The Magic Of Flowers And Their Healing Essence

I have always felt a strong connection to the fairy realm. 

My childhood home had a grand Jacaranda tree in the centre of our garden and from one of the branches hung an old swing that I spent many hours on as a little girl swinging away and daydreaming of faraway lands. 

When the tree would drop its flowers the lawn underneath became covered in a purple carpet of flowers and it transformed into something so magical. In this land fairy’s and pixies danced in between the fallen flowers singing sweet melodies. 

So much of my childhood was spent in these make believe lands and so it seemed only natural that I would be drawn to working with the magic of the flowers in my adult life.

My journey with flower essences began many moons ago.

I was first introduced to them in my very early 20's and was fascinated by their mystery and their seeming magic. Over time I found myself often drawn to them when life faced me with a challenge.

It was during a particularly difficult period of my life that once again, the flowers began to call me. At this time I was at a crossroads - feeling lost, confused and unsure about my purpose. Looking back, I can see that I had lost my connection to my inner self and to the Earth.

I began to dream about flowers and they would send me messages during my sleep. One night spirit sent me a message about a very distinct flower. I remember waking and knowing that this dream was of huge significance. After months of searching I finally found the essence of this flower and I began the healing and transformative ritual of taking the drops. This essence gave me back my life force and almost instantly I received the message that I had no need to keep searching because I had finally found what I was looking for. It was my role to share the wisdom of the flower essences... and so from here, I immersed myself in learning all that I could about the healing of flowers.

What are Flower essences?

Flower remedies have always been used to heal the emotions. There is an ancient tradition of flower elixirs being used throughout the world dating back to the 12th century. 

Many moons ago, alchemists believed that the dew drops that gathered on the leaves of the flowers and plants overnight contained magical powers. As time went by, ways were found to capture these drops in order to support healing. The earliest written record of the use of Flower Essences to heal emotional disharmony and imbalances is by 15th century healer and mystic, Paracelsus.

It was Dr Edward Bach however, who in the 1930's, brought them back into light and reminded us that the essences of flowers and plants were available for us to use to heal ourselves. Since then, there has been great interest in flower remedies and there are now some wonderful people making essences from flora, shells and crystals all over the world.

To extract the healing that the plant has to offer us, a piece of the plant is placed in a bowl of water and left in sunlight to infuse for a period of time. Once this has taken place, the water infusion is bottled with a small amount of a preservative - usually brandy. The essences work on an energetic level in the body and work primarily to rebalance the emotions to create harmony.

Flower essences are the vibrational imprint of the life force of the flower, and the flower is the most highly evolved part of the plant. The essences work on an energetic level in the body, activating our body's own innate ability to heal itself. They empower us to listen, and to follow our intuition. They are catalysts to unlock our full potential. Flower essences nurture our body and mind and evolve our soul.

These glorious remedies have been created to help to support and manage the emotions and stress of every day life. People recognise the intrinsic link between our emotional and physical health, and more and more studies now focus on this mind-body connection. The essences work to harmonise and resolve old belief patterns to create harmony and wellbeing. They dissolve and release any negative and limiting beliefs that are subconsciously held within the body and help to heal old wounds. They help us in feeling fulfilled, empowered and happy, and when we feel like this, we are resonating at a higher vibration and we begin to automatically attract better things into our world.

Flower essences have completely changed my life. They continue to keep me centred and connected to my own self. The essences have built my confidence in my own abilities and have helped to heal many old wounds I had been carrying. Over time, they have helped to awaken hidden aspects of my soul.

Jo - The Healing Essence 

Jo is a Flower Essence Therapist, Sister Circle Facilitator and Wellness Mentor.

She is drawn to support, guide and inspire women to live their best life and achieve emotional freedom by using Flower Essence Therapy and lifestyle choices to build a solid foundation for personal growth. She is a huge believer in the powers of the sisterhood and holds regular Sister Circles for women to come together to connect, love and support one another.

She empowers women to realign their lives with their hearts and become free from limiting beliefs. She holds the space for those who are ready to grow, expand and transform to live a happy, balanced, healthy and whole life.

She works with women who are feeling the push to make changes to their lives and who are ready to reclaim their happiness. Women who are feeling weighed down by stress, overwhelm, anxiety and fear. Women who have lost their connection to themselves and to their sisterhood. Women whose hearts need healing and those who are ready to step into their power and embrace their inner wisdom, She works with women who are looking to make powerful transformations to their lives.

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