The Rituals of A Wilder Life

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For me, the mornings consist of fresh mountainous air, trees as far as the eyes can see and a handful of newly acquired homesteading chores. Most might hear the word chores and be off put by its modern negative connotation. However, these delightful tasks couldn't be further from it. In old times, a charwoman (chore woman) was a woman of duty, unafraid of getting her hands dirty. Many might consider this a masculine trait, but I find honest labor and dirt to be therapeutic while caring for puppy ducks, chickens and pigs to be nurturing and divine. 

After tending to the homestead and animal family, I enjoy a beloved fusion of coffee and tonic herbs while gazing amongst the forest trees as the sky grows brighter. I use this opportunity to nourish my mind and cultivate awareness through reading - I always have a book in progress. This for me is an important and foundational part of my day where my mind and body warms up and I become upmost present for my day. 

From this point, I usually enter back into our home where more responsibilities await my presence. Specifically speaking, this involves common house jobs like cleaning, organizing, dishes and food preparation. While most dislike these tasks, for me, they are an opportunity to exercise abilities, set intention and create an ideal space and tone for my living quarters. I'll often play uplifting music and setting a daily diffusion of my favorite essential oils and tending to the plants. These activities feel cleansing but also, they feel good for no reason, which is sometimes the best reason. 

Moving forward into my day, at least twice a week I am blessed to dwell a walk away from my dearest friend. We hike for about an hour up the mountains while we lead the goats to their forage for the day. This walk is about connection to the earth, to the animals from which we receive our nourishment, and each other, as spirits, women, friends, and family. We express our appreciations for the phases of life as we celebrate the youth of her one year old girl. 

Near mid-day, you might find me on my yoga mat, either upstairs in the yoga den or outside in the sunshine. I deepen my practice each day by focusing on a certain joint to stretch and a series of postures for expanding. I always bring essential oils with me and add them to my wrist, neck, and chest for beginning/ending meditation. 

Getting into what I feel is one of the most sacred rituals, I spend a good portion of my day cooking. Nothing makes me feel more creative, in spirit and alive than cooking. For me, food is more about art, connection, creating moments and celebration than mere eating. I have been developing skills for years and every time I expand, learning new techniques, I feel more alive. Lately, I've been cooking over fire down by our pond. While seemingly primal, I've actually never felt more soulful than when cooking a meal from nature, in nature. I feel my reverence for the life forms that give me nutrients. I feel at peace in our woods. But above all, I practice this because this sort of ability allows me to be a free from the inconveniences of modern technology. If I am to be dependent of anyone, it is Mother Nature. 


Bringing my day to an end, I celebrate with candle light and herbal tea, usually mint since it's most abundant in my herb garden. I also enjoy following a nightly beauty routine, which further relaxes my body and mind. By making all my own skin care products from high quality essential oils and other natural substances, I feel a deeper connection to this process. 

Here's what my routine looks like: 

Step 1- I quickly cleanse my face with homemade aloe geranium Essential Oil and rose petal face wipes. 

Step 2- Then I tonify my skin with geranium Essential Oil and rose petal spray. 

Step 3- Once face has dried, I use a homemade lavender and frankincense face serum to moisturize, protect and regenerate my skin as I sleep. 

About once a week I do my coffee face mud mask, or a simple bentonite clay mask with essential oils of my choice. 

This pretty well depicts the highlights of my day. These rituals are gentle reminders. Though simple acts, they all remind me of one important fact; that I am a creator, able to create a day of beauty, relaxation and wellness. 

xo, Adriana

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