The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals are beautiful, powerful and magical beings, gifted to us from the Earth. They have been used since ancient times for their balancing and healing effects. 

No matter what your beliefs or spiritual orientation, it’s easy to admire the beauty, sparkle, and sense of calm and ease crystals give us. 

But what exactly are crystals?

How do they work and how can we use them to help us find more balance in our lives? 

The International Gem Society defines a crystal like this: “For gemologists, there is a scientific definition of a crystal that goes right to the atomic level. A crystal is a solid whose atoms are arranged in a “highly ordered” repeating pattern.” 

I love this definition! Everything in the Universe has a specific order, from the most distant galaxies, right down to the microscopic cells of our physical body. Within this order is pure energy that vibrates at different rates. 

Every being on this planet, whether it is a human, animal, plant, or object, has a connection to Divine Source Energy / God / The Universe / or Soul.

When something is vibrating at a high frequency, it has a clear, unobstructed flow of Divine Source Energy. Conversely, when something is vibrating at a lower frequency, it is not receiving the full flow of Divine Source Energy in the way that it could. 

You see, your natural state of being is one of love, clarity and bliss. Anytime you are feeling less than that, you are vibrating at a lower level; a level that isn’t natural to you (although it can feel normal if it is a feeling that you have continued to feel for quite some time) and you experience a disallowance of the energy of your Source. This can manifest itself as tiredness, depression or illness, or just a sense of being out of the flow of your own life. 

It is a very normal experience to have times when we are feeling negative emotion - that’s part of being human and living on this planet today. But it’s important to love and honour ourselves enough to gently lift ourselves back up to that state of feeling better and happier. It is only in this state of being that we can connect fully to our Source and receive intuitive guidance or those Soul messages that matter so much. 

And that’s where crystals come in! 

Crystals vibrate at a very high rate and have a pure connection to that Divine Source of energy. Crystals offer a steady vibrational frequency of love and well-being and they can help you to remember your own well-being in a really powerful way. 

Simply having a crystal close to you sends a message to your energy field that all is well. It helps your personal vibration raise back up to the frequency of pure love that your crystal is always emanating. And when your vibration raises, that’s when you experience a more pure allowance of your connection to the Divine Source. 

This helps you to live more in tune with that joyful, blissful Being that you truly are. When you’re in tune with that part of yourself, everything in your life just flows. You feel better, your desires manifest with ease; you trust yourself and the Universe to support you in every way. You feel energetic and vital and more in love with yourself and your life. 

To me, there’s no better way to move through this world. And that’s why I always have a crystal close by - to help me remember. 

The Crystal Healing Online Course from Earth Elements is filled to the brim with easy ways to incorporate crystal energy into your life!

It is designed to be a gentle hand-hold into the world of crystals and the ways in which you can connect with them to bring more healing, happiness and abundance into your days. 

This e-course is divided up into 5 sections which will guide you through the basics of crystal healing as well as dive into some deeper subject matter like how to understand and raise your vibration, tap into your intuitive guidance, hear your Soul messages, and work with the sacred principles of Feng Shui.

Naaz Ali is a jewellery designer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui consultant and founder of Earth Elements; a heart centered company that aims to help wonderful souls live a beautiful, joyful life. Earth Elements offers crystal healing jewellery, mala beads, energy sessions, Reiki trainings and online courses. 

A lover of all things spiritual, Naaz can often be found drinking cacao elixirs, moon gazing, playing with crystals, doing yoga in her living room, or wandering through the trees. Based in Calgary, Canada, she adores Nature and has a soft spot for the mountains and the ocean. 

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