Stars, Flowers & Children

There is a quote that says: "Three things are left to us from paradise: stars, flowers, and children".

There is nothing more true.

That's why, these three elements guide my inspiration.

Nature is the only place where we can solve all the contradictions of life and the fragility of our being in the world.

In my work, inspired by nature, I can build my own space in which the sadness turns into joy, and hatred into kindness.

I wish everyone to find their own small space of serenity where to feel free. 

Finding beauty in the small things of everyday life allows me to face the difficulties and pain.

The simple perfection of a flower makes smile the whole universe, we just have to look at what is around us, with the eyes of love. 


Through my illustrations, I would like to convey the hope that dreams can come true, imagination is a precious thing, beauty can save us.

Be innocent as a child.

Breathe the vibrant light of spring.

Be kind to everyone. 

Have the courage to be yourself. 

Seek for beauty everywhere.

My name is Lucy and I am an Italian student of Art History. I work in children illustration. I take inspiration from the beauty of ordinary things and still life. Water is my element and watercolors is my technique. Drawing has become an exercise to know myself, a way to express my female sensibility. 

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