The Magic Of Our True Inner Being


We are all part of one whole. This means literally that everything we do as an individual, influence the rest of existence.

“No deed is small, it affects all”

When we give our walls a beautiful new coat of paint, it's directly visible and tangible for us. But if we break through an old thought pattern, the more subtle development within, might not be as apparent. 

Looking at ourselves as a holistic being is beautiful.  
However, looking at ourselves as a holistic being that is part of everything around us, is mesmerizing.

As we develop from within, we automatically develop all that is around us. And so being aware of our inner Nature is where this begins. Start to be aware of who you are.

Not who you think you are, or who you should be. 

But the you underneath all those layers of expectations, fear, doubt, and attachments. 


Do you think that it's a coincidence that we only use about 10% of our brain and only 10% of our DNA has a known function according to science? If you have been with us for while then you know that we don’t believe in coincidence.

The improvements that you will see in your life when you break out of this way of thinking are profound. But the magic of trusting that everything has meaning, reason and is here for us to help us further is largely overlooked in our day to day lives.

Roughly 90% of what we are, what we do and how we operate as a whole is not understood by science (yet). 

This leaves room for a great range of opportunities.
Magic waiting to be called into life by us and utilized to reach our full potential. 

But if you accept your truth based on scientific proof, you are leaving little room for magic.
Magic doesn't allow labels and prefers to be invisible.

That feeling when you see your partner
after being apart for a week.

The ecstasy of an orgasm.


We can make this visible in brain scans but ‘where do they come from?' and more important ‘Why do we have them and how can we get more of them?’ 

Everything is open for our own interpretation, so why not scientific proof?

Science plays an integral part in us becoming aware of ourselves and giving us the tools to make it easier. But it is not the only way forward.  The way forward is a holistic one.

It all starts with awareness of ourselves; the power we harness and can utilize to our will.

Find your magic.