Recharge your manifestation power

On the first new Moon of this year, January 9th to be exact, I was sitting in my sacred little nook in our living room.

The first new Moon of a new year brings with it a feeling of freshness, a feeling of new beginnings, which is an energy that I thrive in as a Gemini Sun / Aquarius Moon sign, it was the perfect day to write my manifest list.

What is a manifest list you ask? A manifest list is a list of all the dreams that you hope to manifest during that cycle of the moon. The dreams that you write down can be a big as you dare to dream. 

So back to my little sacred nook, I lighted a few candles, burned some palo santo and while Ayla Nereo was playing in the background I calmed my mind and followed my breath. When I felt that my mind was empty and my body relaxed, I put pen to paper. 

I sat there for a little while, waiting until the dreams for that month would start to pop up, like they always do. 

But there was nothing. 


I didn’t understand.

For the past couple years I have been writing my manifest list on every new Moon. Never skipped one. 

They have helped me launch Nabalo, they have helped me travel the world, they have helped my find home and they have even guided me in becoming healthy again. 

I write, I manifest. 
It’s my thing! 

So I tried to push through. Maybe it was just a little “manifestation list writers block.” 

I wrote down some things that I thought would fit perfectly into my future plans, but when I re-read my list I didn’t feel anything for the things that I had written down. 

I looked out of the window trying to find the stars in the night sky, and noticed that it was snowing again. And then it hit me. Flowing with the seasons…

The earth recharges her power during the winter months, she pulls back her water and her energy in order to bloom again when spring comes around. The animals find shelter, hibernate and protect their energy until the earth warms up and invites them back.

I was in need of the same. 

I had been in “manifestation mode” for years and it has brought me things that I thought were impossible, it has helped me create the lifestyle of my dreams, but I had to bring back the balance.

I needed to recharge my manifestation power!

So I took a break. Not from chasing my dreams but from bringing in new ones.
I didn’t write a manifest list for 6 months and I used that time to recharge. It has been very interesting to just “be” and let things settle in a way they want to settle without steering them. Some dreams that I had been working on really hard took a completely different turn, a turn that they wouldn’t have if I didn’t let them. 

Sometimes it’s good to just let things happen, it brings clarity and truth. 

And now after six months of not adding new dreams to my list…I can’t wait to start again. 

Using the power of manifestation can really create incredible possibilities, it has changed my life in ways I can’t even describe.

If you feel pulled towards using this “tool” to change your own life but don't know how…you are in luck! 

I’m finishing up the design of my six week long program in which I teach you how to use the power of manifestation.

What’s even better is that I will be running this course for free, all I ask from you in return is your time and commitment, and I will give you the same. 

Are you ready to dive back into the game with me in September?

And if you want to take charge of your life right now and start working with the manifestation power of the moon, you can check out my ebook on working with the moon phases. The writing practices in this workbook run from New Moon to New Moon so this is the perfect time to start! 

Manifest With The Moon
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