Cosmic Messages : June, the Month of Ebb & Flow

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of June By CosmoMuse

The Solar Seasons of June

Gemini Season: We start June off in the last of three spring solar seasons. With the sun buzzing brightly in a sign he loves, Gemini, the first twenty days of the month will be filled with light-hearted notes of communicating and gathering. Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, gives us a bit more information about what the tone of the bubbling energy is all about. For the first few days of June, Mercury will be in the value loving sign of Taurus, wanting us to find more information and ideas that infuse our lives with value and pleasure. As we move along to the the 6th, Mercury will catch up to the sun and its home sign of Gemini. This will put us into turbo-power mode as we start busily pollinating our ideas and new spring initiatives, gathering information & connections, as well as finding a deeper connection to community and a sense of belonging. 

Cancer Season: On the 21st, at one of our four important cardinal and seasonal points of the year, summer solstice, the sun moves into the first of three summer seasons. Cancer Season kicks us off into the summer cycle of growth, romance, and excitement with her mood setting powers. We will find more vitality to nurture ourselves and others, to generate more safety, soft spaces, and protection in our lives, as we gestate and prepare to birth creative works into the world, next season. Cancer is one of our initiator signs, so we may find more energy to start new things that will serve as our important projects throughout the summer months. 

With this season and sign ruled by the moon, our fastest moving cosmic body (changing signs every 2.5 days), our moods and the universal mood could feel like it shifts nearly every day. Things may feel a touch irrational at times, but the moon’s full tour of the zodiac during Cancer Season can also bring much illumination about the year ahead and boost your intuition and ability to relate with others of every sign.

The Lunar Cycles of June

Virgo 1st Quarter Moon to Sagittarius Full Moon: As we enter June, our first day brings our first quarter moon in Virgo. Our first week leading up to the full moon will be our most fun and excitement filled. As we reach the Sagittarius full moon early on the morning of the 9th, we will become more conscious of the outer world and how we relate to others. This broader perspective gives us new ways of viewing what we’ve been doing and helps to inform us through its full illumination, how to tweak things to be more viable and beautiful. In Sagittarius, the full moon will amplify our ability to find expansion into life and the world, and to see our lives from a visionary, 10,000-foot view.

Pisces Last Quarter moon to Cancer New Moon: June 17th brings us our last quarter moon, a time when we see things play out in very public and observed ways. It’s a good time to trim fat but also a time to watch for public quarrels and accidents in the world at large. Or new lunar cycle starts on the evening of June 23rd in the sign of Cancer. New moons bring a cycle of fresh starts and a time to find clarity through alone time and clearing any old clutter away. New intentions form and we connect with very personal passion. In Cancer, this will come in the form of how to better create roots and safety in our lives. 

June Astrological Ritual

As we approach summer solstice in the Norther Hemisphere (on the 21st), this is a great month to meditate on what it is we want a lot of growth in this summer. Use Gemini Season’s vibes to connect with others and communicate what new things are bubbling up for you that you are hoping to find more information on and movement for. Every day, until the solstice, set an alarm for noon (the hour of growth) and reach out to a friend or colleague to ask what new things are emerging in their life—and tell them of yours. Our connections can help connect us to others and you may have connections that are helpful for your community of friends. Spread the Gemini pollen and build some good karma for your ideas to grow.  

Aries || Aries Rising

Soulful Nurturing. Aries, as you enter the month of June, your ruler, Mars, is in the last few days of his tour through the sign of Gemini. You may feel an urge to tie things up around gathering information, communicating with others about what you are up to, sharing ideas, and making connections to find a greater sense of belonging in your own life—or for something that you are working on. On the 4th, as Mars moves into the sign of Cancer and your 4th house, family, your roots, and needs around safety and security will start to unfold for the remainder of the month. Cancer gives us a soulful and intuitive approach to life and you may start to notice how your personal cycles, intuition, and emotions can help to inform the clarity you always seek for rushing into new and interesting things. 

June 6th: Today holds a double whammy with two planets shifting into new signs. First, we have Mercury, our seasonal ruler, moving into the sign of the season, Gemini. Your mental pace will start to quicken with a new thirst for learning and gathering information about something that has you excited. This will persist all the way through Gemini Season, until the 21st. We also have our planet of beauty and love changing things up as she, Venus, moves into the sign of Taurus. Earthy and sensual pleasures will fill your heart with delight and you may find that your possessions and the material realm feel intoxicating and full of riches from this point forward, in June. 

June 9th: Our monthly full moon arrives in the sign of Sagittarius this month. Great illumination could arrive for you around your life views, business expansion, foreign travel or affairs, things related to publishing or PR—or anything that pushes your comfort zones. Look back to the end of May for things you found new intentions around and use the days surrounding the 9th to determine whether these are viable. Sometimes intentions take and sometimes we need to let things go that aren’t meant to move forward in our life, at this time. You may also see bigger actualizations arising around things you initiated during Sagittarius Season, back in December. 

 June 21stOn summer solstice, both the sun and Mercury move into the sign of Cancer, together. Lots of shifts could be felt on this day as we reach this quarter turn of our orbit around the sun. A new phase begins with the arrival of summer, one that has you feeling more active, fun, and attractive. In Cancer, both the sun and Mercury add a dose of mood, whimsy, imagination, and enhance the need of your ruler, Mars, already in Cancer, to find more nurturing and safety in your life. Your intuitive faculties could be on-point and should be considered an important part of your daily life for the next four weeks. 

June 23rd: The Cancer new moon arrives at the end of the month. This is your time to form new intentions around how you want to grow your roots over the next year. Look at how well you are nurturing yourself and those in your family, observe your home and family life—what could you do to make these feel more comforting and supportive. Having deep and fertile roots is the things that gives you’re the security and confidence to stand up tall and shine in the world, so do what you need to get this most private, nurturing area of your chart healthy and thriving.  

Best Date: June 24th, As the moon meets up with your ruler, Mars, both getting a compassionate and inspired beam of light from Neptune and square to our planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, imagination, art, and harmonizing with others (or an important other) are likely to make life feel deep and dynamic. 

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Comfortably You. Dear Taurus, as we move into the month of June, the sun in Gemini is finishing up the last of three solar seasons of spring. For you, the busy-ness of Gemini falls in your 2nd house of worth, self-esteem, and personal resources (possibly income). It’s your natural house so you feel right at home this season as you use Gemini’s powers of communication, mental agility, and its ability to make connections to find a strong voice and claim what you think is yours. The material and words entangle for you and by being out and about, you can make valuable connections or learn valuable things that will enhance your own material stability. The first six days of June, your ruler, Venus, is still back in the sign of Aries and your 12th house of retreat and cosmic inspiration. The arts and a need to decompress are still prevalent—a hangover from last month. Come the 6th, as Venus shifts into your own sign, you get an even greater feeling of comfort in your own skin. You may start to feel more energy and clarity and have an urge to clear away old clutter to gain some needed clarity. Schedule some alone time for this. Even though Gemini Season will push you to socialize, your personal planetary ruler, in your first house, needs you to find some space to simultaneously get to the root of your personal passions and your personal agenda. If you find yourself getting irritable or picking fight, that’s your que that you need to be alone for a bit.  

June 4th: Mars enters the sign of Cancer on this date for the rest of June. For you, there may be an energetic need to find greater mental clarity and to learn something new. Mars will want to toss out old patterns of thinking in order to find new passions and brave new mental paths. You may have new wants arise around communities that you are involved with, siblings, neighbors, or possibly new stirrings for where and how you want to feel greater belonging in your life. 

June 6th: On the same day that your ruler, Venus, shifts into your own sign, we also have Mercury making a mental leap into the sign of Gemini until the 21st. A very busy schedule and lots of mental activity will start to surface around why you value the things you do and how you can use words and communication to increase your own worth. If you’ve been hoping for a raise, this is a time to initiate communication around that and strategically think through how to approach that conversation.  

June 9th: This month’s full moon arrives in the sign of Sagittarius. For you, falling in your 8th house, things related to financial or emotional entanglements could come to a head. Sagittarius is a visionary sign and thinks big, but often falls short on following through with the details and context of situations. This full moon will bring big ideas and adventurous, possibly risky, intimacy issues into the outer world. There’s a mixed bag around this moon. Saturn is loosely conjunct this moon so some heavy responsibilities could lie on your shoulders; Neptune is squaring this event so some deceptive notes could be felt; we also have Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, reaching out with a little assistance to find fairness and compromise. Full moons can bring ending or manifestation and it could go either way at this one. 

 June 21stOn the same day that we move into the summer season with summer solstice, our sun shifts into Cancer Season, the first of our three summer solar seasons. For you this adds life and vitality to your 3rd house of communication, community, learning, and informing. In Cancer, for you, this is tied in with emotion, soulfulness, a need for safety, family, roots, and security. You may be very private around your true thoughts, possibly withholding information, but you likely communicate with great care and nurturing so others forgive this and adore you. Mars has been in this sign and house since the 6th and Mercury dances into this part of your chart as the same time as and holding hands with the sun. A lot of energy will shift here come the 21st and you’ll enter a very busy phase of life with more passion and interest in pollinating your life with instinctual connecting.  

June 23rd: As the Cancer new moon arrives, this is the time to form new intentions and goals around how you can use your intuitive mind and nurturing connections to find more belonging and learn something new over the next year. Mercury will be closely linked to this new moon so there’s an even greater emphasis on learning and communicating with this new moon; Uranus is sextile to this seed so something unexpected may pop up from a hidden source; and Saturn is opposed to this moon bringing a need to find balance and consideration around a responsibility you are shouldering. 

Best Date: June 28th/29th, An earth trine between your ruler, Venus, Pluto in Capricorn, and the moon in Virgo could have you feeling very dynamic, beautiful, adventurous, and valued for your authentic self. It’s a great day to push your boundaries and bravely do something you’ve been wanting to do but holding back on. 

Gemini symbol.png

Gemini || Gemini Rising

Curiosity Rewarded. Happy birthday season, Gemini. Although the sun is travelling through your sign, adding a tinge of vitality and assertive power to your breed, your ruler, Mercury, is still back in the sign of Taurus until the 6th. This could bring a bit of a cosmic hangover into the first week of June for you. Once we hit the 6th, your ruler will enter your own sign, along with the sun. Your turbo powered jet pack will be all tuned up and ready to propel you in all directions at once—something you love. Your sign rules the part of the body where we spilt into two (the shoulders, arms, and hands), making you a highly-coordinated sign, able to jungle the many things you say yes to, needing to feel a sense of belonging in many places at once. If ever there was a complaint about you or about yourself, you witty, engaging Geminis, it’s your chameleon ways and spreading yourselves too thin. Give yourself a moment of pause before saying yes to anything this season. See if you can tap into your intuition to know when something isn’t a good fit for your agenda. Speaking of which, when the sun is in your sign (your 1st house), it’s your time of the year to tap into what your personal agenda is going to be for your next turn around the sun. Clear out some old clutter from your life and see what new passions arise. 

June 4th: Mars, the sign of initiative, passion, and trail blazing, has been in your sign for many weeks. On the 4th, he will shift into the sign of Cancer and your 2nd house. For the rest of June, this will bring you some get-up-and-go around finding new ways of valuing yourself, of valuing life, and finding nurturing and safety through possessions and the material, tangible world. Friends may feel more valuable to you and you could find a strong voice for groups and movements that you belong to. 

June 6th: Our planet of love and beauty, Venus, will move into one of the signs she rules, on the 6th. In Taurus and your 12th house, Venus is right at home and will enhance the beauty you feel for life through your senses. This placement of Venus makes it a great time to find pleasure and form in the world of art and spirituality. Inspiration can be tapped into by smelling, touching, listening, tasting, and seeing. 

June 9th: This month’s full moon arrives on the 9th in your opposite sign of Sagittarius. All things relationship will bubble up around this date. There are some complexities with this full moon with Saturn sitting very near it, bringing up some tough lessons he’s been trying to teach you about relationships and dedication. If you’ve worked hard on being responsible and fair in your partnerships, things could be great with this Saturn conjunction and some more serious committing could come of it. If you’ve been selfish or let yourself be taken advantage of, Saturn may put you in a corner and knock you around a bit. Neptune is squaring this illumination so illusionary filters and delusional scenarios may play out around your career or aspirations. Try to keep your feet on the ground and be realistic about what’s going on as this could make things quite complex. To top it off, Jupiter, ruler of this moon and your 7th house, will turn direct after being retrograde for four months. This may sound great but really the day a planet switches gears is its most confusing. Even though Jupiter is reaching out with some help (somehow connected to a leadership thing, kids, a creative project or your ego in general – as well as to a partner or advocate), his state feels off-kilter and suddenly unsure of what’s really going on. 

I hate to be hard about this moon, but I have an extraordinarily large collection of people in my life that have either their sun or rising signs in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and I’d say about half of them have some extremely complex issues coming to a head around this date. If you fall into this category, be fair, realistic, and try to put yourself in the shoes of others at this moon. I believe things will work out fine if you’ve been honest. 

 June 21stOn the day of Summer Solstice both the sun and Mercury, your ruler, skip into the sign of Cancer together. This will place a huge emphasis for you on tangible, material matters as these planets emote their way through your second house of value and possession. It may bring with it a period where you are feeling a lot of things about your self-worth and ability to create security and safety in your personal finances. Family may be able to help, or at least provide some nurturing to you around these things if needed. One thing is certain. The more material comfort you have, the more safety you feel in life. You likely strive to grow strong and protective roots in your material life so initiate things during this Cancer Season that utilize your nurturing and nourishing spirit toward your financial aims. Intuition and females may feel prominent now, and, in general, could have a strong connection to your strength of voice and values. 

June 23rd: At our Cancer new moon, the timing will be ripe for you to form new intentions around your income, your values, and your self-worth. Use your illuminated and prophetic abilities new to tap into new life circling around you. The moon ruling over this area of your life makes this a slightly irrational area for you where you may struggle to see your worth in linear measurements. Tap into cyclical and intuitive faculties to really get to the heart of your powers and value. With your ruler sitting very near this new moon, it may hold potent powers for you over the next year. Pay close attention to what starts now and watch magic weave itself into these new seeds over the next 12 months. Uranus is also linked to this new moon, so surprising events could show up in connection to what sprouts from new intentions at around the end of the month. Saturn will be opposed to this moon so some balance will need to be met around practical and responsible practices in connection to new intentions forming. 

Best Date: June 21st, Summer Solstice could feel especially exciting for you as your ruler merges with the sun, infusing you with creativity, warmth, and purpose. In your 2nd house and Cancer, much self-worth and soulful value could be cultivated on this day.

Cancer Symbol.png

Cancer || Cancer Rising

Restore & Awaken. We’re on the precipice of your birthday season, Cancer. Later this month the sun will glide into your illuminated waters. But, as we enter June, the solar season of Gemini is in high activity. Normally, the area that Gemini rules in your chart is very hard for you to see as it lives in your 12th house of shadows, but, when the sun makes his once a year visit here, you get a rare glimpse into your shadow areas. Communication and feeling connected to community, siblings, neighbors, and close friends may be something that you feel eludes you. It’s not that these are not present, they are just living in a hard area of your chart to see. The sun’s spotlight in the first twenty days of June will help you to peer into this area to see how you’ve been handling things – good and bad. Often this 12th house can be our undoing simply because we are unaware of our behaviors here. So, my challenge to you is to take a good look at yourself and how you connect and belong during this Gemini Season. Make adjustments and find compassion toward any ill scenarios that have plagued your life. This is a complex area for you and a softened heart will go a long way now toward healing any broken connections in your life – even within yourself and your own dual yin/yang nature. Your 12th house is where you can restore and find greater symbolic and life meaning with the heart softening that happens in this area of your chart. If you are open to it, you may find that you can feel great intellectual belonging with artistic, misfit, secret, mystical, or spiritual communities in this first part of June. 

June 4th: Mars enters your sign in the first week of June bringing a great need to clear away old clutter that you’ve collected over the past two years and find some fresh passion. Being a Cancer it may be hard for you to throw anything out, but Mars will test your boundaries here and you may find yourself a bit more willing to let go of things from your past. Allow yourself to be open to new stirrings deep inside you now. If you start experiencing great anger, jealousies, or irritation, know that this is Mars signaling to you what’s holding you back and what new things might be piercing your desires. New paths can be cleared for you now and an awakening can be felt for a new two-year cycle of passion and assertive growth. 

June 6th: The 6th brings a few more shifts as Mercury, planet of thinking and movement, enters Gemini and your 12th house. This will bring even more curiosity and communication into the symbolic part of your life. Inspiration may fill your head with ideas and your mind may need extra room to wander and dream until the 21st. We also see Venus, planet of beauty and love, move into your 11th house of Taurus. Friends, groups, and collaborations may bring extra elegance and beauty into your life at this point. 

June 9th: The first part of June continues to be packed with activity. On the 9th, we have our yearly Sagittarius full moon. For you, this could pull things into your outer world around work projects or wellness efforts that you’ve been busy refining behind the scenes. These may feel expansive and adventurous in nature, possibly pushing you to take on projects that are outside of your comfort zone but that hold the potential to open new doors in your life. This moon has Saturn in close proximity making something feel serious in nature, possibly around a partner. We also have Neptune squaring off to this moon so delusions or complexity may feel present. Last, Jupiter, this moon’s ruler, sends some nice relief so the heart of this full moon should bring expansive opportunity your way. Mere hours after the full moon is exact, it’s ruler, Jupiter, will station direct having been in a retrograde cycle since February 6th. Your work and lifestyle may feel like it’s getting back on track after this date having gone through months of inner work. 

 June 21stOur summer solstice ushers in your season as the sun flows into your own sign, bringing his pal Mercury along for the ride. With both cosmic bodies entering your 1st house and personal sign, your birthday month is upon you and much energy and clarity will start to prevail. With Mars already here, you are ready to wake up and charge into life. Use the rest of June to connect to your personal passions and clear away any debris that’s getting in the way of your desires and vitality. 

June 23rd: With the arrival of the Cancer new moon, this is one of your most special dates of the year. The fertility abounding around you to form new intentions that are just for you and your personal desires. Mercury in connected to this new moon, so great ideas and communications may entangle with intentions that start forming. Uranus sends a subtle jolt of electric power to enhance some surprise elements that may pop up to assist you. Saturn also gets involved but in a more difficult way. Opposed this new moon, you make feel the need to take on some heavy, yet aspirational responsibilities. 

Best Date: June 23rd, Your personal new moon of the year is a very special day. It’s your time to get very real about what you most desire for you and form intentions that will be the foundation of your personal happiness and passions over the next year. 

Leo Symbol.png

Leo || Leo Rising

Excitement & Imagination. You are nearing the end of your personal year this month, Leo, and with that, you may be stepping back to observe and think about the bigger pictures in your life. With the sun, your ruler, in the sign of Gemini until the 21st, your 11th house of friendships, groups, collaboration, and hopes for your future is lit up. With Gemini ruling this part of your chart and life, you may find a lot of excitement around connecting groups with other groups, and in general, feeling a sense of belonging in group life. You may have a lot of ideas, movement, and communication around movements, humanity, and co-creation in the first part of this month. 

June 4th: In the first week of June, you may feel your assertive energies sink into a restorative place, needing extra time to gain clarity as planet of assertion and passion, Mars, enters Cancer and your 12th house. Let your intuition take hold of your passions and tap into some meditative or artistic practices to feed the clarity you desire around your collective and inspired cravings. 

June 6th: As Mercury joins the sun in Gemini in your 11th house, an extra dose of communication and curiosity will fill your mind. Many learning opportunities through friends or groups that you are involved with could arise and the information gathered would likely feed your sense of hope and ideas about your future—or on a broader scale, the future of the world. Also on the 6th, Venus enters Taurus and your 10th house of career and aspirations. You may find more pleasure, beauty, and comfort around authorities and through your achievement goals while Venus tours this area of your chart as well as possibly find more financial value through your status and reputation. 

June 9th: At our yearly Sagittarius full moon, this moon’s ruler, Jupiter, will also turn direct after having been in a retrograde mode, doing some inner work, since early February. This may cause a bit of confusion for some. For you, this full moon will bring things into being around your leadership potential, in connection to your kids, or around your creative-expression. Expansive notes fill the air with this moon, and some things outside of your comfort zone may start to play out, but also bring opportunity to open doors into new worlds. With Saturn sitting near this full moon, some heavy responsibility may be felt and a square from Neptune could bring unrealistic expectations or delusional dreams may need to be grounded in more reality. Jupiter in balance seeking Libra makes a nice angle to its own full moon, so, overall, the cosmic forces want big things to play out with fairness.  

 June 21stOur summer solstice welcomes the sun and Mercury into the sign of Cancer and your 12th house. With this emotive and intuitive sign ruling over your house of shadows, you may feel a strong need to retreat into your home and protective roots during this sing’s reign. Your imagination has the opportunity to blossom with terrific and whimsical ideas and compositions. Extra sleep is in order now as you move through this last house of your chart to restore and rest up for your personal season of Leo, in a month’s time. Mystical experiences with ancestry, family, and females could feel especially strong and even prophetic during Cancer’s reign. Your roots could find fertile grounds to provide you with extra safety and protection through the spiritual and artistic areas of life. With this house having a spotlight on it, you also get a special opportunity to better see your shadows and learn where you’ve been behaving in complex ways. 

June 23rd: The Cancer new moon holds very fertile grounds to form new intentions around your connection to the collective and cosmic as well as your ability to see symbolism and meaning in your life. Allow women and your nurturing side to help you intuit what new things to initiate at this lunar phase. With Mercury in close quarters, you may have extra curiosity and the new seeds formed at this Cancer moon. Uranus links nicely to this new moon as well, adding some surprise elements that could provide support. Saturn across the skies opposes this moon, so some practicalities and work duties may need to be balanced and integrated into what is arising for you now. 

Best Date: June 3rd, An lovely day is in store as your ruler, the sun, gets a golden ray from Jupiter in harmonious Libra. With these planets linking up through your 3rd and 11th houses, much socializing and opportunity through friends and community could have you feeling very excited. 

Virgo Symbol.png

Virgo || Virgo Rising

Aspirational Ingenuity & Womenfolk. As we enter June, Gemini Season is in full effect, highlighting our intellects, our curiosity, our strategic ability to move ideas forward, and for you, dear Virgo, your ability to connect with authority figures and showcase your own mental prowess in the professional realm. You are better than the other signs at giving structure and dedication to your ideas and words, with an ability to connect with others to propel your career and aspirations to great heights. Meditate on who you need to engage with to get your ideas taken seriously or what you might be able to write and put out into the world to make known that you are a writer, thinker, or connector. Community may come to you at this time through your chosen area of achievement. You belong with other achievers and can learn a lot this season about how to build the career and reputation you desire. The 10th house of career is always our steepest climb but the glory that comes from serious dedication and training is worth it, and for you, Gemini qualities represent just that. 

June 4th: Initiator planet, Mars, enters Cancer early in June. This will bring added passion and assertion around getting involved with groups, collaborations, or movements. Mars likes to clear old things away to get the heart of fresh passions in you. You may go through some transitions with the groups and friendships in your life and any feelings or annoyance, impatience, anger, or jealousy could be clue to updates needed in your group alignments. With Cancer ruling this 11th house area of your chart, women and family could play an important role in what you feel fresh collaborative energy toward. 

June 6th: As your ruler, Mercury, bounces into Gemini and your 10th house of career, a double emphasis will come into focus around how you use communication, words, and connecting to build lasting achievements in your life. Use your words, whether spoken or written and be bold in your aspirations until the 21st. Venus enters Taurus and your 9th house of visionary expansion on the same day that Mercury moves signs. This planet wants to beautify and find more value and love around your world view. More financial means may become available now for foreign travel or higher education. 

June 9th: Our yearly Sagittarius full moon falls on the same day that its rule, Jupiter, shifts back to direct motion after being in a retrograde cycle since early February. This may cause a bit of confusion at this lunar event. Falling in your 4th house of home and family, you may see things come to a real place now around expanding or pushing your boundaries of what feels safe or protected in your home life. Opportunities may arise that open your foundational roots to new worlds and soils. With this moon very near Saturn, some responsibilities or things you’ve been dedicating yourself to with great care could get thrown into the mix of what comes up. We also have a square from Neptune adding some compromises that need to be made around a partner, or issues that need to find more grounding and reality with a partner. With Jupiter reaching out from your 2nd house of value and tangibility, some financial assistance may arise. 

 June 21stThe 21st marks a big day in our solar calendar as the summer solstice also means that we move into the season of Cancer. This year, Mercury, your ruler, will glide into Cancer on the same day. This season and sign rule your 11th house of groups and friendships. With Cancer holding court here, you will find a lot of female interaction and intuition playing out in your group life now. The moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer and moves signs every 2.5 days. Because of this, many shifts in mood will be felt as you collaborate and join in with bigger pictures at play in the world. You are able to pick up on the subtlety and imagination in the group realm and add a spirit of mystical illumination. Your insights can be uncanny and you know how to tune movements and co-creation to the cycles and rhythms that are hard to see, making you a master of timing and security in the networks that you are a part of. 

June 23rd: At the Cancer new moon, it’s your time in the year to form new intentions around your future hopes and dreams, how you want to contribute to groups, industries, and the world, and how you want to help create progress around you. Women, family, cycles, and intuition play strongly for you in connection to these things.

Best Date: June 21st, Your ruler, Mercury, will merge with the sun on this day, that also happened to be summer solstice. In Cancer and your 11th house, you may find that female friends or groups provide you with much soulfulness, purpose, and imaginative collaborative opportunity. 

Libra || Libra Rising

Tangible Empowerment. Welcome to June, Libra. This month we start things off in the solar season of Gemini. For you, this sign and time of year rule your 9th house of expansion and seeking. You may start to feel a little itch to travel or explore ways of thinking that push your boundaries and comfort zones. This is a season all about exposing you to new ways of communicating and understanding that could bring you more life wisdom and open new communities to you. Your mind will likely be a flutter with big ideas and an unquenchable curiosity for all things that expand your circles of belonging. On that note, foreign places and people could end up being where you feel a great sense of belonging and connection in your life. 

June 4th: Early in the month as Mars enters the sign of Cancer and your 10th house of Career, you may feel an urge to clean house and find new passions to initiate around your aspirations. Feelings or impatience, anger, jealousy, or irritation could be signals around what needs to go and what you are newly desiring to find recognition in. New paths can take time and feel clumsy for a while but Mars’ assertive powers will give you the courage and boldness to infuse your aspirations with a bit of a refresh.  

June 6th: Mercury enters Gemini in the first week of June and with it, your mentality will give you a secondary boost of interest in all things expansive and that enrich the expansion of community and foreign dealings in your life. With both the sun and Mercury now in this part of your chart until the 21st, a big emphasis could see you booking travel tickets, making friends outside of your normal circles, or learning new things that open your eyes to new dimensions in life. 

On the same day that Mercury changes signs, your ruler, Venus, enters Taurus and your 8th house of shared resources and entanglements. Until the 6th, your rules will give you a sub-focus around relationships and finding greater harmony and equality in your life. From the 6th on, you may have some intrigue and powerful secrets to handle around finances, funding, or other material things that are connected to powerful people or those to whom you are intimately connected. 

June 9th: As we head closer to mid-month, the yearly Sagittarius full moon arrives on the same day that its ruler, Jupiter, returns to direct motion after a four-month retrograde sojourn. This may cause a bit of confusion around the things that are getting pushed into the outer world at this time. For you, this lunar event will bring manifestation or possible endings around your mentality, your ideas, your communities, and how you connect with others. With Saturn sitting very near this moon, some responsibility may rest on your shoulders in connection to the events that arise. There is also a tough square from Neptune, bringing out this planet’s more delusional aspects. Watch for trickery and illusion around the 9th from yourself and others. Jupiter, this moon’s ruler, sends a supportive link but again, with its direction switch, this may just feel confusing but something in connection to fairness and balance may come up. 

 June 21stAs summer solstice arrives on the 21st and our season of growth initiates, the sun moves us into Cancer Season and Mercury joins him in this illuminated sign. Cancer rules your 10th house of career and aspirations. This house represents the highest climb you make in your chart. Females, nurturing, and cycles could play a big part in what you strive to achieve in your life and this will be the focus for the rest of June and into much of July. With the moon being the planetary ruler of Cancer and your 10th house, and because she moves very quickly (on top of cycling through phases), this part of your life could feel very moody for you. One day you may aspire for one thing and then two days later it’s something totally different. The constants that you can count on in your career goals is a link to women, family, security, ancestry, history, nurturing (food, home, shelter), intuition, imagination, soulfulness, and cycles. If you know where the moon is in your birth chart, this may give you extra clues and context. 

June 23rd: Our yearly Cancer new moon is your cyclical timing in the year to generate new intentions around what your aspirations are, and how you want them to blossom, over the coming year. Meditate on the females in your life and the histories and security that you feel compelled to cultivate or build on and make 10 or so wishes to tend to.  

Best Date: June 20th, As the moon links up to your ruler, Venus, in Taurus, you could feel very nurtured and supported, financially, as several other planets (Neptune, Pluto, and Mars) also link up to this nurturing day adding glamour and assertive drive. 

Scorpio Symbol.png

Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Empowered Connections & Expanding Intuition. As we eagerly jump into the busy month of June, Gemini Season is in play, and for you, this sign and time of year light up a very intense part of your chart. The 8th house is your natural house and so may feel more comfortable to you than for many others signs to travel though this intimate area of your chart. You may see an uptick in secret information, potentially powerful entanglements forming, or using communication, community, or writing to probe into your own psychology. It could also be recognized now that you find your greatest sense of belonging with others who are wealthy, hold power behind the scenes, or are involved in research. Use until the 20th to share and communicate better with others and open yourself up to more intimacy and power through other resources. 

June 4th: Early in the month, Mars charges into the security conscious sign of Cancer and your 9th house of expansion and broadening horizons. This warrior planet will want to give this area of your chart a refresh by clearing away outdated ideologies, unnecessary expansions in your life, or foreign affairs that no longer suit you. This will give Mars room to ignite new passions and desires around how you want to believe and open new doors in your life. With Cancer nestled into this area of your chart, females, family, real estate, or security could play a part in this release and refresh process. 

June 6th: Mercury makes his move next as this messenger planet buzzes into Gemini and your 8th house, where the sun is already stationed. This will double down on the emphasis you feel for the mysteries and power in your life. Gathering and learning new information will help you uncover new communities and connections that could lead to more empowerment in your life through other people’s resources or a partner’s resources. You may also uncover and transform some mental pathologies that have been blocking your most healthy self. 

Venus enters Taurus on the same day that Mercury shifts signs. In your 7th house of relationships, this planet of love and beauty could have you valuing and adoring a relationship more than ever. 

June 9th: Our yearly Sagittarius full moon will bring things into the outer world for you around your self-worth, your personal finances, or your tangible assets. Sagittarius will flavor these with expansive notes, horizon broadening opportunities, or foreign relations. With Sagittarius’s ruler stationing direct on the same day as this lunar event, Jupiter may throw some confusion into the works, possibly through a relationship or a matter of fairness and a secret enemy or else an artistic or spiritual element may be revealed. Saturn sits very near this full moon which may highlight a big responsibility that’s on your shoulders that you care a lot about. We also have Neptune squaring this full moon bringing out some complexity around your leadership or creative projects. There’s a lot of shadow stuff going on around this full moon for you so do be extra aware and realistic around the 9th. Trickery and illusion could be at play, affecting your material 2nd house – for good or bad. 

 June 21stAs we hit the end of June, summer solstice arrives signifying the most growth oriented phase of our year. With this date, both the sun and Mercury will also move into the nurturing sign of Cancer and your 9th house of expansion and seeking. Through to the end of the month, a big emphasis will be placed on broadening your horizons through females, home, real estate, or areas of security. 

June 23rd: At the new moon of Cancer Season, it’s your time of the year to make wishes that will push our boundaries and comfort zones in order to open new worlds of opportunity to you. Use your intuitive side to meditate on the big visions you see for your life. With Mercury right next to this new moon, much learning and community could form around these wishes over the next year. Saturn opposes this lunar event bringing a need to take some responsibilities seriously with the intentions forming around the end of the month. 

Best Date: June 3rd, As the moon conjoins with one co-ruler, Mars, she’ll also oppose your other co-ruler, Pluto. Neptune and Jupiter also link up to this dynamic lunar day. Much action and activity will win you progress and expansion on this day. Be open to opportunities and new perspective. 

Sagittariius Symbol.png

Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Vibrant Coupling & Empowering Intuition. June brings new energy with it and for you, starting this month off in the solar season of Gemini, relationships are likely featuring prominent. You can use until the 21st to find more balance and harmony in your give and take. You are likely attracted to others who are connected and witty. This is somethings you have a hard time seeing in yourself but really, the place where you connect and feel the greatest sense of belonging is IN your relationships. You may experience your greatest ability to hold paradox and duality within your relationships, possibly wanting to commit to anything and everything that a spouse or other kind of partner throw your way. To subdue urges to have relationship affairs, enter business partnerships and other agreements where you partner with trusted others to cover all the multiplicity of wants you to have in your relational world. You crave much belonging in this sphere so get creative with the unions you form in order not to betray the trust of those you hold commitments to. Also, communicate to your partner/s if there are experiences you are needing, relationally, that you want to find an outlet for. There are so many creative ways to fulfill these without hurting those you love most. Partner with someone for exercise needs, for recreational needs, for spousal needs, for creative outlets, for a business idea, for mystical interest, for intellectual pursuits… Make a fair and loving plan as it is very unlikely that one person will ever fulfil all your wants in a relationship.

With Gemini Season, you’ve entered the co-operative half of your personal year, when sitting with and focusing on the perspective of others will help you mature and better contribute to the world. 

June 4th: As Mars makes his way into the moody and nurturing sign of Cancer, you may feel a need to clean house in your entanglements (how you are being intimate, how you are sharing resources, your debt/wealth portfolio, psychological blockages). Females, home and family may be very tied to this area of your chart and feeling much security and protection through the resources of others is something that will give you beautifully fertile grounds to grow strong and healthy roots in your life. As Mars clears away old debris, he’ll also spark new passions for you in this part of your chart. Real estate, land, and nurturing realms such as food and clothing are areas that could be beneficial for you to join forces with others. 

June 6th: The early part of June is packed with transitions. On the 6th, Mercury will also change signs, catching up with the sun in Gemini and your 7th house. This will add an extra emphasis for you around the relationships in your life. If things feel dramatic and uneasy here, take a good look at whether you’re giving your fair share or being taken advantage of. Putting yourself in the shoes of another is the best way to see whether you’ve been fair in your relationship. If things are going great, much elegance, harmonizing, and excitement can be found through the 21st in your relationships.  

Venus also shifts on this day, entering the sign of Taurus and your 6th house. This could bring much beauty, value, and ease into your daily life through wellness efforts, work projects, or the productivity in your life. 

June 9th: A very big day arrives for you on the 9th (and the surrounding days). Your yearly full moon arrives and it’s a dramatic one. I say this because your ruler, Jupiter, has been in retrograde for four-months and on the same day as your personal lunar illumination, he will return to direct motion. The day a planet goes retrograde or direct brings extra confusion. I do think there will be some dizzying affairs that pop up. We also have Neptune squaring this moon making its more deceptive affects infiltrate events taking place around the 9th. With Jupiter in Libra, a relationship or friends could be at the heart of some confusion. I think they are trying to be helpful but they’ll be very disoriented. Neptune hits you from your home sector, causing some potential delusions around your security and home. Try to stay extra aware and realistic at this full moon. There are so many confusing traps to navigate and the more grounded you are, the more you’ll get to the better qualities of this moon. Saturn is conjunct this event laying some heavy and serious things on the table. If you’ve worked hard with dedication in Saturn’s several-year cycle through your sign, this could bring a beautiful payoff when you will be recognized for some major achieving you’ve worked around the clock on. If you haven’t stayed focused with your Saturn lessons, you could get some serious beating up at this moon. 

I hate to be hard about this moon, but I have an extraordinarily large collection of people in my life that have either their sun or rising signs in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and I’d say about half of them have some extremely complex issues coming to a head around this date. If you fall into this category, be fair, realistic, and try to put yourself in the shoes of others at this moon. I believe things will work out fine if you’ve been honest. 

 June 21stAs summer solstice arrives, we enter the most growth oriented time of the year. Cancer Season always aligns with this date, and this year, Mercury will move with the sun into Cancer. Your 8th house gets the spotlight with Cancer at the helm, signifying a time of facing intimacy and entanglements. Growth and progress could unfold over the next four-weeks around how you handle wealth/debt, sharing with others, joining forces with others, power and control issues, and your psychological makeup. With the moon ruling over Cancer and this part of your chart, females, nurturing and security are strongly tied to finding more empowerment in your life. This cosmic body changes signs and phases in rapid motion compared to the other planetary rulers, so you may have a lot of moodiness and fluctuations to deal with in this realm of your life. Use your heightened intuition and tap into cyclical thinking to get the magical benefits of the moon’s illuminations. 

Work on sharing deep secrets or beliefs about matriarchal systems and the mother/s you’ve experienced in your life. You could be surprised by some psychological blocks that get uprooted and allow you to transform how you connect to your own nurturing capabilities. 

June 23rd: At the Cancer new moon, this is your time of year when the energies are most fertile for you to form new seeds of intent around connecting into feminine and cyclical magic as well as how you can gain more control and empowerment in your life and intimately connect with others. 

Best Date: June 3rd, Both the sun and moon bring you exciting energy on this day as they give their attention to your ruler, Jupiter. Warmth could be felt through relationships and much support and harmonizing could be found with friends and groups. 

Capricorn Symbol.png

Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Wellness & Balancing Emotions. Jumping into June, Gemini Season has you very conscious of your work, your lifestyle and wellness, and your habits or daily processes. Your 6th house is at play and these are the themes that will benefit from your focus and vital energies until the 21st. With Gemini giving a filter to this part of your chart, you likely enjoy making connections as part of your duties. Gathering information, learning, community, and writing are all things that may be part of your daily duties. Jogging or being in the car a lot could sooth your nerves as much movement is needed in your daily habits. You might feel your greatest sense of belonging with work colleagues, in wellness communities, or with other highly effective people. Your productivity could be at a high over the next three weeks so keep your head down, sort through the processes in your life and refine your habits. 

June 4th: Early in the month, Mars shifts into a new sign. Now in Cancer and your 7th house, partners and relationships may get a revamp in your life. Mars likes to clear away the old to ignite and initiate new passions. Tap into your intuition and your nurturing energies and sir up fresh emotional desires toward your style of relating and harmonizing. Let Mars pump new life into your how you find fairness and balance in your life. 

June 6th: Mercury enters Gemini shortly after Mars changes signs. In your 6th house, this messenger planet will drum up a very busy schedule. By the 21st, the fruits of all your hard work will be ready to collect. Communication, writing, moving—all things that generate pollination will be in turbo speed and refining how you produce purpose in your life. 

Venus enters Taurus on the same day, making the front end of June very busy with transitions. This planet will add elegance and beauty to your 5th house of leadership, creative expression, and recreation. Ease and grace will encompass the way you hold the spotlight and you can express yourself with much charm through the rest of the month. 

June 9th: We have our yearly Sagittarius full moon up next. This one is a mixed bag that could turn out complex in good or difficult ways, depending on how your chart aligns with some of the angles at play. This illumination that pushes things into the outer world will take place in your 12th house of shadows. First, your chart ruler, Saturn, will be very near to this moon. It’s likely been hard for you to see yourself clearly for a couple of years but this moon will illuminate some things for you to see what’s really been going on. We also have Neptune in difficult aspect to the moon bringing up some illusion or delusion to deal with in your communications and community. 

 June 21stSummer solstice bring us to the solar season of Cancer and a time when your 7th house of relationships and balance get a boost of vitality. There could be a lot of mood swings for you in this realm as the moon rules this sign and is the fastest moving ruler. Cycles and phases seems to be your best path forward in understanding your relational style and commitments. Your intuition will be in a heightened state and can help you get a feel for how balanced things have been in the give and take in your life. 

June 23rd: At the Cancer new moon, the timing is fertile for you to make new intentions for the next year around how you want your relationships to grow.  Nurturing, protective, and geared toward deep and secure roots are how you feel the most comfort in your closest partnering scenarios. Meditate simultaneously on the roots of a tree and someone you want a more soulful commitment with and see what your powers of channeling unseen forces and nourishment can do for you. 

Best Date: June 15th, You get a little needed light as the sun sends his golden rays to your ruler, Saturn, from across the skies. Find more creativity, warmth, and love on this day.

Aquarius symbol.png

Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Shining & Shaping Up. As we step into June, Gemini Season is well underway, infusing extra vitality into your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership. Fun verbal jousting, fluttering ideas, creative communities: These are all things that are likely swirling around you. Use the days leading up to the 21st to put yourself in the spotlight and claim the adoration you deserve. Your courage will be up, and with it, an attractive energy has others watching every move you make. You can take advantage of this swell of interest by getting your ideas out to everyone in your path, making new and interesting connections, and starting creative projects that utilize your verbal and charismatic genius. 

June 4th: As our warrior planet Mars enters the sign of Cancer, your 6th house of work, lifestyle, and wellness are up for some house cleaning and fresh passion. This is a great time to re-evaluate your routines and processes. Out with the old in with the new is a motto that you can hold onto this month. With Cancer being the sign that rules this area of your chart, females, intuition, nurturing, cyclical thinking, security, family, and home may play prominently in how you organize your day. 

June 6th: Mercury enters Gemini early in the month adding an extra dose of star power to your life until the 21st. Your mind will start to fill with curiosity and ideas for creative projects, giving you a courageous mentality as you express yourself with style and fun. Step up as a leader and show others how agile and connective you can be.   

Venus enters Taurus on the same day that Mercury moves. This planet of beauty and charm will help you find value and ease in your home and family life. You may upgrade or rearrange areas of your house or find that your family has instilled you with a strong sense of worth.

June 9th: Our yearly Sagittarius full moon arrives as we move nearer to mid-month. There are some interesting things playing out with this moon so keep your wits about you and your feet firmly on the ground. In your 11th house of groups, friendships, industries, networks, and collaboration this moon of expansion with find itself nestled into Saturn, our taskmaster planet. If there is something that you have been working hard on in this realm – greater responsibility in a group dynamic or within a movement that helps the progress of humanity, than you may get some recognition and take a more authoritative role. The complexity comes in with Neptune squaring off to this moon from Pisces. Although Neptune can show great artistic quality, a square from it can bring out its more difficult traits such as delusion and deception. Honesty and a realistic mentality is called for to navigate some of the foggy themes that arise around this moon. Here’s where it gets more interesting, Jupiter, the ruler of this moon, will be making a nice angle showing that he wants to send helpful support your way, BUT, her stations direct on this very day after a four-month retrograde. The day a planet changes orientation is its most confusing and disorienting. There could be some dizzying issues that come to light, whether directly related to you or in relation to groups you are involved with. 

 June 21stSummer solstice brings our most growth oriented quarter of the year, and with it, the solar season of Cancer. As the sun swims through the illuminated waters of this sign, he’ll be revitalizing your 6th house of work, wellness, and lifestyle. This year, Mercury will join the sun in his move adding a double emphasis to this part of your life. Pay extra attention to your processes, your routines, and your habits for this last part of June. With the moon ruling Cancer and this part of your chart, it’s likely that you have a strong ebb and flow of moods around your processes. Nurturing, security, imagination, and females could play a strong role in your daily functioning.  

June 23rd: At our Cancer new moon, meditate on how you’d like to become more efficient, healthier, and purposeful in your life. Also reflect on the moon and her cyclical and mysterious nature. This is your most fertile time to make new intentions that will play out over the next year around growing deep and secure roots in your work and wellness.  

Best Date: June 3rd, Venus links up to your ruler, Uranus, on this day in your 3rd house of communication. Lots of community and belonging have you feeling valued and beautiful. 

pisces symbol.png

Pisces || Pisces Rising

Blossoming Home & Creative Nurturing. Happy June, Pisces. As we get going in this bustling month, Gemini Season is in full effect. For you, this sign and season rule over your 4th house of home and family. New vitality is available to you to grow stronger and deeper roots in this most private area of your life. Gemini love to connect, belong, and pollinate, making your family and home the areas that give you a very strong sense of community. You may have a heightened curiosity around your ancestry, land and real estate, and possibly motherhood or cyclical thinking. Developing a strong sense of community around your home likely helps you to feel safe and protected. Spend time finding more fun and life through your family affairs until the 21st and allow yourself to learn new things about those you feel a nurturing quality for. 

June 4th: Mars enters Cancer early in June bringing his pioneering ways to your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership. Mars wants to ignite new passions and identify new paths for you, but he also has a need to clear away the old in order to gain the clarity he needs to find new desires. June will be a time to let go of past ways of taking charge and old creative cobwebs. As you purge in this creative sphere, be open to fresh passions stirring inside of you. Feelings of anger, impatience, or jealousy could really be triggers to help you realize what to let go of and what to newly pursue. Later in June as Cancer Season unfolds, the new moon of this sign will give you an extra boost around initiating new moon-y creativity in your life. 

June 6th: Mercury joins the sun in communicative Gemini on the 6th, creating double emphasis around learning new things, finding more belonging, and connecting to move spring initiatives forward. In your 4th house, family and females may provide your best paths for connectivity. Engage your mind and thirst for learning to gather information and with others and see what magic happens when you communicate what you are up to. 

Venus enters Taurus and your 3rd house of communication on this same day, adding another layer in your life around communicating and connecting. Venus will enhance your ability to charm and enchant others. You could find a boost in self-worth during the rest of June by engaging in community and learning new things. 

June 9th: An interesting full moon arrives as we move closer to mid-month. In Sagittarius, your 10th house of career is illuminated and something expansive could get pushed into the outer world or else need to be released. Saturn has been working you hard in this area of your chart and this moon will link up with the lessons he’s been teaching you. If you’ve been a good trainee, you may find yourself with some recognition and more authority at this moon, but if you’ve been resistant and struggling with the restrictions Saturn has placed around your aspirations, you could find some hard knocks coming your way. Things get interesting as your ruler, Neptune, in your 1st house of self, will square off to this lunar event. You may feel at odds with something arising and some delusional scenarios could need to be worked through. Things get even more wobbly as Jupiter, ruler of this moon, reaches out with some support—only to find himself totally confused and disoriented. Jupiter will be turning to direct motion after a four-month retrograde, on this same day. The day a planet switches its motion are the ones when they create the most confusion and chaos. In Libra, there could be something around a relationship, and from your 8th house, an entanglement or intimate knowledge may scramble the moon waves a bit. Stay grounded and realistic around the 9th to find the best compromises if complex issues come up. 

 June 21stSummer solstice arrives at the end of the month bringing us to our solar season of Cancer and out most growth oriented time of the year. Mercury joins the sun, moving into Cancer on the same day. This double whammy will infuse your 5th house of creative-expression and leadership with major new vitality and interest. You could find yourself smack in the middle of the spotlight feeling vivacious and interesting. Your ideas and purpose will be flooded with Cancer’s imaginative and soulful ways and others will be watching you to understand and feel sure about how to have fun and create with the energy of the moon. Tap into you’re your innermost yin ways to channel illumination and nurturing in your expressive passions for the rest of June. 

June 23rd: At the Cancer new moon, meditate on the moon, roots, and females you admire as well as on a leader who inspires you and a compassionate and whimsical heart. Use the images and thoughts that arise to make new intentions at this fertile time that will guide you through your next year of leading and shining. 

Best Date: June 24th, Your creativity and star power is golden on this day as the moon and Mars link up to send your ruler, Neptune, glamorous vibes.

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