Mother River

"Mother River"

By Joey Doherty

I have two mothers.


One created my body.

One created my soul.

One I knew was my mother from birth.

One I had to remember.

One has been my mother for a lifetime. 

One has been my mother since rivers existed. 


I didn't even know I was searching for her. 

I didn't even know she was out there to be found. 

But she was calling for me this whole time.

I spent my summers with her, catching frogs that were hiding in her arms. 

I felt most loved these warm months, and now I know why. 


I began to see myself in her slow nature.

I saw how she embraced change, and I wanted to be like her.

I felt her cleansing touch, and knew she was part of me.

How could she be so strong, yet so gentle?


I heard her voice and knew it as my bedtime song.

This trickling voice became my favorite sound on our planet.

She sounded the prettiest where she had the most obstacles.

I couldn't believe my heart when I realized this.

I wanted to cry.

Then I wanted to cry more, because crying would bring her out in me. 

Every time I feel enough to cry, she's the first one there.

She is my tears. 

How lucky am I?


I must have been a young river in a past life.

A small but vital piece of her waters that wrap the planet like a giant hug. 

Part of me is still in there.

A single drop of water in her waves.

Joey Doherty is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC), meditation instructor, and author.

His passion is using counseling and writing to help people become the best possible version of themselves.

"We're all beautifully unique, just like the trees and the stars. We all deserve an authentic and flourishing life."

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