These roots can provide strong empowerment that will give you the strength and stability to work hard and give dedicated focus to creating personal value and esteem in your life. Pluto and Mars teaming up in this sun and moon opposition will really help you see through things that have clouded your vision and into where decay and die-off may be. This can be tough to face and do the clearing needed, but once done, rebuilding in your financial picture will make you doubly empowered and full of a healthier self-esteem. 

July 23rd: The first of two Leo new moons arrives at the end of July giving you an opening to create fresh initiative. Creative projects and leadership drive around your visionary aims will be the focus. Meditate on exciting foreign opportunities, leading creative works in philosophical fields, pushing into new territory in courageous ways, or publishing something that gets star-worthy praise and attention. Our second Leo new moon will be in August, but it’s worth noting that it’s going to be a solar eclipse, bringing an epic new cycle into your Leo ruled 9th house. Having two times the new moon power, one an eclipse (and if in the US, hugely powerful), this is the area of your life that will really see big changes over the course of the next year. Pay special attention to what intentions form at the front and back end of Leo Season around all things foreign, higher education, and other expansive opportunities. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. Your relationships will become lovey and harmonious through the bulk of July, until its last day. Plan dates, write sweet notes to loved ones, and channel feelings of equality in your life. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. With our mental planet in your 9th house, you will feel curious and seek to learn and connect with things that feel foreign yet glamourous. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. Our warrior planet will give you a lot of clarity around the big visions you have in your life. Your assertive powers will perk up, pushing you into pioneering territory in your life. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. Career and aspirations will capture the attention of your mind and interests. A lot of information and communication could take place to feed your ideas around things you are working toward achieving. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. This last day of July will set your August up for finding greater ease and beauty in your 8th house matters of shared resources and intimacy. Sensuality could be epic next month. 

Best Date: July 15th, The moon ignites a web of connection in the cosmos around your ruler, Jupiter. With Mercury, Venus, and Pluto also in the mix, lots of excitement and energy could boost big vision initiatives that you’ve been working on in your group dynamics. Co-creating brings great hope and excitement for your future. 

Capricorn Illustration.png


Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing your relationships gives you the stability to step into your power. Cancer Season is in full swing as we enter July and for you, this places a big spotlight on your 7th house of relationships and life balance. This is your time of year to recommit to generating harmony and deep roots in your partnerships. It’s also a time when you may notice your aesthetic life and how your own tastes in design can mirror the balance you look for with others. You may be drawn to antiques, heirloom, and historical items. Until the 23rd, you have the opportunity to pump new life, passion, and appreciation into how you relate and harmonize with others. With Cancer ruling this part of your chart, you likely have deep bonds with your family and women, enjoying their company and teaming up with them as partners in aspects of your life. In love, you may crave those who are nurturing and imaginative. You will likely have a lot of ups and downs to deal with in this part of your life with the cyclical moon ruling this part of you. The question is, are you the one who is moody in your pairings or is it possible that you are attracting others who are—as a way of projecting? Either way, by owning that our luminous moon, as mad as she is, has sway with you in your relationships, you can embrace the ever changing, phasing, and cycling feelings that you experience in your relational world as a beautiful thing; one that helps you to understand human nature. Growing deep roots through family and home with a partner is somethings that could bring you great joy. 

On the 23rd, we move into the middle summer season of Leo. This is a season of leisure, love, romance, attraction, recreation, and presence. In Cancer Season we felt a bit vulnerable under the brightest sun of the year, but in Leo, we sense a shift toward shorter days and start embracing the light of day and warm hearts to match. Where Leo falls in our chart is where we can really shine and be stars in our own right. For you, this has to do with joint resources, sexuality, and diving into the psychological. You may be very open and relaxed about all of the above, able to attract resources from powerful males, flaunt your sexuality with ease, and warmly share your deepest, darkest secrets in order to find greater psychological empowerment. The 8th house can also be where we want to control others, and Leo can be a bit of a dictator. You will want to watch that you aren’t blocking others from their own power. Just remember that the healthy expression of the 8th house is to Empower and the healthy expression of Leo is Warmth and Love. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: Your personal full moon of the year arrives in the early days of July. At this lunar illumination, you get a very special peek at how to better integrate aspects of yourself in order to manifest your deepest desires into being. At the end of December, we had your yearly new moon when the timing was right for you to form very self-focused, personal intentions. Now, as the moon is full in your sign, the sun is reflecting it’s light from your opposing sign of Cancer and your 7th house of others. For you, to really step into the authority, status, and acclaim that you strongly desire, you can see at this full moon, that it’s the strength and stabilizing roots that you grow with partners or significant others in your life, that gives you the feeling of safety to be passionate for yourself and your grand dreams of achieving big things. The cosmos asks for great responsibility of you, being born under the sign of the mountain goat, but he created a soft nurturing spot for you in partners to give you the stability and a hand that you need to hold onto as you climb your great heights. This year we have Mars and Pluto completely aligned with this full moon. This will allow you to root out some big psychological blockages that have been holding you back, as well as see with more clarity about or through the help of a partner. It’s you time to tear down crumbling aspects of yourself to make the updated improvements waiting for you. 

July 23rd: This year we get two Leo new moons, the first arriving at the end of July. Big energy and shifts are on tap in the Leo part of everyone’s charts due to the second new moon in August—a solar eclipse. Eclipses usher in huge new phases of life that are built upon at each proceeding new moon of the same sign, over 9 years. With two new moons in the same sign that’s experiencing an eclipse season, we can expect the first one to be building upon an old cycle and the eclipse push you into a new cycle. Leo holds a lot of energy to deal with in the coming year. For you, this will potentially have to do with how you hold command and creativity in your joint resources, how you hold presence with your sexuality and intimacy, and possibly how you clear psychological blockages to stand more empowered in your creativity and leadership potential. Every month, over the next year, as the moon glides through Leo, the intentions that you form at both new moons will come up, pushing you to juggle some ending themes and new, awkward (but exciting) themes. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. Your work duties and wellness efforts will feel easy and bring more beauty and value into your life in July. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. Our planet of communication will ramp up any talks in mergers, around investments, as well as deliver sexy messages to your doorstep. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. Passion and clarity come in hot in this ending part of July around your joint resources and secret passions. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. Adventure, philosophy, and foreign lands may hold much curiosity for you with Mercury in your 9th house. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. The last day of July will move you into a new month filled with harmonious relating and love. 

Best Date: July 24th, On this date, you will get a boost in productivity and artistic inspiration with Venus and the moon sending love to your ruler, Saturn. This is a nice lift in spirits as your chart ruler, Saturn, is, has, and remains is a tough position in your chart. With your ruler in your 12th house, it’s been very tough to see yourself over the past two years (and some months): A little lost at sea yet finding little flashes of brilliant inspiration. On top of this, Saturn has also been in retrograde motion since April, pushing you to review your life. This could have you feeling very removed from your inner drive but it all has purpose. By going through this, you will emerge with fresh life intentions and ready to tackle the world. The retrograde will end late in August and you will move out of the 12th house of art and shadow in December. It’ll come faster than you know, Capricorn, so get ready for what may look like a new life in 2018. 

Aquarius illustration.png


Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Soulfully ebbing & flowing through daily routine grows roots for loving your relationships. July starts us off in the solar season of Cancer, a nurturing and deeply protective time of year when we feel a bit vulnerable. This sign and season rule your 6th house of work duties, wellness habits, and daily routines. The concoction of the two makes you one who may struggle with a strict routine, preferring to ebb and flow through your duties the way the moon rapidly changes signs and phases. Working from home or with family may feel appealing or you may have familial feeling relations with colleagues. Females could play an important role in your work and wellness, as well. Cancer shows where we feel vulnerable in our chart and play things very privately as well as where we can grow deep, nurturing roots. You likely work hard to protect a weakness in your health and to feel invaluable in the workplace. Your routines, although fluctuating, have the potential to create deep and soulful stability and foundation for productivity and efficiency. As the sun blazes through Cancer, you have a chance to pump this part of your life full with new vitality, warmth, and willpower. 

On the 23rd, we wake to our first full day in Leo Season, a time of recreation and leisure. Fun is the name of Leo’s game, preferring to attract things to it rather than putting really hard work in. Where this sign falls in our chart can indicate where we are confident, courageous, and creative—willing to stand in the spotlight with presence. For you, this sign rules your 7th house of partnerships. Warmth, generosity, fun, and romance are likely a present theme in your love life. You may find greater harmony and balance in your life by being more playful and risk-taking. Our 7th house lies on our horizon point, being very hard for us to see so we often project the traits of this house onto ‘other’. You may be drawn to flashy, outgoing, and egotistical others, but in reality, this is your style of relating, so you often look for others to play this out for you. This house can also bring up a more aesthetic quality to life, wanting to bring more balance and harmony into your life. Bright colors, creative styling, silly object, bold and dramatic items—these are likely things you are drawn to, aesthetically. Notice your design style and reflect on whether this could translate to the type of partners you pick. This should be a time of year when you are loving up, spending quality leisure time with significant people in your life, and feeling generous and warm toward others in general. Allow the sun (ruling Leo), to revitalize your relational and aesthetic life in the ending days of July. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: This month’s full moon in Capricorn will illuminate your shadow-y 12th house of inspiration, mystical experiences, and art. You will get a glimpse at this luminous event, that in order to manifest symbolic meaning and inspiration in your life, you may need to lean on the roots you grow in your practical, daily life. By having strong and soulful work and wellness habits, the foundation that these lay will help you to stand with a more stable position and status in the mystical, spiritual, or artistic realms. This could be happening for you with an extra nudge at this lunation. 

July 23rd: Two new moons grace us in Leo Season, one of them falling at the end of July. The second one will come in the last part of August and will be a dramatic solar eclipse. This is significant as the two signs that get eclipse in a year are the ones that go through major shifts. Not only do we have this for the Leo part of our charts, but we get a second new moon and time to form intentions, a rare thing to experience. Over the next year we will be dealing with two Leo seeds each time the moon cycles through Leo (for a couple of days each month). One will be playing off of an old cycle that started at our last Leo solar eclipse in 2008, closing out a cycle of creative and warm love in our partnerships, and this other will be from the new eclipse, pushing a brand new 9-year cycle into the spotlight. Your partnerships will go through some very big shifts this year and you’ll see where the intent lies through what forms during these new moons. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. You will feel very valued and at ease in the spotlight this month, ready with wit and charm for every person and crowd you grace with your presence. A creative project could deem itself valuable as well, this month. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. Lots of communication and curiosity could arise through and around a partner until the 25th. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. Our warrior planet may cause a few battles to ensue with a partner, but Leo is a warmhearted sign so things that come to a boil should fizzle out as fast as they arise. Passion and sexy moments could be the upside here. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. Curiosity leads you to look into your deeper recesses and psychological issues. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. Work and your daily routines could be filled with ease and playfulness as you move into August. Feeling valued at work is a stronger possibility than normal. You may even get a bump in pay for the quality of your output. 

Best Date: July 28th, Mercury and the moon send lovely rays your way from your relationship house and the loving sign of Leo. Extra support and interest will be felt through a partner. It could also be a great day to play with your aesthetic life – cruise through design magazines and books and visit some of your favorite, stylish shops. 

Pisces Illustration.png


Pisces || Pisces Rising

Solar Seasons

Nurturing your creativity grows roots for the stability to shine at work. As you swim your way into July, a fellow water sign is ruling our seasonal days and nights. The sign and season of Cancer ebbs and flows with nurturing and protection in our beginning days of the month. This brings a time to tend to our families, our homes, and all things female in our lives. The mysteries of cycles are something those of every sign and gender can learn something about while the sun graces the sign of Cancer. For you, all of these fertile themes play out in your 5th house of creative-expression, kids, and leadership. You likely have a very soft and illuminated creative style and lead through an intuitive place deep inside of you. This is the time of year when you can reinvigorate your creative juices and stand in the spotlight as an example of how to use Cancer energy for leading and creating. Generating fertile grounds for creative projects to thrive, a glowing imagination, and caring deeply for those under your wings are ways in which you likely know how to be in charge. You are capable of growing deep and soulful roots in the way you create and lead, understanding the undercurrents and unseen cycles of creativity. Creative trends could be easy for you to pick-up on and shine a light upon. Where Cancer is in our chart is where we feel extra vulnerable and protective. You may be guarded about your children or your presence as a creative or leader, waiting until you truly trust a situation before allowing these things to be seen. 

As we move to the 23rd of the month, Leo Season takes over and with it, your 6th house of work duties, daily routines, productivity, and wellness. You can really shine in these areas, feeling more free to act as a leader in efficiency and routine. You may enjoy being involved with children, recreation, or luxury as part of your daily life and you know how to be courageous in the work place. Being healthy and an effective human is something you likely enjoy standing out for. With Leo shining its warm rays in your 6th house, use the ending days of July to kick yourself back into gear around your work and practical life. Find joy in the little things and watch as you connect to standing out as someone who is useful and filled with purpose. 

Lunar Events

July 8th: A Capricorn full moon towers over us near the start of July. This will bring some powerful illumination to you around how to blend two seemingly opposite aspects of your life to create manifesting powers. When the moon was new in Capricorn, at the end of December, intentions forming were focused solely on building responsibility and status in your group dynamics, collaborations, within your industry, or in friendships. Now that the moon is full, the sun's rays are reflecting off of it from the opposite sign of Cancer and the opposite house position. You will get a soft insight into how the roots you’ve grown in creating fertile and stable grounds for creativity and intuitive leading, can provide a foundation for you to engage with reputable and acclaimed groups.  You bring structure and dedication and this will be better seen if you act as a nurturing creative, first. 

July 23rd: Two new moons arrive this Leo Season, and with one of them being a solar eclipse, the Leo part of your chart is about to go through some big shakeups. One cycle of showmanship is closing while another is just beginning. Eclipses usher in 9-year cycles, so, our July new moon will be the last that will play off of our 2008 Leo solar eclipse. The August new moon will be our current eclipse and will ring in a new 9-year cycle for the Leo area of your chart. The area of your life affected by these endings and beginnings is your 6th house of work and lifestyle. Expect new leadership positions but also having to deal with wrapping up some old work issues over the next year. Watch for the intentions that naturally form at the two Leo new moons in order to understand the happenings in the next 12 months around work and wellness. 

Planetary Transitions

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini. Your home and family life should feel at ease and pleasant with Venus in your 4th house. You may feel more valued by family members. 

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo. Busy schedules at work could see you learning a lot and filled with creative ideas. 

July 20th: Mars enters Leo. This planet likes to clean house and find clarity for new passion. This aligns dramatically with the two new moons coming up in Leo. ‘Out with the old, in with the new’ around your work and lifestyle with Mars in your 6th house. 

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo. Relationships will start to find a place in your mind with lots of communication and interest in understanding how to create more balance in your life. 

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer. This position of Venus will set you up nicely to relax and enjoy yourself in August. Women and family may feel more valuable to you, especially in creative works. 

Best Date: July 3rd, Your ruler, Neptune, will find itself in a lovely golden triangle of water signs. The moon from Scorpio and the sun from Cancer will linkup with Neptune in your own sign of Pisces. Deep love, romance, and adventure could have you feeling bold and courageous on this day. Allow yourself to be seen and admired for you mystical and artistic ways. 

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