Cosmic Messages : May, the Month of Clarity & Traction in New Beginnings

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of May By CosmoMuse

It’s been a tough start to our spring season this year but we finally turn a corner in May. In this time of new beginnings and fresh passions, we’ve been riddled with retrogrades. I’m not one to dump on retrogrades, they’re great for helping us refine and revise things for the better. They get us doing some needed inner work and looking at our life through different perspectives. BUT, retrogrades during the spring solar seasons make it difficult to get clarity and forward progress around our newly arising passions for the year. As we move into May, we round this tough corner with only three more days to endure of Mercury in retrograde – our planet of movement and thought. Once we get to the 4th, all personal planets will be in forward motion for the first time this spring. Hyper speed may set in as well as more clarity felt around the bold new paths we’ve found ourselves on. 

The Solar Seasons of May

The solar season of Taurus is heightening our senses in the first two thirds of May. Temper your pace during this earthy this season and indulge in the small delights that life and the newly blossoming material world have to offer. Long walks, slow dinners with a few valued others, buying that item that you’ve been fawning over (so long as your budget allows), and developing a new relationship with how you care for your possessions and how you generate material flow in your life (income, making things, budgeting)—these are just a few examples of how to awaken stronger self-esteem and self-value in the solar season of Taurus. Ruling our throats and voices, speak your truths and make your intentions known to the universe by voicing them out loud.

On the 20th, we move into the last of three solar seasons this spring. Gemini takes the reins with his agile ruler, Mercury, in material Taurus. In our first season of spring, Aries Season, we identified new intentions and passions as the sun warmed our fires. Taurus Season helped us find value and give form to these new intentions, and now, as Gemini swaggers his way into our lives, he helps us to generate movement and connection around our new paths for the astrological year. The last ten days of May are made for getting out, talking to people about what’s bubbling up in our lives, and finding a sense of belonging and connection in our daily communities for our new paths. With the ruler of this season still behind in the sign of Taurus, there will be revolving themes of value in the air. This season will have us needing to generate and communicate the value and worth that our paths, and we, hold, as we pollinate our way through the end of the month. 

The Lunar Cycles of May

Scorpio Full Moon – As we move into May we will still be plugged into the intention setting phase of the new and crescent moon, but as we move into the month, the full moon’s magnetic pull will soon creep in. For many days leading up to, and following, the Scorpio full moon on the 10th, drama will likely be stirring. Scorpio is an intense and psychological sign and things being pushed into the outer world, from more secretive places inside of us, could propel us to find more empowerment in our lives. Psychological work can have us unearthing hidden issues that have been obstructing our live force, bringing great transformation. Scorpio also rules other people’s money, sex, the occult, and death. The full lunar phase is one that has several effects on us. We get a sense of whether our most recent new moon intentions are viable, we release things that are not meant to continue in our lives, and we see bigger patterns of manifesting at play by looking back to the new moon of the same sign, six months earlier. Reflect on your Taurus new moon goals at the end of April as well as on any happenings that newly arose at the end of October. Anything leaving your life could feel like a literal death as this sign is so intimately connected to the underworld. Anything that leaves will serve as energy for new paths to arise at our next Scorpio new moon, this fall.

This full moon is loosely sextile its own ruler, Pluto, intensifying things but also bringing great healing opportunity. Neptune will add some artistic and compassionate notes that could soften this event through an attitude of love and compassion. Due to the placements of Scorpio’s co-rulers (Pluto & Mars), we may see things transform in our lives around our authority and focus as well as through communication and connecting to our supportive communities. 

Gemini New Moon – On the 25th, freshly into Gemini Season, we jump right into this season’s new moon. Watch for fresh stirrings and channels of connection opening to you. It’s a great time to put ourselves out there and talk about what we have stirring in the new astrological year. Openings are available and the more we connect with our voices, speak with authenticity about our passions, and listen to those of our comrades, the more channels of support we’ll find. With Jupiter trine this fresh intention setting time, expansion and new perspectives from trusted others could arise – but do attempt some discernment as Jupiter will expand just about anything. You want to be sure it’s something worth your time and energy.

May Astrological Ritual

Last month, Taurus was a prevalent theme so I created a ritual to help us find more self-value. In May, we again have a prevalent Taurus energy. I want to switch things up to hone our voices this month. Every morning as you rise, try to have or do a little something that brings you great pleasure – drink coffee, eat yogurt, burn palo santo… As you do this, check in with your senses and naturally let your voice speak aloud, what it values about this and you. Building strength of voice and developing a personal relationship with it through your senses will serve so many beautiful things as we move through this middle phase of spring. Speak aloud to yourself anytime your senses are heightened and see how hearing and speaking to yourself awakens a stronger and more relaxed vocal projection. 

Aries || Aries Rising

Aries Symbol.png

Valuable Connection. May is all about connecting to others and cultivating a stronger self-worth in your material life. All month, your ruler, Mars, will be busy gathering information and meeting people in your community as he forges new paths and helps bring clarity around the best channels forward for your new spring efforts.  Meanwhile, for the first twenty days of May, the sun will be adding vitality and warmth to the material realm of your chart. Create with your senses and use your voice to feel alive and important. If you’ve been wanting a raise or hoping to pump more life into your revenue streams, this is a great time for enhancing material flow. With Venus having recently entered your own sign, staying for the whole of May, you’re one of the lucky winners this month. It’s a beautiful period to update your wardrobe, your style, and fill your days with loving and spoiling yourself. It’s what the cosmos want for you. 

May 3rd: Having Mercury retrograde in your own sign always means you get the brunt of its haywire effects. Since mid-April, you’ve likely been in a bit of a mental haze, unsure of how to put words to your new spring passions. On the 3rd, Mercury will finally turn direct and by the 5th, you should be feeling a lot more clarity and boldness around the new paths you’ve started to forge since the spring equinox. 

May 10th: This month’s full moon falls in the sign of Scorpio, bringing up some very literal manifestations around your psyche, sex, death, or the resources of others. There is likely a lot of financial energy surfacing in your life right now—possibly a mix of personal resources and shared resources. It’ll depend on your chart whether these are tough scenarios, pushing you to better your circumstances, or easier, more exciting happenings. 

May 16th: Mentally, you’ll start to feel all of the vital work that you’ve been doing with the sun in your 2nd house, around value and self-worth once Mercury catches up to the sign of Taurus on the 16th. This becomes an especially poignant time to work on voice projection and speaking your authentic truths. 

May 20th: One of your busiest times of the year will arrive on May 20th. As the solar season of Gemini takes over, joining your ruler, Mars, in the communication and movement part of your chart, you’ll be overflowing with ideas, information, and ripe potential. Gemini and your 3rd house are both meant for figuring out where you and your ideas belong. The more you communicate, learn, and talk to others, this season, the more you’ll feel connected and seen for who you truly are, for the rest of the year. 

May 25th: At the Gemini new moon, take some time to speak kindly to yourself. Write yourself a letter about how smart and funny you are, and how excited you are for yourself to travel any new roads that you’ve decided to explore. Do this before you write out or do any new moon intention setting or rituals. This kindness will help you to find the right paths of connection and the most resonant doors to walk through at this new moon. Your life is ready for some fresh and interesting energy around how you communicate and feel a sense of belonging in your life and for your interests. 

Best Date: May 12th, Just following the full moon, your ruler and Jupiter will make a high flying connection, boosting your optimism and potential for expansion through a something harmonizing, a relationship, or in connection to fairness. The moon will be reaching out to both your ruler and Jupiter, amplifying the energy at play. 

Taurus || Taurus Rising

Taurus Symbol.png

Clarity & Fresh Passions. There’s been so much talk about the astrological new year and how we’re all supposed to have been waking up to new passions and directions since the spring equinox. The thing is, dear Taurus, our first solar season, Aries, was lighting up your 12th house of shadow, art, and retreat—a place meant for decompression. On top of that, your ruler was in a retrograde cycle until the middle of last month. Now that we are finally in your own solar season and your ruler is back to forward motion, you get your personal period of rebirth and fresh stirrings, but there’s still one hiccup. Your ruler, Venus, is touring through the sign of Aries all month. This sign is one that is passionate and assertive, but he rules that 12th house of shadow that we just talked about. There may be a tension with part of you pushing forward, grasping at new life and another aspect of yourself wanting to retreat into nebulous, cosmic territory. This is okay, and the best you can do is to tend to the needs of both. Let yourself know that you have a certain hour set aside each day for you to decompress and find clarity, and then let the sun take the lead as he charges your sign up for the rest of the day. Just the simple act of letting yourself know that you are creating space for both vitality, and rest, will put all tensions to rest. 

May 3rd: As Mercury, ruler of our minds, turns to direct motion on the 3rd, a layer of mental fog that’s been present will start to subside, and your mind will join your ruler in fluid 12th house vibes, wanting to meld with the cosmic for great inspiration and self-compassion. Again, refer back to the push-pull aspect above and allow yourself to have a good hour a day to decompress and get some good R & R time. 

May 10th: This month’s full moon is a big one for you. We all have four cardinal points in our charts that rule over the biggies (self, home, relationship, and career). This full moon in Scorpio amplifies the energies in your opposite sign of Scorpio ruling your relationships. This could mean a big decision regarding engagements, weddings, a new level of commitment with a special other, a business partnership, or a matter that has to do with finding a fair and balanced solution with a dispute. Whatever the case, things are getting pushed into the outer world that you’ve been dealing with on a more personal level. Scorpio can bring up issues of control and power as this sign deals with all the taboo things – sex, death, the occult, the psyche, and other people’s money. When dealt with maturely, great and empowering transformations can take place under this sign’s embodiment. Think of something empowering that you’d like to manifest in your life, and ask for guidance at this full moon to have that happen in a safe, healthy, and nurturing way. 

May 16th: You feel a little more me energy as Mercury enters your sign on the 16th. In your own sign, mental clarity will become very real and your mind will be abuzz with fresh ideas that stir your passions. Likely, these ideas will all boil down to very practical, prudent, and value enhancing things. Engage your mind through your senses and let them lead your thoughts to beautiful ideas with potential to fill your life with more comfort and pleasure. 

May 20th: We move into a new season on the 20th. With Gemini taking the reins, communicating, connecting with your close communities, and gathering with others are things that will have you feeling the full effect of your value. There is a strong tie between your self-worth and how you belong with others. Get out and mingle at this time, and there will likely be some new doors that open to you that could enhance how you bring money and value into your life. 

May 25th: This new moon is one that could open fresh opportunities for you around cultivating a stronger voice as you speak to others, around ways of generating more material flow in your life, around how you care for your possessions, and give form to interesting ideas. Before you make your new moon intentions, write yourself a letter, letting you know how much you value yourself and your ability to think in connection to value and worth, and the senses. 

Best Date: May 19th, Your ruler and Jupiter face off in an opposition. An expansive and beautiful balance can be found on this day around matters of trust (in yourself and others) and how that can bring a dynamic depth of meaning and purpose to your life. 

Gemini || Gemini Rising

Gemini symbol.png

Inspired Clarity. As we jump into the month of May, things are still a bit chaotic and hazy with your planetary ruler, Mercury, in a retrograde cycle. Pretty quickly, things will turn around as he stations direct on the 3rd. You’ve been doing a bit of mental revision around the groups you want to contribute to as well as rethinking some of your future hopes and dreams. As Mercury returns to direct, some of the things you’ve done edits around or deep inner work on will start to move forward and you’ll see some momentum that will have you more excited about future cycles coming together. Meanwhile, the solar season of Taurus is at play until the twentieth, lighting up your 12th house of shadow. Much artistic and spiritual energy can envelope your life in these first days. It’s also a time of rest and retreat so take things a bit slowly and softly. Let your senses take the lead, helping to fill you with poetic value and pleasurable connection to the divine. Inspiration is ready and waiting for you to grab it and will help you find more self-value and personal resources. A bit of clarity infuses your days as Mars lives in your sign for all of May. This planet will have you spring cleaning and seeking some solitude to gain clarity around your deepest passions and wants. 

May 10th: As we start the month, we’ll still be in new and crescent moon mode, making new intentions and feeling the freshness of new energy swirling about. As we move further into the month, emotions become more prevalent and heightened. With this month’s full moon in Scorpio, the days surrounding the 10th will likely feel intense and mysterious. Scorpio is our sign connected to the psyche, to power and empowerment, to issue of control, sex, death, and shared resources. Full moons push things we’ve been working on and thinking about into the outer world, making intentions and seeds planted, actualized in our lives. Sometimes seeds don’t take, and the same goes for intentions. Full moons are also a time to let go of things that aren’t meant to bloom in our lives at this time. Doing work to release will make more room for new intentions and fresh starts at the next Scorpio new moon this fall. 

May 16th: At mid-month, your ruler, Mercury, will move out of your 11th house of groups and networks where it’s been progressively gathering information and making connection to enhance your future hopes and dreams. On the 16th, he’ll move into the sign of Taurus and your 12st house of shadow. You’ll have more mental compassion and loving ideas. Inspiration could strike, leading you to think in more artistic and cosmic ways.  

May 20th: A few days after Mercury moves into your 12th house of retreat, the sun moves into your own sign, adding some vitality and life to your closest held passions that are meant just for you. May 20th marks your personal new year and you will be feeling much more assertive and full of energy than the past month or two have granted you. Finally, all of the new and fresh spring energy from the astrological new year will make itself more personal and available to you. Although this marks your birthday time, our 1st house, that our own sign rules, is a very personal and solitary place. Be sure amidst all of the celebrating, to give yourself ample alone time to find the clarity and passions that will serve as the motor to propel you into a new turn around the sun. Being a connected Gemini, even if those passions are heavily embedded around being social and engaging with others, you still need a bit of alone time to get clear about that and what it is you are wanting for yourself.  

May 25th: After our full moon that amplified intense moods at mid-month, we slowly come to more observational moon phases. Now, at the tail end of the month, we return to a fertile new moon phase. This is your new moon of the year. The most fertile day for you and your fellow Gemini’s to make very personal and self-focused intentions. What does your heart and soul truly long for right now? It’s also a great time to clear away anything that no longer brings you joy. What’s ready to be let go of? Make an effort to create more room in your life right now for the new passions arising at your center, to take root. 

Best Date: May 28th, A beautiful formation in the cosmos (moon and Neptune sextile your ruler, Mercury, from Pisces and Cancer) fills you with inspired messages around finding more value and success in your life. Look for subtle symbols and take time to meditate and tap into all the beautiful cosmic vibes on this day. Being near water can help channel this inspiration. 

Cancer || Cancer Rising

Cancer Symbol.png

Empowering Expression. Of any sign, you are the most affected by the rhythms, phases, and movements of the moon—she’s your ruling cosmic body. I want to give you homework this month, Cancer. Learn the phases of the moon, download a moon phase app (I like Full Moon) and start tracking how the phases and signs that this reflective body cyclically moves through, impact you. Here’s a quick example: We start the month off with the moon in your sign in the waxing crescent phases (falling just after the new moon). Your reflective and emotional mood is very personal. A little irritation may be fest but with the moon in one of its first phases, emotions aren’t in their most amplified state. Be sure to give yourself plenty of alone time in the first few days of May. This fluctuation of mood will change for you every 2.5 days and a moon tracker journal can help in invaluable ways to keep track of all of your ebbing and flowing. Before you know it, you’ll be able to see what’s coming and be ready for all of your many shifts. 

We start May off in the solar season of Taurus, bringing warmth and vitality to an observational part of your chart. You may feel a boost of energy and life around how you engage with groups and find more self-value around fresh ways of functioning as part of a group dynamic. Friendships are an area that can bring you greater self-worth and material value. You serve as a strong voice for movements and in collaborations. Your senses help you to give form to the systems and networks in your life. 

May 3rd: Since April 9th, we’ve been in a Mercury retrograde phases. With this in your 10th house of career as we start the month, you may be rethinking what it is you are aspiring to do and achieve at this time in your life. On the 3rd, this revision time will end and you will start to feel more clarity around your mental attitude in regard to your career or reputation. Something has likely shifted and you’ll have until the 16th to get your mind straight and make the proper communications to support the new tweaks you’ve just processed. 

May 10th: Your most amplified time of the month will always be at the full moon. This month it lies in fellow water sign Scorpio, in your 5th house of creative expression. At this time, things may be manifesting around your ability to be a powerful and precise leader, around a creative style that is both empowering and possibly sexual in nature. There may be intense things to let go of as well as things that have been buried deep in your psyche that get unearthed. This can be scary, but this unearthing process allows you to see things that might have been blocking your powerful life force, helping you to transform in very creative ways. 

May 16th: As Mercury, our messenger planet, shifts to the sign of Taurus on the 16th, he’ll bring more mental energy to the area of your life that focuses on groups, progress for your future hopes and dreams, and where you want to contribute to health of humanity. You may start to have great ideas around valuable group creations, propelling you to give form and sensation to group projects.   

May 20th: As we shift into a new solar season on the 20th, our last of the three spring astrological season, Gemini takes that reins, and your 12th house of shadow and inspiration get lit up. Your heart may feel more compassion, more love and more inspiration during this season. It’s a beautiful healing time as well as one where we can find more forgiveness and artistic composition through inspired cosmic channels. In Gemini, this part of your chart is very communicative and chatty. Connecting and exchanging ideas with artistic and spiritual others at this time can help you feel a greater sense of belonging and feeling seen for your true self. 

May 25th: At the Gemini new moon, you find yourself in a very contemplative and serene mood as your ruler is dim and fertile in the shadow area of your chart. Invite new openings and intentions into your life at this time around learning more about your spiritual and artistic leanings. Gathering new knowledge and information here can help you find great life meaning and symbolism. You may find that you have a very communicative channel with spiritual forces if you open your mind to that idea. 

Best Date: May 7th, The 4th house is your natural house, so you tend to feel more yourself, nurturing, and safe, when your ruler is touring this part of your chart. On the 7th our lunar goddess will meet up with expansive and optimistic Jupiter in this part of your chart, in harmonizing Libra. This is during the waxing gibbous moon phase (just before it’s full) so your mood is heightened but not overwhelming. It feels like a time to tap into expansive opportunities for more security and safety in your life. A partner may feel important on this date as well as the work you do. 

Leo || Leo Rising

Leo Symbol.png

Valuing Responsibility & Informative Friendships. Happy May, Leo. You are likely feeling more and more alive as we move further into the yang half of the year that we entered at the spring equinox. You are a summer baby, but the spring also holds much of the sunlight and joy that you so crave. As we enter May, we are in the thick of Taurus Season and your time to find more value and self-worth through taking on responsibilities and focusing on aspirations and/or career aims. With Taurus ruling this 10th house area of your chart, getting in touch with your senses can be something that helps guide you to more responsibility and authority. You likely build much lasting stability in your life through the pleasures of the material world and a strong voice. You could be masterful at giving form and grace to your reputation. Use this solar season, until the 20th, to value and find pleasure in the responsibilities that you take on. The 10th house is the steepest climb we have in our chart, sitting right at the top. With Taurus here, you must enjoy what you are doing to succeed. Really value, own, and dig into what you seek authority and expertise in. 

May 3rd: Mercury, our planet of communication and movement, has been in a retrograde cycle since April 9th. You are the least comfortable of any sign with retrograde cycles as your planetary ruler, the sun, is the only ruling body that never retrogrades. Being our cosmic leader and life generator, you have to stay in forward motion, we all depend on the sun to keep us alive and going. We can’t afford for it to get reflective on us. This Mercury retrograde has been uncomfortably pushing you to revise and reflect on your ideas around your life beliefs, around pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone for new and broadened perspective, and around how you’ve been expanding into your life aims. You can rest easy knowing that this phase comes to an end on the 3rd, and you can move into your more comfortable forward direction, with new clarity of mind and mental understanding around your philosophies and grand life visions.

May 10th: Intense emotions envelope all of us at the Scorpio full moon on the 10th. The days surrounding this may bring up issues around home and family. Something may be manifesting or rising into the outer world around feeling more empowered at home. Or, it may be time to let go of issues of control and power in your family and at home. Scorpio rules our psyches and loves to dive into the deepest, darkest recesses of ourselves to unearth locked away baggage. This usually happens through sharing – whether psychologically or through the entanglements of shared resources or intimacy. Hidden power and control issues that come into visibility now can help you transform these and clear them away from blocking your life force. Being a Leo, you may not feel comfortable with the dark places inside of you, but the results of releasing things that obstruct your essence is worth it in the end, bringing great empowerment. 

May 16th: As we reach the middle of May, Mercury will move into your 10th house of aspirations, and the sign of Taurus. You may start generating more ideas and movement around your need for value and pleasure in your achievements.  

May 20th: A new solar season arrives on the 20th. This time, with Gemini taking the reins, you may feel a bit more comfortable as this is an air sign and more compatible to your fire-y ways. This season will highlight your 11th house of friendships, group orientation, how you find progress and hope for your future and the future of humanity. It brings up a more observational phase where you are looking at the future of our world rather than at your own personal passions. With Gemini ruling this part of your chart, you are a movement generator for groups. You know how to get the gang going, you know how to get all parties communicating for the greater good. Use these last ten days of May to pump more vitality and life into the groups in your life, and play a part in the greater health of humanity. 

May 25th: At the end of the month, we have our yearly new moon in Gemini. This is a very fertile time for you to release stagnant energy around your group involvements. Use the room that these releases make, for new intentions to form around the groups you’d like to engage with, and what you can do to make our world a better place for the next generations. 

Best Date: May 9th, This day, and the following, at our full moon, are very powerful with Pluto, planet of transformation, making a positive link to your ruler, the sun. Be open to sharing and unearthing things inside of you on this day. The results will have you finding so much more empowerment in your creative expression and leadership potential. 

Virgo || Virgo Rising

Virgo Symbol.png

Expansive Pleasures. Dear Virgo, you are right at home in the solar season of Taurus Season until May 20th. This fellow earth sign has you seeing your life from a 10,000-foot view, scanning for the most pleasurable and expansive ways to engage and grow your life. New visions could be forming around foreign countries, the countryside, and greater life comfort through pushing your perspective and adventuring into the unknown. You may not actually take off in the night at this time, but seeds have been planted (likely at the end of April). Taurus wants you to find more self-worth and value, and, ruling over your 9th house of higher learning and foreign musings, you are currently pushing yourself to think about new worlds unknown to you; worlds that will provide you with a softer place to create form and value in your life. 

May 3rd: Your ruler, Mercury, has been in retrograde since April 9th. Currently in Aries and your 8th house of shared resources and psychology, you are doing a lot of reviewing and rethinking around how you want to feel empowered. Much inner work has likely been in progress to uncover and unearth anything blocking your assertive and initiative powers. On the 3rd, as Mercury returns to direct, you’ll start feeling more clear about how you want to entangle and share with others in your life. Wealth and removing debt may find new ways to envelope your life. With Aries in this area of your chart, you may have a hard time opening up to others or letting the power of joint forces work for you, but you have opportunity here from the 4th until the 16th. Empowerment awaits those Virgos who dare to delve into their underworlds and use their initiative to unearth blocks and allow the grace of others to help them. 

May 10th: This month’s full moon falls in the intense water sign of Scorpio, and your 3rd house of communication and connection. Things are getting pushed into the outer world, things are manifesting, or, on the flip side, some things are also realizing they are not meant to blossom this year, and are passing out of your life. The things that do blossom could have a lot to do with the resources of others and arise through channels of communicating, connecting, and talking about what you are doing in the areas of psychology, wealth, or empowerment. Great intimacy and transformation are possible around this date with the communities that you regularly engage with. 

May 16th: At mid-month, your ruler, Mercury, enters a new sign and phases. As he moves into Taurus, your mentality, and soul searching will move from themes of empowerment and sharing to ones of seeking greater life opportunities and material comfort. With the sun still in this 9th house part of your chart for four more days, with your ruler, it’s a potent time to really focus on what new perspectives and wisdom could open you to new worlds of pleasure and simple joy. 

May 20th: Gemini Season arrives on the 20th as our solar path shifts focus. Gemini rules the very top of your chart and symbolizes the greatest height you have to climb each year, and throughout life. This 10th house embodies your career, what you seek to be an authority in, and your aspirations. Gemini here will have you thinking a lot about words, communication, connecting, belonging, and building lasting achievements in the realm of ideas, writing, community, gathering, and learning. The sun’s presence here for the last ten days of May will pump new life and vitality into this part of your chart. 

May 25th: As the moon meets up with the sun in Gemini and your 10th house, on the 25th, new doors and fresh openings are becoming available. It’s a time to clear away anything that feels like clutter. In Gemini, it could be mental clutter or books and writings that are just taking up space. With this clearing away of the old, new room arises and the magic of the new moon will help you form fresh intentions around your career or aspirational aims. 10th house goals can be the hardest ones of the year to follow through with as they demand much responsibility and holding of authority. They demand focus and training. Seek out a mentor and/or classes if your new moon intentions are bigger than your current capabilities—Geminin loves both of these, and the 10th house appreciates you taking it seriously. Mars has been in this part of your chart for a couple of weeks, already asserting and clearing paths for more clarity. Tap into his assertive and initiative powers with these new goals. 

Best Date: May 9th, Your ruler steps into a surprising and shocking meeting with Uranus in your 8th house of transformation. I can’t actually say if this will be a best or other type of day for you this month, as that will depend on how your particular chart connects to this degree, but it seems as though something out of the blue will come up for many Virgos. Saturn also reaches out with support from Sagittarius. Very solid and reliable foundations that you’ve been working hard to cultivate may provide some extra nourishment and structure for you in connection to what comes up.

Libra || Libra Rising

Libra Symbol.png

Powerful Balancing. Libra, as we enter the soft month of May, the slow pace and comforts of Taurus Season are upon us. For you, this warms up and pumps life into your 8th house of entanglements and transformation. Taurus wants you to find value and self-worth, she wants you to give form to the material world through your senses. In your 8th house, this will relate to finding comfortable and sensual ways of delving into your psyche to unearth hidden issues that are blocking your true essence. It will warmly push you to move with ease and a strong voice toward valuing the resources of others and intimately connecting with a very special other. As you do powerful work around sharing your own value, these other things will blossom, bringing you much empowerment and greater life power.

During all of May, your ruler, Venus, will be in your 7th house, ruled by Aries. You may be doing important work on how you balance your relationships, in relation to your need for independence. Being assertive and clear about your needs for autonomy will help bring bold balance and honesty to your relationships. Being a Libra and loving the idea of relationships, you give off a vibe of wanting to be more interdependent than you are. Being upfront with yourself and your relations will help both of you have more clarity about the conflicting signals that you might put out. Create clear schedules or boundaries with others in your life that feed both your love of being in unison yet allows you to maintain autonomy within your relationships. The more you get clear about this, the less you’ll attract selfish behaviors from your partners or act selfishly, yourself, in your relationships.

May 3rd: Mercury, our planet of communication, has been a bit squirrely since April 9th, in one of his retrograde phases. Much inner mental work has likely been going on for you around your relationships. You’ve been rethinking a lot of things and trying to find the more cyclical and mystical patterns that affect your mentality. On the 3rd, we’ll move out of this inner processing and start to find more clarity of mind. For you, this will reflect the above themes of relationships. Your ideas around how you move and connect within your partnerships will likely clear up and you’ll find that you are able to communicate with clarity to the other/s in your life. 

May 10th: Your 2nd house of personal resources and your relationship to the material world gets an intense full moon on the 10th. This will push things into the outer world around power and control issues connected to your self-worth and finances. Powerful transformations could be taking shape as you share with others and allow others to share with you in material and sensual ways. The key for you will be to really value joining forces with others for material purposes. It can be hard in your chart to dissect what is yours and what is another’s, materially. On the other hand, you possess special qualities of being able to handle joint resources with value and power. Allow this sharing to bring things to your surface and uproot past or hidden patterns. Bringing anything to the surface now, as hard as it may be, can help you see negative or blocked patterns and then be able to end and transform areas of your life for the empowerment of all in connection with your resources. 

May 16th: As we move into the comfortable middle of the month, our messenger planet, Mercury, moves into a new sign and house of your chart. Now in Taurus and your 8th house, we see more patterns of sharing resources coming up for you. Your mentality and need to move ideas forward will push into your deepest recesses, making mental patterns more clear: The more you share with others around how you value yourself and share your possessions, paradoxically the more this brings you empowerment through others and their resources. It can be hard to share in the area of our chart where Taurus resides, but for you, this is a challenge that will transform and empower you. So, many themes are coming up for you now around how you share resources and intimacy, and how you possess or own in the material world—and for your sign, how these are not mutually exclusive. The more you can conceive and understand this, the more harmonious this will all feel in your life. 

May 20th: As we change solar seasons with the sun sliding into the bubbly sign of Gemini, your 9th house of expansion and bold aims gets a fresh jolt of life. Communicating and connecting with others at this time will bring you fresh information and ideas around how you can expand into your exciting life visions. It’s a period when you can see your life from a 10,000-foot view, giving you a better ability to pick a target that will give you expansive views and bold life opportunities. You may find community and connection in far recesses of the world with the detail loving sign of Gemini ruling this abstract and broad-minded area of your chart. Detailed and abstract visionary aims mingle in your chart, trying to figure out how to find balance. As you mature, you will get better at holding conflicting (or opposing) energies and find great harmonizing and balance in all areas of your life. For now, work on the fact that your axis of seeking is needing both expansion and detailed attention. Hold room for both and you’ll find your soft spot with this. 

May 25th: At the Gemini new moon, fresh energy is awaiting you. It’s a fertile time to form new intentions and goals around how you want to expand and generate enhanced wisdom and perspective in your life. Foreign lands may sing to you, teasing you to their shores to explore the communities and way of life of those very different from you. You may decide you want to further your education, or you may seek a broader sense of community. 

Best Date: May 19th, The days surrounding the 19th are very special This year, you’ve had the expansive planet, Jupiter, creating a more exaggerated and broad-minded life for you. On the 19th, your ruler, Venus, will be in direct opposition to this planet, creating a balance point to make you think in different ways about this. Its opposition will help you to consider the opposite side of what you’ve been working to grow in your life, bringing greater understanding to make this big energy take flight.

Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Symbol.png

Sensual Relations. As we find ourselves in the first days of May, the solar season of Taurus is comfortably settling in. This sign and season light up your 7th house of relationships. Taurus is all about providing us with greater self-worth, a stronger voice, and a better connection to the material flow and form of life. Our 7th house is one that is hard to see as it sits on our horizon point. That’s why it’s our house of other—where we see aspects of ourselves through bouncing or relating with others, serving as a reflection. You may seek understanding of your value and worth through partnerships at this time. If you are feeling low in self-esteem or struggling to find your voice and value, ask your closest others to help you see this. You may find yourself attracted to others who have a strong embodiment of the sense driven, materially practical Taurus traits. Use this season to see yourself and your value through that which is reflected back to you. Know that what you are seeing in partners is actually just a reflection of your own way of relating. I’ll help you a bit by telling you about your relating style: You relate and harmonize with others in a sensual and practical way. You value harmony in deep and comforting ways. You bring stability to partnerships. When you equally value your voice and the voice of your partner, you generate gorgeous and graceful value and form in your relationships. When you own and care for your relationship like a beautiful possession, rather than possessing a partner, value and sensual comfort emerge through your relationship. 

May 3rd: Mercury is in a reflective and mysterious mode in your 6th house of processes and lifestyle as we enter May. This cycle has had you reviewing and rethinking a lot about your lifestyle and your autonomy in your day-to-day processes. On the 3rd, this thinking planet will return to direct motion after being in reverse since April 9th. Your newly refined ideas will be ready to go forward and make the connections and communications needed to give movement to your work and lifestyle desires. 

May 10th: A big day arrives on the 10th with your yearly full moon powerfully illuminating some very personal desires. Full moons push things we’ve been working on into the outer world, or, sometimes it can mark a time when we need to release something that wasn’t meant to blossom in our lives this year. Your ruler, Pluto, is in nice alignment to this full moon so it’s likely that you’ll have a powerful line of support through community and authoritative connections. 

May 16th: As Mercury enters Taurus and your 7th house at mid-month, you’ll be busy with all things relationship or partnership. Connect, communicate, and feed your senses as a unit with a close other. Valuable and stable ideas may emerge, and in the very least, much sensual pleasure is possible with your loved one. If single, it’s a great time to strengthen the bonds in your other relationships or in business partnerships. Listen and communicate with your parents, your siblings, your nieces and nephews, your aunts and uncles: Whoever it is that holds a strong place in your heart. Practicing and being good at the relationships you already have, translates into making those to come, great, as well. It’s also a time when we can use communication and connection in any disputes to find more understanding of an issue. 

May 20th: Gemini Season rolls in at the end of the month, bringing focus and vital warmth to your natural 8th house of shared resources, psychology, empowerment, sex, death, and shared resources. With Gemini holding court over this part of your chart, you can find strength of intimacy through communicating. Sharing with your close community can help you better see and unearth things that might be blocking your life force. Allow more connection and communication into your life at this time and bring awareness to how the resources in your community can come to your aid and be helpful in finding greater life empowerment. As you find yourself more intimately entangled with your connections, you may be able to see hidden issues of power and control arise. If you work at seeing these issue as yours, you’ll be able to end difficult patterns and thrive with great transformation. 

May 25th: At our Gemini new moon, the timing is fertile to generate new intentions and see fresh energies entering your life that can bring greater life power to you. Allow communication and movement to enter your life and see how it leads to local connections that make your life more empowering. 

Best Date: May 10th, I think this year’s full moon is going to be a big one for you. Both of your rulers are making nice aspects. Pluto is in nice angle to the full moon and Mars makes an expansive and lucky link to Jupiter, bringing hidden assistance, possibly through a partner. 

Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Sagittariius Symbol.png

Life Rhythms & Harmonious Connecting. May holds some big cycles for you. As we start off in Taurus Season, it will feel important to get your act together and put some finishing touches on being a productive and useful person as this season marks that last of your six personal seasons. Next season, Gemini Season pushes you into six months of being in relation with the outer world. With Taurus ruling your 6th house of work projects, lifestyle, and wellness, you need to feel comfortable, valued, and heard in your daily life. Find a rhythm that works for you, one that fills your day with pleasure and the engagement of your senses. You can give form and value to the mundane and you may find enhanced self-value and material flow through your work and lifestyle. Creating a graceful and healthy lifestyle will stick best when you enjoy your daily habits and processes. Create a comfortable work environment, take your time eating, and chose wellness routines that hold slow, deep rhythms—trail running, long walks, yin yoga…

May 3rd: Mercury has been in retrograde since April 9th, and as we set sail into May, he’ll be stationed in your 5th house of creative expression and leadership. You may be reviewing and revisiting ideas of how you want to hold the spotlight and feel expressive. On the 3rd, Mercury will pause and then regain speed in forward motion, allowing more clarity and forward moving passions to capture your mind and find movement and connection. You’ll feel more assertive and able to boldly step into your pioneering and creative ways until the 16th. 

May 10th: We have our yearly Scorpio full moon as we inch further into the month. This is a moon of intensity and empowerment that will push deep and transforming themes into our outer worlds. With this moon falling in your 12th house of shadow, powerful cosmic and artistic vibes will make themselves more known to you. Scorpio can be a sign of the phoenix rising, and the 12th house can bring great meaning and healing, so watch for subtleties, meditate, and use art to express the greater life meaning that is being felt around this moon. Sharing your experiences with others helps you to unearth hidden pathologies around power and control, allowing you a rare glimpse into darker patterns at play in your life. This glimpse may be the magic key that you needed to totally deconstruct and re-empower blocked parts of your life force. A hidden supporter may surface now as well, bringing great resources to push spiritual and artistic visions into being. 

May 16th: As Mercury shifts into a new sign and part of your chart at mid-month, you’ll start feeling more movement and connection happening in your daily processes, work, and lifestyle. The motor that you’ve needed to propel the vitality and heat that the sun has brought, will arrive with Mercury, and much movement will occur around feeling useful and filled with purpose. 

May 20th: Gemini Season marks a big push in your life to allow others to become a bigger consideration in your life. With your 7th house lit up, harmonizing and relating will generate more communication and belonging in your life. Witty and silly banter may gently breeze into your relational life, pumping your heart full of joyful palpitations. Tell your loved ones how you feel about them and watch how this makes you feel seen for having expressed how beautifully you see them. Allow yourself to feel greater belonging and movement in your life as you playfully engage with others. 

May 25th: At our new moon of Gemini Season, fertile ideas and connections will create openings for you to form new intentions for fresh energy in your relationships. Your heart is ready to grow through sharing ideas, words, playfulness, and details with your important others. Business partnerships are also primed for more exciting and youthful energy and ideas. If you have disputes to resolve in your life, make some intentions to try and find more understanding around the issue at hand. A little communication can bridge so many issues. 

Best Date: May 19th, This is a beautiful day for you, Sag. In your 11th house (and the sign of Libra), Jupiter, your ruler, will get a bright beam of balancing energy from loving and beautifying Venus (in Aries and your 5th house). You’ll be able to see both sides of creative energy in your life and how to compose with both. Your ruler is pushing you to be more co-creative and harmonize with groups, while Venus will show you the assertive and expressive powers that you hold, and that you can help lead the group with. Create anything and everything on this day. 

Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Sensual Creation & Productive Connecting. Entering this new month of May, we find ourselves cozily nestled into the solar season of Taurus, a fellow earth season. With this sign and season holding court over your 5th house of creative expression and leadership, you can pump some extra life into your senses and stability driven creative endeavors. Taurus is the sign of form, self-worth, value, the senses, and material flow. By taking the lead and tapping into your senses, you can take hold of the spotlight and generate more comfort and value in your life. Being creative could be an important key to boosting your self-esteem, as could finding ways to lead in material or financial realms. Use the vital solar energies of this period, until May 20th, to give in to your senses and find joy and pleasure in the material realm of creation. 

May 3rd: Our messenger planet, Mercury, has been retrograde since the 9th of April, shifting our mental functioning to look inward and review our ideas and thoughts. As we start the month, this will be taking place in the sign of Aries and your 4th house of home and family. You’ve needed some time to process and revise your connection to nurturing and roots in your life. As Mercury stations back to forward motion on the 3rd, all of the inner work you’ve done will allow you to see more clearly with fresh perspective around what you need to feel safe and secure in life. Aries reining over this part of your chart gives you assertive and passionate energy here, and you may have found over the past several weeks, that you are quite independent in your needs around home and family, yet paradoxically protective and brave, acting as a warrior force, if needed, in the life of your family. 

May 10th: An intense full moon arrives as we nudge further into the month. Scorpio brings her full and powerful illumination on the 10th, pushing things into manifestation, or into the outer world from your personal life. With this sign ruling your 11th house of groups, humanity, and systems, you may find that big transformations in your life are coming about through these channels. Scorpio pushes us to entangle with others through sharing in intimacy or through resources. As you share with groups and the world at large, you’ll be given an illuminating glimpse of hidden power and control patterns in your life. Once you are able to see these hidden issues, you can then do the work needed to put them to rest, unblocking aspects of your life force for greater empowerment. 

May 16th: At mid-month, Mercury, ruling over our minds and movement, will move to the sign of Taurus in your 5th house of self-expression and leadership. With your sun coming to the end of its tour through this part of your chart, the new life and vitality that’s been coursing through this area of your chart will gladly welcome Mercury and his ability to infuse communication and connection. Your mind will start to flood with valuable ideas for creative projects and leading. You’ll connect a strong voice to strong creative ideas at this time. 

May 20th: Shifting to the sign and season of Gemini, the sun will start to heat up the part of your chart that helps you organize your days, your processes, and your work duties. This 6th house of your chart also has a lot to do with lifestyle and wellness since it rules how we go about and organize our days. With Gemini here, you need a lot of communication, connecting, and gathering as part of your daily process. This is a motor sign, so in the house of productivity, you may like to feel busy, find gathering information exciting, need to feel useful by making connections, and possibly need little exercise due to how much you move around during your days. This feels like a collie dog energy with a great need to be in a constant state of purposeful activity. 

May 25th: At the Gemini new moon, the timing is ripe for new intentions to be formed around the kinds of work projects, health and wellness goals, and productivity you want to cultivate in your life. To feel useful is the highest goal that this part of your chart can strive for. Consider adding some volunteer hours into your new moon intentions, or being of service to your local community—something Gemini feels a love for. 

Best Date: May 9th, It’s hard to say if this should actually be classified as your best date of the month, but it’s certainly a date you should watch. Your ruler, Saturn, will receive an interesting beam of energy from the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your 4th house of home and family. Something out of the blue may come up at this time that either rocks your boat or feels exciting. Your ruler is in a long retrograde in the shadow area of your chart so a lot of your energy is being channeled inward at this time, to possibly find some spiritual or cosmic guidance around complex things. This date may bring you some interesting and special messages in relation to this inner work. 

Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Aquarius symbol.png

Stable Roots & Witty Creativity. Jumping into the month of May, we’re happily settled into our second astrological season, Taurus Season: The season of value and stability. With this sign holding court over your 4th house of roots, family, and home, you may feel a strong and warming urge to create more comfort in your domicile as well and create a safety net in the form of financial savings. You feel most safe and nurtured when you know your material needs are met, plus some, for comfort. Let your senses envelope you until the 20th, as this time of year rules how you smell, taste, touch, see, and hear things. The information that comes through your senses can help you connect to more self-worth, and form a stronger voice around your nurturing needs. 

May 3rd: We’ve been in one of those topsy-turvy Mercury retrogrades for the past few weeks, and on the 3rd, this planet of communication and thought will return to forward motion. In retrograde, you may have been in a process of review around your mental patterns, your ideas, and what you consider your community. Now in forward motion, this mystical inner work will have you seeing with deeper perspective and more meaning. You mind should start for feel more clear and you’ll be able to create movement and connecting for your bold and pioneering ideas. 

May 10th: An intense full moon illuminates our night skies on the 10th, with the sign of Scorpio giving you some rare insight into how your entanglements create power and control issues around your career or reputation. You can be the power behind the throne when it comes to building lasting achievements, holding special knowledge that by joining forces with others, you find great personal power. Sharing always pushes issues we have in this regard to the surface. As this moon starts to manifest things in your life, you’ll be able to dive into some great transformations as you see where you hold patterns of control that are blocking your life force. Great empowerment comes from this tough work in unearthing hidden issues and you’ll reap the benefits in your professional or authoritative standing. 

May 16th: Our messenger planet shifts into a new sign at mid-month, and with this shift, your mind may recalibrate to focus its mental powers on your security and family life. Mercury can help us to create movement and connection in our life, so the vitality that the sun has been pumping into this part of you chart will now be able to circulate better and feel more belonging as this communicator planet settles in. 

May 20th: Just as Mercury is getting comfy in your 4th house, the solar season will shift, and its warmth and vitality will start breathing new life into your crea, and to find recognition for your style and creativity. You may find yourself feeling bolder than usual and more willing to take the lead, heading up new and exciting projects. With the sign of Gemini filtering this part of your chart, you may have fun expressing yourself with wit, taking the lead by making connections in the community, and generating lots of fun and youthful activity in your life. If you have kids, it’s a great time to communicate and be playful with them. Let your hair down and allow yourself to freely move where the wind carries you. 

May 25th: As the Gemini new moon phases in, this will mark your most fertile time of the year to set intentions around how you want to create and lead. Clear any clutter from your head or in your creative spaces to allow clarity to find you. Doors are opening but if there’s a lot of unused and unvalued clutter in the way, it will be hard to see the openings or exciting intentions looking for your mind’s eye. 

Best Date: May 9th, This could be a day that you feel truly seen for the bold and original being that you are, better able to connect with others in your life in exciting ways. Put yourself out into the world and let people know what you are up to as your ruler meets up with the connector, Mercury, in the connector 3rd house of your chart. You never know who knows who and what connections can be made by simply being open about your ideas and passions. 

Pisces || Pisces Rising

pisces symbol.png

Life Stability. My Dear Pisces, as you glide into the month of May, a soft and stable season has you grounded and ready to use your voice to be heard and feel strongly a valued for your ideas. The communities that you regularly engage with may feel alive with potential and sensual pleasures. Get out and let others know what you are up to. Your ability to give form to your thoughts provides much joy in your life, attracting others to you who see your value. Until the 20th, feel the heat and warmth of the sun lighting up this part of your chart and pump fresh life into your sense of belonging. Make sure you find ways to be heard by and hear all those you that you come into contact with. 

May 3rd: Since the 9th of April, Mercury has been turning your mental gaze inward to review and see with new depth. As we start out in May, this will be happening around how you value yourself and connect to the material flow in your life. These things are very interrelated and the internal work that you are doing will have you better understanding how being valued, valuing what you already possess, and how the material value that you draw into your life, are all reflections of each other. As Mercury returns to direct motion on the 3rd, you will start to feel more clarity around your material life and life values.

May 10th: A big watery full moon arrives on the 10th in fellow water sign, Scorpio. Falling in your 9th house of grand life visions, you will get an illuminated view from the 10,000-foot perspective. This will help you to move manifestations into actuality around pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory that will gift you with beautiful and broadened wisdom. With Scorpio ruling this moon and house, you find expansive opportunities through the means and joint resources of others, or through intimately sharing pieces of your life with people of very different backgrounds and cultures from yours. By doing this, you will find that deeply hidden patterns of control and power get unearthed. Receiving a glimpse of any issues that arise will provide you with insight around how to expel these repressive patterns, transforming you with new life forces that’ve been freed. Your difficult chore at this full moon is to push your comfort zones and boundaries to share where you feel yourself in unfamiliar territory. Magic awaits you in foreign places. 

May 16th: As we land comfortably at mid-month, our messenger planet, Mercury, shifts into a new home in your chart. Now focused on material comfort, value, and the senses, Mercury will fill your mind with much stability and sensual pleasure in Taurus. At home in his natural 3rd house, he may have you very busy engaging and communicating with others. His aim will be to enhance movement and flow for the vital energies that the sun has been generating here. Taurus can be a stodgy sign to get moving. Relax a bit and let Mercury help you find more mental flexibility for the rest of May. 

May 20th: A few days later, the sun will say his farewell to the soft and pleasure oriented sign of Taurus and leave Mercury to pick up any slack as he moves on to pump fresh warmth and joy into your home and family life. With Gemini ruling the roost in this 4th house part of your chart, you’ll want to feel strongly connected to your roots and family. Write notes to them (yes, even to your home and your roots). Let your nurturing side fill your heart with witty words of love and create exciting activities to engage your most loved ones with. Set aside time each day to nurture yourself with communicative love, and those you feel protective of with the same. Do what you feel is needed to create a vibe of protection and safety for your home and family. This will allow your mind to rest well at night. 

May 25th: As the sparkling Gemini new moon arrives in the last days of May, a fertile opening presents itself to you. Your chart is ready for you to clear out things that are no longer useful or joyful at home. Clarity will set in, helping you to see fresh openings and intentions looking for your attention. A good home spring clean will create space for you to see the doors and fertile roots ready for new life and new nurturing attention. 

Best Date: May 3rd, A beautiful link between the sun and your ruler, Neptune, will stir up compassionate and loving passions in your heart and spread them to all those you care about, in a communicative and gentle way. With the sun in Taurus, much pleasure with close comrades can be experienced. Plan a nice dinner out with good friends on this evening, or one nearby.

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