Summer Solstice Tea

Happy Summer Solstice weekend for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere is welcoming midwinter instead. June 21st brings the longest day of the whole year.

This day is all about celebrating life and manifesting abundance, look around you, everything is in bloom, this is a time when the sun lingers the longest of any other day, this is life in it's fullest form! 

The days are hot, full of passion, our hearts are burning. The sun fires our desires, this is the time to manifest, to dream big and to chase those dreams! 

Let us celebrate this weekend with honouring the sun and all that it stands for because after the summer solstice, each moment of light recedes a bit more, leaving each day a bit darker than the last.

I've provided some summer solstice celebration ideas below: 

  • Make a Solstice Tea.
  • Begin and end your day with some Sun Gazing. This should only be done at sunrise and at sunset,  be very careful, and just gaze for a few seconds at a time, unless you are well practiced. 
  • Light a bonfire and celebrate this day with friends.
  • Go out and pick wild flowers, berries or other wild foods.


Combine Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Passion Flower and Rose Hips in a big glass bottle, fill it up with spring water and set it out in the sun. 

Lazy Chamomile will become one with the delicious Passion flowers. The Rose hips will add their sweetness to your brew. Together they are bathing in the beautiful pink color created by the combination of Hibiscus & Rose. Let them enjoy the rays of the sun and the light of the moon for a full day.
— Iris