The Year of the Goddess Ebook

On a snowy December night in 2014 I was sitting at my desk drinking a glass of delicious organic red wine.

I was looking back on my year and writing down what had made that year so epic, and I realized that I my year had been so incredible by all the inspiring women I had met. And in that moment I felt the calling. I wanted to do a year long pro- ject called the Year of the Goddess.

On every New Moon in 2015 I shared one of these amazing women and their stories on my website. Hoping that my readers would be just as inspired by them as I am. The response to this project has been warming my heart for a whole year and I am so grateful for both the writers and the readers that have been supporting the Year of the Goddess.

Since there are only 12 New Moons in a year and so many more amazing goddesses in my life I decided to create this Ebook. A collection of stories, artwork, poems and photography by women from all over the world. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Tonight, on a snowy evening in December of the year 2015, while I am sipping my delicious organic red wine, I again find myself in awe with life and with all the amazing women I get to work and connect with.

This is for you, Goddesses.

Love, Iris