Full Moon Musings

I love watching the moon going from new to full. She shines her beautiful light a little brighter every night and reveals our truth. I love working with her energy and following her cycle, I love seeing the effect she has on people, or animals and on water. And I love capturing her in the middle of the night. 

The Full Moon is perfect for letting go of what no longer serves us. 

This past month I have been doing some soul searching. Last winter I returned back to the Netherlands after a couple years of travelling. I came back with the intention to recharge before looking for new places to explore. My dreams about leaving this country and exploring the world started at a very young age,  the Netherlands has always felt to small for me and the thought of living in the same town for the rest of my life makes me anxious. I am so lucky to have found my amazing partner who is crazy about new adventures. Wanderlust is our middle name!

I have stayed in different places in the US and in Canada the past years, but the times that we were travelling with all of our belongings in the back of our car, were the times I felt most alive. Not knowing where our next stop would be and being able to follow our intuition in every direction, that is pure freedom to me, to us.

You can call me a gipsy, wanderer or explorer. Because that is what I am, I am exploring the world, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I am finding what makes me happy. I am not restless, but n
ot giving into this feeling will make me restless. I am not escaping my reality, I am creating my own reality and that is the most satisfying thing I have ever done. 

So this Full Moon, I am letting go of everything that is holding me back in creating my freedom and wander this amazing place we call Earth. Because I feel recharged and ready for new adventures! I feel ready for meeting new people and I miss exploring new places. For me travelling is the ultimate feeling of freedom. 

Now I would love to hear what gives your that feeling of freedom, what excites your soul?