Energy a La Minute


Goddess energy, Prana, Chi. Different names for our universal energy. 

Our own energy is part of the universal energy.

When we connect with that energy we will be able to recharge our own.
We can do this in deep meditation, controlling our breath and mind.
We can do this by qigong, acupuncture, yoga or by going to a retreat. 

You can access this energy through a variety of ways.

But what if we don’t have the time during our day to go into a deep meditative state?
What if we don’t have the extra money to spend on taking a break and visiting a retreat? 

Let me share with you seven beautiful “rechargers” for when you need some fresh energy.

Through The Nose.
Carry a small bottle with essential oils with you to soak up energy at any time. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and peppermint will give you a power boost, cheerful freshness can be found in citrus scents - lemon, bergamot and grapefruit - and with the oils of pine, cypress or fir feel like you're in the middle of an oxygen-rich forest.

Crystal Energy
Stones speak their own language. When they have a red color, such as garnet or ruby, you can trust that they stand for power and action and the powerful blood flowing through your body.

Oracle or Tarot Cards
Take a moment to yourself and find your center. Pick a deck that speaks to you in that moment and intuitively pick a card. You will be surprised how spot on these beautiful messages are.

Power Sleep
Delicious, sleep ... a nap in the middle of the day. Ten to twenty minutes of sleep is a real power nap: you will wake up refreshed and can concentrate better.

Vitamin Sun
To feel energy, you just have to go outside and turn your face to the sun. Sunlight charges us and ensures the production of vitamin D (very healthy) and the hormone serotonin (very happy).

Dates, sesame seeds, pistachios and gojiberries: all energy providers. Condensed into a tasty snack they are delicious with a drink of pomegranate seeds; according to the ancient Egyptians a real elixir of life.

Mother Earth
Did you know that you have a chakra underneath both feet?
Through this center beneath your feet, you can connect with the earth. Barefoot on the grass and let the nourishing energy flow upward.

Fire Breath
Your breath is always at your disposal. Do the breath of fire for a quick boost from your belly. Pull your navel toward your spine while you exhale forcefully inward; your breath will follow. Continue breathing this way until you feel awake.