Create The Possibilities You Have Been Waiting For


Soul Searchers, Magic Makers, Wander Lusters, & Freedom Seekers, this is for you. 

Do you want to dive into your dream and create the possibilities that you have been waiting for? Who am I kidding, of course you do! Here are some of my fav's to break out of stagnant energy and call in abundance.

- Show up every day, fully authentic and standing in your own beautiful truth
- Release your power, get rid of fear & limiting believes, and rise. 
- Worship your intuition, praise your desires and fall in love with your destiny.
- Flow with the seasons and work with the Moon Cycle.
- Take a moment every New Moon to write down your dreams for that cycle.

Working with the Moon Cycle, what is that all about?

In two weeks we have the Leo New Moon coming up, which is my favourite one because it has so much creative energy to tap into.

Ever New Moon brings also brings in a feeling of freshness, a feeling of new beginnings, which is an energy that I thrive in as a Gemini Sun / Aquarius Moon / Leo Rising sign. 

New Moons are the perfect day to write your manifest list.

What is a manifest list you ask?

A manifest list is a list of all the dreams that you hope to manifest during that cycle of the moon. The dreams that you write down can be a big as you dare to dream. 

So on the New Moon take some time to yourself, light a few candles, burn some palo santo and calm your mind and follow your breath. When you feel that you mind is empty and you body relaxed, put pen to paper. 

Give yourself some time, wait until the dreams for that month will show themselves to you, they always do. 

For the past couple years I have been writing my manifest list on every new Moon. Never skipped one. They have helped me launch Nabalo, they have helped me travel the world, and they have even guided me in becoming healthy again. 

I write, I manifest. 
It’s my thing! 


If you feel pulled towards using this “tool” to change your own life but don't know how…you are in luck! We have created a six week long program in which we teach you how to use the power of manifestation.

We will dive into the world of Manifestation, Visualisation, Meditation, Lunar Manifestation Guidance, Journaling and Gratefulness.

You will learn how you can use these tools when it comes to manifesting your desires + You will receive a complimentary copy of our Manifest with the Moon eBook + We will share our favourite crystals to help with strengthening your manifestation power + We will go through a list of empowering essential oils that can help you stay focused on your goals + We will give you a list of powerful affirmations that can help you build up your manifestation energy + We will leave you with some book recommendations for when you want to dive in deeper after the course.

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