Growing With The Seasons

It took me thirty-three years to understand what it means to "flow with the seasons".

For years I thought I was a "sunshine" girl. 

For years I thought I very much disliked rain and could easily do without it. 

So I moved to South Carolina where it was summer year round. But something was missing. Was it snow? 

I moved again, this time to Alberta where the endless prairies are covered with snow for six out of twelve months.
Something was still missing. Was it the beauty of Autumn?

One last try, Nova Scotia. Foggy forests, rainy days... 

But I'm not writing this blog from Nova Scotia. I'm writing you from Sweden. 

Where the seasons are nicely balanced, a little bit of everything.  

This "little bit of everything" is teaching me that all seasons have their own charm, and that flowing with the seasons brings me balance. 

I stopped being annoyed by the rain and started being grateful for it. Now I see raindrops as little drops of goodness, watering the world and making Monday mornings in front of the fireplace cozy!

When I really think about what the seasons bring me, its not flowing but growing.

With each change of season I experience growth. 
In my heart and in trusting myself.
In what I learned about who I am and who I want to be.
And each season brings me new inspiration to keep my hopes and dreams growing. 

Spring brings me closer to my heart, it gives me courage when I see all those tiny plants and flowers emerge from the dirt. Pushing, growing, finding the light. I need this courage in order to open up during the Summer. During the warmer months I feel incredibly passionate about following my dreams. When the leaves starting to fall and Autumn arrives it reminds me to slow things down, to harvest my rewards from the hard work I have done during these sunny months. Winter connects me again to my soul, demands integration and rest.  Winter brings closure.


A little bit of everything brings balance. 

How about you?

Are you growing with the seasons? 

MusingsIris Nabalo