Swimming Upstream

Sometimes it calls you when you least expect it. When you are swimming along with the current, flowing smooth and straight and then it comes, then you feel it.

This urging to turn around.

Not to go back from where you came but to go back to where you always yearn.


What is this idea of home, where do you find it?
Does it rest in your beliefs, in your ideas?
Does it reside in the place you grew up or the place your grandmother laid her head as a child?
Is it inside bricks and stone?
Is it in mountains and in woods?

We may spend a lifetime looking for it, spinning around, chasing it like it's just out of reach, just past our fingertips.

But the truth remains that this home resides much closer than what first appears. This home waits within you.

No, the journey is no less arduous, no less of an epic tale, fraught with high winds and rolling storms, mythical creatures, and unmarked pathways.

It takes great courage, heart, and a bit of wit and good humor to traverse your inner landscape.

Make no mistake, it is not for the weak of heart. But at the center of it we find a freedom that no one can steal, home within ourselves.

We may leave it again and again throughout our lifetime but maybe late one night as a Barred owl calls to you outside your window or as the first frost sets in the early morning, you will feel that familiar call to turn around and take the plunge into the depths.


Dani spends her days traveling along and across the Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers in the Midwest Heartland, helping homesteads with natural animal rearing using wild plant medicine. She feels most at home walking in a herd of goats, behind her apothecary stand at farmers markets, or amongst plants growing wild and free.

She has a deep love and respect for intuitive guidance, protecting wild places, and this ever evolving plant medicine journey which proves more exciting, beautiful, and full of light with every step. She loves learning and practicing ancient wisdom collected in the form of medicine making, stories, nutrition, ritual and ceremony. 

She is co- creator of The Full Moon Tribe, a monthly women's circle nested on a bluff over the Mississippi River created to connect women to their wild nature through plants, storytelling, rhythm and cycles of the moon. 

Follow her journey on Instagram and stay tuned for the launch of her website.


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