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Welcome Rachel, it’s so good to have you on our blog. As the creator of Hanako Therapies, can you tell us a little bit more about why you started your brand and what your philosophy is towards your business? 

Hanako came about after a move to the US, my husband’s native land. It was a time of adventure, new experiences and starting out all over again, and we were completely out of comfort zone. In times like this I would fall back onto natural therapies like massage, acupuncture, Energy healing sessions to help keep centred and aligned but I was yet to find all these people over there so…. Having a diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing and having started new studies over there in aromatherapy and apothecary I began to sit down and blend. At the time I was blending for my own energetic purposes, for eg making I AM… Grounded I wanted to create something that would help ground the energy, and feel that deep sense of peace and stillness we all have within, like when meditating but by having a natural perfume to spray it would also work throughout the day not only as a mindful tool but help support my energy. So I would begin picking out what pure essential oils would suit to ground the energy, what flower essences will also help support this state of being, what crystal would be nice to infuse this one, what mantra will help move and shift the energy to a higher space. Intuition would take over and I honestly can say that I’m not sure how they all came together but it was like I had a Divine force taking over and helping to guide all that was going on. In the end I ended up with 34 products made for my own personal use and supporting different states of being, however I would use them in Healing sessions on my clients and then I kept getting asked “what is that and where can I get them from”? It was my husband that suggested we Brand it and share it with everyone. 

Our philosophy is that a peaceful harmonious world begins with a peaceful harmonious self. It all begins with self. By having a very small and simple, yet powerful self-loving routine/ ritual in the morning you are setting sacred space for yourself for the day and this is the energy you will put out and share with the world. You may be having a bad day or going through a challenging or troubling time but at least you can be at peace knowing that you are looking after yourself and taking steps to shift as gracefully as possible during this time. We use only raw, pure, natural and organic ingredients so each ingredient is in its most powerful energetic form. Nature is one magnificent healer and I wanted to capture that in each and every bottle. 

We had the pleasure to work with two of your products, I AM…Bliss & I AM…Inspired and they have helped us to connect to our creativity on a deeper level. But today I want to hear from you. If you were left in the woods with only one of your products, which product would you pick and why? 

I would choose I AM… Faith, this is a personal favourite of mine. Not only for the Goddess scent but also for its support. If you don’t have Faith in life what do you have? This one is also good for taping into our creative energy and our innate feminine power.

Here at our Nabalo headquarters we are deeply connected to Nature, she is the source of our creativity, our muse! Could you tell us what keeps you motivated and inspired? 

The raw beauty of nature is also a major inspiration to us. We love nothing more than getting out amongst it and the more silent the better. I will never forget an experience we had while travelling in the US, we were in Utah at Canyonlands National Park and there was no one around except us and the energy of the place was just awe inspiring but also the silence felt almost deafening. Like this great pressure on your ears and the only thing that would break it was a slight breeze that would breathe by your ears every now and then, or an eagle flying above. It was such a powerful moment and so deeply peaceful. It was easy to see how the Natives cared so deeply for this incredible earth and worked with it rather than against it with such respect and gratitude. 

We are lucky that we have set up home and office in a space that gives us nature right at our fingertips. We are surrounded by bush, and while we live in Sydney, we have nature right there on our doorstep. We are constantly getting visitors of Water dragon Lizards, bush turkey’s, possums, kookaburra’s and some of the prettiest birds I have ever seen. This means all our blends with crystal infused water get to bathe out in the sun and surrounded by natures energy. If we go on Holidays we always choose a nature inspired holiday where we can get out and explore the beauty. This fills me up and keeps me constantly inspired.

Our mornings are sacred to us, we try to start our days with self-care and mindfulness. Can you describe what your favourite morning ritual looks like?

My favourite morning ritual is to roll out of bed and do a breath meditation with some light stretches before I get jumped on by the girls. We have a 5yr old and 1.5yr old. We’ll have breakfast then before I shower, I dry skin brush and finish it off with a cold shower followed by a spray on I AM… Protected over the crown of the head and I AM… Faith before I set out the door. Then I’m ready to flow into the day. Nice and easy, it’s little steps of self-care that carry us a long way. 

What are you giving the world through your creations? 

A bottle of goodness to enrich your life, not only on a body, mind and spirit level but knowing that each ingredient you are putting onto your skin is pure and natural and embrace the healing properties of nature.  Each one was carefully and consciously created and we hope that through our products we are helping people to find their inner calm and balance no matter what is being thrown their way.

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to getting to know you and your products better, we are grateful that our paths have crossed. If you have to pick five little things that you are grateful for today, what would they be? 

 Today I am grateful for:

My family and the love and support we have for each other.

My health and the health of my loved ones.

The clean water I get to drink.

The fresh food that we have available to us.

 Following my heart and listening to my intuition. Life is one big adventure!!! 


Hanako’s intention is to provide a range of uplifting, supporting and balancing vibrational scents, blends and essences that focus on natures natural healing gifts. Also still a practicing energetic and spiritual healer, her healings combine the use of energy healing, crystal therapy, breath work, meditation, vibrational healing and flower/gem essence healing that leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired.

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