Lifestyle “rules” and why you shouldn't follow them.


Today I want to talk to you about lifestyle “rules” and why you shouldn't follow them!

Let’s start with acknowledging that no-body is the same and that we go through different phases in life. Also, we change. Our thoughts change, our beliefs might change and our needs definitely change over time. So it is only normal that our lifestyle changes along side it.

Society loves to label. And this can be a real problem for some when it comes to living a specific lifestyle. Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Raw, Hippies, Geeks, Millenials. All these labels. Don’t put yourself in a box, you can find the perfect lifestyle for you by following your intuition and listening to the signs your body is giving you. 

I have times when I only crave light food, like salads and smoothies and lots of fresh fruit, but I also listen to my body when it is asking for meat or fish. 

I am a big superfood fan and I love the knowledge behind it. But I also love a double chocolate red velvet cupcake every now and then.

I am a certified raw nutritionist, but I am not a raw vegan. 

I am a big fan of the rewilding lifestyle, but I love my iPhone and my MacBook.

What I am trying to say is that to "follow" a lifestyle doesn't mean that you are "failing" when some of those things won't fit you. I see so many people struggle because they are being judged when they have a daily cup of coffee in their healthy diet or when they enjoy a piece of meat amongst their vegetarian friends. 

And this is not only the food industry, if you are trying to live as close to nature as possible and treat the earth with respect but you don't feel like making your own toothpaste and washing your hair with clay, you are not failing!

What you eat, how you live and what you think should make you happy and healthy. So start breaking those rules, don't let anyone tell you you have to live a certain way. Do what feels good to YOU and be flexible because it will change. We are growing, learning and changing every day. Listen to your body and your heart and let that be your guide!

xo, Iris