The Ritual Of Heart Opening


Ritual. Act of comforted love. 

I remind myself: “You are safe. Feel. We’re back. You never left.”

The truth is, our lives are rituals in themselves.

Any habitual pattern is a ritual. 

If we wake up and think, “Ugh, another day. Gotta turn my alarm clock off,” thats a ritual in itself. 

So, the trick is to look at what we are already doing, and shift into rituals that serve the whole body and soul. 

Rituals have the opportunity to bring inspiration, creativity, and momentum for where we are going and who we are becoming. 

I practice rituals to remind me of the endless beauty that I am, the pleasure in my body accessible any time, the connection I have to The Universe always, and how safe and secure I really am.. washing away any stress or anxiety right out of left field. 

But honestly, like I said… my life feels like one gigantic ritual. 

Ritual bleeds into ritual, bleeds into ritual again. 

I believe any moment can be sacred, and a divine gift. 

Lately, I’ve been playing with the ritual of heart opening. 

Asking myself multiple times a day, “Am I open? Or am I closed?”

As I started to do this and ask this question, I realized that my heart was definitely closed most of the day! 

So, I decided to not only create a specific ritual out of it… but make my life out of it. 

My day is now filled with moments and rituals of heart opening.. and its deep work. 

I asked myself what would help me open my heart daily… in a devotional and embodied way… deeper than my yoga or breath work practice could do. 

And of course, the answer was sitting right above my heart. 

Breast massage. 

Daily devotional heart expansive and connected to self and all of life… breast massage. 

That is the ritual within the ritual and whats been the most beautiful and expansive practice in my life. 


Heart opening is a ritual in itself.. to me, my daily spiritual practice. 

“Open. Open. Keep opening.”

I can be sitting at a coffee shop closed in my heart, or open in my heart. 

And thats my daily choice. 

Heart opening is a ritual. 

When a judgment comes, and I really want to hide in my room and never come out. Open. Feel. Breathe life into this. Expand into love from here. 

When I feel closed off from a friend or a lover and I just want to give up. Open the heart. Breathe into his heart and your own. Send love and compassion. Open. 

Breast massage is the embodied tool and ritual within the ritual of heart opening itself. 

I make sure to get one in every day, and these days it looks a little something like this. 

Wake up with the sun. Allow my body to decide the time she arises. Before I go to bed at night, I program my body if you will.. I tell her what time I’d like to wake up.. and it happens daily. It’s rare that I sleep in past my request. 

After I stretch my toes on to the ground and thank the light for another day, wash my face, brush my teeth… its back to bed for me. Yum. 

And nope, not to sleep some more. 

To get into sensual self practice, as I like to call it. 

Breast massage is so many things at once. Meditation. Movement. Breathwork. And a moment of devotion to this body in a sensually expansive way. 

I have a few oils and essential oils next to my bed which I love to use… like sesame oil, coconut oil, mixed with lavender and rose. 

I always start by placing my hands on my breasts over my heart space to take a few really light filled deep breaths… bringing intention into my heart.. feeling my deepest truth.. my deepest Self. 

The breasts are an extension of the heart. 

When we massage and work with the energy in the breasts, we are tuning in to our hearts desires, feelings, emotions, and repressed energy. 

We remove toxic energy of the past, we connect deeply in to ourselves, we turn our bodies on by circulating so many endorphins throughout the skin, and we breathe life into the space craving more attention and sight. 

After a practice.. which usually lasts 20 minutes… I feel relaxed, open, excited for the day, detoxified from any feeling that may have been holding me back… and ultimately excited to give and spread love in the world! 

The ritual of heart opening feels like “my work” right now… my daily practice.. because when I allow myself to open I experience more magic, fulfillment, connection, beauty, and pleasure in my life. 

Whatever or whoever convinced my heart to close in the past gets to get kicked to the curb. 

I create a life where others opinions don’t bother me.. where I’m so embodied in my truth that my opinion of me is whats real. 

I create a life where my desires lead. 

I create a life of deep listening, and respect to my internal world. 

I create a life that excites my every cell. 

I create an experience for myself here where everyone and everything is on purpose, a spiritual lesson. 

I create a life where I never feel alone, a heart open to God. 

I create more than a life I love. I create a life open to the love that The Universe has for me, in every moment. 

Most of the times I absolutely love it, my life, and sometimes it feels hard AF. And I open in that. 

Because to me, opening is the spiritual practice that reminds me that acceptance, presence, and relaxation are the truth. 

And this ritual makes me feel disconnected to the illusion of fear, and evermore connected to whats real. 


Ashae is here to help you embody your feminine essence and become empowered goddess magic in the world. Her mission is to revolutionize the way you relate to your inner Self. She will guide you to authentic confidence so you can show up in the world light the light-beam you are.


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