The magic of Howl

Sometimes we face a point in our lives when we have been trapped in a perception or limitation for so long that we believe it to be the story of our lives. We believe that there is no exit, no way to change.


From the deep unknown waters that live within the womb of all women, something calls us. 
The inner cynic snickers at the statement.

 Resists against the notion. 

Resistance a force stronger then fear, be aware. 

Be aware of any resistance and go there.

Dive in mama.

Same with the wounds. Dive into them, for they are the pathway to the gift. Walk through the gateway, feel the pain, get really uncomfortable, face it, own it, swallow it, digest it. 

You are mother earth. 
You are the force that sprouts a flower through a concrete wall.

Nothing will break you woman. 

We have been burnt, we have be smothered, we have be crushed, but we are the indestructible force of life.

We carry the seeds of new life. In any moment we can choose to die. Metaphorically die. We can allow the story to turn into ashes and from this ending call forth lady death, the goddess who midwives us into the next version of our selves. 

As we bind together as sisters we hold one another. We release the notions of competition, of jealousy, of hate, of blame. We look towards our sisters as a stream of power. A stream of support. As this force of the feminine returns from the depth of the unknown waters, we bow to her. We bow to one another. For when I lift a sister, I physically become stronger. However when I tear down a sister, I gain nothing. I stay stagnate, while harming this woman and contributing to separating us. As I lift my sisters, they lift me. We rise together and in this power and in this force collectively we send ripples across the world that change it forever.

We expand the force of the feminine.

We return back to our true nature, we reclaim our beauty, our love, and our truths. No need to stay in guilt if you have been the one to rip down the sisters or if you have, over and over again been victim to this. We have all played the victim, and we have all played the perpetrator at some point in time.

This moment.

This breath is a new opportunity to move in a direction that comes from your soul. Walk this soul path. Bare feet, pure soul to the ground. Sister it is time. Sister no more time to play small, or to play big. Time to be real. Show me your tears, show me your pain, show me your story, show me it all. I will not hold you and box you into this limitation. Oh woman I see you. You are a seed, and ever-changing piece of possibility. 


Awareness sometimes hits us like a baseball to the face. Or in some cases like a gentle sweet breeze. In whatever way a new awareness is born to you. Pause. Breathe deep, hear the call, see the truth, discern, know what is in service to your soul, and that which is not. Stop your running, stop your hiding, stop your spiritual bypassing, drop the mask.

Face her.

She knows you, you know her.

Face her woman.

Look her in the eyes.

Look deep into the indigenousness of your womanhood.

HOWL with her.

Do you remember what it is that you HOWL for?

What is it that calls you?

Now go out into the world and live this woman. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes the modern rising woman elder states. “I hope you will go out an let stories happen to you. Water them with your tears, your blood, your sweat. Until they blossom, until you yourself burst into bloom.”

Check out my short film HOWL. This is a piece of art that was created as a no budget collaboration with a group of incredible artists. We call ourselves the Wolfpack Collective. We reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We came together to explore our individual crafts and complete a project full circle. The process was super organic. We had no expectations other then doing our best to communicate a vision that came to me as a dream. We had the pleasure of using dance to communicate rather then dialog, and using poetry rather then scripted dialog. Our music was composed originally for the film.

The story follows a woman’s inner process of allowing herself to die and be reborn into the modern rising woman. The intention behind the film was to heal, to uplift, and to inspire women to see the areas where they may be out of truth and to call them back to their deep inner knowings. I hope you enjoy the film. Currently I am traveling throughout South America working on a exciting documentary project, as well as a women’s empowerment photo series.

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