That was then, This is now!

I openend my eyes on that morning, the morning everything changed. I felt like I needed at least another week of sleep to be fully refreshed. My body clearly needed more rest, and this morning I was again confronted with the reality that sleeping only made me feel worse.

When you feel bad most of the day, the motivation to change your lifestyle and health habits can be pretty high. Well on this one particular morning, my motivation to make changes was massive.

Let me tell you a bit about the “bad days”.

I was born in Rotterdam, a big city in the Netherlands and lived most of my life there. And although there is nothing wrong with big cities, it was not the place for me.  I had a fairly “typical” childhood, divorced parents, just enough money for food, and didn’t finish high school. By the time I was in my twenties, I had a debt, migraines and I was just generally unhappy with my life.

Back then I didn't realize how I ate and what I thought could make a difference in my everyday life. The crippling migraines caused me to become an introverted person that was too scared to do anything outside of my comfort zone. I had been a migraine”patient” for 10 years, locked up inside my own home and the walls I build around myself.

I was no longer able to explore my impulsive desires, dream big and follow my deepest Gemini dreams.

…Until that morning when something within me shifted.

As soon as I opened my eyes I decided this was time to break free from my cage and fly toward freedom. I changed everything, my diet, my lifestyle, my way of thinking, and with that I changed my life.

Now don’t get me wrong here, my life didn’t change over night. It took me 4 years of focused work to peel off the layers of fear, pain and domestication to get to my true self. I learned to let my intuition guide me and allowed my heart to show me the way.

I discovered that there's a whole different way of thinking involved in order to be inspired and motivated upon waking up every morning. It was the smaller steps in my diet, such as switching to organic foods, to the bigger steps in my life, like leaving the country and traveling the world that drew me out of my comfort zone and placed me on the path to Nabalo, my life mission.

I made the choice to leave Rotterdam and consequently, everything that was familiar to me. Together with my amazing partner, I travelled through the United States and Canada for two exciting years. In every new place I visited, I reclaimed a piece of myself. I explored new ways of living and new ways of eating. I started my “Rewilding” practices and (re)discovered my own wild femine power.

The path to Nabalo is unique for every individual. Some find themselves through the transformative powers of food, others through Yoga, Meditation or another passion that connects them with their authentic self. For me, it was the unified combination of NATURE, BALANCE and LOVE.

I connected with the Earths natural energy by walking barefoot, started eating organic food, and began learning about what superfoods and herbal medicines could do for me. I found my balance in life by drinking fresh spring water, traveling around the world and practicing compassion. I found love through respecting my partner, self-love and letting my heart run wild and free with passion and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart, it know’s the way, it will only bring you good when you learn to trust it.

I'm writing this to you on my flight from the States back home to Europe. After two years of exploring the external landscapes of Northern America and the inner territories of myself, I'm finally ready to go back. I have changed and I am strong. I know what I want, when I want it and where I want it. I am not afraid to  show myself, I am not afraid to follow my dreams, even if they might look “strange” in the eyes of other people. Strange is the new normal!

I changed from a bored, sick girl who was unhappy with her life, into a powerful woman who can’t wait to explore all the new chapters of this life!

A certain picture played a big part in this blogpost. When I was looking at that picture something was triggered inside me, I didn’t want to share this picture with the world. Not because I didn’t like the picture, or the way I looked. It was the fact that I knew how the old girl in this picture felt. Apparently I had not yet let go of the pain I still felt for this girl. I just had to forgive her, love her at that point of her journey and appreciate the lessons she has taught me today.

So I hereby forgive her, the girl with the migraines, the girl who was unhappy. And I invite you to take the same course of action. Forgive your younger self, integrate all the lessons you had to learn in order to become the powerful person you are today. Have respect for who you are right now, love yourself and strive to make every day better than the day before. Follow your intuition and follow your heart. Abandon all the restrictive rules, let go of your limited comfort zone, discard the imposed domestication. Accept all the magic that surrounds you and enjoy every minute of it.

“Bathe in the magnificence of the divine creators generosity and enjoy the present moment that you have right now, because after it’s gone, it goes out into the air, and you can never capture it again.” - David Whipple

If you do feel trapped, lost, or don’t know where to start by making the necessary changes in your life, please let me know, seek me out and connect with me. I'm here to support you and that's what my story is all about!