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Welcome! It’s so good to have you on our blog today. I immediately felt a connection to you and your work when I found you on Instagram. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are passionate about?

Thank you it is awesome to be here!! My name is Holly Takoda Rhoads. Im a mama, wife and very free spirit. Ive always been somewhat against the grain...I strive to live a life full or art and passion in every way I can. I am deeply drawn to mysticism and matters of spirit, nature and people. 

You are the creator of Catori Life, can you share with us why you started your brand and what your philosophy is towards your business?

I started making jewelry in my very early 20s when I had my son. I made jewelry honestly because I couldn't afford to buy it. I was 21 with a baby, and my husband and I were living in Del Mar, CA working two mediocre jobs and scraping by. I LOVED making jewelry so much that I started gifting pieces to my friends. I made things that I could not find anywhere, and created styles I had never seen before... I made pieces that I wanted to wear. We hit the road and lived in a camper and traveled for 8 months all over the western United States... and I sold jewelry on the road. After that we ended up in Santa Fe, and I wanted to find a way to be home with my son who by that time was 3, so I didn't have to send him to school or daycare full time while I worked a crappy job somewhere. I wanted to be with him! 

So I started an Etsy in 2012 and my brand then was Spirit Tribe. I made festival style feather and leather fringe pieces. But... I grew out of that so I closed shop in 2015 and created my new line Catori Life. When I did this, I wanted to find a way to do my part to honor the earth and assist in global healing however I could. I partnered with an organization called The Eden Projects, and for every piece of jewelry sold 30 trees get planted through my partnership with them. My philosophy is simple. I want women to feel empowered and beautiful. I want to offer pieces that are unique, but that resonate strong with the women who wear them and help them express themselves in a beautiful way.

Here's a qoute from my website that sums up my intention pretty well..

 "My pieces are made to inspire you to move through the world from an empowered place of your own personal authenticity and truth. I believe in living a harmonious Spirit led, intuitive, inspired & passionate lifestyle... and in the strengthening of our awareness of the magic in life.  Every woman is a sacred, powerful and beautiful being and we are currently reawakening to the essence of who we are. I hope that my pieces in some way assist to strengthen this renaissance."


I have the pleasure to wear some of your pieces, and to be honest, I never want to take them off. But today I want to hear from you. If you were left in the woods with only one of your pieces, which one would you pick and why?

Hahaha, lets see. If I was left in the woods with only one piece of my jewelry it would have to be the Aya Obsidian Arrowhead earrings... because then I would have tools... those arrowheads are real! And of course protection from possible white walkers. Haha. 

Here at our Nabalo headquarters we are deeply connected to Nature, she is the source of our creativity, our muse! Could you tell us what keeps you motivated and inspired? 

Yes me too. Connecting to spirit and nature are essential to my process. I have a deep daily meditation practice that keeps me grounded and centered in my creativity. I live in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, and I'm lucky to have hiking trails and wild land all around me, so I also spend alot of time hiking and sitting with nature. Dance is another tool in my belt and helps me stay inspired and connected with my creativity, it helps me move energy when I feel off so I can get re-centered. 

What is it that you are gifting the world through your creations?

A piece of my spirit... love, blessings, empowerment to women, healing to the earth. I believe that living authentically is the biggest gift you can give to the world, and by having the ability to do what I love, I have the freedom of expression and flexibility to live authentically and share my gifts. And I hope that my pieces and stories help other women move toward living an authentic expression if they are not already.  I am an energy medicine practitioner so my pieces receive blessings and love before they go out to their new homes. I believe that objects have the capacity to carry energy. So this is a phenomenal way to send love, literally out in the mail, all over the world. 

Our mornings are sacred to us, we try to start our days with self-care and mindfulness. Can you describe what your favourite morning ritual looks like?

Yes. Morning ritual is essential and I have posts about this on my blog as well. Im an early riser, I wake up around 5 or 6 every morning, before my son and husband. I have a beautiful little meditation spot in my home where I go in the mornings and either drink tea or, lately, this amazing cacao from Guatemala. I smudge with different herbs, I spend time practicing gratitude, I meditate and then I usually do a little tarot reading for the day. If I have time I will dance or do yoga as well.  It is one of my favorite times of the day because it is my sacred time to connect in and get centered for the day. Its my time to listen to myself and check in. 

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to getting to know you and your work better, we are grateful that our paths have crossed. If you have to pick five little things that you are grateful for today, what would they be? 

Thank you so much for having me! I'm so excited to have connected with you! I am grateful for SO many things but yes, 5 things that come to mind at this moment would be

my work, the freedom and creative outlet it has given me..

my family, my amazing brilliant joy filled son and loving supportive sexy ass husband...

my beautiful cozy mountain home and the land I live on...

my strong healthy body...

my courage and commitment to living my life full of passion and authenticity :)

Catori Life was created to honor, nurture and empower the soul of a woman. Through her creations and stories, Catori is a collection of adornments, ritual items and home decor dreamed, designed and created by Holly Takoda Rhoads.

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