There is luxury in being sick

A dear friend told me last week "Babe, being sick can be kind of luxurious", and all I could think was "Thats easy for you to say if you don't have you head filled with snot"

But her words kept lingering in my mind. So while I was laying in bed - craving the feeling of breathing through my nose again - I started to think about the things that I did or didn't do because of this cold. 

By not jumping out of bed at 7AM I experienced the sun rising high enough to shine her rays onto my bed. I got to witness the magnificent view over the ocean from my bedroom and the changing of nature's colours that were incredible last week.

To boost my immune system I gave my body the full spectrum of minerals, vitamines, herbs and superfoods, resulting in a very happy body. I also gave my digestion a break (and lost a few pounds) because I was only able to eat hubby's homemade chicken soup.

I did daily steam sessions with essential oils to keep the sinuses clean. Lots of exfoliating and applying oils to my face every hour to take care of my chapped nose. My face glows and feels so soft right now! 

I finished 3 books this week, which is a huge thing for me as a book addict. Did you know that if you read 2 books a month from your 10th till your 80th birthday you will have read an average of only 1680 books? That thought scares me, like a lot. *Note to self : Read more!

But the big lesson here is that we have more time than we think. While laying in bed and taking the time to heal I noticed that my world hasn't been crumbling down. I was able to rethink how I spend my hours during my workday and if the things that make up my work are really necessary.

This cold was able to sneak in because I had a dip in my immune system after the relaunch of my website. I used all the energy that I had and tapped into my reserves to make it happen. That on top of the stress that is slowly leaving my body now that we found home was too much for my system. 

It felt like the worse timing to get sick, I had a huge list of tasks to work on after the launch and a very detailed plan for the creation of the offerings that I will be launching. Getting sick was not part of my plan. But I guess that was the whole point, my body wanted rest and since I wasn't giving in, she made sure she got what she needed. 

And I am grateful for that, it gave me the time to nourish myself and look at my work from a distance. It made me realize that my to-do-list which felt very overwhelming at first wasn't that scary, it just needed some fine tuning. 

So thank you Jenny, you are absolutely right, there is luxury in being sick!

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