Reminders from Mama Earth

"Reminders from Mama Earth"
By Joey Doherty


When I feel unappreciated, the air reminds me that some of the most important things go unnoticed. 

When I'm unsure which path to take, the tree's reflection on the river reminds me that either direction has beauty. 

When I feel guilty for all the goodness I have, the sky reminds me that I can share it with the world. 

When something ends, the three-leaf clover reminds me that everything has a beginning, middle, and end. 


When patience feels out of reach, the still moss reminds me that I will get there when I'm ready.

When I'm feeling lost, the chatty birds remind me that there are people far and wide
ready to chirp their reassuring words for me. 


When life feels too much, the flooded but thriving tree in the river reminds me that with some self love, I'll be more than ok.

When life feels too little, the ants remind me that nothing on this planet is any less than any other. 

When I don't know the answer, the baby birds remind me that we have all been here and will be here again.


When I'm feeling too much, the Sun reminds me that passion isn't a weakness. 

When I want security, the fish jumping out of the water reminds me that beauty and meaning lies in moments, not forevers. 

When I'm overwhelmed by the hate in the world, the bee reminds me to look passed the initial sting and try to understand. 

When I'm feeling lonely, the gravel road reminds me that I'm just disconnected from myself. 

When an entire day seems to go badly, the poison ivy reminds me that these "bad" moments light up the good. 

Joey Doherty is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC), meditation instructor, and author.
His passion is using counseling and writing to help people become the best possible version of themselves.

"We're all beautifully unique, just like the trees and the stars. We all deserve an authentic and flourishing life."

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