Cosmic Messages : November, My vulnerability leads to opportunity.

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

Photo credit : Allef Vinicius

The Seasons & Cycles of November By CosmoMuse

Scorpio Season (ends November 22nd): As nature breaks down after an emboldened summer, so do we. November enters our life in the midst of a powerful and vulnerable season, one where we are inspired to let go of things, embrace aging, and welcome maturity with grace. Through the 22nd, dive into your depths, shine a light on what has caused pain, trauma, embarrassment, guilt, shame, and consuming vengeful feelings in your life. As you do this, feelings that surface will help you to break down your hidden mysteries and blockages. Release these through talking to someone, saying them out loud to yourself, and allowing yourself to share your experiences with others. Scorpio wants us to clear anything out that is repressing our essence. As you divulge and eliminate those things that have kept your soul from being free, a new empowerment can be found. This has many of us finding greater bravery in intimacy and sexuality. A magnetism is available to those of us that enter our underworlds and do deep work. Those of us that reclaim any power that’s been locked away will find that others want to be part of our life in entangled ways, to merge and join forces for greater ease and wealth of resources. This deeper ability to merge can make our and our entangled other’s lives easier.  A sharing of power creates alchemy and magical things happen where 1 + 1 could equal nearly anything when handled strategically and with precision. New issues may form in this process around how deeply we let others into our lives. This is where we need to be honest about how vulnerable we’re willing to be and to watch the patterns of the others we get intimate with to see what kind of depth and soulful behaviors they have when sharing their rawest and most vulnerable resources. The journey is a learning one and we all surely make mistakes of our own, as well as end up on the receiving end of misused power. In the current environment, we are seeing women banning together in unprecedented ways to stand up to men who have misused them with the power they hold. It’s an exciting time to go through a Scorpio Season. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and broadening perspective, will no doubt take these kinds of issues much further this year as he just moved in until next November. Last year he opened bigger dialogue around equality, a conversation that will now go deeper with Scorpio to get to the ugly underbelly of how our society’s histories have led us to where we are. 

Sagittarius Season (starts November 23rd): Our last third of autumn arrives with Sagittarius Season. This is our darkest phase of the year yet one that brings us the greatest hope and vision for the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a sense of blind faith during this season, but the darkest and longest nights allow for our luminary stars to shine their brightest. It’s these stars that help us navigate and lead us to think about the big picture of our life. What do we believe, what life philosophies inspire us, what wisdom and difficult experiences have shaped our ideals and convictions? There is a two-fold issue to deal with during this season. Many of us can get stubborn and fixed in our religious or other beliefs around what life is about, while others of us are always seeking and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to see how other cultures and groups do things. The navigation needed at this time is to always listen with an open-minded approach. The strength of belief you hold in one thing may be equally rejected in the strength of another person’s beliefs. It’s in the process of sharing our beliefs and teachings of the cultures we feel a sense of belonging to, in a way that’s not dogmatic, as well as being equally open to hearing those of others, that makes us more versatile, broadly accessible, and opens us up to new worlds and new opportunities. It’s a good thing to always question some of what you believe and always seek greater understanding of the laws of the universe. Take the last days of November to find great life optimism and good-will through your broad and adventurous spirit. Channel an inner explorer and watch how pushing your horizons opens your life to greater things. 


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Aries || Aries Rising

Solar Seasons

Fortunate Entanglements, Heightened Self-Worth & Powerful Adventures. November brings your allure to a steamy boil. The first 22 days of this month will have you connected to daring and adventurous work around eliminating blocks to your most empowered and true self. Scorpio Season is one that will always push you to get raw and vulnerable with others but this one is special. Jupiter has moved into this part of your chart and wants you to go further into your psyche and vulnerability than you normally do. Big opportunities to merge your resources with others could arise with magnates of industry—possibly connected to people foreign, or through opening to new beliefs or higher education. Jupiter wants to expand anything it touches so in your house of intimacy and sexuality, you may get a bit more risqué this year in how you allow yourself to get intimate with others. Working with a psychologist could help you dig into your deepest self (whether you are struggling with blocks or not) and result in unleashing much power that you’ve hidden away from yourself. It’s a year (until next November 9th) to go deep and get adventurous with your inner dark spots and do a huge purge of hidden and pent up anguish. Scorpio can also show where we feel entitled to what others have. For you, this can be in literally feeling entitled to the wealth of others, to the sexuality of others, and to the secrets of others. You want to be sure to take a step back in these things and be sure you have consent and that others also gain empowerment through the access given to you in this regard. 

As we enter Sagittarius Season on the 23rd, great optimism will arise but much of this optimism will still be directed toward your inner essence and resources. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet talked about back in Scorpio Season. Themes will continue to bleed over from Scorpio around how you decide to explore and seek in your life this year. Your sense of adventure will likely be directed toward intimacy, eradicating debt, growing wealth, and finding great empowerment in adventurous ways. Foreign places, people, and cultures, publishing, higher education, or life philosophies could inspire a search for more precision and control over your life during the next year that gets sparked during Sag’s reign. This is a time to tap into your sense of wonder and of conquering the darkest forces threating your life. Great wars may be waging inside of you, and a call for a quest could land on your doorstep in order to get out from under them. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of spring, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. What surfaces around this Moon may have you feeling greater value and pleasure—possibly a boost in income, feeling seen and heard in greater ways, or getting an opening to live a more pleasurable life in some way. Tap into your sense of form and function—your essence—allowing your confidence to flow with stability.  

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. Your mind and routines may take on an adventurous quality for the rest of November. Curiosity could arise that has you wanting to better understand what it is you believe in, your convictions, and where you are going in life. Allow your mind to wander, seek, and push its boundaries to understand how those different than you live, love, and think. Try to be open-minded and less rigid in your judgements. Listen to the stories of those you are struggling to understand. New doors of understanding will open to you through this practice. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. A softening and ease will roam through your life for the rest of November around merging with others for more depth and seductive allure in your life. You will want to feel a harmonious connection with others as you dive into your and their inner secrets. This presence of unity as you go into the depths will make baring yourself with vulnerability a bit easier and safer feeling. On the 12th, Venus meets up with Jupiter bringing big opportunity for expanding your worth through the worth of another. A trusted partner might be at the root of this. Watch for the signs. Veering onto new paths can often be subtle and unnoticed until later down the road, but if you are aware, you may see this taking place.  

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. Near the end of Scorpio’s reign, you get an opening with the dark fertility of a New Moon to form fresh intentions around how you want to uproot things buried in your psyche that are blocking you from your true essence, the quality of intimacy you want in your life, and how you treat shared resources for either wealth or debt in your life. 

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Taurus || Taurus Rising

Solar Seasons

Magnetic Partners, Heightened Self-Worth & Adventurous Mysteries. November starts you out with a deep dive into issues around partnership, equality, harmony, and relationships. You are a stubborn breed and so are those who you attract in your dance of give and take. Where your stubbornness comes from a strong need to have your voice and worth asserted, your relationships are more focused on sharing with utmost intimacy. You may attract partners who feel that what they have belongs to you, and vice versa. It’s possible that issues of power and control infiltrate your relationships and sexual scenarios could play into that dynamic. The challenge for you during Scorpio Season, until November 22nd, is to find a rhythm and balance in how sharing works in your relational world. Strive for empowerment for both parties and away from one or the other doing all of the deep sharing of resources and inner secrets. A balance may need to be worked on around how this can equal out. Jupiter just moved into this part of your chart as well (until next November 9th) so a broadening of experience and pushing the boundaries of this part of your life is kicking into gear right now. You may find this to be a year that takes you out of your comfort zone as you see with more vision and wisdom into your deep psychological baggage in your partnering. A partner may gain more power this year with great opportunities unfolding for them.  This newfound power may bring them a boost in magnetism and allure that results in adjustments to how the balance of sharing works in your lives together. Be conscious that unearthing deep blocks in your relationships, although it may feel like an ending, can allow you to rebuild your partnerships with greater depth and access to your joint essence and unity. Where Scorpio lies in your chart can show where there are issues of entitlement. For you this can be around a partner. You want to be sure that your close personal partners don’t feel overly possessed by you (and vice versa) and that there is clarity and consent around the kinds of commitments and agreements you believe are being made—on both sides.

As we move into Sagittarius Season on the 23rd, your 8th house of shared resources, power, control, and sexuality gets lit up. You hold deep bravery and vision around experiencing life with others. As hope and conviction become a theme this season, see if you can tie this to how you share with others, how you get intimate and vulnerable, and how you find greater empowerment in your life. You are likely very optimistic and good-willed when it comes to how you share your deeper self with another. This can lead to powerful allies and support. Foreign travel, foreign interests, and cultures; higher education; publishing; and life beliefs are likely areas that feel deeply important in how you break down psychological or traumatic barriers in your life. You can do a lot of work on this in the last days of November. You may find greater empowerment through foreign connections, publishing, or higher education. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. With this being your sign, whatever comes up will have you seeing some of your most passionate desires and personal wishes blossoming with life. Watch what pushes up and into a real place in your life. You like to be heard and to feel valued for who you are at your core. Be aware of how this is unfolding in your life to get the most out of it.  

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. For the rest of November, the planet of mind and thought will have you digging into mysteries that surround your life. It’s possible that many of them are rooted in foreign places or in your beliefs and philosophies on life. A quest fed by curiosity could open new access into these adventurous mysteries. Do some deep seeking this month for information around how shared beliefs and cultures have affected the way you merge with others. Greater understanding of how to gain more empowerment through these avenues will result.

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. Softness and a personal need for relational harmony will sweep in for the rest of November. You will have potent access to feeling heard and valued in your relationships. This can result in an emboldened willingness to go into the depths of issues and power struggles in your partnering realm. Finding harmony and equal respect for others at this time can help you merge with those of great value, boosting your own value. On the 12th, Venus will meet up with Jupiter making this a perfect day for taking a leap of faith in your partnerships. Great opportunity meets affectionate harmony for a win in the overall empowerment in your relations.  

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. This is a time to ask yourself a lot of questions about your relationships and partnerships. Do you feel that you or another always has an upper hand? Do you feel overly controlled or controlling in your partnerships? Do you allow for flow and equality with others? This is a time to do some house cleaning, to rid your life of things outdated in your partnering and ability to be vulnerable and intimate with those you commit to. As you let go of old struggles and things no longer serving you, the darkness of this fertile New Moon will allow for you to form new intentions in how you can more appropriately cultivate empowerment and deep merging in your relationships. At this sign’s Full Moon next spring, there is potential for great blossoming of these intentions.   

Gemini Illustration.png


Gemini || Gemini Rising

Solar Seasons

Lifestyle Precision, Mystical Value & Adventurous Relationships. You are really working on getting your life in order as we enter November. Scorpio Season, until November 23rd, shines a light on how your routines, processes, and work duties take you into a deep merging with others. The more you share what you are made of, revealing your soul and essential value, you’ll find others gravitating toward you who can help you in powerful ways. A joining of resources allows for precision in getting through your to-do list. The rhythms in your daily life, if merged with others, hold the potential to create a powerful efficiency and productivity.  Wealth can come to you through this ability to organize and create process with unified intimacy. It’s possible that you’ve been through many transformations and potential trauma in your work, as well as experienced dark feelings around being useful and of purpose. Uprooting issues here will allow your essence to flow with greater access, attracting the essence of others who flow in similarly vulnerable ways. It’s in the merging of healthy essence that alchemy can create something truly magical—a new essence that brings you power through intimate work with others. It’s possible that power struggles with co-workers and colleagues can arise. It’s hard for others to see what it is you produce as your processes are mysterious and a bit unseen. This is a season to notice if you try to control others in your day-to-day or if you give your power away–or maybe a mix of both is present for some of you. Sharing the task list and your daily rhythms is key for true empowerment. Scorpio can also show where we feel a bit entitled to what others have. For you, this might be in the work of others. You may see what they do as an extension of your own doing. Be sure to be clear and get consent around utilizing what others produce. If it doesn’t also empower the other in ways that they appreciate, you might be overstepping your boundaries. As expansive Jupiter has newly moved into this area of your chart, expect a full year (until next November 9th) of really opening up your vulnerabilities here in order to push your boundaries and do bigger and greater things in your work. 

As Sagittarius Season takes us into our darkest nights, you find guiding lights and hope for life through partners and cultivating balance and harmony in your commitments. You may be attracted to seekers and adventurers who push your boundaries and open doors to exciting new worlds. Larger than life others who have vision and an inner compass call your name. Sharing your beliefs and philosophies of life with another brings a flutter to your heart, helping you to commit to others in adventurous ways. A blind faith and optimism follows your style of give and take, of unity. With Sag’s ruler, Jupiter, in Scorpio for the next year, there could be a trend of work productivity and partnerships going hand in hand. Depth and powerful wholeness (or purpose) can be found through this. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. In your chart, Taurus rules the cosmic and artistic realms. Great compassion and healing through forgiveness and release is possible at this Moon. You may witness blossoming in the meaning and symbolism of your life through artistic and mystical works. Your self-worth and a boost in value are ready to be made realities through getting in touch with the collective consciousness and giving form and essence to the healing needed in the world. 

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. This planet of the mind and thinking is your personal ruler. Tracking its movements will give insight into what you are working on in deeper layers of yourself. For the rest of November, your mental agility and curiosity will lead you into quests of gathering information around a partner, around commitments, or around issues of equality. You may feel more interested in understanding the culture, concepts, or philosophies of those closest to you. An open-mind to learning new ways of seeing the world could really deepen the bonds in your life.  

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. With the planet of beauty and love in your work sector for the rest of the month, you will feel a lot of pleasure and adoration for projects and daily rhythms in your life. Great value and affection could be felt for what you are producing and organizing, making it easier to dive into your psyche and issues of power and control that you feel in your work and lifestyle. Especially on the 12th when Venus meets up with Jupiter, a rich optimism will help you boldly embrace tough issues in this part of your life. The results could see you merging with fortunate others in your work, or merging with others for a fortunate work opportunity. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. When the Moon is new, it’s darkness allows us space to clear away the old and identify newly forming intentions. In Scorpio, this is your chance in the year to refresh and create seedlings around work that you want to do, how you get vulnerable with your wellness, and cultivating intimacy in your daily rhythms. Be bold in eliminating what’s not feeling aligned in your purpose in order to create room for what’s to come over the next six months, ripening at the Scorpio Full Moon in May. 

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Cancer || Cancer Rising

Solar Seasons

Seductive Creativity, Friendly Self-Worth & Adventurous Living. Merging with others in very intimate ways is where you tap into your most creative energy. November starts us out in Scorpio’s murky territory and for you this shines a light on how you step into the spotlight and present yourself. Scorpio is the sign of entangling for greater power and precision in life. It can be very hard to separate what is yours versus another’s where this sign lies in our charts. We create a newly combined essence with our merging and this is hard to put your own name on. Getting very intimate and vulnerable in how you lead and present is where you dive into this alchemist energy. Where resources are shared is the lure of Scorpio’s entitlement issues. For you this may have to do with feeling the right to claim the creative-expression of another as your own or of the shared output as your own—or use it for your personal gain. You may feel entitled to take the role of leader in powerful scenarios, also blessing you with amazing abilities of stepping up in life and death emergencies: a commander over the lives of others. The creativity that you tap into can be quite seductive and alluring as tapping into vulnerability and sexuality are very intriguing to you. Creatively sharing the sexuality or power of another is another avenue where this energy could play out. The planet of expansion moved into this part of your chart last month and will station here until next November. This season will be a preview for just how deeply Jupiter will want to take you into the caverns of your creativity. It’s likely that you’ve gone through many transformations and accrued many wounds in this area of your life. Jupiter will want you to explore this and really purge and uproot issues that are blocking your power. The more bravely you dive into your psyche and power issues in your life and expression, the greater the doors of opportunity will be that open to you over this coming year. The key is understanding how to empower yourself and others rather than weaken yourself or others through lording over or giving away power. When we share for consensual and mutual gain, we all win.

On the 23rd Sagittarius Season moves in. This sign and season will bring your 6th house of work, routine, and lifestyle into focus. This is our darkest yet most belief-filled time of year. For you, the bright guiding stars of Sagittarius’s night skies will give you a thirst for adventure and exploration in your daily rhythms. You likely seek to push your boundaries each day with your comfort zones, philosophies, and concepts on life. Understanding other cultures, foreign lands, sharing your beliefs, and expanding into new opportunities is how you take your daily life. The last days of November are ripe with possibility and exciting productivity in your daily rhythm and work projects. With the ruler of Sag, Jupiter, in your creative sector all year, you will likely have some exciting leadership opportunities in your work for many months to come.  

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For you, things around friendships, groups, and networks could feel ripe and ready to push into the world from your more private efforts. A great blossoming of value and self-worth can be found through collaboration at this time. Some sort of group affiliation could help you see your personal essence and worth in fullness. 

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. Great curiosity will likely surface for the rest of November that has you communicating and collecting information around a work project. This could have to do with foreign pursuits, an expansive opportunity, or around finding an overall vision and compass for your work and daily lifestyle. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of beauty and love will adorn your creative life with much pleasure and ease for the rest of November. You could find some extra value through combining beauty and mystique in how you lead and express your creative style. Venus will meet up with Jupiter on the 12th making it a gold star day to dive very deeply into any issues of empowerment in your position as a leader and creator. Really purge some blocks through getting vulnerable about your ability to stand in the spotlight and watch as you attract great and valuable opportunity into your life. You could really shine around this date for the seductive pull that you possess in your creations.  

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. This dark Moon phase allows our emotions to be very inwardly directed and clear. It’s in the days surrounding this Moon that we can purge old habits and make space to find newly rising passions and desires in the sign and house that it takes place in. In Scorpio, this is your one time of year to clear away old creative priorities and allow that space to open for new desires starting to percolate. Find some alone time to get clear and write about your vulnerability and intimacy. See how this connects to how you like to lead and present your creative self. Explore how you merge with others and how this can be done in healthier ways. This Moon is your chance to initiate a new yearly cycle in these things. 

Leo illustration.png


Leo || Leo Rising

Solar Seasons

Powerful Security, Financial Aspirations & Visionary Creativity. November starts us out in the midst of Scorpio’s reign. Purging psychological blocks, getting intimate and vulnerable, and finding empowerment in the alchemy we create with others is the theme of this time of year. It’s an eerie cycle when we often uncover abuses of power and control—some our own and some from those in the public eye. We learn a lot about deeper issues of power and control when we lay ourselves bare for others. Intimacy and wealth can find deep roots when handled with precision but we also risk getting taken advantage of. Scenarios can play out that don’t turn out to be what we thought we were consenting to. For you, this season shines a spotlight on your roots, your home and family life, and your most private safety needs. Nurturing for you may have been filled with power struggles growing up and your challenge is to uproot the things that caused damage to how you feel nurtured and safe. It’s likely that there are family skeletons, a parent that felt powerful and intimidating, and/or wealth in your ancestral roots. The aim is to delve into your psyche to unearth anything that’s repressed your own power as well as to take note if you are abusing power in your own home. Really try to understand what empowerment means to you. Try to join forces in your home life for more ease and alchemical magic. Where there is consent, vulnerability, and gain for all in the way you entangle, you’ll find that the foundations of your life and security are magnetic to all that you need. Our planet of expansion, Jupiter, just moved into this part of your chart to stay through next November. This month will be a preview for what’s to come for the next year in terms of things that you’ll be expansively digging into and pushing your boundaries of wisdom around. It can be a tough thing to work on psychological baggage, especially when family life is concerned, but the rewards can bring an exceptional amount of growth and opportunity in how your family roots are being grown. You may do some restoration to your home under this year’s Scorpio concoction as well. 

As the 23rd arrives, our darkest yet most optimistic season blazes in with the archer’s flaming arrow. Sagittarius Season has us seeking, sharing our life beliefs, and finding greater visionary aim in life. Sometimes this sign can have us biting off more than we can chew but the worlds you get glimpses of through its willingness to explore can change you forever. For you, this sign and season will shine down upon your 5th house of creative-expression, kids, leadership, and presenting yourself in the limelight. With Sag’s filter in this part of your chart, you may like to take the lead around things that create expansion, around anything foreign, or in things that you know will push you out of your comfort zone. You are a brave leader who dares take your charge into realms of the unknown. This year with Sag’s ruler in your 4th house of home and family and the sign of psychological Scorpio, you may be very concerned with family matters and nurturing your family through your brave leadership. It’s a year to get playful yet vulnerable in creative activity with your family. This will help break down any of Scorpio walls that can be tough to face. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. Career and aspirations are the area that Taurus rule for you. Put extra effort, focus, and dedication toward the things you want to accomplish this year. By doing this, you’ll get some signs around what is ready to be pushed up and into the world to continue working on and what needs to be let go of. Something about these goals and aspirations should connect you to your worth, simple pleasure, and financial comfort. Give form to and own what you want to succeed in. Venus, ruler of Taurus, is in your 3rd house of communication, connections, and community. By talking about what you are doing and connecting with others, you may find a piece to a puzzle that helps you on your road to success.   

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. Your mind and curiosity will be focused on creativity and breaking through old boundaries for the rest of November. Gather information around how to be a better leader and how to grow your life and opportunities through taking charge. Learn about new places, things, people, and cultures to spark more courage in taking risks that revitalize you. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. Much harmony, love, and easy pleasure could enter your home life for the rest of November. Wherever Venus is travelling is where we find greater ease and value in our lives for that moment. Revel in the few weeks of ease and love flowing through your roots as much value could be found. On the 12th, Venus will meet up with fortunate Jupiter. This will be your best day of the year to generate worth and love around home and security. You could experience easy growth in your roots. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. The very dark and very rich Scorpio New Moon is like the darkest of chocolate that you’ve ever had. It’s potent and contains all the things of witchcraft. Now is the time to find space and clarity around what you want your home and family life to feel like; to reach into your depths and realize the power you feel when all blocks are purged in this part of your life. Find your essential power through newly forming intentions at this time. They will lead you to greater magnetism and a potent growth spurt in your safety and security in life. 

Virgo Illustration.png


Virgo || Virgo Rising

Solar Seasons

Powerful Thinking, Valuable Adventure & A Cultured Home. November is a potent month most years, but it’s especially so this year with the move of Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) into Scorpio’s domain. As we start the month, Scorpio is at work revitalizing the most broken down and damaged parts of our lives. It’s helping us let go of things that are needing to move on and to notice what hidden depths need to be uprooted in order to clear away blocks to our essential powers. For you, Scorpio has a firm grasp on your mentality. You are the zodiac’s natural detective, loving to ask why and dig under the surface of the information that’s available (and not available) to you. You are capable of uncovering old writings, languages, and mysteries lost with time. You are capable of the kind of OCD required to get to the bottom of mystery. Death, the occult, and power pique your interest and curiosity with great depth. Information, connecting with others, the mind, and the realm of thought are where you hold some of your most traumatic memories and buried wounds, but also your greatest powers. Until the 23rd, you have a chance to really purge your thoughts and ideas to uncover what might be blocking hidden powers of intellect. You, more than most, can hugely benefit from unloading your thoughts to a trained psychologist, but there’s a catch 22. It’s likely that you hold your thoughts very privately and mysteriously, only willing to share and connect when you see the potential to uncover powerful knowledge. Vulnerability and sharing your thoughts could bring true empowerment and deep alignments in your life. Use your words more often in communicating what’s in your deepest recesses. This sharing will create a magnetic pull around the information that you most want to find. Merge with others who think as deeply and watch as your mutually empowered minds dig into the greatest mysteries of our time with undaunted courage. Jupiter is in this sign for the next year and could take you on an epic adventure, not unlike Indiana Jones, to learn, write, and communicate about some of life’s greatest hidden powers. Alchemy, witchcraft, and other occult studies are right up your alley. Other things that this season bring to light are your indispensable ability for research, understanding the intricacies of wealth and investing, and mentally grasping how power works. 

As we move to the 23rd, Sagittarius Season brings your eye to the brightest stars in our darkest nights, allowing your dreams to find aim and visionary notions of your life’s big picture. Home is where you direct this want for great and expansive opportunity. You may dream of having a grand plot of land where sharing of world views takes place. You may dream of living abroad, of creating a family empire, or of having a multi-cultural family. For the next year, Sag’s ruler, Jupiter, will be in Scorpio and your 3rd house of the empowered mind. You may build a bigger library, do a lot of community connecting in your home, or uncover information about your family and its histories. Something around knowledge and power potentially entangle to grow your home and family situation. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For you, Taurus rules your 9th house of pushing boundaries, life beliefs, and foreign seeking. You may notice things coming up from your depth and into the outer world around value. This value could be connected to publishing, higher education, foreign travel, or opportunities that push your comfort zones and boundaries. New world could be opening their doors to you as this Moon brings its confidence boosting high-tide. 

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. For the rest of November, you mind will be focused on your home and family situation. You may seek information that concerns finding greater nurturing, support, and safety through broadening your idea of home. Your roots and DNA could hold fascination. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of beauty and ease will make your mind softer and your thoughts more loving through the rest of November. Your intense mental process will really benefit from this. Allow yourself to love more and be kinder in word and idea. Great value can be felt with this transit around your mentality. Find a boost in self-worth and confidence through your thoughts, writing, and connecting to those in your communities. When Venus meets up with Jupiter on the 12th, a five-star day is yours. You could see opportunities around this day through community connections, something you write, or information you uncover. Something big in the realm of the mind could have you feeling valued and loved for your intellect and ideas. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. The is a very potent and richly dark New Moon. It holds the key to clearing away old debris in your mentality and creating space for fresh ideas, thoughts, and connecting to take form. Find some alone time to purge what’s no longer suiting your mind and community life. You’ll find as you do this, more mental clarity and precision will be found. Allow yourself to get vulnerable and share what’s leaving and what’s surfacing to help these intentions form more clearly. This is a fortunate new cycle that could bring great opportunity over the next year. Think big and be thorough. Write a book, grow your community, find a great mystery to dig into, or do some needed mental healing.  

Libra Illustration.png


Libra || Libra Rising

Solar Seasons

Valuable Resources, Vulnerable Self-Worth & Grand Ideas. November’s energies are ripe with great opportunity. As we head into the month, Scorpio is the sign and season ruling the vibes in the air. Its motto is ‘share for greater power’. With this sign ruling your 2nd house of personal finances, you are getting a refresh for the year around what it is you value, how to create more of it, and tapping into the simple pleasures in life. For you, Scorpio ruling this part of you makes things quite intense. You may heartily value sexuality, intimacy, and the resources of others. The occult, witchery, and alchemy are things you know how to own and give tangible form to. You may own a lot of things that speak to your adoration of intensity and vulnerability. Pay attention to the things you buy a lot of, how you budget, and where you tend to make the most money in your life. There could be something about managing the wealth and debt of others that gives you great joy or that involves restoring old things, or dabbling in alchemy. You greatly value what others share with you and take deep care to help these values invest with worth. You appreciate those who get real and vulnerable with you around what they value and own. Sex and sexuality could be areas that you find great pleasure in. You may also be quite secretive around your own resources, withholding unless greater power is at hand by revealing what you have. It’s possible that you could get a bit controlling around resources that are shared so be sure you have consent when you feel entitled to what others have. Over the next year with Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, in this part of your chart, watch for big openings and fortunate circumstances in how you can merge and get vulnerable with others for greater financial empowerment. 

On the 23rd, we move to Sagittarius Season, the darkest yet most brilliant of the year. Watch the night skies filled with luminary exuberance to tap into your own visionary aims and life beliefs. This sign and season light up the way you communicate, think, and connect with others. You are filled with larger than life ideas and love to dream and philosophize with those inside your daily circle of influence. Over the next year with Sag’s ruler in your house of value and under Scorpio’s spell of vulnerability and empowerment, you may go through some deep purging of beliefs that have held you back from truly valuing your mind and words. Connections that you make and things you write could have a magnetic pull toward those with affluence. More precision and strategy will be called for in order to make writing opportunities and community connection pay out. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For your sign, Taurus rules all things vulnerable, intimate, and empowering. Watch for greater self-worth to push up and out of you through circumstances coming together around investments, entanglements, and feeling personally valued inside of these things. Great sex is possible around things Moon as well—take advantage.  

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. For the remainder of November, your mind will be alive with possibilities and grand ideas. Carve out a lot of time to gather information, communicate, and connect with others to fuel your ideas into motion. Foreign interest, publishing, higher education, and philosophical musings may be the subjects that capture your attention. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of ease and beauty will enter your house of value. This is one of the best times of the year to get a raise or find avenues to increase your personal worth and income. Taking time to connect to pleasure through intimacy and alchemy are other ways to feel the richly elegant vibes of this transit. An amazing day in the year arrives on the 12th as Venus and Jupiter team up. Big gains and opportunity could arise that have you finding new avenues of income, a raise, or feeling the depth of  your essence and confidence. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. This is the Witch’s Moon and one when you personally can shed old skins around how you join with others to empower your life and financial picture. Use spells, use alchemy, and allow yourself to get vulnerable in order to best see your essential powers, hence how those best combine with others, creating gain for all. Allow extra space and time leading to this Moon to get clear and release the old in order to make room for fresh passions rising up inside of you. What you clearly identify as surfacing in you now could blossom with affluence come spring. 

Scoprio illustration.png


Scorpio || Scorpio Rising

Solar Seasons

Assertive Power, Valuable Relationships & Seeking Self-Worth. November speaks your language, Scorpio. As we start the month, you should be feeling new passion and desire stirring deep down inside of you. Although it’s your birthday month and the spotlight has others watching and loving on you, it’s also a time when you need to create space and time for yourself. This being your restart for the year, you need to clear things that have clogged up your life. Spring clean, exercise more to release toxins, get body scrubs and massages, do some serious body hygiene and life de-cluttering to make space for new things to rise up. As you do this, you will get in touch with how potent your assertive essence is through your ability to merge with others and bring empowerment to all through joining forces. Tap your deep connection to conservation, restoration, and precision. You are the zodiac’s witch; weather you’ll admit to it or not. Put your heart toward something and you have the OCD to follow through, change, and create power in anything. Your stubborn strength and connection to the deeper and darker realms of life are qualities that can make you unapproachable but also alluring and magnetic. Revalidate this in yourself and be wise about how you assert your agenda and personal desires. Be sure that there is consent and that any sharing and merging you tease out of others, consciously or not, empowers the other as it empowers you. You may have more temptation than the other signs to use what others share with you to hold control and power over them. There is something about your ways that gets others to share more than they normally do, with you. Use that with responsibility. This is a big year for you with Jupiter, planet of expansion, in your sign until next November. It’s a year to really get in touch with what you want and to be bold and adventurous in allowing your life and passions to grow. 

On the 23rd, Sagittarius Season takes over. The Sun seen against this sign lights up your 2nd house of self-worth, value, and simple pleasure. During the last days of November, watch what you spend money on for greater insight into what you value. Analyze how you spend and save, what things have typically made you the most income, and how you feel tangible pleasure and form in your life. It’s likely that with Sag ruling here, you are drawn to owning things tinged with philosophical meaning, foreign objects, or have a love of publications. It’s also possible for you be to bold and adventurous around how you make money, willing to push your comfort zones for greater opportunity. Things where you get to help create expansion can bring value your way. It’s possible for you to both make expansive paychecks and spend just as expansively. Foreign travel and conceptual musings likely bring you great pleasure as would exotic food and drink. Use these last days of November to try new things, push for a raise, and get a plan for how you budget, spend, and save. With Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, in your own sign for the next year, income, value, and pleasure will be connected to your personal agenda and wants. This is an exuberant concoction and allows for your to be more selfish in getting what you want, owning what you want, and attracting value to you like a magnet. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For your sign, this Moon will push relationships issues up and into the world. This is the best time of the year for you to see and track how you are relating with others and what might need to go. It’s a time to release issues, hopes, and wants, as well as to celebrate things that you’ve been wanting that are coming into a more real place in your life. What really holds value for you in partnerships could blossom with beauty around this date. A partner may make you feel greater self-worth; they may get a pay raise; you might feel more heard and seen from those you place great trust in; they may feel alive with loyal, steady staying power. Contentions can also come to a boil now and either turn into legal issues or be set free. Advocacy could feel valuable to you as well, fighting for those who need a strong voice’s help. What do you want to have manifest in your relationships? Are there a few things that you can do to help tip these wants into reality?

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. As the planet of the mind and thought enters your domain of self-worth, you could have a lot of discussion, curiosity, and information gathering taking place for the rest of the month. Mentally connected to your value and slow down to enjoy life and nature’s beauty. You may spend money on books or courses that will add to your value in what you do. Look to the stars and find visionary aim this month with the help of a more open and adventurous mindset.  

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. This is your time to reboot your beauty processes—buy new clothes, cut and/or color your hair, etc… Venus is the planet of beauty and ease so will bless you with a more loving and relaxed demeanor as it passes through your sign. Your physical form could feel more sensual now and you could magnetize like a femme fatale or playboy through the rest of November. Your assertion and passions will start to feel more grounded, concrete, and much self-confidence could set in. The 12th may be the best day of the year for you to feel confident and grounded in your personal passion and the potential that it holds. Commit to pushing your boundaries on this day and allowing yourself to expansively value who you are and how you are evolving and growing. Pick a new mantra to use to help you feel more adventurous and beautiful for your true essence: My confidence opens new doors. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. I like to call your personal New Moon of the year The Witch’s Moon. This is your chance to make fresh intentions that are solely for you and your personal wishes, desires, and agenda. Give yourself space on this day to get in touch with newly forming intentions and feelings. Write about these and make some goals that are precise and powerful. Let these goals do a deep dive down into your psychological depths to help you uproot anything blocking your true essence over the next 6-months. Find a bigger sense of yourself through these intentions and allow yourself to find greater empowerment, intimacy, and vulnerability. Use alchemy and merge with others through these goals. 

sagittarius illustration.png


Sagittarius || Sagittarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Mystical Power, Pleasurable Routines & New Passions. November is a very mystical month for you Sag’s. Not only do we start out in the witchy season of Scorpio, ruling your most mystical 12th house of shadow, but this month is also ruled by the inspired number 11 that always fills the air with spiritual vibrations. With your 12th house lit up as we enter the month, expect to feel a bit sleepy as well as connected to the collective conscious around issues of psychology, power, and regeneration. This is one of the only times of the year when you get a light shone on your shadow self, able to see where you potentially sweep away baggage and hoard pathologies. This is your chance to clean out your psychic clutter and instill a bit more conscious precision and alchemy into your life. You may have a hard time seeing how you merge with others, the power you possess, as well as how you use power and control in your life. Don’t get me wrong, these things exist in you, you just struggle to see them. You may have shadowy tendencies, able to use illusion and glamour, when it comes to wealth, mystery, and psychology. On the other hand, when you want, you also hold much compassion, compositional talent, and mystical/artistic quality when it comes to alchemy, empowering the collective alongside yourself (or holding power over the collective), and uprooting blocks to the deeper essence of our collective world. There is a thinned veil for you to cosmic guides who are connected to death, mystery, wealth, and witchcraft. Much psychological information could just appear for you through this connection. You have a very brilliant way of composing precise, psychological, and powerful things and would make a great powerhouse in arts and mystical practices that merge the inner detective and mystery. Research and sharing mysteries that you uncover creates a magnetic pull toward access to even greater mysterious workings of the universe. You may hold a lot of secrets around sex and wealth, using these in tricky ways, and likely have a very spiritual connection to sex and wealth. This is a time when you can deal with any pathologies around sex and power and find forgiveness toward yourself and others for any psychic and psychological damage that might be hiding in your shadows. A deeper compassion for these psychological, taboo realms brings you closer to an ability to unblock your own deepest essence and find greater merging with others, joining forces to heal the dark mysteries in the world through art and mystical practices. With Jupiter, your ruler, in this shadow part of your chart for the next year, you will spend a lot of time and focus on your connection to healing, art, mysticism, spirituality, and the collective conscious. An expansive dive into these things will open new worlds to you that enhance you with greater powers of detection and psychological understanding of the collective—and potential ability to grow some affluence in the realms of mystery and art, research and cosmic powers, or healing and psychology. 

Your vitality will come soaring back to you after the 23rd as your personal season, Sagittarius Season, blazes in. Your sign holds the keys to our darkest season, but in this darkest time, you see the most and brightest stars, making you our visionary—the compass and influencer of our world. You have a bold spirit, willing to act on blind faith in order to pull yourself into new and brighter worlds. You usually end up places much bigger than where you started in life due to your willingness to push your boundaries and comfort zones. Traveling, higher education, and philosophical study are things that ignite your seeking spirit and help you to have great and wise perspective in life. By middle age, you become more of a wise old sage than most people will ever become even in their elderly years. These last days of November, try to find time and space to reconnect with yourself. Clear out any clutter that’s hindering your passions – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Exercise more and get scrubs and massages to release toxins in your body, do a few runs to the second hand shops to rid yourself of those things just taking up space, smudge and do ritual to clear your psychic and spiritual energy. As you cleanse your life, you will get more and more in touch with new passions and personal desires rising in you that will guide your next tour around the zodiac. Look to the stars to inspire the new adventures you want to pursue. Peruse your favorite publications and new philosophical books to inspire mental adventures. Identify where you hold too much dogma and challenger yourself to learn more about other perspectives that may challenge that dogma in you. This is your time to form new seeds that will grow for the next year to come so use much intention and conscious effort to plant the right seeds that feel deeply exciting to you. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. This is the Hunter’s Moon and for you it will illuminate how you’ve successfully worked behind the scenes to cultivate routine, lifestyle practices, and work processes to create a well working rhythm in your life. Some things may need to be let go of at this time to help you find more value and self-worth in your work, and some things may be rising up and manifesting to create more value for you through the work and lifestyle that you’ve been developing. It’s a time when you’ll get a good look at how your organizational ability has helped you find purpose and meaning in life—able to serve and be useful. You are a loyal, dependable producer, but you also enjoy a relaxed pace to your day with time to smell the roses. The rhythm that you are trying to create should make you feel useful for your ability to make things tangible, to give form and value to things, and to connect with the natural rhythms in nature. You have a patient and deliberate process and should feel valued for that around this Moon. It’s a good time to find extra income through the quality work that you produce.

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. As the planet of the mind and thought enters your own sign, the rest of November should be filled with curiosity about yourself, newly rising passion, and your agenda. Use words and communicate a lot to help you learn about and better connect to what fresh stirrings are coming up inside of you. Self-interest could be very real for you this month so do try to be somewhat conscious of others in your life right now—even if you have to fake interest. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. As the planet of beauty and ease enters your shadow house, you could find enhanced value and pleasure in the realm of art and mysticism. Powerful partners could be present, whose joined forces could help empower artistic or mystical efforts. You could feel much pleasure and grounding through the arts and find how to tap into the collective conscious to build wealth. On the 12th, as Venus meets up with Jupiter (your ruler), a profoundly powerful day emerges around your ability to heal through love and support. You could find a deep connection that helps expand your mystical depths and understanding for greater and regenerated self-worth. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. The Witch’s Moon is upon us. This is the time to use alchemy, to get in touch with essence, yours and the cosmic, and to form new seeds and new intentions that will push you on a new 6-month journey to cultivate more empowerment, psychological healing, and mystical or artistic merging for diving into mysterious realms. Form intentions that can help you entangle with others who want to mutually find empowerment and uncover hidden mystical realms. Make some deep and rich magic in your life through these intentions as your ruler, in this sign, will create a year focused on this realm of mystical and entanglement.

Capricorn Illustration.png


Capricorn || Capricorn Rising

Solar Seasons

Potent Groups, Valued Creativity & Finalizing Everything. November starts us out in the powerful domain of Scorpio, shining a light on your 11th house of groups, friendships, and collaboration. You may seem to take the role of psychologist in your circles, as well as find yourself as the power behind the throne. By this, I mean that you likely understanding how to help empower your circles through magnetizing the resources they need from other circles. You can get groups to share with vulnerability and intimacy from within and with other groups. There is a possible draw toward industries and friendship involved in finance, sexuality, or psychology. Your humanitarian vein could urge you to want to spread the power and resources of the world in more humane, progressive, and good-willed ways. You may have an OCD that could be of use in movements connected to conservation and rehabilitation of the world’s essential resources, deeply concerned about global warming as well as those in need getting the basic resources to sustain a well life. Powerful groups as well as being a potent member of groups likely circles around you with a magnetic charge. Work on getting in deep and poking around in any trauma or blocks you may have around how you collaborate, around how you show your originality, and around how you find progress and hope for your future. These could be areas where you hold mysteries and hidden trauma. By working to shine a light in any dark places and uproot difficult things, you will find greater empowerment as your essential energies will flow with ease and precision. Our planet of optimism and expansion, Jupiter, has just moved into this part of your chart—to stay for the next year. This could bring fortunate opportunities your way that will push your boundaries and broaden your horizons around how you belong and merge with collectives, industries, and friendships. Allow yourself to get more vulnerable and intimate with the groups that you belong to. Be more open to merging with others in collaboration for greater depth of experience in progressive things.

As we move on to the last third of the month, the 23rd sees Sagittarius Season blazing in. This is the start of a very intense 4-weeks for you. I’ll go a bit more in-depth about that next month. For now, know that it’s time for you to tap some final moments of recuperation, sleep, healing, and find spiritual or artistic symbolism about your life and your past 29 years. For your sign, Sagittarius rules your 12th and final house of the zodiac. This is what we call your shadow house as it stores a lot of our baggage that we haven’t wanted to deal with. It holds some of our shadow-y tendencies, and the Sun travelling here shines a once a year light on your shadow for you to see this part of yourself with more clarity. This is also the area of your chart where you feel greater compassion, where there’s a thinned veil between you and the spirit world, where you can see the collective consciousness, and where forgiveness and surrender to greater powers can bring great healing. This is the most important season in the past 29 years for you to really take advantage of the Sun here. I say this because your ruler, Saturn, has been in this part of your chart for the past three years and will move on as the Sun does, next month, as your personal season, Capricorn Season, arrives. This will be a huge change and a lot will start piling up on your plate as new passion and zest for life start bubbling deep inside of you. Take advantage of the cosmos giving you more down time, more space to mediate, sleep, heal, and connect to inspiration. Find profound meaning and symbolism in your life. With Sagittarius ruling this area of your chart, there is also a connection to things foreign, to publishing or higher education, to philosophical interest in art and mysticism, and to expansive pushes into cosmic territory. Eat this up as it’s going to be the most profound dive into this territory that’ll you’ll have for the next 29 years. Find adventure, optimism, and greater life expansion through the unknown of your mystical 12th house.

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For you, this sign rules your 5th house of leadership, creative-expression, recreation, playfulness, kids, and the limelight. You could find yourself smack in the middle of attention and adoration at this Full Moon as manifesting works its magic around how you shine, lead, and love. There could be things you need to let go of at this time but simultaneously, you will likely find yourself stepping into the spotlight in bigger ways. You could feel more valued and a boost in self-worth could come through showing up with presence and confidence. You will be looked at to take the lead in things around this Moon and more income could come your way if you own your place in the spotlight. You know how to get heard and be a solid, stubborn leader so use these qualities to make a strong impression as a valued presence. 

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. As the planet of thought and the mind enters your 12th house alongside the Sun, you will find yourself with great curiosity for the rest of the month around things more esoteric, artistic, and mystical. Use Sagittarius’ seeking style to boldly push your boundaries and explore the cosmic territory of our world. Gather information and learn new things about art, spirituality, and mysticism. Allow your mind to wander into the world of symbolism. You could find psychic understanding of other cultures, dogma, religion, philosophy, and enterprise. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. As the planet of beauty and ease enters your 11th house of groups and friendships, the rest of the month will bring much pleasure, value, and harmony through the groups in your life. You could find yourself better understanding how you create value in groups and feeling that value in return. You could feel more heard and validated in your industry and amongst the circles you swim in. A partner could help bring a deeper sense of trust and love for the intensity you hold in your group position. On the 12th, Venus will meet up with Jupiter making it a 5-star day to initiate ways to cultivate more value through bold opportunities in groups and industries. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. I like to call this the Witch’s Moon. Scorpio is the Queen of alchemy and merging together for greater essence and power. This is your chance in the year to make new intentions around the groups, friendships, and industries you intensely belong to. Give yourself extra space around this date to identify what’s newly bubbling inside of you. Write about what you feel in order to gain more clarity. Do some clearing of any clutter that’s fogging up your energy and write out some precise intentions. By spring, if tended to, these intentions could bring you more power within your groups, more blossoming as an alchemist through groups, and allow you to better find your vulnerability and intimacy, helping uncover and uproot blocked energy in your life. 

Aquarius illustration.png


Aquarius || Aquarius Rising

Solar Seasons

Potent Aspirations, Valuable Roots & Adventurous Groups. November is a powerful and spiritual month. We dive deep into darkness and with that find our most valuable and potent essence. We start November out in the season of Scorpio, which for you, shines a light on your aspirations, achievements, and career. It’s not necessarily a time when you are going to find the height of success in achievements but rather a time when you will start to find new vitality and fresh passion around aspirations and the kind of authority you desire to have. It’s a time to recommit your focus and dedication toward your position and goals in the outer world. For you, career and worldly authority come through your ability to hold power, to empower others, to use vulnerability and intimacy for the gain of all. You may be drawn to positions and accomplishments in finance, psychology, sexuality, research, strategy, as a surgeon or detective, or in fields of restoration or conservation. It can be hard for others to see what you achieve as your ability to build and crystalize takes place in the underworld, in the ability to empower and uncover the essence of things, to transform, and in creating intimate entanglements for greater shared value. Witchcraft, shamanism, and alchemy are more occult routes you could take, being able to crystalize the mixing and combining of base elements for transformative results as a public figure. This place of career and public position is also an area in your life where you may hold some traumatic residue. Use this season to dive into your own psychology and work on identifying and uprooting any past wounding that’s blocking you from owning power and vulnerability in your public standing. For the next twelve months, Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion, will be opening much opportunity to you in your professional life. Be bold, push your boundaries, and dive very deep into your mysteries to open new worlds and expansive growth in your career. Build and crystalize your path with visionary aim. 

Once we reach the 23rd, Sagittarius Season kicks in, and for you, this will highlight all things friendship, group oriented, industry, and humanity—so your sign’s progressive jam. This 11th house area is the natural house that your sign rules and is about collaboration and making progress in the name of humanity. It’s about putting ego aside in collaboration and embracing your unique originality in reference to pushing for future hopes and dreams. With Sagittarius ruling here, you have a lot of good-will and expansive vision for this part of your life. You likely push your boundaries, have friends from all walks of life, culture, belief, and country. Your place in the group is one that can open up new doors and new opportunity through your willingness to explore, push boundaries, and expand horizons. For the next year, Sag’s ruler will be back in your 10th house of career. You may earn yourself a respectable amount of acclaim and accomplishment through the groups and collaborations that you engage in over the next twelve months. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. In your life, this Moon will illuminate your home life and bring manifestation up and into the world around efforts you’ve been mulling over for the past 6-months. It’s possible that some of your hopes will have to be let go of but the ones that start to come to fruition will have you feeling much confidence, worth, and self-value through the roots and nurturing you are making real in your home and family life. What rises now will provide a lot of pleasure and stability in your life. Comfort, coziness, and enjoyment through your private life is in a position to strengthen your voice and personal sense of confidence. 

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. As the planet of the mind enters your 11th house of future hopes and dreams, you may be doing a lot of communicating, learning, and gathering of information to help you better understand how to progress your life, how to recognize your originality, and how to cultivate a mentality filled with optimism and a seeking spirit. Your mental wandering at this time could expose you to new philosophies through friends and groups. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of beauty and ease will make the rest of November one of feeling your personal voice and value around the expertise you hold, your position in the outer world, and your worth as an authority. You could find much love and support from a partner, boosting your willingness to dive into your psyche for more vulnerability and unearthing things that will make you feel more at ease in your search for worldly accomplishment. On the 12th, Venus will meet up with Jupiter and you may find great opportunity to expand your confidence, value, and voice around your status. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. The Witch’s Moon is what I like to call this lunar phase and position. This is your chance in the year to hit the reset button, clear out old aspirational priorities and identify new ones. Make time and space for yourself around this date and do some writing, helping you gain clarity for what new career passions are stirring in your depth. Write these out in the form of precise and strategic intentions and tend to these over the next 6-months until the Full Moon of the same sign (in May).

Pisces Illustration.png


Pisces || Pisces Rising

Solar Seasons

Empowering Beliefs, Valuable Ideas & Expanding Career. November welcomes your sign in with a dusky and mysterious aura. As the Sun finds itself navigating the depths of Scorpio’s terrain, your 9th house of adventure, seeking, and life beliefs get lit up in dim, eerie tones. You should experience a refreshed vitality and new stirrings around how and what you believe about the bigger picture of your life. This season will push you to dive into your personal mysteries and blocks around how you bravely explore and expand into life. There could be some traumas that have caused you to hold fear and have blocks around foreign travel, publishing, or higher education. If you can get vulnerable with yourself and dive into what’s caused these blocks, unearthing hurt and anguish, you hold much ability to merge with others in these realms for great empowerment and alchemical magic. Purge, allow things to pass, and restore your powerful ability to push your boundaries and horizons. It’s likely that you have psychologically founded beliefs in your life and may find a magnetic pull toward foreign travel to places that hold great mystery, or that are affluent and alluring. It’s likely that you’ve studied some psychology in school or minimally pushed yourself into areas that have given you first hand wisdom and experience in the realm of the psyche and/or alchemy. You are capable of being very precise, strategic, and OCD about your philosophies and entanglements. It’s possible that you hold a bit of entitlement around your concepts and beliefs. Be sure that where you join forces with others, there is mutual consensus in the big vision and aims. The goal is to create empowerment for all rather than use what’s being shared to hold control over others, or give your power away to others. These traps and tests seem to come up for you in your shared beliefs. For the next 12 months, Jupiter, the planet naturally associated with this 9th house area of your chart, will bring a more buoyant and optimistic spirt to how you seek and explore in your life. Great opportunity could arise for you that will push your comfort zones but that also hold keys to new worlds and opportunities. 

As we move along to the 23rd, Sagittarius Season will take the helm, plunging us into the darkest and longest nights—where our brightest guiding luminaries thrive. This sign and season are all about blind faith and an optimistic spirit that will lead you to a light at the end of the tunnel. This creates a pretty heavy thread in November for you as Sagittarius is the sign that naturally rules the 9th house, where for you, Scorpio lives. An overarching theme for all of November will be one of pushing your boundaries and horizons. With Sag ruling over your 10th house of career, these last days of the month will bring refreshed vitality and new stirrings around what you want to hold authority in, how you want to cultivate expertise, and what you aspire to accomplish in the next year to come. With Sag flavoring this part of your life, it’s likely that you enjoy the world of academia, of teaching and counseling, of pushing boundaries and exploring foreign territory, or of expanding into new territories in enterprise. With Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) in Scorpio all year, you may feel a greater push and strategic efforts into the world of higher education, religion, publishing, or travel in your career. Your status may have you holding greater power and precision through being brave and pushing your boundaries. 

Important Dates 

November 3rd: Taurus Full Moon. In the middle of our spring quarter, back at the end of April, a Taurus New Moon brought up some fresh seeds of intent for finding greater self-worth and pleasure in your life. On the night of the 3rd, as the Moon illuminates with fullness in this sign, some of these intentions could actualize. For your sign, this illumination will bring manifesting and fullness to life in how you connect to others, how you belong and communicate, and in feeling valued for your ideas and strength of voice. Tap into the slower rhythms of nature and embrace mental patience. Shows your stability and ability to enjoy your mind’s deep and valuable pace. You may push a greater confidence up from within you around your ideas and feel deeply valued through connections that help you move these ideas forward with pleasure and form.  

November 5th: Mercury Enters Sagittarius. As our planet of the mind moves into your career sector, you may have a great curiosity for the rest of the month around your position and sense of authority. You may find yourself in a lot of communication due to your responsibilities and you will surely learn a great deal through pushing your mental boundaries to be more flexible and expansive. Your perspectives could shift with new ideas and philosophies that you get exposed to and that open your eyes to what is possible through your achievements. 

November 7th:  Venus enters Scorpio. The planet of beauty and ease will soften the rest of November for you as it brings value and loving support your way. You are working through some blocks and uprooting new vitality around how you empower your life through expansive aims. This is tough work but Venus’ move into Scorpio will hold your hand and tell you that it’s all working out just perfectly. It will give you a glimpse of the personal value you could uncover by working through blocks and allowing yourself to be more vulnerable and intimate in your big visionary dream. On the 12th as Venus meets up with Jupiter, a grand day is afoot to initiate really bold exploration and accept challenges that feel outside of your comfort zone. Greater self-worth, much pleasure, and trusted others will accompany you on any quests you undertake at this time. 

November 18th: New Moon in Scorpio. I like to call this the Witch’s Moon. This is the one time in the year to clear out all of your old life philosophies and visionary aims and to root out and find new ones. Find some extra space and time to connect with yourself and identify what new intentions are forming. Where do you want to get more intimate and vulnerable? Where can merging with others create empowerment and an enhanced ability to expand your life with new opportunity and wisdom? Get precise and write out some intentions to take you through a 6-month journey of tending to and nurturing new grand vision in your life. 

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With an interwoven focus on the connection between nature, human nature, and the divine, CosmoMuse taps into a deeply feminine quality to living seasonally, bringing a healing energy to the undervalued yin element (in males and females, alike) in our daily lives.

An astrological lens is used to give structure to the progression through our seasons but many other sciences and arts are used within that framework at to give a holistic meaning and perspective to the cycles and rhythms we all face throughout the hours, days, months, and years. The mystical and natural quality that arises from the work of CosmoMuse, helps to restore balance to an overly yang world. 

CosmoMuse is excited to share their monthly horoscopes, written by seasonal astrologist, Allie Couch, with Nabalo.

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