Dreaming big is key

Dreaming big is my strength and my weakness, it is my mentor. I have dreamed dreams so big that I would not dare to share them with others, and I dream small dreams that might be insignificant to others. 

I have been raised with the knowledge that no dreams are too big. Nothing is impossible. It has made me into a wandering, day dreaming, restless, powerful woman that is determined to follow her heart. My heart had lead me to different places on this beautiful earth, it has brought me amazing adventures and it has created beautiful friendships. Following my heart has been teaching me lessons and gifted me gifts that have created who I am today. 

I always come back to three words. Nature, Balance and Love. These 3 words define me, the word Nabalo contains everything that excite my soul. When I create heavenly chocolate elixirs for my man, when I drink springwater straight from a spring, when I follow my wanderlust and when I dream big dreams, I feel Nabalo, I live Nabalo, I am Nabalo. 

I challenge you to find those three words that excite your soul. To create that one word that contains all and to start using it. Write it down, chant it, dream it and go live it!