The Year of the Goddess

Happy 2015 my wild ones!

The past month I have been doing a lot of thinking. The year 2014 has been such an amazing one for me! I started my year in Alberta, Canada with the intention of building my life there. A couple months later my partner and decided to drive from the west to the east coast of Canada and stayed there for a while. In June we ended up in South Carolina, USA for his work. In October we made the crazy move to travel back to our home country The Netherlands. We will be staying here for a year and then decide if we want to continue our travels.

During this year of traveling I made amazing connections with people all over the world. Some face to face, some online, with some I write letters and send gifts. Some were instant friendships, some short but intense encounters, but I am grateful for all of them!

I learned so much about all the different forms of friendships and especially about sisterhood. I now know that you don't have to share a "blood band" to call someone your sister. I have an amazing tribe of sisters that I trust, love, support and get the same thing in return and it has been such a blessing!

They are helping me to become who I want to be. They are holding my hand on my way to becoming my wild self. Knowing that they have my back when I am breaking through taboos, rules and expectations, gives me the strength to do so! Sharing tears, stories, experiences, knowledge, wine and love, it has given my life that little extra epicness I was looking for! These Goddesses are the inspiration behind this project!

“The Goddess has infinite aspects, and thousands of names - she is the reality behind many metaphors. She is reality, manifest deity, omnipresent in all of life, in each of us. The Goddess is not separate from the world - she is the world, and all things in it: Moon, Sun, Earth, Star, Stone, Seed, Flowing river, Wind, Wave, Leaf and Branch, Bud and Blossom, Fang and Claw, Woman and Man.”
— Starhawk

With every New Moon in 2015 I will share with you one of these amazing women I cherish so deeply! You will read about their passions, how they see the world and what they thrive on. You better be ready to be inspired because I have 12 amazing women lined up to rock your world!

There is one lady in particular that has stole my heart and that is the amazing Alexandra Schueler of Wild Woman Speaks. She has changed my life, and continues to do so every day. Being able to work with her has been such a gift. The first New Moon in 2015 will be hers and I can't wait to share her with all of you!