Alyssa from Root + Bones


Welcome Alyssa, we’re excited that we finally get to interview you for our blog! As the beauty and brains behind Root & Bones, can you tell us a little bit more about why you started your brand and what your philosophy is towards your business? 

 I started Root & Bones because of my infinite love for these magical adaptogens! They first came into my life a decade ago when I began acupuncture school. I was fully committed to doing whatever it took to mentally/physically and spiritually survive the grind of a 3 1/2 yr Masters program. These herbs and mushrooms changed me positively on so many levels I knew I had to share them with the world. I love the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to health that focuses on prevention, and treating disease before it begins. These adaptogens used to be considered part of a normal daily habit for staying well and vibrant, and I want to see more people adopting this habit. When I receive positive feedback about someones experience with the herbs, it reinforces exactly why I started this, and why I want to keep going! I love being a small business, its just my boyfriend and I with a living room full of boxes and packages. I like to be the one connecting with people through email, or instagram messages and having that authentic channel of communication. Every package gets a hand written note from me, and a little blessing before its off to the post office. I want there to be growth for the business, but I never want to stop being the voice behind everything and I want people to feel like they are connecting with me when they reach out. 


Your products have been a big part of our elixir craft lately and the quality of your superfoods is superb, I’m especially crazy about the Chaga and Reishi powder because they are my two favourite shrooms ever. But today I want to hear from you. If you were left in the woods with only one of your products, which product would you pick and why? 

Hands down, Reishi. She is my queen! I truly feel like Reishi lives up to the name "mushroom of spiritual potency". Reishi encompasses the three treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the jing, qi, and shen, and one cannot be complete without the other. Being an introvert, I'd probably love being stuck in the woods with my favorite mushroom friend ;) 


As you know both Rolf and myself have a deep connection with Nature, she is the source of our creativity, our beautiful Earth Mother. Could you share with us what keeps you motivated and inspired? 

For me, nature is also a huge source of inspiration and an important part of my day. I grew up in an industrial warehouse, surrounded by cement, with no window in my bedroom. This upbringing was a major reason why i have chosen to live in Humboldt County, where we have thousand year old redwoods right next to breathtaking coast line. I love the feeling of ancient trees and the wisdom that comes with alone time in nature. My acupuncture patients also keep me motivated and inspired, its amazing to witness the healing powers of Traditional Medicine, whether that be through acupuncture, diet, lifestyle or these adaptogens. Watching them blossom and transform is incredibly moving, and keeps my passion going.


We are living in a summer home for the upcoming months and we start our days with some barefoot walking in the yard while we enjoy the sun that is finally joining us here in the North. Can you describe what your favourite morning ritual looks like?

I start every morning with an adaptogenic elixir! I love checking in with my needs of the day, and adjusting my beverage accordingly. Some days I need more pep in my step, which means cordyceps and coffee, other days, I crave more calming, and that might mean, reishi, collagen and pearl. I like to take my time drinking my elixir, having that quiet introspective time first thing in the morning helps me set my intentions for the day. 


What are you giving the world through your creations? 

It's my hope that through these powders, people will tap into their best selves, which in turn make for a healthier, happier community. Theres these incredible underground networks of mycelium in forests, and I like to think that with more and more people taking care of themselves with these ancient medicines, it's like a human network of mycelium. I want people to feel a deeper connection with themselves, their health and their infinite potential. 


Are there new products or is there exciting news on the horizon?

We are adding Pine Pollen  to the line very soon! Beyond thrilled to add this amazing adaptogenic forest medicine. Another item in the works is an adaptogen blend with 4-7 adaptogens.


Thank you so much for giving us the chance to getting to know you and your products better, we are grateful that our paths have crossed. In this moment, what are you most grateful for?

I am so grateful for you as well! In a larger sense, I am incredibly grateful for the online community. It's been so fun and uplifting to connect with people over instagram; people that share similar vibes, desires and love for health. Running a business online can feel isolating, but with technology at the fingertips, its so easy to connect with people across the globe. 


Any last things you want to share with our cyber tribe? 

Keep going! Health is a constant journey full of ups and downs. Be authentic, and let your light shine bright! 


Alyssa Melody is an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Northern California. She started her own holistic herb company Root & Bones as a passion project driven by the transformational powers of these majestic herbs. 

Where can our readers find you?

In the woods :) Oh, and on Instagram or on our Website!