The Wheel of the Year Ebook

It is December, the darkest but coziest month of the year. We’ve been bringing you a blog post on each of the Wheel of the Year celebrations in 2016. By doing these blog posts we ourselves have learned so much about how our ancestors used to experience the changing of seasons and how they celebrated these days.

It has given us the chance to find our own flow within the seasons and to deepen our connection to Nature and the Earth. 
We hope that you will enjoy this ebook, it was created with so much love. In this
ebook you will find articles on all the turning points of the wheel of the year, as well as artwork, stories, poems and rituals from incredible souls all over the world.

Find the coziest nook in your house, get yourself a blanket, hot cacao with cinnamon whipped cream and some treats and dive into the Wheel of the Year!

Love, Iris & Rolf