January : Ali

wild |wīld|

1 (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.
• (of people) not civilized; barbarous.
2 uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure.
• not based on sound reasoning or probability.

So, I kind of have a “thing” for wildness. 

No, I don’t exactly mean a sexually inspired kind of “thing” (but a wild man or woman sure is sexy!) for wildness. I’m more-so talking about my whole passion in life being centered around coming into more and more union with my wild feminine nature. 

To me, wildness is truth. It’s the core of our human existence, but we’ve come so, so far from it.

We live in boxes, are told to follow the all-american lifestyle, working our 9-5’s and not asking questions.

Society is scared of wild. Wildness is not tame, it doesn’t fit into boxes, and it’s not easy to understand or define.

We’ve come so far from our wild ancestry, we literally have to re-learn how to be natural humans again. Because the truth is, wild is our natural human state of being.

Being the domesticated humans that we are now, it requires an unleashing and embracing to get back to our wildness, and speaking specifically for women — an unleashing and embracing of our wild feminine nature.

We’ve come so far from our wild feminine nature, as women from such a young age are being taught that their bodies are all wrong rather than honoring their uniqueness, to dissociate from their natural cycles rather than embrace the beauty of their femininity, to chase men for validation rather than falling in love with themselves first, or cover themselves in toxic makeup rather than understanding that the skin they live in is the most beautiful incarnation already.

While the domestication applies to both women and men completely, women have been especially tamed over time. The word domesticate or domesticated, literally means “of the house” or “belonging to the house”. If you think about the way women have been tamed, there has been this overarching idea for such a long time (that’s just finally starting to be challenged in a bigger way over the last decade) that women should stay at home all of the time, care for the house, raise children, and live these neat, proper lives.

Of course this is a generalization, but like I stated — it’s been the overarching truth for many cultures over time, the further we’ve gotten from out natural, wild state.

Wild women frighten most people. Think back to the witch trials, for example — those were wild women, speaking their truth, expressing their sexuality, healing and nourishing with herbal remedies. People feared them for the power the possessed — the power of being a fully embodied woman.

What’s usually frightening for people about wild women, is that they are usually very hard to tame or define. Wild women at their highest potential are free, charismatic, expressive, confident, unwavering from their truth and beliefs, in love with themselves, in union with their feminine cycles, sexual, spiritual, sacred, and generally don’t give a fuck what people think — while simultaneously being some of the most caring, compassionate, and passionately loving characters you will ever meet.

Wild woman is a breed that is few and far between these days, but we’re making a resurgence.

My passion in life is finding more and more ways to unleash and embrace my wild feminine nature. Not only is it my passion, but it’s my path in life. And it’s not only my passion and path in life for myself, but I love to support other women in unleashing and embracing their wild feminine nature within their own lives and being, too.

I feel most alive when I’m doing the things that make me feel wild — whether it’s swimming naked, dancing ecstatically, harvesting wild edibles and medicinals, making crazy passionate love, sitting in circle with my sisters, moving my body freely, eating healthful and nourishing foods, imbibing sacred elixirs, writing from my heart, or reading riveting literature.

The beauty of our wildness is that what evokes the feeling of being wild and free for each woman is going to be different.

So, what makes you feel wild, dear sister? Does the call of the wild speak to your heart and soul?

The wild lives within us all, if we’ll only open to it.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what unleashing and embracing your wild feminine nature looks like to you. Any favorite ways to do this, experiences you’ve had, or people who inspire this within you? I can’t wait to talk all things wildness with you in the comments!

With lots of wild love, xox Ali

Ali is a writer and women’s embodiment mentor, helping women to “unleash and embrace their wild feminine nature".

She is committed to the re-sacralization of the feminine across the globe. Her mission is passionately providing women with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles.

She enjoys writing and video blogging weekly through her website
WildWomanSpeaks.com and sharing inspiration with her Wild Woman Speaks community daily through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram