Little Treasures Week 13 - Gut Health, Crystal Water & Turmeric Oatmeal.

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Loved this article on "A Full Day Of Optimal Gut Health" 


A peek into Nitsa Citrine's morning routine!

Three awesome ways to use crystals in your beauty routine!

Chrystal Water: Place your favourite gems in a glass bowl and cover them with filtered water. Set the bowl in direct sunlight beginning at sunrise. After sunset, use the water to cleanse your face for the evening, while reaffirming positive thoughts in your mind. 

Crystal Charging: Place a couple of your favourite crystals next to your beauty tools in order to energetically charging your products and infusing that energy into your own body.

Crystal Healing: Once a week simply place healing gems on different parts of your skin to encourage healing, clarity and purification. Close your eyes and relax for 10 to 20 minutes.


This Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace is so pretty! 


"Turmeric Oatmeal gives your breakfast a super health kick. With its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is a great addition to your diet. Try it out in this unique, delicious breakfast recipe!" Need to try this!


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”– Buddha