March : Rachael

All good things are Wild & Free

The wind in my hair and the sun on my face, I take in a deep breath and let out a big, belly laugh, feeling in my heart I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Wild and free.

A year ago, I made a commitment to fully embrace and rock out to my own wild nature. At that time, my path had brought me towards a life that I no longer felt was mine. It was a comfortable life: with lots of friends, a full teaching schedule, and plenty of free time for my own side projects. 

But something was off. I could feel my wild soul yearning to be free. For years, I had been feeling a pull towards South America that I could no longer ignore. 

So one fateful day, I surrendered and bought my plane ticket to Buenos Aires. That was it—No turning back. I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew it was big.

The journey my soul called me on was a wild and, at times, bumpy road of adventure, self exploration, and awakening. It was rife with lessons of letting go, keeping the faith, and radical self acceptance. And it led me further away from the woman I thought I needed to be to the wild soul I already possessed. 

I have come to realize that wildness and freedom are inherent traits of all beings on Earth, humankind being no exeption.  

Unfortunately, many of us have lost touch with our own wild nature, becoming like overly domesticated caged animals. We are shut into tiny boxes, expected to conform to the ideas and ideals of others. We toil, lost and confused on our life's meaning and deeper purpose. We suffocate under the weight of environmental torture, social injustice, cultural genocide, and economic pillaging. 

Fear not, dear one, as we are not without hope, without a path towards the light. But in order to move forth, we must first acknowledge where we are now and who we have become. 

We must stop running from our pain. We must stop denying our darkness. We must stop believing our separation and repressing our truth. 

We must rewild. 

To be wild means to be aware of our interconnectedness with everything and everyone. "As above, so below. As within, so without." We are wild nature and wild nature is us. 

Nature consciousness opens our eyes to the reality of oneness, to the understanding that the outer world is a reflection of the inner. By tilling the soil of our minds and cultivating the seeds of gratitude, abundance, and detached satisfaction, we awaken to our infinite power as unique individuals in a connected universe.

To be wild means to understand that we contain all the answers to life's questions within. We can begin to access this innate wisdom by reimmersing ourselves in the ever present rhythms, energy patterns, and cycles of the natural world. Supporting our whole beings by integrating our shadows and aligning body, mind, soul, and spirit fuels our fullest potential. 

As wild souls, we surrender all perceived limitations and false belief systems, creating our own set of rules to live by. And even these new rules are up for constant negotiation. We release our need for perfection and our hunt for approval. 

As wild ones, we unlearn what we are not. We realize that we require no one and no thing external to access a sense of wholeness and holiness. In our self reliance we are empowered to greatness.

To be wild means to know we are worthy of our greatest life possible. Every thing, every action, and every one is sacred, ourselves included. We welcome the many paradoxes and bask in the great mysteries. We are gentle, yet fierce, peaceful, yet passionate, grounded, yet flying among the stars. Us wild souls master the art of stillness, of being, as well as the dance of movement, of doing. 

Our wildness calls upon us to be fully present and open to it all: the beautiful storm, the rainbow, the miracle that is this experience of life. We choose to perceive the world as one that is safe, supportive, and abundant for our dreams to manifest. We find the strength to remove those masks that keep us from showing up fully for the world, knowing our vulnerability is the source of our power and not the root of our weakness.

As wild things, we let go of the resistance, of the struggle, of the toil. Life becomes gloriously simple as we settle into ease and grace, understanding that our purpose in this life is to feel joy and to extend that joy to others. We access our immense value as wild souls with exceptional gifts to be shared with the world.

In reawakening our sacred wild souls, we find freedom. We begin to move away from fear and towards unconditional love. We release guilt and shame to make way for gratitude and compassion. We feel our power as creative beings, capable of crafting our own reality like a talented artist or a poet. And from this space, we commit to action in service of others, of a greater good, of something bigger than our Selves. 


Rachael Helschein is a truth seeker, wild child, and peaceful warrior for the earth. She chases sun-drenched coastlines and the fresh air of the forest, leaving a trail of laughter and freshly nibbled mango pits in her wake. Rachael is on a passion-driven mission to reawaken the wild soul of humanity. 

As founder of Wild Soul Wellness, Rachael gracefully embodies her role as a women’s spiritual mentor, holistic life coach, nature guide, yogini, artist, and educator. Like Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, she believes that the world will be saved by the western woman; But these women must first embody their divine feminine power. Rachael helps these women build a solid foundation of holistic health, guides them to tap into their innate, creative, and intuitive wisdom, and holds space for them to remember the deep and sacred teachings of wild nature.

Rachael facilitates Wild Soul Wellness workshops, circles, courses, and retreats, both online and in-person. She also provides individualized holistic life coaching and mentorship, teaches private yoga and meditation, and shares her wild soul musings on her blog. And don’t miss a chance to attune to the natural rhythms of the Earth every full and new moon at Rachael's free virtual moon circles.

If you are seeking to explore the deep wisdom of wild nature, develop a sacred connection with life, reclaim your feminine form as sacred, beautiful, and intelligent, and liberate the wild within, you are invited on a deep healing and transformative Wild Soul Journey. This unique exploration was designed to invoke and inspire YOUthe modern wild woman. The four-week journey begins this Spring Equinox...